8 Reliable Brands Reviewed For The Best Wireless Dog Fence

Last Updated:  Feb 12, 2023 @ 5:08 pm

Well, today, I am pretty sure, you might have found a lot about the best wireless dog fence, or more techniques to keep your beloved dog safe. Dozens of ideas might be all-around about the wireless dog fence reviews.

Now the question is what is a Pet friendly wireless dog fence? let’s talk about this.

In other words, Wireless fencing method is a behavior shaping method to teach your dog to stay within a range. Besides, if you are not too keen to buy or set up any welded wire fence to limit your dog’s movement.


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Instant IdeaWhy do you Choose this?
best brand wireless dog fence

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Circular Boundary 22 ft to 105 feet

It can create a secure 3/4 acre circular boundary around your yard without burying wire or installing a physical fence.

Great Variation of Tones and Levels

It comes with five static levels along with a tone only mode. Besides, it has static free reentry,

Fits dog within 5lbs to more

Firstly, This petsafe wireless collar ranges to 6 to 28 inches and fits dogs weighing 5 pounds and up. You get 50 flags that you can use to train your dog. Secondly, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary.

Easy to Set up

Petsafe wireless containment system sets up in just a 1/2 hours. You get a weatherproof, rechargeable and waterproof collar. You can take the transmitter with you while travelling.

Package includes:

  • Wireless transmitter with power adaptor
  • Waterproof adjustable collar with rechargeable battery
  • Collar charger
  • 50 training flags
  • Test light tool
  • Short and long contact points for short or long haired pets
  • Contact point wrench
  • Product Manual

  • You can add more than 1 petsafe collar in one fence system. Model number is PIF00 14288 and compatible transmitter is (PIF00 13210)
  • You get 1 year warranty
  • Normally lasts 3-4 years
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Amazing customer service to ask any query, Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at 1-800-845-3274.



    • Need adequate training with collar.

What to Consider Before you Buy a Dog Collar?


First, you decide, do you like a fence system with underground wires? Or do you want something that has to be wireless by all means. Or  do you need something mobile or a device that you can take wherever you want?

Regardless of the type you choose for inground or wireless, the main source of power, The Transmitter, has to be connected with a power source, just the naming pattern changes. Interesting!

Inground Fence system: Underground wires stay under the ground that stays connected with a transmitter and you need to dig a little bit to make sure it doesn’t show up. This is you make sure an invisible fence for your dog. Once your dog crosses the boundary, it gives a mild shock to remind your dog not to cross.

Here, in this case, the given collar stays wireless and stays connected with the transmitter. So, you can still call it wireless but with a wired system.

People sometimes call it an inground fence system as well. In that case, the length of come along wire determines the range of fence to be created.

Wireless fence: On the contrary, when you put on a wireless dog collar, that dog collar stays connected with a transmitter with a range. When your dog crosses the range, the collar starts giving shock or intermittent vibration to your dog.

Here, in this case, the collar stays wireless and connected with the transmitted with a range system and you can call it fully wireless whatsoever.

This fence system is a permanent fencing system that is being installed in your residence.

Remote Training Collar: In addition to that, you may find another type of collar, training dog collars, this collar comes with remote control. That helps you train and communicate with your dog and take this collar wherever you want.

Either you can have it in your house or can take it wherever you go.

Furthermore, when you go on a hike, it helps you to communicate with your dog with your given trainings. Obviously, it doesn’t beep or shock automatically, this is what stays on your control. It has several advantages and keeps you away from using leash and increases confidence on your dog significantly.


In Summary! What Else Do You Need To Know?

wireless dog fence for large acreage

A complete manual with details to train with that dog collar.

It has to be easy to install. Just a plug-and-play device.

It should relay the wireless signal through the wall and it should not to be a problem at all.

it trains your dog to stay within a range which you determine without using any wire or leash.

A transmitter mainly plays all the games, it creates either beep sound or shock to inform your dog is out of the range. Check the types of shakes wireless dog collar creates, it is crucial since the shape of dog varies to take any vibration on their neck.

Every wireless dog fence package contains a collar that your Dog wears, it has a contact point, that touches the skin, by blinking sound and shock it deters or determines movement. So check how deep it might go for your dog, for instance.

Adjustable ranging.

Check for waterproof features and expandability to multiple collars.

Charging duration and longevity.

How easy to set the transmitter and the limitations of it to throw signals or does it really have a transmitter to use the electric dog collar.

Why Spending on Wireless Dog collars?


  1. You can apply this wireless fencing method to as many dogs as you want. This means, once you buy this device, it can be upgraded upon buying merely collars only.
  2. If your location is somehow not compatible to install or digging fence, then undoubtedly it works amazingly well.
  3. House located near to road side or within the range of road, definitely kept you down to serious thought, in case of leaving your dog unattended ends up with car accident. Then, in such cases, don’t linger on buying this wireless fencing device.
  4. Owners having a large acre of land, may require having this device to avoid the unwanted hassle of finding your dog.
  5. All physical fencing proved useless for your dog (quite unusual though!)

Wireless Dog Fence Can Solve Your 9 Problems

Stops Dog Jumping Over Fence

wireless dog fence reviews

Using a wireless dog collar means creating an invisible boundary for your dog. Whenever they try to cross or jump that boundary, it creates shaking stimulation which prevents them eventually to avoid that behavior.

Stops Dog Digging under the welded wire fence

Though there are ways to stop your dog digging under the  fence, it creates a preventive behavioral pattern to discourage dogs digging under the fence. Regardless, dogs dig or try to escape to go beyond the boundary, dog collars stands in way.

Dog wireless collars stops Barking

With remote dog collars you can monitor and train your dog to shape the behavior of unnecessary barking or licking at different circumstances. Similarly, that remote dog training collar simply saves your immense effort of facing guests and visiting mailman without worrying to control your dog. This simply means you decide when your dog needs barking and identify when they bark.

However, this behavior doesn’t come in place overnight, it requires a healthy training and reward technique to shape your dog’s behavior.

Stops Dog Barking at Fence

Since wireless pet fence helps controlling barking behavior, it helps stopping barking behavior when they discover neighbors dog. Cm our

Wireless dog Fence stops licking and pacing

It works when you are nearby. You know when they lick or pace unnecessarily, a training with wireless remote training dog collar can help you to control that behavior.

You know when they do this, when it seems okay to you then you could let it go.

However, please note, please check their part when lick, dogs lick when have some kind of scratch, cut, pain or bruise.

Though dogs do it unnecessarily, but once you find it okay then apply this otherwise consult Vet to apply it before.

You can leave them free to roam around

With your Wireless do fence, setting limit to their movement assures mental relief of having them within given territory. And later you can do your own errands.

Wireless Dog collars save you dog’s life

Dog’s face accidents by car or vehicle hit. It occurs accidentally if they try to crossroad which you don’t expect at  all. Setting limited boundary saves your dog’s lives in all aspects. If spending few hundred bucks can a save your dog’s life, then why not having a wireless dog collar? At least to give it a try

Most importantly- prohibits escaping

With the help of wireless dog fence, your dog feels discouraged to go further away from a given lawn or territory.  In addition, with yard max tech for in-ground Wireless fence, dog can’t even go near to the fence. Before facing the boundary, they feel the shock.

Avoid chaining or caging pet

Wireless dog fence helps to avoid using chain or keeping then in crates unless you need to do it badly. When you are at home, you can leave them alone to roam around since you know they wont go far.

Your pet should not be in crate the whole day

You can keep your dog in crate at some point of time, when you need him safe, such as at night. But not all the time when you are at home or out of house. Having a dog collar means, you give him freedom from the crate as well as the necessary movement they need. However, still dog crates come in use at certain point of time.

Finally, do not use the wireless dog collar for more than 8 hours. Still you need leash while training them.


List of 8 Best Wireless Dog Fence Reviews 

Editor's RankingEditor's ChoiceArea CoverageRatingInstant Link
1PETSAFE WIRELESS FENCE5 feet to 90 feet in Circular directions★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2PETSAFE REMOTE TRAINER100 acres★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
3ANGELAKERRY WIRELESS DOG FENCE82-1640 feet circular range★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Collar1.2 acres- 5 acres expandable★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
5My Pet Command0.3 acre to 496 acres★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
6Sport Dog Remote Trainersmore than 10 acre★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
7Sport Dog In Ground Fence100 to 900 yard★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
8Petsafe In Ground Invisible Fence500 ft yard★★★★★Buy At Amazon
9Sit boo boo In Ground FenceUp to 5 Acres★★★★☆Buy At Amazon

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Detail Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

1. PetSafe Wireless Fence

best wireless dog fence reviews

Buy At Amazon

Crisp Guide

Creates a Secure Circular Boundary

PetSafe wireless dog fence can create a secure ½ acre circular boundary around your yard without burying wire or installing a physical fence. For setting it up you just have to place the wireless containment system in a weatherproof location and you can adjust the dial to create the perfect size area for your dog.

Petsafe collar provides a circular coverage where your dog gets the freedom to run or walk inside it. And you can personalize the coverage of petsafe wireless fence from 5 feet to 90 feet in all directions from the base unit.

Great Variation of Tones and Levels

You get a receiver collar for your dog with the fence system. This is actually a battery-operated collar that has a tone mode with 5 adjustable levels you can use for training purposes. 

In addition, the level of tone should be chosen according to your dog’s temperament and activity.

What We Liked

  • Easy to Set up: Petsafe wireless containment system sets up in just a few hours. You will get a PetSafe RFA-67D-11 long life battery that lasts up to 2 months before the low battery indicator alerts you to replace the battery. Besides, you can get a compatible collars and fence systems or transmitters if you want to.
  • Expandable: You can add an unlimited number of petsafe collar to this fence system. In addition, to maximize the coverage you should place the transmitter on the level you want the coverage near an outlet for power. Finally, you need to place the transmitter at least 3 feet away from large metal objects.
  • Fits dog within 8lbs to more: Firstly, This petsafe wireless collar ranges to 6 to 28 inches and fits dogs weighing 8 pounds and up. You get 50 flags that you can use to train your dog. Secondly, this wireless fence allows your pet to return home without being corrected if your pet passes the boundary.


  • You can add more than 1 petsafe collar in one fence system
  • You get 1 year warranty
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Pet Safe Export through out the world


  • Works well only for medium-sized to big dog

petsafe wireless dog fence review

List of Items you receive with Pet Safe Wireless Fence

  • Transmitter with power adaptor
  • Waterproof adjustable collar
  • PetSafe RFA 67 battery
  • 50 training flags
  • Test light tool
  • Short and long contact points for short or long haired pets
  • Product Manual
  • One year warranty

1.2 PetSafe 6-Volt Lithium Battery (2 Batteries per Pack)

best wireless dog fence system

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Total 12 Batteries. It fits PIF 275 petsafe wireless (RFA 67D 11 battery) fence system collar. Besides, it fits any petsafe bark and remote training collars.

If you need to attached it with inground fence collars, it does go well with.

2. PetSafe Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar

best wireless dog fence for small dogs

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Crisp Guide

Huge variations of range- 100 yard, 300 yard, 600 yard, 900 yard

This collar stands out of the crowd; since it has it’s remote to train your dog. And the collar is super lightweight for your dog to fall in love with that. It has a superb variation of ranges from where you can pick one, so price varies accordingly.

Multiple training options

Pet Safe remote trainer has 3 training option that uses the beep tone only to train, vibration as stimuli and 15 amazingly total 15 mode of stimulation to ensure comfort for your dog.

Train 2 of your pet with one remote

Petsafe remote trainer is simply alleviates to your pain to adopt or buying a new remote. Having multiple remote to control 2 pets can become real haphazard. That is the point of advantage you receive with this petsafe remote trainer.

Super battery

Battery gets charged within 2 hours and holds charge up to 40 hours, which is nearly a week. Since using remote drains battery a lot, thus Petsafe remote trainer has not that super battery capacity like the one without remote. However, still satisfactory since putting a dog collar more than 8 hours is not recommended.

No requirement of leash

Though the leash is required for first few days, at least creates an acquaintance with petsafe remote trainer. Later, with a few training, the remote would do rest for you to train without using a leash.

Note: Two Styles, Lite and Standard, price remains same for the both styles.


  • Waterproof collar and remote
  • Ease of training
  • Multiple mode of training
  • Multiple shock systems (15) ensure your pet’s comfort of adjust ability.
  • It helps correcting the chewing, jumping and digging behavior
  • Level 8-15 can be unlocked for large and stubborn dogs
  • Lite receiver collar wieghs 1.4 ounces and standard collar weights 1.5 ounces.


  • This collar fits dogs in 8 pounds and up, neck size 6-23 inches
  • Drains battery more than other pet safe devices because of usage of remote control

3. Angelakerry Wireless Dog Fence System With GPS Review

best rated wireless dog fence

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Crisp Guide

GPS Dog Fence For Large Acreage

Angela kerry dog collar comes with GPS positioning technology which helps you to create an accurate barrier for your pooch.

Radio frequency method works accurately to aware your dog to stay within the fence. 

800 Meters Circular Cover

Above all, you can set the radius of the play area of your dogs up to 800 meters that cover a circular area from 0.3 acre to 496 acres.

It is ideal for dogs which weigh 15 pounds to 120 pounds.

Not For Aggressive Dogs

Angela kerry dog collar system is not for aggressive dogs. If your dog leaves the boundary, the stimulation is limited to 20 seconds and automatically shuts off for one minute. After that, again it repeats stimulation for another two 20 seconds.

No Chance of Overstimulation

In addition, tt will not over-stimulate your dog. It does not have any transmitter or remote control, all the functions are integrated in the collar. The collar is waterproof rated(IP66). This can be used wherever you get GPS signals, such as beach, riverside, farm etc.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Budget-friendly
  • Super Easy to use and wear.
  • No hassle of transmitter and set range.
  • Water proof
  • No chance of getting false shock or false signal, and no interference by metal or other obstacles unlike Wireless dog fence.
  • Signal will be weak at home for GPS signalling, so no chance of over stimulation. 


  • The system can lose signal easily if not trained properly with the shake of 20 seconds.
  • Training might be difficult and redundant upon changing areas.
  • There is no transmitter, so you cannot add any other collar with this.
  • If there is no GPS signal, there will be no shock.

List of Items You Receive with AngelaKerry EF851S

    • Pet Receiver
    • TPU Belt
    •  Metal Contact Points (2 long and 2 short)
    • serif;”>LED Test Light


  • 5V Charger
  • USB charging Cable
  • Complete Manual


Bottom Line

In order to receive correct signal of GPS positioning system, you will need to reset it every time you turn it on. Also comes yellow and rose red

Besides, it is recommended not to use it behind or near tall building, on rainy days and within the house since the signal will remain weak. Once again, train your dog regardless of collar you buy. According to mysleepingdog.com, this comes at number 4 ranking

However, for non aggressive dogs, this new generation pet fence works fantastic and effectively. 

4. Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Collar

Feeke pet fence review

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Crisp Facts

Feeke Collar is suitable for all types of dogs, small medium and large with neck circumstance up to 26″. If your dog is small, you can cut the belt in your desired size. It is very easy to establish for which you will not need any wiring.

The transmitter has 100 levels of signal intensity to adjust the remote control range. In addition, the remote control range covers a circular area with radius 25-500 meters, and the coverage is up to 78 hectares.

IP67 Waterproof Material and Long Battery life

One transmitter can support multiple receivers collars. Feeke pet wireless receiver collar is equipped with a high capacity durable rechargeable battery.

Besides, Feeke pet fence collar is made of IP67 waterproof material, which means your dog can get wet in the grass, play in the rain or swim at water with this electric dog fence system.

Receiver/Transmitter Battery: 300mAH (Lithium Ion)

Warning and 3rd Warning Pause (82-1640 feet circular range)

Feeke pet dog collar starts working when your dog will go beyond the setting control range. At first, the receiver collar will beep in every two seconds so that he comes back into the range. And after the 3rd warning it will start giving a low level of shock to your dog and give up eventually to stop pushing dog more. But don’t worry, it is safe.

Transmitter emits Static Flow of Electricity

And the receiver will give up working after the third cycle of excessive punishment. The receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity which means the collar will not harm the dog, it’s skin and its hair at all.

Flexible Size

Feeke pet fence receiver collar fits most sizes of dogs (weight: 10-110lbs, Neck: 8-28 inches).

Please note: Transmitter should be kept high enough to make sure, there is no barrier in between blocking the signal.


  • Equipped with a LED display
  • Fully IP67 Waterproof material that adapts to snowing to raining.
  • More than one receiver collar can be added with the transmitter
  • Feeke pet Fits with all sized dogs
  • One button to change the transmitting signal level to adjust 1-100 area coverage.
  • Dog Fence and a dog trainer – 2 in 1 , Feeke dog collar comes with Beep mode and static shock mode which is safe and harmless.


  • Requires recharge after a couple of days

List of Items you Receive with Feeke Pet

feeke package includes

  • Wireless Transmitter
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • DC-USB Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter 4 x Metal Contact Probes
  • LED Test Light 2 x Screws 2 x Plastic Anchors
  • 20 Training flagpole 1 x User Manual

4.1 Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Collar 2

Buy At Amazon

Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Collar 2Basic Difference
feeke dog collarIt comes with a transmitter that is built-in with 2600 MA lithium-ion battery. That can be used outdoors and stops giving wrong signal due to power failure since it backs up.

Rest of the Feature remains same as the Feeke Pet Fence product mentioned above.

Thus the price fluctuates a bit more on that.

Just to add, it has more popularity and customer satisfaction rate in the market.



Package includes:

  •  Wireless Transmitter
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Adjustable Neck Strap
  • DC-USB Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • LED Test Light 2 x Screws 2 x Plastic Anchors
  • 20 Training flagpole 1 x User Manual


why trust us



5. My Pet Command Wireless Dog Fence with GPS Tracker

best wireless dog fence for large dogs

Buy At Amazon


Crisp Facts

GPS dog collar and cover 496 acres

Pet command uses GPS Dog collar to set up and position boundaries. It does not require any Transmitter to set up boundaries.It covers 496 acres and 265 ft radius area thus this collar is recommended for large areas, not for small yards or indoor use.

Custom shape wireless dog fence

In addition, recommended dog size Medium Large and XLarge and Breed Types with neck size 6.5 “-25.5” (16.5-60 cm). It works with tone warning and 5 level customized stimulus shock warning.

User-friendly Manual

Set limit by putting each number and multiply it by 10 to determine number of meters of your dog’s movement area. The highest setting is 80.

After that, You need to press the  button to find the satellite to connect wait for the blink to stop. it takes 60 seconds to connect. And then press the lightning bolt button to set the shock level from 1-5 depending on the size of your dog.


  • Comes with Ultrasonic Dog Training whistle
  • No issues of a transmission failure
  • It works with GPS coordinates and performs super-efficiently to set location.
  • 2 times cheaper than any other wireless collars in the market.
  • IPX7 battery collar that stays charged for 15-20 hours with waterproof feature
  • Creates a circular boundary.
  • Settable radius ranges from 65 ft to 263 ft (800 meters)


  • Not suitable for small dogs
  • Not suitable for small yards
  • Every time you set up, you need to select range as it doesnot have built-in memory.

6. SportDOG Collar Remote Trainers

best wireless dog fence for big dogs

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Crisp Facts

Comes in three style and covers 500 yard

Sportdog brand comes in three sizes: stubborn dog, E collar and camouflage SportDog covers in total 500 yard. Besides, this remote training collar is highly popular since it comes in handy and super pet-friendly. Obviously, Sport dog remote trainers are ideal for training and taking your dog on a long drive.

21 levels of static shake and 70 hour per charge

In other words, you can either train it with vibrate it, or use tone beep or explore 21 levels of static shake, which could be continuous or intermittently. It fits dogs with 8 pounds or larger and gets along with the neck size of 5-22 inches.

Battery stays charged for 50-70 hours per charge.

Locally based customer care center

available at 844 209 4636 to answer any questions.


  • Waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Lithium ion batter means highly effective for longer hours of use.
  • Low battery indicators
  • SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer offers One year warranty
  • Charges within 2 hours
  • Lightest E collar and a best wireless fence for large dogs
  • submersible to 25 feet because of the dry tek technology
  •  Weather proof regardless of heat, cold, rain, snow, dust, mud, and wind in mind


  • It cover’s up to 3 dogs only

Invisible dog fence/ Inground Pet fence Reviews

In this case, you require a wire to set up a fence, still your dog remains free from any wire while you are creating a perimeter of the invisible fence. This fencing method is assuring, works 100%, and performs results intermittently.

Underground Dog fence vs Wireless Dog Fence

Exceptions of Invisible Dog Fence

Similarities with Wireless dog fence
  • no need to set up ranges while grounding wire is assuring this.
  • No point of obstructing signal from home
  • performs consistently at any weather
  • range of dog movement can be increased by adding wire
  • Simple digging is required to ground the wires to set up a movement area
  • still, you need to mount a transmitter.
  • The collar is wireless and needs to be charged.
  • It requires electricity
  • Waterproof and battery-operated collar.

List of 3 Invisible Dog Fence Reviews


1. SportDOG Dog Fence for Yard

best invisible dog fence

Buy At Amazon

Crisp Facts

Sport Dog fence system features a small and slim collar that has a rechargeable battery. The battery is a Li- ion battery that takes 2 hours to be charged and the battery lasts for 2 months. This battery lasts for 12 months.

Sportdog has 7 levels of static stimulation as well as vibration and tone for training your dog you can use according to your dog’s temperament.

First, sportdog collar sounds beep to alert while crossing the wire and then it shocks.

Moreover, comes with 1000 feet of wire and 100 flags which can contain an area as large as 1 ⅓ acres and sportdog collar can be expanded over 100 acres with more wire and flags.

It has dryer technology that makes the collar waterproof and submersible to 25 feet. It can contain unlimited numbers of dogs and additional collars. This collar fits dogs that weigh 10lbs+.

Above all, you get a step by step professional training guide through with sportdog collar which you will be able train your dog to use this fence system.

If your dog approaches the boundary the collar will feature a tone and vibration to the level that you will set up. Finally, you can be able to teach your pooch proper behavior with the help of it.


  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Waterproof and 25 feet submersible
  • More than 1 collar can be added in one fence system
  • it has built-in lightning protection.
  • sportdog collar transmitter features a wire break alarm.
  • Unlike other wireless fences, it has promising performance regardless of metal, storm or any obstacle to performing to train dogs.


  •  Sportdog Collar seems big but lightweight for dog.
  • installing wire is a hard work. still doable by yourself

i. SportDOG Brand Wire & Flag Accessory

SportDOG Brand Wire & Flag Accessory


Buy At Amazon

For sport dog, adding extension could be a requirement, when you think of extending roaming area.

Includes 1 spool of 500 feet of 20-gauge wire, 50 boundary flags, 2 wire nuts, and 2 waterproof gel-filled splice capsules. It simply allows you to expand your area by 1/3 acre.

In addition, it works best with SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence system (SDF-100A)

2. Petsafe Yardmax Rechargeable In Ground Fence (500ft)

best underground dog fence

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Crisp Facts

Basic feature of Petsafe invisible fence-

Water proof and 5 static levels to vibration and sound-only training. Dogs up to 5 pounds and neck size 6-28 inches. It is expandable to more than one pet and this number is unlimited. Petsafe in ground fence comes with sound only training mode and other 5 levels of static shock on this collar. 1 C battery required.

Flexibility of modes of petsafe fence to apply 

Laid in ground wire works as antenna to create a boundary up to 500 ft  and your dog can’t cross that area because of the shock they receive. For instance,  Yardmax and traditional mode, both can be used in this petsafe collar.

PetSafe Yardmax makes your life easier

The biggest advantage of yardmax technology is, your dog receives correction shock way before they are about to cross the boundary, that saves a lot of hassle in compared to the traditional mode. For Yardmax, this would be great addition that, Dog would not be able to cross boundary without correction.

Even if they cross it for more than 15 seconds, collar turns off to allow them go back to the safety zone. Moreover, if they want to come back without shock, they can.

In traditional mode, while training your dog with the boundary, you need to take your dog till the boundary to practice with the correction shock.

Petsafe invisible fence Has unique features to fit in

Similarly, it has a unique feature that tells when it is a perfect fit for your dog’s collar.


  • fits with pet safe pawz away pet barrier
  • Obviously waterproof.
  • Battery charges within 2-3 hours and last for 3 weeks
  • Includes long and short contact points in the collar for short and long haired dogs


  • Yards with more than 10 acre could be a problem to cover
  • The plastic of that collar might be brittle if fell of at the ground
  • Nylon collars may seem lightweight

ii. PetSafe Fence Wire and Flag Kit-For in ground fencing

best wireless dog fence systemsCheck Price at Amazon

Buy At Amazon

If you are about to increase the territory of your pet to roam, then having some additional wiring is vital.

Petsafe users can get a kit that meets their every expectation of expanding the zone.

This kit would cover 1/3 acre that includes wire, boundary flags, splice capsules and wire connectors.

Besides, wire is insulated and 500 feet solid 20 gauge copper wire which is rated for underground use.  Besides, petsafe fence kit comes with 50 flags to help you train your  pet.

3. Sit Boo- Boo Underground Dog fence

best rated invisible dog fence

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Crisp Facts


Sit Boo Boo dog collars are certainly super easy to install where you can hide the cable completely in the ground. The unit comes with sufficient wire that can cover from 1.2 acres and expandable up to to 5 acres. 

The tone and static correction has 5 levels of adjustment which is perfect for mild-mannered to stubborn dogs.

When your dog crosses the established limit Sit boo boo electric dog fence will emit stimulation in the form of sounds, vibrations or electrical corrections, with various levels of intensity, so that your dog stops and comes inside the perimeter of the house.

In addition, more than one collar can be added to the transmitter, which allows the owner to control several dogs using only one device. This means, unlimited dog collar can be added.

Comes with one collar. All equipment is waterproof which will make the device work in extreme climate conditions. Your dog can swim or dive wearing it freely.

1 Lithium Polymer batteries included.

Sit boo boo secure pet hidden fence includes

one transmitter, one receiver collar, boundary wire to cover 1.2 acres, training flags, complete installation guide and a eBook training guide.


  • One year manufacturer’s warranty for Sit boo boo hidden fence
  • Waterproof
  • More than one collar can be added to the transmitter
  • Budget friendly
  • 955 feet industrial grade copper wire
  • Can install above ground or underground
  • US Based customer service and 1 year replacement warranty


  • Recommended only for Dogs 8 lbs and above
  • Wire can break easily


Example of some Treats to Train with Wireless dog Fence

Wag Chicken Flavor Training Treats for Dogs   can work wonder to train. You may find other treats as well or you might already have it to train. As mentioned before, you know your dogs, you know what they like. Depending on that, you can take yours if you want. Choice is yours!

Lets get back to point:

  • Before putting the collar on your dog, please charge it properly.
  • For first few days, when you pet safe device goes easy on him, make sure the skin or fur is alright, just to check any rash or any unusual allergy or wet.
  •  This wireless fencing device works fine on normal days, but be aware of rain, make sure before buying one more thing, whether it is waterproof or not.
  • Delicious dog treats can be kept to train him while teaching this wireless fencing method as his reward for following your instruction.
  • Please train your dog with the beep sound only, then eventually set to shock and check how he reacts. This collar has to touch the skin, so, checking your dog’s temper is necessary. Obviously, you know your dog more than me!
  • When you dog is trained with the beep sound, then start with shock slowly and eventually your dog will learn his limit and you can minimize the chance of your dog crossing the limit and reduce the chances of running over by a car.
  • At final stage of training, try to train your dog with more distraction and more fellow dogs and watch how he follows the training with more distraction.
  • You need to check with close supervision, whether is turning back to your property with all distractions.
  • Please keep a leash to train properly just to make sure training goes properly.
  • Clean the collar regularly.
  • We always need keep in mind, dogs have a very short term memory, they hardly remembers instruction, but he can recognize the gesture of yours.
  • For first few days, try to keep your dog chained to keep him within the perimeter. I am sorry for this instruction as it requires your dog keep him within the perimeter and forget your training. Once he is trained he will be free like a bird.

While training your dog, you can keep a Dog Treat Training Pouch to help you carry the treats better.

How to Start Training with Wireless Dog Fence?

gps dog fence reviews

List of 8 steps to Train

Step 1:

Start with collar with lower correction setting and increase it on par with the need of your log. Increase it eventually if it requires. Every collar comes with five or few correction level, depending on the temperament of dog it needs to be used or tuned,

In addition, you can do it using the mold button which stays in between the contact point.  Depending on the blink of light, you can determine it.

Step 2:

Find a best place to set up the transmitter. It requires 120 volts of electric connection.  Mount it at least 2-4 feet above the ground.  It is easy plug and play system.

Step 3:

Make sure it is at least 5 feet away from all metal object. Remember, wireless dog fence works differently on sloped yards.

Step 4

Make the sure the place is dry and well ventilated where the device is put.

Step 5

Please do not put anything on top of the transmitter.

Step 6

You can switch the unit to low to 45 feet which is right opposite to the transmitter. This means we can minimize the range if it is required.

Step 7

After that, the exploration begins to taste where your receiver limit is, and put the flags, that come with the packet, to set up a perimeter or range to determine the limit of your dog’s movement. The collar will start beeping when you rich the boundary.

In this case, you don’t need to keep your dog with you. Since, the collar is not on your dog, dogs can simply watch it from distance.

Step 8

Finally, You can keep a partner back at home to determine or tune the range of boundary.

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Some oversight of Wireless Dog collars

During storm and heavy rain the functionality may disrupt. However, your dog would sense it before and I believe they come back usually once they sense it. Besides, I believe, you would summon your dog to your house before rain or storm starts. So, I think, we don’t need to think about it.

In addition, it is better we should keep the collar off while we are with them.  It is better a message should go to them, you collar is needed while you are at home. Experts always recommend to keep this on at least for 8 hours, not more than that.

According to the research of Radio Systems Corp

However, in a household setting, problems often arise with signal attenuation and signal loss such that one of the transceivers may, at any given time, be out of communication with the collar. This results in the inability to locate the collar and often the issuance of an inappropriate correction to the dog.

Journal Source: Custom-shape wireless dog fence system and method

Another main obstacle is the metal, it can not be within the metal which obstructs the signaling process while keeping the transmitter within the house.

Similarly, the majority of pet-safe devices come in waterproof, no need to worry about the durability of the collar.

Yes, it takes few hours to install or sometime not and run the full device as the collar takes 2 hours time to recharge fully.

Verdict for Wireless dog Fence

As mentioned before, some basics are important to train the dog with some basic stimuli. These are beep, mild shock or vibrate and light to signal your dog to stay within limit or to stay within outside. This device covers these with easy operation.

How it works

Most importantly, let us clarify one thing, it doesn’t work automatically. Dog training collar means, there has to be a remote to control or auto set up not for your dog and it’s movement.

it carries the stimuli through the  shock, beep sound or mild vibration. therefore, the owner has to be present with the dog to train.

According to, canine journal  : wireless dog fence works from a distance transmitter and your dog receives a mild beep or shock which deters them not to cross a given perimeter.

According to Inventor Christopher T. RichWade C. PattersonSteve ConradJohn J. White, Jr.Jason S. Gurley

“A radial-shaped wireless fence system is provided that contains one or more dogs in a user-defined area without the need for a physical fence or underground wire.” Taken from the journal “Radial-shape wireless dog fence system and method”

The majority of the products have on an average one year guarantee and replacement policy that makes the product worth having without no second doubt. Besides, wireless collars are devices is rechargeable and mobility is awesome.

After that, alongside training, you can carry this device with you as long as you are outside or can go for a long walk if you want.

Above all, we need to keep in mind, dogs has to be rewarded once they learn your every movement.

No treat should go for nothing, every treat has to be achieved by their action. this is how dog training can be your best companion while training the to do something.

Finally, our verdict is if you don’t want to take the hassle of installing wires, then go for the wireless dog fence method.

Disclaimer:  it is an affiliate article for amazon based products. Writes earns a commission from your verified purchase which takes no extra cost to the visitor

FAQ on Wireless Dog Fence

  1. Are Wireless Dog Fences Cruel?

It is just an unusual sensation that your dog will feel. But, definitely it is not painful at all. Your pup will not really feel anything after the correction is over.

  1. Do I have to train my dog?

Yes, you have to train your dog because he can understand where it’s boundary limit is. After that, if your dog crosses it, with the tone he should understand that it’s time to go back.

  1. How Can I train my dog?

With every wireless fence system, you will get a manual for training your dog. But still if you find it hard to understand we can give you some tips. At first read the manual it will ensure gentle training for you and your pup.

Throughout the training allow your dog to experience the collar tone as they cross the boundary. Redirect them verbally. Therefore, use flags or cones to mark the boundary.

However, do not force your dog to the flags or correction. Until the training is over do not walk your dog off the property. You can also reward your pup.

  1. How long does it take to train a dog?

Usually, it takes about six days to train a dog. Also, using gentle training techniques can reduce the training duration.

  1. How do you install an electric dog fencing system?

It depends on the type of electric fence you will be using. Wireless and in-ground fence installation differs from each other. A wireless dog fence system will be much easier to install without any physical labor.

In addition, with an in-ground dog fence, you’ll need to dig out trenches to lay the wire and can be more physically laborious.

  1. Wireless or in-ground fence?

As said earlier, wireless fence systems are very easy to install where the in-ground fence system is very laborious. You have to dig out trenches to lay out the wire.

The wire serves to transmit a delicate radio signal. When your dog will walk towards to cross it, the collar will beep or shock and make him remember not to go close to the area.

Besides, Wireless dog fence systems work by creating a circular boundary around the transmitter. But large metal objects can interfere with the wireless signal. That’s why these systems are unpredictable. It will work great if you have a lot of open space without many obstacles.

  1. Does this fence system work for cats? 

Yes! Cats can be successfully trained to use the Invisible Fence system, both outdoors and indoors.

  1. Is this fence system safe for pregnant or nursing dogs?

Yes. It is completely safe to use with pregnant and nursing pets.

  1. Does my dog have to meet a specific age or size requirement in order to be trained to the fence?

We recommend that your dog be at least 8 weeks of age. There is no minimum or maximum size limitation.

  1. How will I know when the batteries need replacing?

The battery life varies depending on how often your dog tests the boundary and how well your correction level is set. In most cases, the battery lasts from 5 to 8 months.

    11. Can do wireless dog collar replace a dog harness or dog collar?

Answer is No. Actually, it is recommended to put wireless dog collars on when you want your dog to roam around within your given area or yard.

Otherwise, while taking your dog to walk or to outdoors, putting a collar or dog harness would be wise to have full control over your dog. Obviously, you dont want your dog get shocked when they are out of their given territory.


The wireless dog fence is not an automatically connected device, you need to stay behind to operate this device.

  • Firstly, never keep this device on for more than 8 hours. Through instruction and manual might say for maximum of 12 hours can go, but it is healthy and recommended by vets to have it for a maximum of 8 hours
  • Secondly, a dog collar should not be tight with the neck, it is better you do not put any other leash or collar along with this dog training collar.

A Permanent and effective method and along with the presence of a sturdy technical device can make our life easier.

Besides, we don’t know where danger lurks, so this review on wireless dog fence can guide your and solve this problem amazingly provided your dog receives proper training.

Therefore, a best wireless dog fence vibrates alerts with your dog crosses the given or defined boundary. A mild shock/vibration works as a determiner for you to train, adjust and secure your lovely dog at all circumstances.

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