7 Best Razor Wire for Fence Reviews [Razor Vs. Barbed Wire]

Razor wire is a barrier that has sharp parts in it that is extremely hard to cross or climb. It is made of metal and has very sharp edges. The best razor wire for the fence is used for security purposes to prevent these, trespassers or animals. This can cut clothes human flesh without any difficulty.

That’s why it is named “razor wire”.  Without any specialized tool, no one can crush it. But still, razor blade wire fence is a job that requires your effort to get the best result out of it. It is highly effective to ensure you security of your property. 

Why Razor Blade Wire Fence is so popular?

high quality razor barbed wire

High Security:

the razor wire is very strong and the edges of it are as sharp as razor. It can stab someone like butter. The coils are connected spirally so there is no gap to pass through. According to Razorwire site analysis:  No one is going to try passing through it since it is not easy work to break it.


it is made so durable that, it can withstand any extreme environmental condition. If it is made of galvanized steel, it can give you service for over 30 years. It will not rust easily and even it can be fireproof.

Low Maintenance:

if no one tries to destroy it, you can use it for over 10 years without any maintenance. Moreover, it will not cost high if maintenance is required.


using razor wire for security purposes is such budget-friendly. Building a wall can be time-consuming as well as costly. Therefore, razor wire can save a lot of your money and time.

Types of Razor Wire

high quality spiral razor fence

According to experts and fencesource.com, razor wire fences are of two types: stainless steel and galvanized. Coil Sizes vary such as 18 inches, 24 inches, and 36 inches. The majority of razor wire comes in two types again in terms of its function of security or make of it. These are single coil and double coil. Apparently, from the name we can assume, single-coils are less expensive and popular.  

However double coils are more like a single-coil inside a larger coil which is more secure, less penetrable, and expensive.  In addition to that, the frequency of repeating coil could be another type of this razor wire in terms of making.

Speaking of other types of razor wire, you obviously have heard the term “Olympic rings”, these razor wires are called flat ring razor wire which looks more like the Olympic logo. Usually, those flat lengths are welded together where they intersect take more like a diagonal pattern.

Let’s talk a little bit about Concertina Wire

It looks more like traditional razor wire, but the significant difference is each coil is connected with a “connecting wire”. These connecting wires assist the fence structure to stand still on the ground when it is stretched.  Mostly these wires are widely used for prison and military security.

Concertina also comes in stainless steel and galvanized material where stainless steels lasts longer than galvanized type.

Are you confused with the term “BTO 22 Razor wire”?

According to razorwirefence.com: Razor wire comes in many shapes and sizes. In that case, blade sizes are often called as BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-25, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, and CBT-65. 

high quality galvanized razor fence

 BT20 has an old version and a new version. The new version is more effective than the old one. Therefore, you may find this term more often on the product description. 

Razor Wire Fence vs Barbed Wire

high quality cross razor fence

FactorRazor Wire FenceBarbed Wire Fence
Design Stands it out of CrowdRazor wire has sharp edged blades. It is too hard to cut it with hand devices. If someone tries to pass it, it might rip cloth and flesh of the invader.Barbed wire is made of steel that has sharp points which is not as dangerous as razor wire. It does not cut flesh or cloth, rather it makes scratches only.
Impact of Breach If someone tries to pass the fence wearing even gloves it still might cause injury.for barbed wire thing is not the same. One can overcome it with pliers and a pair of gloves.
Applicability Razor wire is used for high-security purpose. This is used in country borders, military zones, prisons, government buildings etc.On the other hand, barbed wire is not as effective as razor wire. It is an ideal option for schools, fields and residential areas.
InstallationInstallation of razor wire is not easy at all. It requires experienced hand since it has sharp barbs and also difficult to twist around.However, barbed wire can be installed by someone who has medium skill. It is easy to install and requires less time for installation then razor wire.  Just fence post, wire, and staples are enough to settle it.
MaintenanceMaintenance of razor wire fence is hard since it has bigger amount of strain and involves application which is complex and assures higher security. the barbed wire does not wear out easily if it is settled properly. That’s why it requires low maintenance.
DurabilityHighly durable than barbed wire. Weather conditions cannot harm or wear off the razor easily since the majority of wires are galvanized. Barbed wire is also rust resistant but not as like as razor wire.
CostAs razor wire is frightening, professional and made of high quality material it costs bigger then barbed wire.Barbed wire is comparatively less expensive than razor wire because of the lesser use of technology and accuracy of protection. 


List of 7 Best Razor Wire for Fence

Editors RankEditors ChoiceEditors RatingInstant Link
1Loveshare Razor Barbed Wire Fence ✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Bobco Metal Razor Wire ✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3ALEKO Ribbon Style Barbed Razor Wire ✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
4Helical Wire Roll ✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Yamcyh Razor Wire Fence ✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6VEVOR Stainless Steel Razor Wire ✪✪✪✪☆Buy On Amazon
7OrangeA Store ✪✪✪✪☆Buy On Amazon

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1. Loveshare Razor Barbed Wire Fence

galvanized razor wire fence

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Comes in5, 10 and 15 Rolls
MaterialGalvanized Steel
Each Roll Weighs10 lbs
razor wire length per roll250 feet/Each up to 50 feet


  • Since this is galvanized and a stainless steel barbed wire fence, it lasts long to serve your fencing need. 
  • Stainless steel feature makes sure it protects it from extreme heat or cold to ensure its longivity of service. 

What We liked

  • Blade size comes in like a leaf style, making sure of leaving no side from being poked. This style they named it as Accuminate blade style. 
  • It has a wide range of applications from residential to commercial purpose, it can be applied anywhere. It is completely legal to apply. 


  • Highly durable, weather-resistant, and serves a long life
  • Easy to install, store, and highly flexible to apply
  • High-security utility razor wire fence
  • Price is something that would bring your attention when you compare it.


  • Though they say it can be extended to 50 feet, it is highly recommended to put it within 33 feet to get it’s effective fencing application. 

Bottom line

Each roll with 33 loops with an amazing price, this is on our top list to offer a better extension of  your fencing. Undoubtedly, it is a champion razor wire fence roll you can get. 

2. Bobco Razdor Stainless Steel Razor Wire

high quality spiral razor wire

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  • it has been made with hot-dipped galvanized steel which keeps it rust-free for many years. Comes in 2,3,4,5 pieces of options which is good enough to meet your requirement. 

What We Liked

  • This razor fencing wire is pretty long and You expand it to over 50 feet.  This means per piece can go up to 25 feet.
  • Therefore, it is best for medium to large properties. You can take the number according to your preference. 
  • Sharp enough to keep intruders away and shiny enough to signal better from miles away. 



  • The cost of razor wire is budget-friendly
  • Rustproof
  • Difficult to cut


  • No warranty
  • it doesn’t come in one piece since the minimum length sold is 50 feet. however, you can double it if your property is within 25 feet or it depends if you want to double it according to your size of land. 

Bottom line

This rust-proof razor wire comes in hot dipped galvanized steel. It will give you a full security in low cost in comparison to other available products in the market. 

3. ALEKO Ribbon Style Razor Blade Fencing Wire

high quality razor barbed wire

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  • it has been made with hot-dipped galvanized steel that will provide it extreme durability for a longer period of time.

What We Liked:

  • It can be used as a great fence and it also can be set on the top of an existing fence or wall for extra security.
  • Very sharp to make any effort to intrude and obviously a stainless steel razor wire.


  • Rustproof
  • Budget friendly


  • No warranty

Bottom Line

This razor wire is recommended to those who are looking to provide security in his territory in low budget.

4. Helical Razor Wire Fence Top

high quality galvanized razor wire

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Specialty: its specialty is, it can be spread up to 197 feet and the coiled wire length is 56′-66′.

What We Liked

  • Made of high quality galvanized steel 
  • It covers a big area which obviously comes according to your need
  • Highly durable and lightweight


  • Rustproof
  • Sturdy


  • premium pricing

Bottom Line:

its design keeps unwanted people away from your territory. It is recommended to those who are looking for better quality razor wire that can cover a big area.

5. Yamcyh Razor Wire Security Fencing

hot-dipped galvanized razor wire fence

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  • Comes in 150 and 100 feet size.
  • Per pack includes 3 sets of razor wire

What We Liked

  • Sharp enough to leave intruders injured but not sharp enough to injure to death. This means it serves you great security purposes and ensures all legal aspects of not leaving anyone injured. 
  • Comes in a roll that helps easy installation. 


  • This razor blade wire fence comes in galvanized steel to ensure longer durability
  • This razor blade fence has multiple applications to use. such as : around stores, houses, schools and highly secure facilities
  • Great price for value


  • Each wire can be stretched up to 50 feet, but stretching beyond 33 feet may impact its effectiveness.
  • Need to use separate metal zip ties to keep it steady.  

Bottom line

Suitable for weather resistance, this means it can put up with heavy rain and so on. Besides, each toll weighs 10lbs with 33 loops per razor which can be easily carried and installed.

In addition, blades come in the B20 model thus in terms of tech it is modern and highly reliable. 

Easily and effectively covers 33 feet of area, therefore highly recommended to have it for smaller to a vast area. 


6. VEVOR Stainless Steel Razor Wire

razor blade barbed wire fence

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Comes in 98 ft and 147 ft
MaterialGalvanized Steel
Thickness of BladeBlade thickness: 0.02″; Blade width: 0.87″.


  • Comes in two coils and each coil can be extended up to 49 feet/30 meter. 

What we liked:

  • Electrostatic spraying has made it pretty shiny. Thus this razor blade fencing wire ensures its higher visibility and resists corrosion at all-weather conditions. 


  • Can be used in residential and commercial property to guarantee a better security extension. 
  • Weather-resistant, as in it can resist extreme scorching sun and cold to stand against a firm for a long time.
  • Can be trimmed as you need.
  • A perfect military-grade barbed wire fence and a high quality galvanized razor fence
  • It not only resists intruders, but it is also highly resistant to deer and other intruding animals that invade your garden, yard, or vegetation.


  • not applicable for small areas which is less than 100 feet area.
  • no info on a guarantee from the manufacturer. However, you have your amazon return policy just in case it doesn’t meet your expectation. 

Bottom line

For 100 feet, you can buy two rolls, and for more, we believe you can do the math. Highly recommended as it serves all quality aspects of use for large-scale of fencing.

7. OrangeA high quality hot-dipped galvanized razor wire fence

high quality twisted razor mesh fence

Buy On Amazon



Here comes a  razor blade fencing barbed wire that meets the demand for large areas. The options start from 250 feet that mainly fits massive areas which its sharp edges to keep any intruder away.

What we liked:

  • The minimum pack starts with 5 pieces, now you understand, this is not for regular residential area unless it is big enough to meet its requirements.
  • Each 10 lbs piece covers 50 feet and comes with 33 loops.


  • Galvanized steel with darkish color makes a pretty furious fence.
  • Besides, this galvanized fence is weather and water-resistant at all circumstances. Thus, stays longer lifetime.
  • According to market research, it has higher popularity in terms of high-quality spiral razor wire than loveshare though it seems pretty similar at many angles.
  • The reason we put it in our list is its popularity.
  • Wide range of choices to make.



  • The cover photo exactly looks like Love share and home plus brand razor wire fence and is pricey.
  • Made in China

Bottom Line

Point to be noted, though it expands over 50 feet, likewise other razor wire length per roll it is highly recommended to expand it to 33 feet to get its expected density of fencing.

Buying Guide

Material: razor wire is mostly used as a permanent wire. It is not set and removed frequently. So, the quality should be the best one so that it won’t get rust and sturdy in natural calamities to ensure you service for longer period of time. One should search for the one which is made of galvanized steel.

Blade Design: there are 5 types of blade you can find in razor wire. Decide wisely to buy the proper razor wire for the protection of your area.

Easy Installation: purchase the one which is easy to install. So that you can get security fast in your territory.

Dimension: measure your area before buying a razor wire. It will help you to decide the dimension of the wire you will require.

Check Local Law: before you purchase check the local law of using razor wire. You might need k professional help or advice before starting any installation of this product.

In the market, you will get another wire which is almost the same to razor wire is called “barbed wire”. Both are used commonly for security purposes all over the world. But, there are some differences between them.



Can razor wire kill someone?

Razor wire can make a person bleed out and injure in minutes which deters intruders but cant possibly kill anyone unless it cuts any major part of the body. It’s the reason prisons use razor wire over barbed wire. Barbed wire will hurt if someone tries to escape, while razor wire becomes a great barrier and kills time to intrude or escape. 

Does being caught in razor wire hurt more than barbed wire?

Barbed wire is usually used as a cattle fence and keeps local kids away from jumping over your fence. But still it can be handled by wearing heavy jacket and gloves. However, it is not the same with razor wire. It can hurt you real bad that you cannot even imagine. And definitely, it will hurt you more than barbed wire.

Is it illegal to install razor wire on the fence?

It is not illegal but it s better to check your local laws and seek professional help or advice before starting any installation of this product.

Why is hot-dipped galvanized steel so important in a razor mesh fence?

Galvanizing protects metal from corrosion. It works as a shield to protect the metal in different weather. It involves applying a thin coating of zinc that prevents water and moisture. In hot-dipped galvanizing method, the metal is dipped into the molten zinc pool. This method is economical and quick.

Is galvanized razor barbed wire suitable for segregating cattle?

The answer is no. Barbed wire can cause limited cut 0r puncture. However, razor is designed for perimeter defense against human intruders. Using razor wire to segregate your cattle can cause a great injury.

To Conclude

Razor barbed wire mesh fence is popular in the national border, military sites, prisons, airports, farmlands, government buildings, commercial buildings and private residences. Many countries use it as a border.