7 Best Fence Posts of 2021 [Top Picks & Buying Guide]

When it comes to installing a fence the matter of best fence posts comes as a vital part to think of. Generally sturdy and long-lasting fence posts determine the longevity of your fencing project. Therefore, finding the best quality fence post is imperative to find and use.

On the other hand,  wooden posts can come in use for heavy fencing. It is not on our discussion, rather leaning more toward metal fences.

Besides, people often use concrete posts which are quite sturdy and long-lasting subject to your protective measures. However, these concrete posts are expensive as well as involves a complicated procedure to install.

Nonetheless, speaking of affordable fencing posts, few metal fencing posts are available in the market to make sure your pocket is saved as well as to ensure the best delivery of protection.


List of Best Lightweight Fence Posts

Editor's RankingEditor's ChoiceEditors Ratingspecial FeatureInstant Link
1MTB Steel✪✪✪✪✪metal fence postBuy At Amazon
2Mazel light✪✪✪✪☆ three sizes: 4’, 5’ and 6Buy on Amazon
3Yardworks✪✪✪✪☆weighs 25 poundsBuy At Amazon
4Origin point✪✪✪✪☆rust and weatherproof.Buy At Amazon
5SmartSign✪✪✪✪✪1.12 lbs Medium Weight
Buy At Amazon
6Fi shock✪✪✪✪☆UV resistant to long last under sunlightBuy At Amazon
7Common Sense✪✪✪✪✪fiberglass constructed postsBuy at Amazon


1. MTB Steel Fence Posts

best steel post for fence

Buy At Amazon

MTB fence posts require installing 6ft to 8 ft apart. It has a durable green powder coating.  MTB is basically fallen in the category of metal fence posts that come in pack per your requirement.

This package has always amazing offers for customers to choose from their plans. You need to search in on the amazon link to find out your choice.


Crisp Guide

  • This fence post is made of steel and comes in green.
  • Price varies per your requirement of getting the right height for your fencing panels.
  • Ideally for fencing 6 ft fence post is standard.
  • For the pack of 5, 7 ft bulk fence cost 65$ max. thus, rest of the products cost less than $65 which is assuring for affordable fencing.
  • This product is sturdy enough for your wire fencing and highly reliable.



  1. MTB fence posts are light and easy to carry.
  2. These fence posts are sturdy enough to take pounding while inserting them in the ground.
  3. These fence posts are easy to install.
  4. It Comes in pack/bulk, therefore, reduced price in comparison to other posts.
  5. These fence posts can be used for garden fencing, deer fencing and for dog fencing.


  1. Comes in bulk therefore you might face difficulty while returning.
  2. Needs pounder to hammer them in the ground.


2. Mazel light Metal Fence Post

lightweight fence posts

Buy on Amazon


Comes from Yard works, A best utility fence for yard, garden, and landscapes

Crisp Guide

  • Mazel light comes in set of 10.
  • 14 Gauge steel
  • Dark Green painted 
  • The color contains green and a good product to take.
  • From this product, it comes in three sizes: 4’, 5’ and 6’.



  1. Sturdy enough to remain in place for long, if you think of mass/wide fencing.
  2. Customer service is satisfactory.
  3. This post can be used at patio, lawn and garden.



  1. It comes in one black color. Cant be shipped to Carolina
  2. they get rusty soon
  3. Specification or application of this product is not elaborated well at amazon.


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3. Yardworks Steel Best fence posts

galvanised metal fence posts

Buy At Amazon


Another sturdy designed post you can choose without hesitation is yard works posts.

These posts are reliable and remain placed for long.

Crisp Guide

  • Only difference it makes from other posts, it weighs 25 pounds when it ships except California.
  • Besides, dark green painted finish keeps your post away from rust for a long time.
  • Again this post comes in set of 10. 
  • This post has no complex features to follow and comply which can be installed right at your yard with less effort.
  • On the other hand, this fence post comes in few more sizes: 3’ to 7’.



  • Cheaper than any other metal posts.
  • Rustproof
  • Works best at summer and spring
  • doest bend because of it’s sturdy nature.
  • Best money you can buy.



  • Shipment can’t be made to Carolina
  • Extral tool such as, screw driver needed while installing.


4. Origin point Best Metal Fence posts

heavy-duty u-channel fence post

Buy At Amazon

Another affordable and cheap solution for fence post. It can be used as an origin (source of chain fencing) point post.


Crisp Guide

  • This light-duty post is green enameled which is rust and weatherproof.
  • This post has multiple tabs to make wiring task convenient.
  • This fence post is green powder coated and comes in three sizes.
  • A product well constructed to use for fencing made of stamped sheet steel.



  • This fence is used for light-duty works.
  • Using taller posts helps you to keep dogs, squirrels, pets, and intruding night predators away from your neighborhood. It doesn’t bend and tall enough to guard your yard.


  • This product does not come in pack thus it costs around $16 to $14 for each post. So pay attention when you buy it in bulk orders. 

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5. SmartSign Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

Galvanized steel fence posts

Buy At Amazon

This has penetrated in the market recently and has gained lots of popularity among customers. This type of post basically is used for sign postings and private parking signage.

Smart sign post comes in medium weight, Heavy weight, round and square posts.

1 pack costs $35 which may change given campaigns and offers.

Crisp Guide

    • 8” posts are mainly popular for this type.
    • 6” posts are easier for homeowners, for gardening and parking lot. 
    • The hole spacing and hole size is standard across all post heights.
    • pre-drilled holes measuring 3/8” in diameter located at the top 30 inches of the post


  • Material Type: 1.12 lbs Medium Weight
  • Comes in maximum 5 pack
  • Green enamel coated steel



  • Baked-enamel coating extends the life of posts and makes them rust-proof.
  • Parking Signs, CCTV Signs, Private Property Owners can use to sign the post.


  • While pounding it may bend if not done with proper calculation.


6. Fi-Shock Lightweight Fence Posts 

best price metal fence posts

Buy At Amazon


Fi Shock fence posts is simple and can be used for long fencing grounds. Fi shock comes in pack. Thinking of having bulk fence posts? then this would help your fencing precisely and perfectly. 

Crisp Guide

  • This fence post amazingly blends with the green fields. 
  • Eight clips per post to hold wire or more work like insulators.
  • Lightweight posts are durable to last long.
  • This fence post works temporarily for livestock, pens, gardens, and sometimes works best for crowd control or boundary marking. 
  • To protect vegetation, flower gardens, and farms of vast length these lightweight fence posts work perfectly. 
  • Usually, this fence post comes in green to blend with nature which is built with reinforced plastic.

7 fence posts to buy

Use this post for temporary fencing, livestock pens, gardening, crowd control, and boundary marking. Highly Recommended.





  • can be damaged upon force by intruding animals.




7. Common Sense Fiberglass Electric Fence Post

fiberglass fence post for high tensile

Buy at Amazon


Difference from Other brands

  • Comes in a set of 10
  • Cannot ship to California
  • Smart clip design includes easy 4 clips and a triangle clip to secure wire
  • It springs back and pretty flexible while adjusting


What we liked about it

  • Super light weight and awesome features to install easily and mount wires.
  • Takes a better grip at the ground so it won’t pull out from the ground
  • Rust and rot proof which ensures no possibility of shock.
  • You can install 3-4 inch in to the ground for firmness




    • Fiberglass material ensures the longevity and sturdyness while tightening
    • Works amazingly with rope and tape
    • Suitable for any type of electric fencing


  • It suits to any type of terrain and is weatherproof



  • The lightweight feature may sometimes cause problems to make it more sturdy
  • Comes only in 48 inches, no other option available to choose from.


How to install fence posts?


best fence posts

A simple rule to using fencing post is to install them in 6 ft to 8 ft apart.

Make a better measurement of your yard or field to post an adequate number of fences. It is ideal to have 8 ft space from each post. For instance, for 200 feet distance at the equal side with 6 posts each with 8 feet distance, requires in total of 24 posts. source:SFGATE.com

For wide fencing, it is ideal to use 6 ft fencing panels to make sure your dog is not jumping as well to make sure ideal fencing to discourage unwanted predator’s penetration, such as deers

Put them deeper in the ground to at least 3 inches if possible with a post pounder.

Metal Fence posts come in bulk therefore, it is better to install at least 5 of them to build a minimum fence for your ground or yard.

However, while buying fence posts, you need to keep an eye on whether you are buying each or in bulk, it may get pricey if you don’t pay attention to it. Number matters.

I would like to talk about a few fencing posts that are well-chosen and idea for fencing panels.


Disclaimer: this article is an Amazon affiliate article. Writer earns commission from any verified sale from Amazon. 



Final Words

Few types of fence posts are available when installing best fence posts. When it comes to a wire fencing a lighter version of fencing such as posts made of metal or metal fence posts can work best.


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