How Imperative It is To Install Driveway Safety Fence?

Sometimes kids spend a lot of time playing with balls, riding bikes, or drawing with chalk in driveways which might be very risky for them to play there.

Driveway fences are designed for most outdoor activities such as basketball, hockey, bouncing the ball, tag, riding the scooter, bikes, and more. Furthermore, these are portable, making it relatively easy to position the gate even in a different location around your property. They are lightweight and easy to install.

Why Should People Use Driveway Fence?

A retractable driveway fence helps to create a visual boundary around your driveway. A driveway fence is used within the driveway entrance to restrict kids from walking on the streets. 

According to the National Library of Medicine

During an 8-year period, 495 children were treated for injuries sustained in auto-pedestrian accidents, with 128 occurring in the driveway. The children’s median age was 2.9 years, with 54% of the injuries sustained by boys. These often serious accidents carried an overall mortality rate of 6%. The most common injuries were abrasions, blunt head injury, and fractures.

According to their research kids below 12 years old face the most auto-pedestrian accidents.

Another conducted research by ROSPA, clearly indicates how crucial a driveway fence is: 

RoSPA research shows that at least 39 children have been killed on, or near, the driveways of their home since 2001. Twenty eight of these accidents have occurred since 2008.

Tragically, in most of these cases, an adult member of the child’s family, a neighbour or a visitor to the house was driving the vehicle.

Their Photo credit: ROSPA (UK Based Charity Organization)

retractable driveway safety net
For Awareness purpose Only


Here in this article, our message is to cover or fence your driveway instead of covering your entire playground. At least this would slow down the sudden arrival of kids on your driveway. Either way driveway safety fence or net creates a greater barrier for other cars to use your driveway to move or take turns. 

There might be other DIY ways you can apply, so no options are limited to but open however you want. The ultimate effort is to avoid unnecessary and unexpected accidents.  



Now let’s talk about some of the fences that are pretty well-known among driveway safety concerns: 


List of 3 play area driveway safety net

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1. Play It Safe Driveway Net

retractable driveway safety net


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Play It Safe has an evident orange color that creates high visibility for the drivers on the road, increasing drivers’ awareness. 

What We Liked

  • A play-It-Safe driveway safety net can be installed straight across your driveway or in an optional “v” shape configuration. 
  • This is customizable to fit most driveway widths up to approximately 25 inches wide. 
  • The color makes it visible from a great distance.
  •  It is quick to set up and take down and can be rolled up for easy storage.
  • It includes extra netting at the bottom to prevent objects from rolling underneath it. 


  • Not so sturdy.

Bottom Line:

Play It Safe driveway net is easy to install and makes it safe for kids to play outside.

You can install the net straight across the foot of your driveway as well as in a unique configuration of a V shape that funnels items such as balls, toys, or others at the center.

This makes it easy for kids to retrieve their toys or balls. It has two poles on each end and a center pole that helps ground the net firmly.

2. KidKusion Non-Retractable Driveway Safety Net

play area driveway safety net

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this driveway safety net comprises 85% polyethylene, 5% vinyl, and 10% galvanized steel, making it super sturdy to serve you for a long time.

What We Liked:

  • Made in the USA.
  • Available in two colors; black and orange.
  • KidKusion driveway safety net is available in two different sizes; 30 inches and 18 inches. 
  • The net is weatherproof.
  • Removing and reinstalling is super easy and fast. 
  • It can be mounted in the ground with included two HDPE ground sleeves.


  • The price is a bit high. 
  • It cannot be used around pools. 

Bottom Line

 if your kid is playing with a ball, this driveway safety net will not let the ball roll under the net and keep the ball inside.

This visual net offers you to see whatever is happening outside the net. Furthermore, this comes with two end poles made of galvanized steel and two ground sleeves to mount the guard in the ground.

Please do read measurements before purchasing the safety net. 


3. Net World Sports Play area driveway safety net

play area driveway safety net


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with Net World Sports driveway net, you don’t need to worry about rotting and fraying as it performs superbly in all-weather condition. It is mainly designed for games purpose, but you can have it for your own benefit. 

It is more like a idea, you can either install it near any playground or you can hang it nearby your driveway to deter any playing kids from the driveway. It becomes a great barrier for throwing and game practice. 


What We Liked:

  • Netting of Net World Sports driveway net is made of heavy-duty 2mm thick HDPE material.
  • Mesh size is 48mm, with no tension of ball going through it. 


  • Custom size is available according to your driveway measurement.
  • This has a UV stabilized finish.
  • Included posts are made from heavy-duty metal.


  • Installation requires time. 

Bottom Line

The net offers exceptional levels of durability with a knotted design that is ultra-durable. The stakes are super strong and made with a heavy-duty material. Contact them, and you will get your desired size for Net World Sports driveway net.


Things to Consider Before Buying Driveway Safety Net

Visibility: the mesh should be made so that you can see through it and know what’s happening on the road; incidents may occur at any time.


Colour: try to buy a driveway safety net that has a vibrant color like red, orange, etc. it will help to be visible to the drivers and will not be in the way your kids are playing.


Material: the product should be made with a heavy-duty material. A great material will serve you for a longer time. 


Size: there are various sizes available for your driveway. Before buying, do a measurement of the driveway and then go for your order. If in case you buy a smaller one than the size of your driveway, it will not serve its purpose.


Ease of Installation: this is a significant feature to consider before buying a driveway safety net. When it is time for your kids to play, they will not wait for a long time. Buy a driveway safety net that can be installed faster.


Waterproof: make sure the safety net is crafted with waterproof material to ensure it lasts for long.



  1. Do I need any maintenance?

Answer: you don’t need any extra maintenance. They come with stakes that install at ground level, making installation of the net as simple as inserting the upright pole into the hollow stakes. 

  1.     How does this install?

Answer: Anchor stakes are pounded into the grass once you determine where you would like to place the fence.

  1.       Does it work as a physical barrier?

Answer: This product has been designed only as a visual barrier. It is not intended to be a physical barrier to hold children. Adult supervision is always required when young children play near the road.

To Conclude

Moreover, it keeps motor vehicles from proceeding towards the driveway, especially when kids are playing. A driveway net is crucial for buying if you have young children who usually play on the driveways. It will keep your child out of the streets and out of danger, too; it keeps reminding them not to run out into the street.

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