7 Reasons to Get Furbo Dog Camera [Dogs Simply Love it]

If you rank your difficulties managing dog, then first and foremost difficulty is your absence with your beloved dog. Furbo Dog Camera review would help you to understand what to get and what you get. 


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List of Topics Covered at Furbo Dog Camera Review

  • Why do you need a Pet Camera?
  • Why Furbo Camera?
  • Why Furbo is a Champion Pet Camera?
  • How to connect devices with Furbo dog camera?
  • How Furbo Camera helps your Dog?
  • Illustrated Furbo Dog Nanny Review
  • Why switching to Furbo dog Nanny?

Before we start, according to Science Focus Furbo has been listed as one of the cool gadgets for 2021.

Why do you Need a Pet Camera?

Furbo Dog Camera Amazon

To protect and stabilize your fence around and to protect your beloved pooch

  • A Pet camera helps you to view your dog
  • helps you significantly to look after and develop an understanding about your pet.
  • When they need to be fed
  • Why and when they bark, lick or pace?

Your absence creates a few crisis situations for your dog which is direct and consequential:

  • Is there anyone to look after if they are in crisis or hungry?
  • Are there any danger they might be facing?
  • Having multiple pets require a playful ground and interactive toys all around, do they have it?
  • Most importantly, what they do if you are not around?

Furbo camera has heard your difficulties to ease your pain of feeding and looking after your dog with treat and mobile visibility.


Now the question is!

is this a product of mouthful of words and does nothing?

no it is not, at Amazon, this is one of the demanding interactive dog toys which should be your indication to rely and trust on this slick dog camera.

Moreover, it connects with Alexa to instruct this device to perform functions such as: tossing the treat.


Detail Furbo Dog Camera Review


Why Dog Camera Furbo?


furbo subscription cost


  1. Hundreds of vet and experts have shown their green flags to use this product not only to save your dog’s life but also to monitor any upcoming danger.
  2. This device has saved more than 100 dog’s lives from gas leaks, fires and intruders.
  3. Know, when your dog needs you and why they bark.
  4.  Train your dog in your absence
  5. Save your dog and house from danger and monitor offline.


Disclaimer: This is an affiliate article based on Amazon products. Publisher earns commission without any additional cost to the visitor. 


Why Furbo is a Champion Pet Camera?

Furbo Dog Nanny review

1.Monitor your dog When you are not at home

It helps you observe your dog. It helps your study the reasons on what triggers your dog to bark. this is one of the basic reasons why you get a pet camera.

2. 160 degree HD vision Camera

It shows a 1080p camera resolution to find your dog’s movement clearly from a distance with a 160-degree angle. This angle basically shows a person’s top to bottom view standing at point-blank range. Obviously no doubt it comes with clear night vision feature. However, people keep it at a safe distance from dog. 

In a nutshell, a 160-degree angle helps you to see the entire room clearly. 

 3. Furbo offers 2-way audio

where to buy furbo dog camera

This means, simultaneously, you can talk to your dog and you can receive your pet’s response. When your dog starts barking, Furbo’s adjustable barking alert system sends a push notification to your phone. So, you can talk to them over the camera to calm them down and notice the surroundings to cross-check. 

4. Toss treats on your command

Furbo dog camera makes a sound while tossing. This sound works as a stimulus to send a message to your pet of having treat. So, while pacing, licking, or barking, this sound technique works wonder to divert attention. so train your dog to change and shape habits.


5. Cloud Recording

A 90-day free trial of cloud recording saves one minute the best moment of your dog every day. It is fully optional, nothing mandatory to have it. This recording is kind of a “dog diary” for your dog. 

6. Dog Activity Real-Time Smart alert

Upon taking Furbo Nanny feature, depending on a dog anxious movement, it sends alert to your phone. It senses danger through dog’s pacing, chewing cords, or licking or jumping here and there or on furniture, it sends an alert. It is life-saving.

7. Person Alert

The intruder or unknown person alert comes into your phone through a push message. Regardless of an intruder, your partner or dog walker, it sends a message subject to having furbo nanny.


8. Dog Selfie Alert

When you dog comes near to the camera, furbo camera takes a snap for you and sends the best moment for you. This shows, how much your dog misses you. You need to have furbo nanny for this.

9. Super Easy to Set up

plugin, connect, and ready feature


10. Food Chamber to toss Treats

It is recommended to use round-shaped, non-sticky treats to toss for your lovely dog. It has no fixed treats to toss, just dry treats works best at this pet camera.



how much is furbo subscription


[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Know any upcoming danger
Observe your the tendency of your dog barking
know when your dog poops
monitor your dog’s movement
monitor feeding times of your dog
observe any behavioral changes of your dog
command your dog sitting remotely
toss food when you need sitting remotely
automatic movement detection[/i2pros][i2cons]Operation contains several part which is hard to remember
without smart phone this device cant be controlled
expensive and doesn’t work remotely without an internet connection.



furbo premium functions


How to connect Furbo with Other Wireless Devices with ?

Furbo dog Camera comes with 2 M USB Cable, Power adapter and a quick start guide. The box weighs 3.5 pounds.

List of Steps to connect with Furbo Camera

  1. you need a wireless connection at your house. It has to be static. 
  2. and then connect it by downloading the Furbo camera app from the Google play store or i phone’s app store to your cell phone.
  3. And then connect it with the device by creating an account that takes only few seconds.

Connecting devices with other devices is piece of cake!


Does it require Alexa to connect or advice?

No, it is an ad-hoc device, which can be considered an extension.

Enjoy Free 90 Day Furbo Dog Nanny-Furbo Dog Nanny Review

Dog Camera treat dispenser

Furbo Dog Nanny provides you with 90 free trial Furbo nanny features, this ensures smart movement alert, cloud recording, and doggy diary.

How much is furbo dog nanny subscription?

To continue this.  subscription requires you to have this with a fee of $6.99 and for a year $69. Please use this page get detail pricing:

Furbo dog nanny Subscription fee chart

This nanny feature records the best time of the day and tells this story to you. This 1-minute video is stored in the cloud and creates an amazing diary of`1 your pooch.

Still, you can see, talk, toss treats, and receive Barking Alerts even without a subscription.


How Furbo Camera helps your Dog?

if you know your lovely dog doesn’t love the mechanical sound of tossing treat, then it is recommended to train before you adapt your pooch with that.

It makes a sound while tossing the treat, some dogs may get scared of it. This is to create a stimulus that prevents your dog from so many bad habits.

  • licking
  • pacing
  • barking

However, by training your dog, they can get along with that sound and this sound stops them from doing what they were doing and run for the treat and get distracted.

This device has been recommended by hundreds of best dog training experts and veterinarians.

Buy at Amazon

Why switching to Furbo Dog Nanny?

best dog camera treat dispenser

Movement Alert

Furbo dog camera alerts you when your pet starts movement. Not only this, you can identify any movement regardless of your dog, anything that moves at your house. therefore, it helps identifying any intruder..

Adjustable dog barking alert

you can set the sensitivity of your dog barking, this is how you get to know, when your dog needs you. However, to study on dog barking, you need to observe your dog for a little bit of time. Basically, the reason triggering the barking should be you main concern. However, for this, you need to study for ages, all you need, observe while you are away, then work on the point. Read an Article on Why dog barks

it saves favorite memory

By cloud storage system, it saves your moments, based on your requirement, you can find the best moments of your dog by retrieving memory. Like finding the best moments from diary to flashback.

Overall, this furbo dog camera is a compact device that helps you to enrich your ideas to keep your dog playful.


Reasonable  Subscription Fee:

$6.99 for monthly and $69 for yearly.


 It’s an OPTIONAL subscription that you can cancel anytime, so you can still see, talk, toss treats, and receive Barking Alerts even without a subscription.

furbo dog nanny



1. Is dog camera furbo worth it?

Yes. it is bit expensive. but in return the intrinsic and implied returns services can’t be measured likewise a product does. So, it is worth spending.


2.Is Furbo dog camera for dogs?

Actually, it simultaneously works for the security of your house as well as to your beloved dog. Since it has barking alert that helps you to explore the reasons your dog bark, you get to resolve issues eventually. Besides, intruder alert is super awesome feature that ensures one of the burning point to relief you from unwanted guests.


3.Can i spend some extra time with friend outside with the help of Furbo?

Sometimes, you can’t spend some extra time out with your friend as you need to feed your pooch. Furbo dog camera helps to feed and monitor what your dog is doing and feed.  


4. Can I change the habit of pacing, licking and barking through furbo dog camera?

Yes, While tossing treat, Furbo camera treat dispenser makes a clicking sound that creates a stimulus of dispensing treat. Once you find your dog is licking, pacing and barking, this click sound prevents doing that  since it creates an alarm of having treat.


5.Is there a monthly subscription for Furbo camera?

if you subscribe for furbo dog nanny, then it applies a monthly subscription fee. Like Smart Video doorbells, Furbo offers Furbo dog nanny with a subscription fee.  With the new subscription, you’ll get the 24 hours event-based cloud recording, smart alert, and doggie diary (It creates 1 minute best moment video from the entire day for you).

All these features come with $6.99/ month and $69/year.

6. Can more than one user use this Furbo dog camera?

Yes, but it is recommended not to use that.  Furbo can be linked with one email and password. In case of multiple users, it is better you use a common or group email to use that. Furbo can connect two users simultaneously, not more than that.



Finally, we would say, tools or toys may bring joy to your beloved dog but Furbo has distinct aspects to have it not only to have fun but also to look after them. While buying Furbo, having some idea or review of that product can help you to find the best out of it and the best value for you on the other hand.

In a nutshell, if you want to watch out your dog and feed at the same time, even if you are not there, then furbo dog camera is your call to answer. Finally, last but not the least, furbo nanny makes it better. 

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