How to Stop Dog Barking At Fence? [10 Genius Strategies]

Dog owners are always looking for a way to stop their dog from barking. Dog barking is seen by many as a nuisance and can cause discomfort for neighbors.

There are quite a few ways that you can stop your dog from barking excessively, but the methods will depend on the particular cause of your dog’s over-the-top behaviour. The most common symptoms of excessive barking are that they bark at everything they see (even if it’s a leaf), they have regular bouts of anxiety or loneliness, and they tend to bark when there’s no reason to be alarmed or excited.


One of the many undeniable topics, your lovely Dog barking at fence or door , is one of the alarming concerns by many. People may come up with few strategies.

First, train your dog by knowing the reason of barking.

Secondly by applying preventive measures and then go for training to get the result.


stop dog barking at fence


On the other hand, another best way to stop your dog from barking at the fence is by making sure that they are mentally stimulated. Playing fetch or swimming can keep them busy and out of trouble. If the neighbor’s dog is barking, consider installing an acoustical fence to keep them calm.

It is not a disease; rather it is a matter to be handled with great patience. Per discussions and observation by many experts, dogs rarely bark at fence, rather they bark for different reasons. Applying any idea is better than nothing.

Few Primary Reasons of Dog Barking

  1. May be, they are excited and wanted to play.
  2. May be they are unsure,
  3. May be they are felling un-protective about the territorial issues.
  4. May they have seen someone unknown with peculiar dresses.
  5. They smelled something unusual.
  6. They sensed some kind of danger.
  7. A cat might be nearby which can trigger barking. Not all dog bark at cats.
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  9. Long time encaged in #0000ff;”>Dog crate kennels


Prominent Reasons for Dog Barking

how to stop your dog barking

After doing some extensive study on the reasons of barking of your dog, few observations are given below

Maybe they are in need of:

  • Proper exercise.
  • having a similar taste of treat every day
  • lack of activity or movement
  • Check if there is any scratch or any sign of injury.
  • Check the collar and underneath it, to check any rash or any sign of infection.
  • Hover you hand around the dog to check if your dog reacts differently once your hand comes across at any part of his body. Then, seeking medical attention would be necessary.
  • Excitement and boredom for not finding any proper toy. You need to check it by giving it to them to check his change of mood.

Amazingly, every dog is different and you will know once you come across your limitation of knowledge in terms of studying your dog.

I can be said, you know your dog better than anyone. Then to know more about what you dont know may benefit you on many aspects.


List of 10 Ways to Stop Dog Barking

  1. Play fetch twice or thrice a week to ensure their adequate movement and liveliness.
  2. Rewarding them with delicious dog treats with changes can help them being trained faster with your command
  3. Go for long hikes regularly with them
  4. Do a lot of exercise before you leave home
  5. In case of leaving your dog lonely back at home, it is better you keep your dog over to someone who can help with that;
  6. Put your dog at part of the house, where they less like to bark while leaving.
  7. Leave them alone for a short period of time and observe how they react.
  8. Install Dog camera to watch what triggers barking for your dog.
  9. Engage them with interactive dog toys if you are too tired to play at least to make them busy and active on your watch.
  10. Observe the reaction and movement of your dog barks whether they are licking for long, or pacing for long or howling for long. 


One Precaution to Stop Your Dog Barking

medical collars

One more thing, before barking, they give a look to their owner, the very moment they are about to start their barking, irritated and disgusted at something and this is the time when you can take control over their yelp.

However, it cannot be possible all the time to do that. But, the least we can do, to avoid barking to some extent, by paying attention to them whenever you can

Use your magic words after that, the is way you instruct to stop or to relax, keep eye contact, and give your full attention to them.

Ideally, you can consider the process as correcting their behavior before it occurs.

  • Rewarding them heavily for being silent doesnt work at all, and rewarding treats only come in use for following your instruction.
  • Communicate with them, with words or sound or gesture, on what you want from them by rewarding. 

Check Collars and Neck Condition

LED collar for dog

We need to check #0000ff;”>dog collars frequently if you use collars with leash. Sometime over pulling may cause bruise or strangle them.

Thus, using collars in these cases may create irritation and fear to wear it. And results in barking as long as they are not comfortable with that. 

Keep Patience on Every Process to Stop Your Dog Barking

bored dog-reasons for dog barking


They are animal with short term memory. All they can remember, how he was being treated, I mean, how they were trained.

There are dozens of ways how a barking dog can be handled. Such as,

  • I saw a video of an expert, who suggested, to close your both hands and to show your back to dog can stop your dog from jumping at you as soon as they are about to jump at you. Yes, it is a topic that people search for answers.

In every process, we need a great amount of patience to stop your dog barking at door or fence. By yelling and losing hope in this process could not be the ideal process to train them while introducing anything new to your house.

I really liked the below video, which talks mainly about giving different treats and giving them chance to enjoy their treat while they are on their training phase.

One more thing, once you fail to stop you dog barking at the door, even by giving different treats, take him further from the door and draw their attention to them and give them treat again.

Furthermore, it is about rewarding your dog for barking, it is all about changing his behavior by training him not to bark.

Postscript: I know, you know the strategy to calm your dog down once they become crazy. Sometimes by seeing your new installed fence, they may start barking.  This doesn’t mean, a new fence could be the reason of it.

Preventive Measures Before Dog Barking Training

You may come across some other solutions. People apply different methods instead of training your dog. With majority of methods, fencing will come along, if you are in the neighborhood “no fence community”, then it is better shifting to wireless dog fencing method or move or shift your residence to some where more congenial.

 On the other hand, dogs fight fence, it has nothing to be scared, few techniques can prove helpful.

According to Dog Journal

Just for your information, the effort has been given on finding an economic and affordable method to apply first. If any no method works, then it is recommended to discuss with skilled trainer and veteran.

My favorite guideline provider within the affordable price you can start training: Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution which you can fin in youtube to train your dog.

another website, i would like to refer: 

Diversion by Interactive Dog toys to stop dog barking

Dog musical toys can help your dog to divert their stimuli to something else. Toys are built with research and test how they respond.

In cases of, excessive barking due to the presence of a neighbor’s dog or cat, it means now it is the time to give them diversion.

Especially, puppies love to enjoy with interactive dog toys. Other toys can also entertain big dog toys for bigger dogs than puppies. These toys are cheap and affordable.

At least give a try in case they may start playing with and give less attention to surrounding to be disturbed with. This process has to be instilled within the behavior of the dog slowly once the distraction is seen.

Keep some toys reserved unless they become bored with the existing one. Then apply toys consecutively with a particular interval.

Besides, treats may accompany once they respond this process. We need to keep in mind; changing treats time to time is necessary. Reward them for what they have responded.


Block See-Through Fence

how stop barking dog

This measure seems pretty defensive and preventive to impede view. If you find your dog becomes agitated by looking at something or finding something disturbing from his point of view. However, dogs can sense arrival of someone or something as soon as he/it comes closer to the fence or door.

Sometime, they may start looking underneath the fence. To prevent it, toys and activity of you with them has to be accelerated to distract them from doing anything exciting.

This process has to be followed by treats to train them to stop repeating it. 

Privacy fence screen on  chain link fence can prove effective on your existing fence. It doesn’t require removing the existing fence.

Keep Your Dog Indoors While You are away

This practice is being done by almost anybody. Keep your dog and leave him alone and observe how he reacts with the existing dog indoor games or toys.

Simultaneously, observe how they react while staying in different parts of the house. Wherever it seems convenient for them, try to keep him there, while you are away.

To observe that, using a dog camera would work fine for you to observe what creates a disturbance for them and can find out the actual reason of barking. 


It will help them to calm down. Even, it is recommended not to keep your dog chained when you are outside if the reason of becoming agitated remain outdoors.

Dogs show fence aggression when they find something disturbing outside since every human action is not comprehensive to them.

Keeping them out doors for long would make them more difficult to train and less agile to change.

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Discuss With Your Neighbor About Fencing and Their Dog

reasons for dog barking

Problems could be many. When the neighboring dog starts vexing your dog, then question arises, how this situation can be handled. This situation can be handled how you initiate the discussion. People are always possessive about what they have.

Sometimes discussing the reason of your dog barking for your neighbors dog can be difficult. therefore, before initiating the point of discussion, few things can be done to initiate this vexing issue.

To handle difficult neighbors to handle your dog barking

  • Cook something delicious for him. You can know it by starting a pleasant starter conversation. It can be started by asking his/her pet name and praising his dog/pet using some kind of strong adjectives.
  • Eventually, try to know his allergies if he has any. Apply this method if he/she seems difficult to get along with. And then discuss the problem you are facing. I believe, some kind solution would definitely would pop up to apply for mutual benefit.
  • If that neighbor is difficult to penetrate to have such discussion and in return you are being reported to authority, then you have no option except moving your resident to some where wide, open and alone.

Remember! Dog Barks to Communicate

dog barking at fence

However, Please note- your dog remains within the fence or remains outdoors – and the core purpose of having a pooch could be numerous, such as,

  • keeping away predators,
  • unwanted visitors, and animals,
  • keeping neighbors dog intruding your house and
  • most importantly to be with you and communicate with you through barking to keep you company. 

Nonetheless, you want your dog to bark at some point of time. Sound of barking alerts you the presence of anything to your vicinity, shows love and affection, notification of hunger and appreciation.

Hence, you want your dog to bark but not all the time.

However, there could be other reasons whey dog achieve their temperament to yelp.

But we need to know, the problem of your dog barking at fence does come in less common or may start happening out of nowhere.

Barking at fence or door is not a problem unless it becomes an issue or goes beyond limit.

Especially, the main headache is your neighbor’s dog.

Besides, Dogs with dominant traits are quite rare and this trait is treatable.

In particular, there is no panacea to this by medicine; rather it can be controlled by proper training.

To conclude with a Funny Story of Dog Barking

An interesting story I would like to share in relation to this point, an ex-colleague of mine has a dog, to guard his elderly mother who is on a wheelchair and can barely talk. He also has 6 cats.

This dog senses if the blood pressure of his mother on wheelchair goes up or if she is feeling bad for some reason and then by his dog barking he identifies imminent danger of sickness and by circling the wheelchair. By nature, this dog can sense and trained if there is anything wrong with any sick people around.

Actually, he brought this specially trained dog for another reason, to guard his house from top to bottom. By nature, my ex-colleague, He never keeps any guard or any maid to maintain his household staffs.

His dog always barks upon finding or sensing any suspicion and ends up barking to express. Such as, once he found upon arrival of a technician at his home, his pet kept barking. Knowing his trust on his dog, he remained on watch as long as the technician was there.

Later, he asked people and his neighborhood about this technician, He found that technician had bad records of stealing things from houses he visits. So, it can be said, dogs can sense things.

One more interesting fact is, once I asked him, apparently, getting along with 6 cats and one dog can be troublesome initially since both react hilariously by seeing each other and start smashing things up all around the house followed by barking and grrrrr… Then my question was, how did you create friendship among them?

He said, the strategy is simple, you just need washing them together with some soap in the same place or may be with same sampoo. Really, after hearing this, I couldn’t help laughing, that was one of the funniest story I ever came across.


Again Keep patience

While doing any this process, your dog with any process has to be followed otherwise, this idea may fall short.

Training has no alternative with any preventive measures. The main point is, preventive measures can be taken or adopted, though it comes with big price, will end up in vain if it cannot be adjusted with your dog to prevent it from barking.

Dog has a short-sighted memory, they don’t remember things for long, thus, training dog with stimuli (treats and rewards) incessantly by maintaining time frame, can bring result to stop dog barking. Given, you have enough patience to apply preventing and training simultaneously.