How To Stop Dog Digging Under The Fence? [4 Crispy Guide]

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Need a strong and proven idea on how to stop dog digging under the fence? please explore ideas. first we need to know how dog works on their plan.Usually, dogs don’t dig away from the fence. What they do, they try finding a weak spot on your installed fence, I mean right underneath the fence.

List of 4 Affordable ways On How to stop A Dog Digging Under the Fence

dog digging under the fence


1.Putting a chicken wire on the ground to stop digging

2. By installing metal fence panel parallel with Fence

3. Using Electric Fence Energizer

4. Using Wireless Dog Fence


Tools You May Need To Stop Dog Digging Under The Fence

Tools you need to consider before initiating Stopping dog digging under the fence. Few things come along with wiring;

  • Putting tent stakes is highly relevant.
  • Best part is, these tools come in bulk, size, color and with minimal amount.
  • Rubber Mullet
  • Tent Stakes
  • Bolt Cutter

Idea 1: Putting a chicken wire on the ground to stop digging

This strategy I found was liked by many. I have seen this method on you tube, however, coincidentally, I came across this same method while thinking of how it can be done. Actually, the method of how to stop dog digging under fence would be an affordable method to install.

Why I said affordable, you require no expert to install this, neither do you need to spend much time on it. Actually that method is fun; however, as I said before, depending on the size of your dog, please select the right type of wire.

After that I believe, they embark on an idea of digging. Definitely, again, before that, they try to find a weak spot on all ground as well as on the fence. One more thing, before digging, they try to push the fence away from the ground to check its attachment with the ground. If it opens up a hole or space to get away once it is pushed enough, then they won’t go for digging.

Since it has already given them a way out so why go for digging. With lose ground or any hole hidden underneath the grass or any loose sand can trigger them to escape right away.

Chicken wires pose a strong challenge for them to dig. Actually, with claws chicken wires create pretty solid barrier to dig. Now let’s visualize the scenario of your dog trying to dig. They, with their sharp claws attempt to dig, fences with inconvenient shapes and strength hinder them to go further. Boom! Your problem is solved.

If you are busy like hell, for them having a pet can become a difficult experience. Dogs always try remain in attention. Besides, moments of “work from home” can become pretty difficult to pay attention to both work and dog. You just need drop some few hundred dollars to hire somebody expert.

If you have tried of wires of different kinds and still failing to stop this, then I recommend below video to go over. Tools never function wrong, rather I must say, it might be the way we do it. May be the instruction we are following might be comprehended wrong to some extent. 

Otherwise, if you are confident enough of your method installing and there was nothing wrong with your process, then please observe your dog for few minutes to study what exceptions they are applying.

Idea 2: Putting a Metal Fence Panel Underneath Your Fence

It can be done if you already have a 7 feet or higher wooden fence around your lawn. One of the cheapest and fastest methods of installing resistance to digging can be this method. Cutting metal fence panel down by bolt cutter and hammering it under the ground vertically parallel to fence. 

It would create a defense mechanism against the digging.  Simple, isn’t it? From below link, you can get that idea pretty straight.  Simultaneously, I tried to talk more about it by explain his ways and necessary tools to expedite this process.

What tools do you need:

  • A strong bolt cutter.
  • A Hammer
  • Globes (obviously)

Yes, one more thing, try to keep your dog to safe distance. Obviously, it may cause unwanted damage while cutting with bolt cutter or with hammer. you never know what danger may lurke while doing heavy duty functions.


  • This idea seems pretty strong, cheap and solid.
  • No professional is required.
  • It costs 39 dollar per fence panel. 2.4 meter long per. Which means $8 per meter.  I found it for $34
  • It requires no digging. Just put the sharp edge toward the ground and hammer it till it earns a strong grip from the ground. This fencing method seems pretty easy than other methods.
  • It takes less time and easy to install with less difficulty.


  • Dogs may still dig ending up with the fence. However, they cant escape but may result in digging and messes you lovely lawn for a short while. So far, they wont recur this activity once they fail on their first attempt and that is what experts believe.
  • If we have time, it seems to me, installing chicken wire could be more effecting and less hassle free. Moreover, by researching on internet, it has been, this method is being used by majority of people. And yes, they found the result positive.Finding that kind of panel is pretty difficult.
  • I tried to search on Amazon, it seems, it is rare of a kind. However, we can manage it somehow which looks like kind of cage.  Nonetheless, I tried to look for some similar kind from Amazon. You know it sells anything under the sky. Links are given in case you want it.
  • However, we need to keep that one thing in mind, before buying your expected size of wire, thickness and strength of wire depends on the capability of your dog, I means the size and sharpness or capacity of biting of your lovely log.

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Idea 3: Electric Fence Energizer Plus 

stop dog digging under the fence

This seems and sounds kind of extreme. As , I would like to start by saying, Electric dog fence will not be liked by your dog at all. They will start giving your dirty looks as soon as you are done with it.

However, finding no way or any other method which may not affordable or possible for you, then this fencing is going to work as it is designed per with that features.

The green button will be connected with the rod and the rod will be with the ground. Without the touch of the ground, this circuit wont be completed. above mentioned video gives the complete guide for electric dog fence and remove your all confusion if you watch it attentively.

On the other hand, the red button will connect the main fence with the wire.Features of this fence not only help your dog stop digging under the fence, but also you dog wont even go nearby the fence. 

That is why I mentioned before, it is highly reliable and trustworthy and all about changing the behavior of your dog. Electric fencing helps specially those who has poultry and dogs together.

i have given you a fantastic link about electric dog fencing where you can find answer to your most of the questions. click here.

if you are thinking of keeping wild animals away, then using high tensils would be wise. high tensil wire fence bends and then deliver the shock specially for strong and big wild animals.

if not then only if you are thinking of your dog, then using low tensile wire would be wise to use. This product comes with these wire.

to know more please read this article

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Idea 4: Wireless Dog Fencing

how to stop digging under the fence

Wireless dog fencing is nothing but a collar you put on dog’s neck that is being connected with a transmitter wireless. 

That collar is charged and executes a shock or mild vibration to the dog’s neck when they cross boundary set by you. 

This is simple, you put your boundary limit infront of the fence, thus your dog can’t cross that line you set.



  • it has immense advantage that can help you not only with digging, but stop dog jumping over fence and going through fence or pushing fence.
  • This also helps running, pacing, licking and other issues you may face with your dog.
  • Wireless dog fence comes in two types: Wireless and invisible.
  • Wireless dog fence doesn’t require any wiring to create boundary, it works with only wifi and electricity to set boundary.
  • Invisible dog fence comes with wires which has to be dug in to create boundary, when your dog comes near to those underground wiring, the collar vibrates. 
  • Once you train your dog, may you will no longer need a fence at all!


  • you need a budget above $100
  • It requires an intensive training which takes time, otherwise, it would have no effective output. 
  • Through treats and rewards, your dog needs training to create a positive stimuli toward wireless fencing.


Please go through the article to read more about these wireless dog fencing

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To Conclude

Summary is, Dogs think, are there any holes or any minimal weak or loose holes where they at least can put their body through?

Second, can they jump it over, if it is plausible, why choosing hard work of digging?  Since digging can be hard work, I suppose, based on their instinct, they go through these options.

It is one of the many vexing issues and owner wonder on how to stop their dog digging under the fence?

Remember! according to Humane society of U.S Punishing wont work!

However, unless you chain them which is absolutely not  necessary neither to dog nor can you get fun out of your beloved pet. Unless you have anything, we go for some proven and tried ideas which may amazingly and magically help you to get rid of this dog digging underneath the fence issue for good.


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