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First of all, thank you so much for visiting my site 

This is Saad, owner and creator of this site. Firstly, I love pets, horses, deer, gardening, lovely boundaries, awesome privacy staffs,  railing planters and beautiful houses. Is it strange? No i simply love these and these are close to my heart.

That idea became my part of work and now my creations are my lovely articles, my researches on betterment and I share my work with others.

I consistently work on researching how to take care of your pets in a better and in an effective way, I collect points, feedback from buyers and collect pros and cons that can take your fencing project and house to a different level.

At the same time, my passion is not limited to what I adore, it has expanded to more meticulous level, such as; fencing techniques, methods, genuine ideas, tools that can save cost and some tiny shortcuts which can tweek your time and save energy.

Simultaneously, extensions of my passion was not limited to what I love, it stretched to strategies of protecting house, having an awesome yard, a great patio to lie down and a lawn where you can stretch your wings like the butterflies.


Therefore, while writing on animals, we need to work on the related items, materials, tools, machines and conditions to make your project fruitful.

Overall, I love the place where we come back after our hard and laborious day, where we breath and spend time with our loved ones. If my articles make your day better, in that case, I would consider myself the proudest writes of all time. It is not that you need to spend money, it is more like a “should spend money” when and where you need to.  

In my personnel life, I work as Teacher and have been in this profession for more than 5 years. I teach children and posses immense interest on babies. So, you may find few articles on Babies as well. It has nothing do with mixing my interest in pets and babies. I love, adore and take them as my babies, regardless how they look.

I have a small team who I work normally with. It is a team of 3 guys, we work passionately and work hours, days and sometimes weeks to get you the right and accurate information.

All we do is to come up a better and unique way to tell you how we care and work to satisfy you query. 

if you would like to suggest or ask anything about my site, please feel free to leave your valuable question below:

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