Reviews of 9 Best Barricade Fence Panels

In this world of Chaos, pandemics, riots, and indiscipline, barricade fence panels play a vital part to maintain discipline. Plastic Barricade Fence Review would help you to find the best selling and best suitable barricade to have for your organization. Plastic barricade fencing comes in use differently for different purposes. These are best for traffic that helps to control traffic flow.

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barricade fence panels


Barricade Fence comes in great use to create a safe zone around an accident site or to create roadblocks or to create bypass or to create a line or to draw lines for different purposes.

Why do People Use plastic barricade fencing?

It is obvious people use it for safety or to redirect people to use the right path while using any pathway or driveway. Using a barricade fence may have various purposes, it is not that simple as it sounds.

According to

  • For constructions sites, it is imperative to protect people from falling debris.
  • Sometimes it marks the territory of an event or a stall in fair or event.
  • It helps to control the crowd or in a word it gives the right direction.
  • It creates a space for people to use. Such as: a separate for pathway for people for optimum safety and to avoid road accident, stoping people not to crossroads,s and indicating a safe drive area where no pedestrians may pass. 
  • Sometimes plastic barricades with signage can be a great tool to advertise. 
  • Areas to alert people not to use at all. Such as:
  • temporary wiring,
  • deter people from open or in progress manholes
  • areas where equipment is on the move,
  • construction area where electrical substations are and excavation areas.



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List of 7 Best Barricade Fence Panels

RankingEditor's ChoiceRatingBuy Link
1AmazonBasics Expandable Mobile Barricade Fence★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2BISupply Folding Barricade★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
3Reliance Barricade★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Perimeter Patrol Kit★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
5Rubbermaid★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
6Trafford Industrial★★★★☆Buy at Amazon
7Electriduct★★★★☆Buy at Amazon

1. Amazon Basics Folding Barricades

barricade fence Amazon

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Crisp Guide

Panel Size13 feet wide (extended) by 40 inches high
Panel Weight 36.3 lbs
Specialty2 smooth-rolling wheels


Amazon basic Expandable mobile panel comes in eye catching yellow color which will not be unnoticed by anyone.

What we Liked: 

  • Multipurpose: Highly useful for maintenance workers, repairmen, and other professionals. Moreover, it has two smooth-rolling wheels that make it easy to move the barricade system from one area to another.


  • Works for indoor and outdoor events
  • Amazingly mobile and lightweight
  • Smooth Rolling Wheels
  • Highly Durable with one year warranty
  • Interlocking
  • Widely Accepted


  • Heavyweight.

Bottom line

  • Interlocking plastic barricades: Amazon Mobile barricade sets up in seconds which anyone can do. It also provides safety for staff and helps to keep others at a careful distance.
  • Easily store able and highly useful cover large area: If you want to store it, you can retract it and easily you can have space saving storage. You can extend it up to 13 feet wide and by 40 inches high. And by purchasing it you will get AmazonBasics one- year limited warranty.

2. BISupply Folding Crowd Control Barriers Retractable

lightweight fence panels

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Crisp Guide

Panel Size38 x 15.8 x 5.4
Panel Weight6.90 lbs (2.6 kg)
SpecialtyFolds to 9.25” (23.5 cm) Widens to a 38 inch (96.5 cm) height



  • Sturdy Base fill-able with water or sand: It has 15 inch base sides can be filled with water or sand for added stability and durability. Whether you need to block a hallway or a single lane street, this folding mobile barricade will fulfill your needs.

What we liked

  • Highly Visible: Bisupply folding plastic barricade is a 8ft folding security gate that can give a clear message that an area is off-limits. It comes with highly visible yellow and black colors. It works great in maintenance and construction work, or crowd and traffic control.
  • Durable Plastic and interlocking plastic barricade: Moreover, the slider bars allow this road barrier to spread quickly and smoothly to the exact length you need. The barricade is constructed of thick, impact- resistant, molded plastic that ensures durability and longevity.


  • Works for indoor and outdoor events
  • Amazingly mobile and lightweight
  • Highly Durable and visible
  • Interlocking and Widely Accepted
  • Can be Filled with Water


  • Super light , not ideal for crowd control

Bottom line

It will not fade due to UV rays or harsh weather. It has silver and red safety reflectors increase visibility at night.

This can be expanded from 9.25 inches wide to 8.3 feet (100 inches/ 254 cm).

3. Reliance Barricade 3 Expandable Mobile Barricade Fence System

pvc crowd control barriers

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Crisp Guide

ColorBlack & Yellow
Panel Size23″L and 39″H/ panel

Expanded  to 70″L and 39″H

Panel Weight 6.5 lbs
SpecialtyButterfly connects lets you expand and connect more



  • Butterfly Connects: The fun thing is, with butterfly connect locks you can attach multiple barriers together to form any width or shape, and you can also divide the barriers into two or three panels. You can get max 70 inches width when fully extended.

What we liked

  • Easy Installation: It only takes a few seconds to complete the folding, the size is only 23″L and 39″H after folded. When not in use, you can lean it on the wall or can keep it any corner. It is super lightweight that makes it convenient to carry.
  • PVC Tube with impact resistance: It is constructed of high tensile strength 1″ diameter PVC tube which is incredibly durable, impact-resistant, high pressure resistant, scratch-resistant. The smooth rounded corners prevent finger injuries. 
  • Multipurpose use: It is ideal for creating an effective barrier in pedestrian traffic zones and work zones, separating crowds from entering restricted areas, creating awareness to potential hazards. This can also be used for security elevator and escalator maintenance, construction area, electrical safety.


  • Works for power plants, office and schools
  • Amazingly mobile and lightweight
  • PVC tubes let you forget about the rust
  • Highly Durable
  • Super blockage and highly visible


  • Wind becomes a problem for standing upright

Bottom Line:

Highly Durable with 600D Fabric which is a fabric fence that is made of high density 600D oxford and coated with a waterproof coating to increase tears resistance. The safety barricade system comes with 3 detachable panels in 23″length and 39″ height.

ANSI approved visibility: The ANSI approved bright yellow color and black graphics which can be easily seen and ‘Caution’ in English is bolstered by the universally recognized ‘do not enter’ icon, font is clear and will not get faded easily.

4. Jewett-Cameron 4-Panel Perimeter Patrol Kit – Temporary Construction Fence

temporary construction fence panels

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Crisp Guide

Panel Size60 x 60 x 72 inches 

4- 5’W x 6’H chain link panels with clamps (20 linear feet), 5 base feet

Panel Weight 118 pounds
Specialtyhigh-grade steel with a premium finish



  • Awesome Mobility and High Grade Steel: Jewett-Cameron fence panels assure mobility and any one can easily relocate or redirect it per convenience. Perimeter Patrol Temporary Fence Panels comes in high-grade steel with a premium finish to resist rust and corrosion giving you years of worry-free service.

What we liked

  • Creates Adequate Secure Area: This barricade is perfect for job site security, outdoor events, outdoor retail venues, sporting events, airports and any place where you need to control crowds or hide equipment.  The framing consists of 1-1/8 inch diameter x 19 gauge tubular steel.
  • Highly durable and Galvanized Plates of Wire fence: All panels have two galvanized clamps attached to each panel and 24 inch L x 9 inch W steel base plates. Safety Yellow base plates allow floor anchoring for permanent installation.


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  • Highly durable: Jewett-Cameron Perimeter patrol fences comes in reinforced with a vertical 1-1/8 inch square tube steel that supports and ensures extra strength. No climb extension panels, gate wheels and privacy screen accessories are available.


  • Assuring Warranty
  • Wire fences come in 8 gauge wire in 2 inch x 4 inch welded mesh pattern.
  • Great Mobility


  • Great for bigger construction site, not for road or traffic
  • Comes in premium price, bulk purchase would be beneficial

Bottom line

Chain link panels with clamps (20 linear feet), 5 base feet. Jewett construction barricade fence has pre-assembled panels that helps to clamp together without any need of tools and also has base plate included. This can create an enclosed space or linear fence panel for outdoor areas. Though it is lightweight but it is super durable and strong.  

5. Rubbermaid Retractable Traffic Fence

crowd control barriers plastic

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Crisp Guide

ColorYellow- total 16 Hard plastic panels
Panel Size1 x 156 x 40 inches, Extends to 13-feet 
Panel Weight 16.8 Kilograms
Specialty5-inch non-marking wheels and 4 locking straps provide mobility and stability

What we liked

13 Feet expandable barricade: Rubbermaid expandable barricade and portable crowd control barriers is easy to maneuver highly visible yellow color mobile safety barrier. It is very easy to use and you can extend it to 13 feet with articulating panels that can be set straight, curved, or in a circle.


  • colored with ANSI– and OSHA compliant color.
  • Besides, It comes in hard plastic that lasts years
  • Hard plastic material
  • Come along 4 bungee cords keep it closed if required
  • Ergonomic handle to carry or roll over easily. The handle is within 3 inches to grab easily


  • Lightweight, as a result, wind can blow it over. 


Bottom line

One of the best highly searched and purchased Rubbermaid safety barriers as a brand has been operating since 1968. To rely on it has two 5″ non-marking wheels and 4 locking straps that provide mobility and stability. It is lightweight and compact (2’ x 13” footprint when closed) attracts mainly to have it for residential, commercial, or highly crowded areas to control traffic and provide right direction. 



6. Trafford Industrial Expandable Metal Barricade

mobile safety barricade gate

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How it is different from other brands

  • 11 feet long and 41 inches high. When collapsed, it is 14 inches long which is super easy to store.
  • Portable and includes locking casters along with wall attachment.
  • It can be linked together using a simple loop and hook connection system to create a long-run fence.


What we liked

  • A 19-pound barricade fence can be taken anywhere to create a great off-limit area.
  • You can select the yellow and black or red and white color option which indicates OSHA  safety colour.
  • Easy to assemble and store as it is retractable or expandable in nature.
  • Sturdy aluminum body
  • Comes with tools to attach with the wall.
  • Can be a great driveway blocker to ensure kids safe.



  • You cant make it lower. It lowers as much as stretch you do. 
  • Casters come disassembled. You need to assemble it though it takes few seconds to do so.


Decision factors

It is super heavy and well made. According to many buyers, it deserves a five-star all along. It is hard to find anyone with any other sort of dissatisfaction with its lasting and performance. Comes in well packed and a value that affordable money can buy.


7. Electriduct mobile safety barricade gate

crowd control barriers bunnings

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands

  • The interlocking light fence that you can have for an affordable price
  • 19-inch bridge feet assure a great stability
  • Super lightweight- 20lbs each panel so super easy to carry and create a barrier.
  • Comes in 5 feet and 8.5 feet. 
  • You can either select bridge feet or flat feet

What we liked

  • Heavy-duty welded metal frame won’t fade that fast
  • Well made
  • Good for only outdoor use or areas with high wind


  • No other color is available and can not be folded
  • Doesn’t serve a purpose indoors.


Key decision factor:

You can find different buying options at super affordable prices. The reason it is on our list is, it comes an affordable price, is super lightweight and is good for huge space to cover in compared to other barricades.

Point to be noted, it saves almost 50% cost if you buy a pack of 12. So the cost of per panel decreases as many panels you buy. 

Good for long-run fences and especially good for outdoor or windy areas or open-air concerts to events, it works perfectly by creating a fantastic psychological barrier.


8. Cortina Portable Barrier For Industrial Use

portable safety barriers

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands

  • Amazingly portable to carry anywhere as it is super lightweight and easy to unfold. 

What we liked

  • Comes in a combination of two colors, orange and white, which creates a great visibility anywhere. 
  • Height comes in 40 In. , Width is 24 In. , Storage Size Length 40 In. , Storage Size Width 24 In.


  • If kept under schorching sun, the color tend to get fade. 
  • Best for light duty temporary purpose. 


Key decision factor:

A highly reliable brand, Cortina, intiated since 1969 and has grown into multi brand organization that offers numerous safety products and possess contract manufacturer all around the NAFTA market. 

9. Vevor Expandable Mobile Barricade

collapsible safety barriers

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands

  • You can call it workplace safety barrier or something that can be use where people are around. Comes in few options. 
  • Yellow stands can be filled with water to acheive more stability. 

What we liked

  • Referlictive strips that allows pedestrians to easily detect its position. 
  • Easy to store and takes less space. 
  • Easy to create barricade  up to 8.3 feet. 


  • On uneven grounds, it could be a bit difficult to keep it steady. 


Key decision factor:

Speaking of portable barrier fence, Vevor has introduced this lightwight but heavy create a barrier. With hight quality plastic material, come along chain, water fillable pillars, expandibility, and wide range of application make it a good choice to grab it irrespective of domestic to industrial use. 

Buyer’s Guide for Best Barricade Fence Panels

expandable mobile barricade fence


Material- Hot dipped Galvanized

You need pay attention the material made since the majority of the barricade stands on the scorching heat of the sun. This has to be sun or weather-resistant. Besides, you need to make sure, it lasts long.

According to CrowdControl house

“Barricades dipped in hot zinc coating after they have been fully constructed and assembled, creating a rust-proof seal.”


Since the barricade creates a barricade fence it has to have a certain weight which can become great fence and doesn’t fall down with heavy blow of wind.

Plastic barricade fences are lightweight but fillable barricades open various options. 

A strong base point or Barricade Feet

While buying a barricade, the base point has to be heavy or fill able to stand a solid guard. Besides, some barricade might have fixed feet which doesn’t need to assembled. And some are Flat feet which has to be assembled

Pre Galvanized Barricade Fence

Pre galvanized coating barricades are great for using indoor. It is a lighter layer of galvanized coating done before full assembly. It doesn’t last long but less prone to rust.

Adjustable Length

a good barricade fence will be easily adjustable. Whether it is being blocked a hallway or a single lane, one barricade should do so.


these barricades are used almost daily on road and so these have to go through the harshness of different weathers. So it is very important to have durability in your chosen barricade fence. Otherwise the color may fade and it will become no use for you anymore.


an expandable barricade should be obviously a stable one. Otherwise, it may fall easily and you have to make it stand again and again.

Bright Color

This is necessary to buy the bright-colored barricade fence for using on road. Since mainly these barricade fences are used to create a safe zone on road, it is necessary to be seen from far away.  If it has eye catching bright color, anyone will be able to notice it and the purpose will be fulfilled.


there are different sizes of barricade fence in market. You have to decide which size you want. It is better to buy a fence which has high length, because you can make it short and long when it is necessary.

Carrying Handle/ Wheels

a good expandable fence will have carrying handle or wheels since they are taken from one place another randomly. This makes moving the barricade super easy.

To Conclude

Therefore, barricade fence panels prevent access at a moment’s notice. Since plastic barricades are very easy to use and easily movable to your desired location, they are not hard to handle at all. When needed, the Road Safety barrier is easy to apply quickly to protect property, people from unsafe situations, expandable barricade plays a great role then.


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