One Man Best Fence Stretcher of 2022 [Expert Suggested Guide]

Best fence stretcher or tightener is used to deliver an equal amount of pressure on wire fence. A sturdy and tight fence assures utter protection where this tool plays its part. This part stretches to ensure you from your safety to serious injury.

According to Inventor Ryan Kristian Oland: 

“A fence stretcher for use in building fences that can be used by one person and is able to stretch fence wire under a constant tension.” source: google patent

Keeping privacy fence screens aside, various types of Barbed wire fence stretching tools are in the market, among these, finding a better fence stretcher may seem pretty confusing. In addition, those functions work almost the same with its clamping, splicing, and it’s ratcheting features.

To know how to use step by step of fence stretcher, we can use the video link at the bottom of this content.

To ease your pain in finding a best fence stretching tools for welded wire fences or barbed wire fences,  few reviews are given below to give you a way out to find a best one.


List of 6 Best Fence Stretcher Tool/Barbed Wire Stretcher/ Fence Tightener tool

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1Goldenrod★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2Maasdam★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
3Dutton-lainson Fence tightener tool★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Wire Tight Fence Crimping Tool★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
5Fi-Shock A-53★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
69TRADING Chain Cattle Barn Farm★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
7Gripple Torq Tool Tensioner★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
8Lydtie Fence Wire Tightener Tool★★★★☆Buy At Amazon


1. Goldenrod wire fence stretcher


goldenrod fence stretcher

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  • An ideal tool for splicing, repositioning, and stretching wire.
  • This wire stretcher is designed in a way that allows to quickly tighten any fence, high tensile, barbed or smooth wire.
  • While somebody splices the wire with this tool, it holds the ends in place so both hands remain free to make the splices.
  • It has a controlled release holding ratchet to reduce line stress and breakage when the wire is released.
  • Ergonomic rounded edges on the handle helps to work comfortably.
  • It is designed with innovative manufacturing techniques and expertly made with sturdy materials that make it mush strong.
  • The clamp teeth are sharp enough to firmly grip the wire but not so sharp that it can damage your wire.
  • Works great at standard gauge barbed wire or the extra thick chain links.

What We Liked:

  • Makes fence repair easier
  • Ideal for quickly tightening and stretching any wire fence
  • Ergonomic round edge ensures better grip
  • made in the USA.
  • You can easily have replacement springs and wire guides for quick repairs.

What We Did not like:

2. Maasdam Best Fence Stretching tool

best fence stretchers

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  • Maasdam helps in making basic chain link gates or pulling tension on small runs of chain link fencing.
  • This fence stretching tool consists of two parts, a hooked swinging arm, and a main body that connects to the arm with a clevis pin, allowing for considerable adjustment ability.
  • The tool hooks to a tension bar toward end of post for easy tie- off.
  • It has self locking action that allows easier two handed tie- off.
  • It will require two men since you need one man on the puller and one to manipulate the tension band and bolt which secure the fence in place.
  • Avoiding having the far end of the saddle under too much stress will make it work great. It is made in the USA.

What We Liked:

  • It is great for occasional use
  • Economical

What We Did not like:

  • Two men needed to work with this tool
  • It is a light to medium-duty tool; it does not have the strength as a commercial or professional duty tool.

3. Dutton-lainson wire stretcher tool

one man fence stretcher

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Dutton  lainson repairs the fence within half a time. It is meant for heavy use and heavy wiring to stretch fences. Heavy gauge steel made it strong enough to do heavy steel constitutions. 


  • All steel main ratchet bar 1-1/4″ wide, 5/16″ thick, 24″ action
  • With controlled release holding ratchet, reduced line breakage
  • Length: 2.25
  • Width: 33.38
  • Height: 8.75

What We Liked:

  • Tighten any fence
  • Hi-Tensile
  • Smooth Wiring
  • work as well for vinyl-coated tension wire

What We Did not like:


4. Wire Tight Fence Crimping Tool – Best fence Tightener Tool and Repair

best barb wire stretcher



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  • this wire stretcher is small and light which makes it easy to carry and use.
  • It takes up to 6 inches of the loose fence with each bite. It will not break old wire.
  • 17 inches long and weighs only 3 pounds.
  • The operator has to spread the two halves apart so the 2 sets of teeth from a jaw over the wire.
  •  Come with a push at the top half of the tool down through the bottom half to bend.
  • It does not crimp or knick the wire so later breaks are avoided.
  • It works so fast that you can tighten a fence line in a minute. Use after splicing or on a loose wire.

What We Liked:

  • Lightweight but still sturdy
  • Prompt wire tightening

What We Did not like:

  • Premium pricing


5. Fi-Shock A-53- Best Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher


best barb wire stretcher

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  • this fence stretcher grips fence wires firmly and helps make them tight with a minimal effort.
  • You can use this as field fences or chain link fences in a range of sizes to get the tension you need to ensure maximum security and strength.
  • Fi shock wire stretcher tightens and draws out an electric fence line without any hassle.
  • Connects both ends in a secure way.
  • Sturdy enough to have strong hooks
  • Convenient ratchet action for easy use


What We Liked:

  • Eases installation of fencing wire
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than the golden rod
  • Lightweight
  • The teeth on the stretcher can hold various sizes and varieties of traditional and high-tensile fence wire.

What We Did not like:

  • Functions almost similar to goldenrod


6.  9TRADING Chain Cattle Barn Farm Fence Stretching Tools


best barbed wire stretcher

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  • Manufactured from medium and high tensile materials for superior strength and quality.
  • Works great for tensioning wire above and beyond the capability of normal strainers.
  • Suitable for use with both smooth and barbed wire that works with any wire up to 1.6- 5.0mm.
  • Includes a detachable handle for ease of transport and storage.
  • 9trading features professional quality smooth grip jaws that are designed to prevent biting or tearing the wire being stretched.
  • Constructed with solid medium tensile center pivot bar and a high tensile bolt.
  • The length of the overall chain is 79 inches. You will get 30 days replacement if you don’t like the product.

What We Liked:

  • 30 days return policy
  • The detachable handle makes it easy to transport and storage

What We Did not like:

  •  It requires to pay for return shipping

7. Gripple Torq Tool Tensioner- Fence Tightener tool

fence stretching tools

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A pioneer in wire stretcher and tightening, Gripple torq tool is best for farming. This come in great use for trellis wire splicing and barb wire splicing. Can take a load up to 220 lbs to 660 lbs. This 2.44 pound wire tightener helps great to work with repetitive projects of fencing. 


What We Liked:

  • Hand held
  • Gripple torq tool is Lightweight
  • and High tech compact tool that grips tight hundreds of feet of wire.
  • Works great for Trellis wire or Catenary wire.
  • Sturdy plastic construction

What We Did not like:

  • Premium pricing
  • This tool is designed only function with Gripple brand joiners, thus, buying joiners along with that would be wise. 

Related Gripple Joiners

8. Lydtie Fence Wire Tightener Tool Fence Chain Strainer


wire tight fence crimping tool

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  • High tensile materials are electroplated that protect rust.
  • Capacity 2200LBS
  • Lydtie Wire stretcher includes a detachable handle for easy transportation and storage.
  • Its solid smooth grip jaws center pivot bar and high tensile bolt could tension wire about 1.5mm to 5 mm.
  • It is suitable for smooth and barbed wire.
  • Warranty for three months. If there is any quality problem you get a free replacement.


What We Liked:

  • 3 month of warranty
  • Electroplated to protect rust
  • large stretching distance about 5MM

What We Did not like:

  • Heavy in weight 7.7 pounds


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Buying Guide

  1. Check for Return policy since fence stretchers involve in heavy duty pulling tasks. Any brittle machinery may break your zeal to work with this tool. 
  2.  A better grabbing portion-such as-Ergonomic handle ensures better grabbing and strength to work with efficiency and for longer hours. 
  3. An easy handle and maintainable retching motion. This ratchin may defer tool to tool. However, to have smooth ratcheting motion, this tool has to be swift as well. 
  4. A controllable ratcheting motion while tightening- such as- sharp and strong clamping teeth. 
  5. The capacity of holding weights. Easy break and open. 
  6. Heavyweight and smooth sliding while clamping and splicing. 
  7. Multi functional that includes all types of wire tightening. 


FAQ on best-Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher

What is the best fence stretcher?

Fence stretchers are used to provide a proper amount of tension on wired fences. A tight fence can protect livestock and wildlife from getting tangled in the fence.  As a result, it could cause injury. This works with some type of clamp to attach to the wire and retching system to make it tight.

Are these fence stretcher rustproof?

Not all fence tightener tool are rustproof. So, it is better to keep the stretcher clean and dry. And also try to prevent it from scratches.

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What do you need to be aware while using Fence stretcher?

While stretching remember not to do it fast, otherwise it can come back or lose it’s the grip which can hurt your finger badly. Remember to do it slowly and steadily.

Dont apply it a privacy fence screens


From where i should start stretching?

At the end of wire fencing, not in between. Stretching fences in between would weaken galvanized coating that makes it more fragile to break. 

After applying the fence stretcher, then tighten it. and then release it. 


How do you stretch a fence with a stretcher? How to use a Fence Stretcher?

Please use the video link to get the full idea.

Read Raw Video Transcript-

Video Credit: simpleground

hello and welcome again to the simple ground home stead today we’re going to be looking at an old fence stretcher and learn how to stretch barbed wire fence with it this is a video that’s been requested and it’s going to be one of many fence fixing videos so stay tuned for more.

we’ll start here by looking at the different components of this fence structure you can see that this good friend stretcher has been around for quite a few fence fixing experiences. I grew up using this one it’s a good sturdy solid fence stretcher now this fence stretcher is made up of a few features.

first of all the grabbing portion you will fit one side of the broken wire here and the other side there and this will clamp down on the wire itself holds a pretty good then it has a ratcheting motion that’s tighten the wire you push it all the way one direction.

and it will slice now that’s that’s an important thing to remember before you start stretching because if you get going too quick and go too far it can come right fashion smash your fingers it hurts pretty badnow that you know what the fence create your kind of looks like and some of the basic functions.

let’s put it on some wire all right here’s my loose top wire all the list so you can see it here.

here you can tell it’s ready be to be stretched now it’s a very common mistake when you’re fixing a really long fence to say oh man it’s it’s loose right here I’ll just take my pliers and grab onto it and give it a twist or two and it will be tight.

I fixed miles of fence and I’ve seen people do that now the problem with doing that every time you bend this wire you weaken the galvanized coating. that will allow the wire to rust and it’ll weaken the wire as the wire becomes rested and and brittle.

it’ll break and you’ll have a offense full of spices which will be no fence at all so even if you have to walk a long ways down the fence go and find a break that’s already happened or go find where your wire end sand tighten their leave me if you have to 10 defense for 10 years straight you’ll rather have a fence wire that’s all in one piece now we’re going to go find the end of the wire and and tighten it there now

I’ve decided to stretch the wire here at the gate post you see I’m undoing it have to remove a staple here pull out my handy-dandy pliers i’ll put a link down in the description if you want to learn more about fencing pliers pull out the staple there now .

I’m loosening the wire before i hook up the fence stretcher that way the fence stretchers not in the way now you make sure the fence stretchers getting open before you get started connect the wire make sure you have a good solid connection.

and then you can hook it on the post make sure everything is good and tight before you stretch it too much make sure you keep an eye down the line as you stretch and tighten there’s a lot of danger in over-tightening wire and having a break and hit somebody make sure the lines clear people and yourself

looks like tightening that top wires loosen the other wires that’s very common now that the wires as tight as I want it to be I’ll tighten it around the post before I release it make sure you wrap it a couple of times at least

sorry about my arm in the way there but you get the idea just wrapping it around the wire once it’s good and tight you can release it and there you go here I’ve taken my fence apart to give you an example of how to stretch a broken fence or offense the broken spot start with your fence stretchers all the way apart and open up both ends attached to one side

now my left this side open you want one side open and you want to live on the other side here’s my loop now the loop was already there or else I would have shown you how to make it make sure you leave it loose I don’t don’t bend the wire too much because it’ll wear off the galvanized coating like I talked about before.

now you want to make sure everything is good and tight and you’ll see here as I tighten it, the wire will slit their went that’s why it’s always so important to check down the line make sure it’s clear before you stretch make sure everybody’s away from it at any time your wire could slip out or break and it will really hurt people.

once you have it tight enough you can put the one loose end in and bend it back over like that now it’s very important if you leave it like that to get the fencing stretch it out of the way it will just come apart when you loosen it

I’ve seen people hold it with one hand the best option is just to give it at wist you can get it started and hold onto it with your fencing pliers finish it

just one complete revolution will hold it safely well you get your fence structures out of the way break it open like that disconnect the wire it’s pretty easy now I can hold the wire and work with it out of the way it’s also not going to release and hurt anybody

you can tell using these fence stretchers makes the job so much easier now after i have the wire stretched and out of the way

I’m going to install astaple trick with installing staples of course don’t staple the wire completely against the post you want to leave it loose here you can see it’s loose that way is the wires bends and flexes and it can move down the line thanks again for watching this video and a special thanks to the cameo appearance of two special goats

Daisy and Astrid (two farm sheep) if you want to see more videos from simple ground click on Daisy is on the left you want to see more videos about fencing click on Astrid on the right if you haven’t done so yet subscribe to our channel you can do that by clicking down on the water trough

we did this video by a special request we do our best to honor requests if you want to see a special homesteading technique ask us in the comments below thanks again for watching.

To Conclude about Barbed Wire Fence Stretcher

href=;”>Buying a fence stretcher could be critical and tricky. On our ranking, we have given our highest consideration based on the best selling and highest rating products for your ease of finding the best one. 


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