Durable 6 Best Outdoor Privacy Screen For Balcony

Over the years people have been using the outdoor screens for balconies/patio/porch for several reasons. In recent time, people use screens specially for balconies to esnure privacy and protection, which have become pretty trendy and mordern at the same time. Privacy screen on the balcony can protect your patio, balcony or glass door from dust, strong wind, insects and most importanlty it limits the view of outsiders . It can even maintain the airflow, rain and keep the sun’s dangerous UV rays out. 

This article will discuss the best ways to find the suitable screens for your balcony which are lightweight and less expensive than regular privacy fence screens. Speaking of regular privacy screens, there are other privacy screens which are heavy-duty-made for yard fences and a little bit more expensive than these balcony screens. if you want to know more, plese go the article of  privacy fence screens .

Furthermore, some little more dicussiions to help you find the trending screen that can match your choice and know the best practice of it. 

How You Can Find a Suitable Balcony Screen?

How To Put Up A Balcony Screen


High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material included fence screen would be the best choice for buying an outdoor balcony privacy screen.  This is the most versatile material that has a wide range of applications. This ensures a safe, long lasting screen, again it must be noted, longivity is often a little bit challenging for these types of screens. But make sure, it should resists rotting, that’s why if it rains you can be free of tension.

UV blockage:

Not all privacy screens provide the same UV blockage. If your balcony does not face the direct sun, then you can buy a privacy screen with low UV blockage and if it faces direct sunlight, go for a privacy screen with a high amount of UV blockage.

Amount of Privacy You Receive:

This is one of the reasons you buy a privacy screen for your balcony. Majority of these provide 80% to 95% blockage of view. 

How Low Maintenance It could endure:

Since it is not just a curtain, rather it is a long piece of fabric it should not be hard to clean. Buy the one which features low maintenance. Besides, it depends on the area you live. 

How Easy it is to Install:

Installation process should be DIY. Like sun shade shail, this screen doesn’t require you to use complex screws or installation kit. So, it must be easy for you to understand at first sight to install it.  Such as; come along holes put zip ties on, well-stitched grommets to hold the tightness and finally customized screen. 


It is better you check everything you need for the installation.

Weather Resistant:

It should not mold, mildew or fade over time. However, with a cheap price, it may not assure you a promising highly-durable screen, but at least it needs to fight with the rain or water or with fading for few months. 


Measure your balcony and know the height you will require for the privacy screen. If it gets short or high it will be a problem.


There are different colors available in the balcony fence screen. Buy the one according to your architectural style or the paint of the balcony.


List of Best Outdoor Privacy Screen For Balcony

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5TANG Beige with Stripes Residential Commercial Privacy Deck Fence Screen✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6Liveinu Deck Privacy Fence Screen✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon


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1. Zimo  balcony with privacy screen

hdpe privacy screen for patio apartment privacy

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Noticeable FeatureHDPE Material
Comes in ColorComes few color choices

How it is different from other Brands:

  • Comes in unique three colors (it changes from time to time)
  • Comes with zip ties and unlike other brands, this balcony screen comes with ropes to help you more straighten up according to your need. 

What We Liked:

  • It gets dry super fast after getting washed, that’s why it does not get rot after using for a long time.
  • It is 100% UV resistant
  • Edges and eyelets are double stitched


  • Durable
  • Can be used in any weather condition
  • Easy installation
  • It blocks wind well as it is tear-resistant with sturdy grommets. 


  • Limitations to provide customization in width. However, for more, you need to order another piece. 


Bottom Line:

It fits perfectly and will protect you from Harmful UV rays. It is made of 100% HDPE. With assembly, you can install it within an hour. Zimo balcony privacy screen comes with 24pcs Cable Ties and 1 tie Rope. 

 3 ft × 16.4 ft can fit a standard balcony of the apartment. Ranging from garden, pool, patio, and backyard, it can adorn your property with three pleasing color choices. 

2. Caiyuangg balcony privacy screen

Outdoor Privacy Screen Panels

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Noticeable Feature 210 GSM HDPE fabric
Comes in Colorblack, grey, grey white, green, blue white, yellow-white.

How it is different from other Brands:

  • You can purchase caiyuangg balcony cover in different colors according to the paint of your building. 
  • Like Zimo it comes with rope as well for a sturdy installation. 

What We Liked:


  • Works as a sunscreen and anti-glare
  • Resists Wind
  • Multipurpose use
  • economical
  • Easy to install


  • The quality of the zip ties needs to be improved.
  • Weave is not that strong

Bottom Line

This is really a budget-friendly balcony privacy screen which can be used for garden, pool, patio etc. it has different colors and you can choose the best one for your house. It can be used in any weather condition. 


3. Coolaroo Outdoor Balcony Privacy Screen

balcony screens for apartments

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Noticeable Feature 70% UV block

reduces the room temperature up to 30%

Comes in Colorblack, forest green, stone, graphite, sandstone, terracotta, beach, rainforest. 

Comes in 8 colors and 4 sizes



it comes in different uncommon colors which you will not get in any other balcony privacy screen. All the colors are very unique, anybody will notice it. It will make your house more attractive

What We Liked:

  • It provides up to 70% UV block. That means, whatever the weather is, your room will always be a cool area. It reduces the room temperature up to 30% and does not block airflow.
  • It is made of special fabric which will not stain.
  • Cleaning it is just a breeze.



  • Manufactured of High-Density Polyethylene
  • It will not will not mold, mildew or fade over time.
  • Gives you privacy without blocking views.


  • Could be made more thick

Bottom Line

you can purchase it in different colors and sizes.  It comes with butterfly clips, tie wraps, timber fastener, lacing cord and needle for installation.

You will get privacy but you will be able to see what’s happening outside clearly. It doesn’t fray when you cut it. it is easy to install and gives you service for years.



4. E&K Sunrise Privacy Screen For Balcony Apartment

privacy screen for apartment balcony

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Noticeable Feature95% Blockage with 200 GSM grade
Comes in ColorComes in 11 colors and different sizes of 3 feet fence screen. 


it can give you privacy by visibility blockage up to 95%.

What We Liked:

  • Though the material is thick, it provides you maximum breeze and airflow.
  • Rustproof copper grommets are placed for easy installation
  • For keeping the screen sturdy 3 grommets are placed in each corner


  • Easy cleaning
  • It can be folded and stored
  • The E&K Sunrise privacy screen is made of 100% pure brand new high quality pure polyethylene.


  • Does not come with zip ties.

Bottom Line

it is preferable for small spaces like balconies, patios, pools etc. The material is 200 GSM. You can install it quickly plus an economical choice in compared to other privacy screens. If it is taken care of properly, it will give you service for a long time. Different shapes and colors are available to choose from.

These privacy screens comes in 



5. TANG Apartment Patio Balcony Screens For Apartments

Balcony Screens For Apartments

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Noticeable Feature
  • 95% UV Blockage with  90% visibility block
  • 3 feet in height and Length is available in a wide range
Comes in Color7 types of stripe feature and 


  • it blocks UV rays up to 90%

What We Liked:

  • This privacy fence screen provides up to 90% visibility blockage
  • Made of 200 GSM 100% pure brand new high quality pure polyethylene.
  • Each corner has 3 grommets for extra reinforcement


  • quick and easy installation
  • UV resistant with airflow
  • Different colors are available in stripe style.


  • It does not come with zip ties or rope

Bottom Line

Tang privacy fence screen will not fade by use. This is an ideal choice for hotel-condo/apartment town house’s balconies, backyards patio and gathering areas, pools and patios, or anywhere you need privacy. 


6. Liveinu Apartment Patio Privacy Fence

Enclosing An Apartment Balcony

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Noticeable FeatureCustomization available or you wide range of choices
Comes in ColorComes in 12 amazing colors


though there are different sizes available you can order a customized size.

What We Liked:

  • Provides 75 to 85%  visibility blockage
  • 85% UV protection.
  • Air can flow through the screen freely


  • Economical
  • Made of UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Easy installation with rope
  • Great value for money


  • Spacing of the grommet is wide.
  • Durability may not as expected as it is lightweight and does not come with zip ties. 

Bottom Line

this is the most budget-friendly balcony screen in our list.  It has aluminum grommets. Though it is cheap but prominent and visible in all aspects to give it go. Moreover, it can be used anywhere. 



How to Install a Balcony Privacy Fence?

Before you order a privacy screen for your balcony measure the balcony and then order according to the measurement. When you receive it, get it unrolled and if it has grommets then fix upper longer edges first with the help of rope/ zip tie or with Velcro strips.

Installing becomes super easy if it has grommets in it. If it does not come with grommets and it is just like a cloth, you might sew it to use it like a curtain or you can make a wooden frame and then mount it on the frame.

Here are the easy ways to follow for installing your privacy screen for the balcony.





Does Privacy Screen For Balcony come with the accessories for installation?

Answer: not all companies do provide required accessories for installation. In that case, you have to purchase them.

Can I trim the balcony privacy screen into a smaller size?

Answer: yes, absolutely you can do it to fit on your balcony. And if you are worried about fraying, you can sew the edges to be tension-free.

Can rain pass through the cloth of Balcony Privacy Screen?

Answer: yes, rain might pass through it but in a reduced amount.

Which balcony privacy screen is easy to install?

Answer: a screen that has grommets is easier than the one which does not have any grommets. The screen which has grommets does not require any assembly and installation requires less time.

Does it reduce the airflow?

Answer: yes, some of the sun and air is reduced while providing privacy.


To Conclude

They are so affordable and important for any balcony.  Furthermore, an apartment balcony privacy screen can provide you with peace, serenity and a tidy patio/balcony/porch since your chores will not be interrupted or spied by your neighbor at all. Different privacy screens are available in the market which makes your house more appealing and elegant at the same time. To take a look at these you can go to this article : Retractable privacy screens

This review would help you to screen out the top-selling and reviewed screens for your apartment balcony. Besides, outdoor balcony privacy screens come in a wide range of materials, designs, colors, sizes, and textures.