Genuine 11 Best Privacy Fence Screen For Chain Link Fence

Commercial privacy screens or privacy screens are made of various materials such as vinyl, polyester, and polyethylene that are designed to be attached to chain link fences. These privacy screens provide a visual barrier between the fence and the pedestrians or outside world, making it difficult for anyone outside the fence to see through it and ensuring a greater privacy, reduced noise levels, and improved aesthetics. 

Privacy slats are a popular solution for adding privacy to chain link fences. These slats are inserted vertically into the chain link mesh to create a visual barrier that blocks the view through the fence.

Privacy slats are available in a variety of materials, including plastic, aluminum, and wood, and come in different colors and styles to match the look of your fence. Some slats are designed to be inserted into the mesh using locking channels, while others are woven through the mesh to create a more secure attachment.

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Are you in hurry? Check our Best options

1. Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Fence

2. Coolaroo Outdoor Screen

commercial privacy fence screenprivacy mesh for fence
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  1. For easy installation, this privacy screen has 2 grommets on each side for strong durability and for better stretching.
  2. Amazingly 3 years warranty under favorable weather conditions.
  3. Geometrical triangles of 3 grommets which look-alike of L Shape at each corner have been given intentionally for better stability and strength to stretch and hold tightness of the screen.
  1. Coolaroo is a  projection fence screen that doesn’t obstruct views.
  2. Knitted with high-density polyethylene which allows warm air to escape, keeping you cool on hot and sunny days.
  3. Specialized fabric for stain resistance. 




How To find a suitable privacy screens for Chain Link Fence?


What Type of Fence you Got?

First, measure the overall length and height of your chain link fence or the particular area where you want privacy, and take note of any special features such as gates, highly susceptable to visibility, pressure of wind or hard-to-reach corners. Also, consider the type of fence you have, as some privacy screens may not work with certain types of fencing.

Why Privacy Fence screen? 

Find out the purpose behind using it. Do you want it to inhance the privacy or to add aethetics to your see through fence. This will assist you to determine the exact type of material, color, shape and design that will be most useful in your need. 

What materials You Should Select While Buying a Fence Screen?

Privacy screens for fences come in a variety of materials which include vinyl, polyester, and polyethylene. While buying you need to consider the durability, color, and design options available for each material to determine which one may work best for your needs.


Ways to Create Privacy on Your Chain Link Fence

This article will mainly prioritize the privacy screens for the best privacy option for your house. However, to cover up chain link fence, you can use other options such as privacy slats and artificial ivy fence which work awesome to ensure better privacy as well as to ensure the aesthetic part of your fencing.

From our viewpoint, the below options could be more viable in according to the design of your patio or yard.

1. Privacy screen for See Through Fences

mesh privacy screen for fence

Mainly built with a mesh screens that are mainly used in chain link fences of heavy-weight sports, tennis courts and swimming pools. These strong privacy screens work best for residential purposes as well. As this is made of mainly non-organic UV-rated polypropylene, this screen fence lasts for years.

In addition, these fences are UV rated and create 85% to 95% block in the view. Privacy screens can be used for heavy duty use or for light use like in the balcony, patio or backyard. We  have a seprate article on that screens for balcony/patio/backyard. Interestingly, these screens cost cheaper than screens used in chain link fences. 

2. Chain Link Fence Slats

chain link privacy screen

In terms of making your chain link fence more sophisticated, you can put some vinyl slats through the chain-link fences. This effort creates a more durable privacy option for your residence. A pretty easy installation process makes it more of a better option which was considered to be a classic privacy method. All you do is to slide in the slat through the diamonds

(Percentage of blockage of view depends according to the size of your diamond in chain link fence) of your chain link fence.

In our article we discussed an example of high-density polyethylene slats for your yard to install. You may find aluminum slats as well which could cost more than this.

According to, privacy slats are more like dressing up your chain link fence. 

3. Artificial Ivy Fence 

chain link fence cover

Basically this fencing method has become a pretty famous around residential areas. If you want to bring a greenish touch at your residence and you have less time to gardening around your fence, then this could be an awesome option.

These are mainly made of durable fresh looking plastic and polyester leaves.

4. Privacy tapes for Chain link Fences

There is a very interesting concept of tapes to create cover in your chain link fence. Completely a different persepective of creating privacy in your chain link fence. However, this could not be the best option but an aesthetic way creating block in your chain link fence. A conclusion can not be drawn here while creating privacy or blocking the view with your chain link fence as dozens of ways  could be found to do that. We found few trending products and wrote an article on privacy tapes where you can explore some options. 


Before Buying Explore Few Fencing Laws in Your Area


1. Height limit of the fence

According to

Most fencing laws limit the height of artificial fences in residential areas to four feet in front yards and six feet in backyards.

Therefore, explore local ordinances by states to have your fence set up. However, many areas the height restrictions range from five to eight feet.

At the same time, explore and find out the community restrictions on setting up a fence before you give it a go.

2. How far you can set up a fence and maintenance of the fence, especially explore, is the appearance subject to regulation?

According to findlaw. com explore homeowner association law’s regulation. They might have separate rules and regulations for that.

3. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the fence between two properties?

If it is in the middle two properties, normally the buyer or owner of this fence will maintain the overall condition of the fence.

4. What should be standard Air Flow?

Air flow plays a vital role while having a privacy fence screen. According to American Planning association,

at the section of “ Privacy — the Patio and Outdoor Room”

Some studies on fence design point to surprising conclusions about the effects of various types of fences on wind currents. For example, the solid fence permits the quickest return to normal wind velocities on the lee — or protected — side (recovery with 35 feet). Therefore, a solid barrier design might be the most favorable if complete privacy and summer breezes are both desired.


List of 11 Best Privacy Fence Screens

Editors choiceRatingAmazon Link
1Windscreen4less Fence Screen★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2CoolarooPrivacy Screen★★★★★Buy At Amazon
3AmgoPrivacy Screen★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Fence4ever Privacy Screen★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
5Patio Privacy Screen★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
6ColourTree Privacy Screen for Chain Link★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
7TANG Privacy Screen★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
8UPGRADE Privacy Screen★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
9Fenpro Privacy Fencing★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
10Privacy Slat for chainlink fence★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
11DearHouse Artificial Ivy★★★★☆Buy At Amazon

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1. Windscreen4less Fence Screen

privacy fence mesh

Buy At Amazon

comes in 8 colors/GSM wise color vary
Sizes availableCustom Size Available 
Special feature2.5” enforced binding to bear harsh weather condition

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  1. For easy installation, this privacy screen has 2 grommets on each side for strong durability and for better stretching.
  2. Amazingly 3 years warranty under favorable weather conditions.
  3. Geometrical triangles of 3 grommets which look-alike of L Shape at each corner have been given intentionally for better stability and strength to stretch and hold tightness of the screen.  

What We Liked

  1. Each corner has rustproof copper grommets
  2. It ensures both privacy and airflow.
  3. It is super easy to install and you can do it by yourself without any tool.


  • Great webbing  with double stitching
  • 180 GSM standard mesh screen
  • Rustproof grommets match smoothly with any zip ties to attach with chain link fence
  • 90% view blockage
  • 90% UV protective
  • Any customized size is available.
  • 140 GSM standard which normally lasts 3-4 years.


  • they offer 140 to 480 gsm standard privacy screens where price may vary.
  • It may need a lot more 6-inch zip ties as it appears to use depending on how long you take. For 50 feet you might need 300 pieces as a backup.
  • Zip ties are not included. 

Key Decision Factors

Finally, this one comes in our top list since as the best privacy fence which is perfect for any temporary fencing, construction site, special event, backyard, home, court, pool, garden yard or construction. [ Find Something more about 

This brand offers 150 gsm, 180 gsm, 250 gsm, and 480 gsm standard privacy screens. Strange but true, this brand doesn’t have any brand logo. Windscreen privacy fence is made of 100% high-quality poly material that provides 90% UV protection and 90% blockage.

2. Coolaroo Outdoor Privacy Screen

privacy fence screen mesh

Buy At Amazon

comes in 8 colors
Sizes availableTotal 4
Special feature33% temperature reducer

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  1. Coolaroo is a  projection fence screen that doesn’t obstruct views.
  2. Knitted with high-density polyethylene which allows warm air to escape, keeping you cool on hot and sunny days.
  3. Specialized fabric for stain resistance. 

What We Liked

  1. Resists mold and mildew
  2. Stain-resistant and will not fade.
  3. Coolaroo privacy screen for chain link fences reduces temperature by up to 33%
  4. Melanoma International Foundation approved. [Melanoma is a type of skin cancer]


  • Color doesn’t change at all circumstances
  • Can reduce temperature
  • Easy to clean
  • Accessories are provided
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to cut per required size.


  • Less heat blockage


Key Decision Factors

It provides 70% UV block resistance. A great choice who wants a stain-resistant and not 100% privacy. 


3. Amgo Chain Link Fence Privacy Screen 

chain link fence windscreen

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comes in 7 colors
Sizes availablecustomized, means any size available
Special feature80 pieces of cable ties included


How It is Different from Other Brands:

  1. It is made of knitted virgin HDPE material and the edges of it are finished with heavy-duty black bindings and stainless copper grommets.
  2. Unlike other brands, each corner has 4 grommets 

What We Liked

  1. Stitching is reinforced
  2. You just need to pick the right size in according to your chain link fence. They cater to any size.  
  3. Grommets are placed every 1 foot vertically and 2 feet horizontally.
  4. Upon demand, the size and shape of this screen can be customized. 
  5. Perfect for commercial and residential use.


  • 3 years of warranty, great customer service, and return policy
  • Cheap in price
  • Comes with cable zip ties
  • Water and air resistant
  • Highly durable and strong design that lasts years. 


  • Sometimes the problem occurs if the place is too windy

Factors to Decide

Amigo’s privacy screen for chain link fence ensures 90% blockage and also allows water and airflow to pass simultaneously. Moreover, you have 80 pcs of zip ties with lots of color options to choose from.

4. Fence4ever Privacy Fence Mesh

fence covers for privacy

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comes in 50 feet long and 5 feet 8 inch high
Sizes availableNo other size is available
Special featureanti-rust grommets




How It is Different from Other Brands:

  1. 3rd Generation Screen
  2. Fabricated with 2.5” black binding with double reinforced fabric.

What We Liked

  1. Double grommets are placed on every corner edge which makes it stronger.
  2. It can be used at the home, backyard, home tennis court, playground, school, yard, construction site, fence barrier, and concert events.



  • Economical
  • Both water and UV resistant
  • Strong stitching 


  • Only one-year defective warranty
  • Zip Ties not included
  • No other color is available. for other colors, browse separately. 


Key Decision Factors

100% high-quality pure virgin polyethylene for maximum UV stabilization.  Moreover, this brand provides durability and privacy. It can block 93% visibility. Finally, thick aluminum anti-rust grommets are placed evenly 12” vertically and 24” horizontally apart on all 4 sides.


5. Patio Privacy Screens for Fences


custom windscreen for fences

Buy At Amazon

Comes in6-9 options
Specialty200 GSM, Zip Ties included
ColorsComes in Solid and stripes

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • Specialized for patio or balcony netting, however, there is no harm if you want it for chain link fence. 
  • Looking for a screen that allows optimum airflow and goes perfectly with sea beach, then it would be a great choice.
  • Super Economical.
  • Comes in both striped and solid colors.

Crisp Facts:

  • The strong knitted mesh comes with industry-leading quality HDPE.
  • This fence privacy screen’s fabric is UV stabilized that resists the fading of the cloth.
  • It provides up to 95% visibility blockage

What We Liked

  • Comes with placed evenly apart 18 ” vertically and 9 ” horizontally on all 4 sides.
  • There is nothing to assemble
  • Total Aloha style that matches your environment-friendly yard with privacy and aesthetics.
  • Reduces dog barking significantly for blocking the view



  • Easy to install & remove
  • UV, tear and water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • wind resistant privacy screen


  • Does not come with zip ties

Key Decision Factors

Enjoying sunshine or Sensing a bridge of wind obviously is enjoyable, however, enjoying a “me time” sometimes on a crowded beach can be a bit difficult without a compatible privacy screen. Allows maximum air passage and It is ideal for apartment balconies, backyards, gathering areas, pools, deck, patio, balcony, swimming pool, fence, Railing, porch or anywhere you need a bit of privacy.

Plus can be a great reducer for dog barking at beach areas.

6. ColourTree Privacy Fence Screen Mesh

fence privacy screen roll

Buy At Amazon

Comes  in 2 colors(blue and green)
SizeCustom size available 
Specialty3 inch double reinforced stitching

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • 170 GSM standard which is 100% virgin HDPE.
  • It went through 20000 hours of laboratory UV testing
  • You get your shipment within three days regardless of the custom order.  Super active!
  • 1.5-inch binding on each side as a result you get total of 3-inch double reinforced binding.  They combined it.

What We Liked

  • The grommets that are used in it are made of stainless copper, each corner has 4 grommets.
  • Grommets are also placed evenly along all edges, 12 inches apart vertically, 24 inches horizontally.
  • The breathable weaving fabric allows water and air to go through easily. It ensures 88% blockage.


  • 3 years warranty
  • UV Resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with cable ties for easy installation.


  • Nothing over 5 feet tall.
  • Color options changes from time to time. it means though they advertise many color options, barely you get every color option available.


Key Decision Factors

It can be used to hide the street, road, construction site, block the street view. Besides, it has been proved to be 70% more durable than recycled HDPE under sun exposure which helps the screen not to fade out. It perfectly ensures privacy at the front yard, patio, garden, or porch.

7. TANG Heavy Duty mesh privacy screen

chain link fence privacy screen

Buy At Amazon

Comes  in 4 colors
SizeCustom size available
Specialtymultipurpose use

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • Rustproof Copper /Brass grommets are placed evenly apart 12” vertically and 18”- 24” horizontally on all 4 sides and each corner has 3 grommets for extra reinforcement of binding.
  • Unlike other brands to serve the fences with long heights, this privacy screen comes in 8 feet and obviously, the length can be customized.  However, other heights (4/5/6 feet) are also available.

What We Liked

  • It compliments very well with both residential and industrial fences.
  • This fence screen can be used for home, yard, tennis courts, barriers, construction sites, landscaping and concert events, etc.
  • This brand recommends not to customize by yourself, they would rather do it on your behalf. With extra seaming on all sides that would rather damage it if you don’t have that expertise. So don’t cut it by yourself.



  • Color doesn’t fade
  • UV resistant
  • Pure Poly
  • 88% blockage of privacy


  • Does not come with zip ties
  • At each corner, grommets are lower than (3) any other brands, where few brands offer 4 grommets for extra tightness.
  • Not water resistant

Key Decision Factors

Tang screen is a solid screen knitted with 100% high-quality pure polyethylene material that gives 90% UV protection and up to 88% blockage.

With lots of options to take from, a tang privacy screen would be a great choice provided you are too precise to look for something very specific. Therefore, this brand can be an awesome choice if you don’t prefer to roam around and get confused with other limited options.


[Read an interesting article on Retractable privacy screens]

8. UPGRADE privacy windscreen for chain link fence

best privacy screen for chain link fence

Buy At Amazon

Comes  in 3 colors
Size2 sizes available (6’x50′, 4’x50′)
Specialty2.5-inch color-wise binding

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • it is a 6’ x 50’ constructed of 150 GSM non- recycle high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

What We Liked

  • It comes with an anti-rust brass buckle. 
  • It can be used in protecting your privacy in your yard and garden and protecting your plants and crops away from the hard wind and other animals.


  • 2 years warranty
  • UV resistant
  • Easy installation


  • Zip ties are not given

Key Decision Factors

This commercial privacy fence screen provides high protection and privacy which can block the harmful UV ray and visibility up to 85% -90%.

9. Fenpro Chainlink Fence Tape


chain link fence privacy tape

Buy At Amazon


How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • This fence privacy tape comes in five colors. Black, redwood, desert tan, Emerald Green, Alpine White, and obsidian black.
  • Price remains the same for all colored tape
  • Each box cover 40 square feet

What We Liked

  • 90% privacy blockage
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to install, sturdy, and highly durable
  • UV resistant 
  • Extruded from low-density polythene (LDPE), color pigment
  • Tape length is 250 feet


How to install privacy tape?

Weave: Starting at the top or bottom of the fence, weave in and out of the chain link.

Trim: Cut the tape 3 inches longer than the last chain link privacy tape to create a 1½ overlap on each tape end.

Fasten: Fold over one and insert fastener. Remove slack from the tape and fasten the opposite end.



  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • lasts long and 20% lower than the price of using a privacy screen fence
  • Super easy to install
  • Makes it more beautiful than the screen


  • Brass paper fasteners and brass washers are not included in the package.
    If not done with proper clipping and binding, it slips through a hole

Key Decision Factors

One of the most economical alternatives to a privacy screen would be using the Fenpro Chain Link Fence screen on your chain link fence. It seems complex but basically, it is super easy when you pay a close look on it and take minutes to finish it.

10. Single Wall Bottom Locking Privacy Slats

privacy chain link fences

Buy At Amazon


How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • for 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′ and 8′ Chain Link Fence screen
  • Amazingly comes in 6 sizes and a total of 9 colors
  • gauge chain link with a two-inch diamond.
  • Slats must be installed correctly and be fully inserted inside the wire mesh of your fence to achieve the desired results.
  • this fencing slat doesn’t work at a steep slope. 

What We Liked

  • This chain-link fence slat doesn’t work as fence extender. 
  • Ensures 85% Blockage for 2” diamond sized chain link, 
  • UV protected and HDPE Material used for long durability
  • Color concentrated and Weather resistant



  • 2-1/4″ (diamond shape of chain link fence) will use about 77 slats per 10 feet.
  • 2-3/8″ chain link will use about 74 slats per 10 feet.


Simple Overview of  Installation Process 

Try to push the ridge from the top directly to the bottom until it clicks. Do not need to weave, since you have already pushed one ridge into one diamond. Then it straightly follows to the bottom as a chain-link fence is designed to leave a space to slide it down.



  • homeowners, schools, colleges, businesses, stadiums, storage facilities, etc. can use this privacy slat.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Tube Slats are covered by a 30-years warranty
  • No installation tool required
  • Easy to wash with high pressure or normal water


  • For bigger diamond-sized chain link fence, additional vipers have to be purchased.
  • for broken chain link fences, it won’t work, before installation chain, link fences have to be repaired.


Key Decision Factors

Slats! Does this look complicated to you? Not at all, these slats work by pushing them into the chain-link fence, done. This is how you make sure you chain link fence gets a new look with new sophistication. In this case, if you are tired of using screens, slats work great and are more solid than anything else such as fabrics.

Few groundworks you do before you decide to take a slat, just calculate the diamond size of your chain link fence, and then buy according to your choice. Slats come in few options The slats are made of very durable High-Density Polyethylene, color pigment, and UV inhibitors.

The majority of them come with bottom locking so don’t worry about the bottom, these will look secure and not winged.

Read More on Privacy Slats for chain link fences

11. Dearhouse Artificial Faux Ivy Screen for Chain Link Fence

chain link fence cover

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different from Other Brands:

  • Let alone this brand, this type of artificial faux ivy panel work great not only to bring greenery to your yard, but also stays longer and ensures greater privacy.
  • This type of brand comes in a few shapes and sizes; expandable with trellis- hedge panels with software shape– Privacy roll

What We Liked

  • faux ivy screen is made of durable fresh looking plastic and polyester leaves
  • Easy to carry anywhere within the house
  • Cut per your requirement



  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to maintain
  • Highly durable and matches with lawn
  • lightweight
  • No tools are required to install it, only zip ties are required. 
  • Super stylish garden decor as well.
  • Blocks view naturally.


  • During heavy wind, it makes a little bit of sound. ‘

Key Decision Factors

14pt;”>These types of fake ivy privacy screens are super popular and can be installed regardless of the fence type you have, you can install it anywhere by using only simple zip ties.

Besides, each privacy roll of faux ivy has mesh backing with plastic backing that creates more stability and durability. Amazingly, you can select the color, length, and size of leaves and these are super easy to install.



why trust us

Why do you need a Privacy Screen on a Chainlink Fence?

  • You need a little bit of privacy while having breakfast, tea, or having a party, meeting, get together, date or family time by swimming pool.
  • you already have a chain-link fence or fence with ventilation, and you need a private
  • Dog barking because of neighbors’ dog and need to block the view.
  • Having a backyard sometimes raises the need for having a bit of privacy for a party or a cozy get-together. this privacy screen helps with backyard privacy fencing.

How to install fence privacy screen roll?

Detail process of putting up Fence Screen on Chain Link Fence

Step 1: Tools You Require

  • Zip Ties
  • Zip Ties Cutter
  • Privacy Screen Fence according to the size of your fence

Step 2: Installation

  • Put up the Screen and Tie it down by Zip Ties at each grommet.
  • Once you are done, remember to tie down the bottom of the fence with zip ties again.
  • Tighten the screen as much as you want to avoid wrinkles.
  • Cut the extended part of the zip ties with the cutter.

 [we recommend using zip tie cutter since it avoids creating sharp edges which could be injurious if not used]



sunblocker rv awning shade1. Are these privacy screens leak-proof?

No, these are not leak-proof. If you have a dog, it might try to chew it. So, it is better to keep him away from the screen.

2. Are these privacy fence screen washable?

Yes you can wash these very easily. We recommend you to use water and mild detergent or cleanser to wash the privacy screen.

3. Can commercial screens be customized?

Yes, many manufacturers offer custom options for privacy screens, allowing individuals, businesses and organizations to order screens according to their need. 

4. Can it block out the noise outside?

Yes, it can block outside noise a bit, but not fully. The more tall the privacy screen is, the more it locks the noise.

5. Are these privacy screens free-standing?

No, you have to attach it to an existing fence or frame.

6.  What is HDPE material often used at product features?

High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer. This item comes from petroleum. Various materials such as wood plastics, snow boards, shoes and 3 d printing filaments are byproducts of these. 


To Conclude

Finding a fence screen for less view and best privacy among so many choices might become a difficult task, however, these recommended choices and reviews would be a great help for finding the best one.

Therefore, we recommended that for chain link fences and for patios, privacy screens work great, sometimes applying artificial faux ivy fences goes great too!

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