Biggest Trends in Best Storage Shelving Unit Cover of 2023

If you have storage shelving unit cover where you keep important things day today and you want to save them from dirt and dust, you need a shelf cover. A shelf cover just not saves products from dust, it keeps insects away too. 

Things to consider before buying a shelf cover

First, you need to know for what purpose you need a cover. Do you want to keep your items safe regardless of tools to food items, so far everything needs a little bit of preservation. 

In the case of tools and items to cover, Cover for wire shelving unit either can be transparent or opaque which serves your purpose for a long time. In addition, some of the items may be waterproof to keep away moisture to resist rust and obviously water. 

For food items, it serves your purpose for a short time not for long. Bakery rack covers protect on a temporary basis and protects from dust and other dirt from air or squirts of water. This saves a bakery to keep its reputation intact, no doubt! 

Material: the material should be thick and sturdy enough to serve you for many years. If the material is flimsy or thin, coming in contact with sharp objects can tear them easily.

Transparent or Covered: it would be a positive side if the material is transparent enough to see what is inside and the position of the thing you are looking for.

Easy Access: consider the position of the zippers. It lets you easily access the products on the shelf.

Water Resistant: the product needs to be water-resistant so that if there is rain and the shelf is set outside your products can be saved from the rain.

Storage: the product has to be foldable so that when you don’t need the cover you can fold and store them in a safe place.

Size: measure the size of your shelf to find out the right cover for it. 

Number of Zips: Zip Covers play a vital role to unpack or pack for your convenience. Check twice the number of zipping you get with the cover. This makes sure you are not opening the whole cover manually whereas it has to be unzipped from all sides. 

List of Best Storage Shelving Unit Cover

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1. Formosa Covers Store Storage Shelving Unit Cover

zip covers for shelving

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  • 4 different sizes are available for the Formosa Covers Store shelving cover.

What We Liked:

  • 2 designs are available; polyester fabric with one side clear pvc panel, fully covered with grey polyester fabric.
  • It has 4 corner zippers with 3-way zippers on front panels for easy access.
  • Seeing through the PVC panel lets you see at a glance where everything is.
  • The front panel has 2 top velcro tags through which you can roll up the front cover panel and hold it.


  • The fabric could be thicker.

Key Decision Factor:

this is completely versatile and keeps dust off your shelf. There are zippers on all 4 corners and Velcro straps above to allow you to open any of the 4 sides independently and roll up that panel.

Moreover, the variety of zipper placements allows limited access to areas of the rack without opening up the whole thing.

The water repellent treatment on the top surface makes it waterproof. The zippers are extremely smooth and easy to open; the panels are heavy duty.  This shelf cover is worth the price.


2. New Star Foodservice Bakery Rack Cover

Sheet pan rack cover

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  • You can unzip on either side and it lets you easily access 3 different areas on your shelf without taking off the entire cover.
  • Total measurement : 28″ L x 23″ W x 61″

What We Liked:

  • pan rack cover is made of heavy-duty plastic that combines a tear-resistant top with reinforced seams to ensure long-lasting use.
  • can be folded neatly for space-saving storage while not in use.
  • Compact and sturdy
  • The cover’s transparent design allows your staff to quickly identify the contents of the rack at a glance.
  • Affordable price.


  • Has a gagging smell when it is first opened. 


Similar Brand of different size:

Product ViewMight Interest you to look at
Bun rack cover

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  • comes in packs of 2 and 12
  • Likewise, it has 3 different access top to bottom zip covers. 
  • Size:28 L x 23 W x 33 inch


Key Decision Factor:

This is a 20-Tier rack cover that is perfect for keeping your baked goods out of any contamination. It provides a peace of mind in knowing that your food items are always protected from harmful germs or dust.

Please note, it is not an airtight cover, it will not keep food fresh but keeps stored food out of germs, splashes, squirts of water, or fallen pieces of hair and any other sort of micro/tiny particles from the air. 


3. ELIAUK Wire Rack Cover

Cover for wire shelving unit



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  • ELIAUK wire rack cover has practical pockets on the side of the shelf cover.

What We Liked:

  • 3 colors are available to choose from; black and grey stitching, grey and black stitching, pure grey.
  • Easy to fold and store; comes with a storage bag.
  • Made of high-quality 600D polyester Oxford cloth, with water-resistant and highly durable.
  • Zippers on both sides of the front are fixed by Velcro, which is convenient to use and store items.


  • Customization not available

Key Decision Factor:

it is stylish, elegant and its uncommon design attracts customers. It helps to hide the clutter while still allowing easy access. It is made of waterproof fabric.



4. Tronex- Bun Pan Rack Cover

Bakery rack covers

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How it is Different from Other Brand:

  • Tronex bun pan rack cover is constructed from 100% virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material which is transparent, clear and smooth that gives proper visibility.


What We Liked:

  • It is safe to contact with food Surfaces
  • lightweight as well as durable and lets you easy application and removal without tearing or ripping the cover.
  • It helps to keep food clean and fresh.
  • It is super convenient and easy to use.
  • This is reusable.


  • Custom size not available. 

Key Decision Factor:

Tronex bun pan rack covers safely protect food and help maintain freshness and hygiene. It is safe to contact the food surface. Furthermore, it is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities. The cover is constructed from 100% virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material which fits standard racks. You can use them many times if used carefully.

5. Classic Accessories Metal Storage Shelf Covers

storage shelving unit cover

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  • With the Classic Accessories premium garage shelf cover you will get a 2 year limited warranty.

What We Liked:

  • 2 designs are available; premium and standard
  • Weather-X fabric with a water-resistant backing that provides extra weather and abrasion protection.
  • It has multiple zippers that allow easy access to both the front and back of the garage shelf.
  • It is made of breathable nylon fabric which keeps items clean but allows them to breathe.
  • The rip-and-grip straps help to secure cover to your shelf and roll up back panel.
  • It is heavy-duty and fits perfectly.


  •  This is not a waterproof cover
  • Not budget-friendly

Key Decision Factor:

The material is flexible and sturdy at the same time. The zippers are smooth and strong. Moreover, it has convenient loops and toggles that allow multiple ways to hold open cover doors.


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Do unit shelf covers have bottom zip?

Answer: No, but the cover extends to the floor passing the shelf height and would keep dust and dirt off the items inside.

Are the front panels completely removable?

Answer: No, but they can be unzipped from top to bottom on both sides and rolled up to the top.  There are two cords connected to the top of the cover on each side to hold up the rolled panel.

Are these okay to be used outside?

Answer: we don’t recommend using the shelf covers outdoors since they are not UV resistant and the color can be damaged by the UV rays.

To Conclude

Shelf covers have zippers for easy access and you don’t have to pull out the cover every time you need something from the shelf. As a storage shelving unit cover keeps dust away you don’t need to clean the shelf regularly, if the cover is just wipe it with a damp cloth.