A Surprising Tool: 5 Best Stainless Steel Wool Mesh

A tiny crack or hole is enough for a mouse to come inside your house or office. These critters attack those corners of your house which remain unused for a long time. If you do not notice and take precautions with stainless steel wool mesh and do not use it soon, these critters will increase exponentially and destroy your crucial storage items eventually. 

And after that, getting rid of mice in your space once they’ve taken up residence can be incredibly difficult. It is so important for you to protect the areas from mice where you store papers or foods.

does steel wool stop mice, rats, and other rodents?

According to home.howstuffworks.com

A mixture of steel wool and caulking compound makes a good plug to seal small openings.

Other experts (ekksol.com) also suggest that sealing any opening or hole through stainless steel is their top method to deter mice, rats, and other rodents from invading your protected area.

The best part of these wools is they can not be chewed, cut, or gnawed by rats to penetrate your safe area. Besides, these are easy to use and apply. On the other hand, using chemicals may harm other substances of your storage items which stainless wool totally eliminates.

Last but not the least, you are not permanently closing loopholes only creating a simple and nonpermanent but effective barrier.  

Some use copper wool to create a cheap and easy barrier but these are not resistant to rust but are still effective methods to deter mice. Chewing copper never gives a comfort zone to rats or mice.  Whereas, stainless steel wool is resistant to rust and lasts longer without any worry to fade and loosen up. 

What you can use to fix holes at your warehouse or garage?

Now it comes to the main topic, you can easily fill up a hole using stainless steel wool mesh. Because;

  1. Mouse and rodents can easily bite off to get in.
  2. Super easy to use and fill up the holes
  3. No tools are required to apply at all
  4. An affordable option in comparison to using plaster or cement mix.
  5. For wooden houses or houses with plywood would be highly recommended to use this.
  6. It prevents cold or winds as a whole.
  7. Once you apply this, no need to use chemicals to get rid of rats. 

List of Best Stainless Steel Wool Mesh

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1Xcluder Stainless Steel Wool✪✪✪✪✪Buy On Amazon
2LOOBANI Steel Wire Wool✪✪✪✪✪Buy On Amazon
3Pestplug 100% Stainless Steel Wool✪✪✪✪☆Buy On Amazon
4Oiyeefo Steel Wool✪✪✪✪☆Buy On Amazon
5Xcluder Garage Door Rodent Shield✪✪✪☆☆Buy On Amazon


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1. Xcluder best steel wool for mice

stainless steel wool exhaust

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it is tested by both USDA / APHIS and confirmed that, the Rodent Control Fill Fabric creates a protective barrier against rodents and insects.

What We Liked

  • This is made economy friendly.
  • It is made of non-corrosive material that ensures its durability
  • It won’t discolor.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy installation


  • No scissors or gloves in the package
  • Costly

Bottom Line

it includes three 4- inch by 5-foot rolls. This is a heavy-weight material. If you don’t use gloves while installing it, it might heart you. So, you can understand how it is going to hurt the tiny mouth of the mouse. You don’t even have to cut it. Tearing is super easy if you are wearing gloves.


1.1 Xcluder Rodent Control Fill steel wool for mice

steel wool pads mice

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Most popular and highly reliable wool for result. one roll of steel wool fill fabric, shears and heavy-duty work gloves.

What we liked:

  • price is super reasonable in compared to the value it delivers
  • This unique rodent control fabric works for mice, rats, rodents from home, office and other spaces
  • It works on weep holes, gapes around pipes, attic vents and sidings


  • creates a protective barrier
  • tested by USDA’s aphis lab
  • nonflammable


  • This may work for some time



2. LOOBANI best grade of steel wool for mice

stainless steel wool coarse

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The steel wool comes with one glove.

What We Liked

  • This is made of multi- fiber wool blend, which is tightly wound fine woven structure and can be flexibly bent to every corner.
  • It can be used to block holes of any shape and size
  • This inhibits wind and dust penetration


  • Easy to cut install
  • Budget friendly


  • Recommended not to use in wet areas.

Bottom Line

this coarse wire wool can seal gaps, cracks and holes to stop furry small animals from entering in your house or office. The package includes 3 rolls and 1 glove.


3. pest plug steel wool

stainless steel wool for mice

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Pestplug steel wool comes with scissors, gloves and instructions.

What We Liked

  • Pestplug is made from 100% coarse stainless steel wool with no plastic fiber fillers. That means, it will not rust over time.
  • It is made very sharp. If mice or rodents try to chew it, they will make themselves injured.
  • This is even impassable for other unwanted pests such as spiders, scorpions, bees, lizards and small snakes.


  • Rust proof
  • The package includes everything you will need for installation


  • Costly
  • The quality of the scissors could be improved

Bottom Line

 the wool is 4 inch wide, ½ inch thick and 25 inch long. This is safe and environment friendly product. You can use it anywhere you want since it is made of 100% stainless steel.


4. Oiyeefo steel wool to keep mice out

stainless steel wool mice

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the product comes with everything you need to plug holes and areas where mice might come in. the package includes 10 feet long steel wool, a pair of scissors, and a manual and a pair of rubber gloves which makes handling and cutting the steel wool easy.

What We Liked

  • Oiyeefo steel wool is made of high-quality metal fibers, which are thick, sturdy, and soft.
  • This is made sharp so that small animals cannot chew it. Moreover, it works as a gap blocker to stop winter critters from entering your home.


  • Easy installation
  • Package includes everything for installation


  • It is recommended not to use in damp areas.

Bottom Line

These stainless steel wool pads are easy to manipulate. You can form a small area to plug holes or cracks. You can use it in your , garden, workshop, windows, garage door corners, basement, air conditioning equipment, cracks in the floor, and holes around radiators, etc.


5. Xcluder Garage Door rustproof steel wool

Rodent steel wool

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Comes in pack 2 and 4. It stands out since it is made of rubber and light wight vinyl.

What We liked:

  • Specially made for Door that creates an awesome barrier filling the gaps it has. Moreover, the feature weather and rust resistance made way too difficult to penetrate any door. 
  • One size fits all types of door. 
  • To install no tools are required
  • applicable to any types of door, from residential to commercial. 
  • Works great for weather-stripping. 



  • include 8 inch stainless steel strips and adhesive backings.
  • Come along Alcohol wipes specially creates a suitable surface to paste the adhesives.
  • Installation is hassle free since it doesn’t require any cutting. 
  • stainless steel wool once installed not visible from outside. So, no painting needed. 


  • you need to follow the instruction while installing, otherwise, it won’t come in any use. 
  • It is 8 inch long and one inch wide. 
  • It is tool light and small, so expect to get a big stripping, it would be smaller. 


Buying GuideBest grade steel wool for mice

Some people use poisons to kill mouse and make the house mouse proof. But, if you use poison to kill rat, it will take your time to find where the rat died and eventually it ends up with severe stinks all over the place.

Using mouse trap can help, however as long as you are able to count that number, it is okay, but the question is, can you really count? 

That’s why nowadays steel wool for pest control is becoming popular day by day as people don’t want to use things that can be harmful to their child and pets. 

Material: it should be made of 100% stainless steel and no plastic fiber fillers in it. Mouse can cut through plastic easily. Stain less steel product will not rust over time.

Easy Installation: it would be very easy for you to install the wool if you can cut it easily with just a scissor.

Usability:  it would be best if you can use it anywhere around your house.

Flexibility: it should be flexible so that, you can bend and place it anywhere.

Package: look for a good package in which all the important things will come along.


stainless steel wool roll

Where I can use steel wool products?

Answer: you can use them in your house, office, kitchen, attic, radiator pipes, gaps around pipes, various weep holes, garden, workshop, windows, garage door corners, basement, air conditioning equipment, cracks in the floor, and holes around radiators, etc. If it is not made of stainless steel, it is better no to use the wool in damp areas of your house.


How to use steel wool to keep mice out?

Answer: you can use standard steel wool to fill cracks in walls, window sills, garage doors, and any area larger than ¼” where mice can get in. Place steel wool into cracks and use caulk to seal it into place. This will help to fill the steel wool, turning it into a product that mice can’t gnaw through or eat.

Adding caulk to your steel wool filled areas also means that you’ll deter mice without killing them since they won’t be able to eat the steel wool and bleed internally. Check cracks and areas where you’re using steel wool or caulked steel wool regularly. Replace damaged steel wool right away.

What are the precautions that should be taken while setting steel wool?

Answer: firstly, always wear heavy-duty work gloves while handling steel wool. If you are not careful, you could end up cutting yourself, especially when trying to fit steel wool into a smaller crack of your house.

Secondly, be sure that Pestplug does not come in contact with live electrical wires as this could cause electrical shock or fire. Thirdly, keep steel wool products away from your child and pets. It might cause them injury as well.

To Conclude

Stainless steel wool is very suitable for closing these gaps and holes. It helps you to block mice or rats out by eliminating the openings through which they can enter.

Though mice are known for chewing their way through things, they cannot just bite and chew steel wool and come in. Therefore, this is really an easy process you can even remove and put it wherever you need to.

Moreover, if you have stainless steel wool mesh, you will not require any dangerous chemicals and poisons to kill rats or any traps to capture and kill them later (Oh we just hate this process!)