7 Best Electric Fence Wire for Horses : Tape & Rope Reviews

The best electric fence wire for horses basically carries electricity from one post to another to create the best fencing area either for horses or any other animal you want to protect.

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What is Equine Fencing System?

According to the definition of scholars

An equine fence system fabricated of high density polyethylene having a plurality of vertical support posts embedded in the ground”

This clearly shows the involvement of polyethylene wire, rope or tape is vital for horse fencing at all circumstances. 

As per the article published by the University of Georgia: Fences for Horses

The definition of Electric Fences for Horses

Several materials are used to construct electric fences. They include aluminum wire, high-tensile smooth steel wire, high-tensile steel wire coated with vinyl, and steel wires woven into vinyl tape. Some tapes are considered permanent fencing. They are highly visible to horses since they are about 1½ inches wide.

According to Beef Magazine Few types of Poly Fencing are in the market:

  1. polytape Electric
  2. Electric polywire
  3. polyrope fencing electric
  4. Electric High Tensil Wire Fencing

Buying Guide For Portable Electric Fence for Horses

There are several things one should consider before buying an electric fence polywire. We will break down this so that you can be able to purchase the right one.

Electrical power Conductivity

At first identify your goal. Since fences for larger animals can cause small animals, you need to know for whom you need the fence and then you can decide the power you will need. You also need to know what power type fence you need to buy.

Some fence chargers are powered by AC current, some by DC, and others are solar-powered.

If you choose AC power, you need to hire an electrician to install an AC line to your fence charger. And for battery power, you will need a battery charger.

Length You Need

before buying polytape or polywire determine the length you will need for covering the area you want to. According to that choose the right size of the electric fencing. Many companies offer different size options.

Metal Fibres

 Thicker wires are better and so try to buy the thick one. You will get wire made of copper or other mixed metal stards. But, these are not much strong and suffer corrosion if scratched resulting in shorter lifespan.

So, it is better to buy wire made of stainless steel. You can choose aluminum or galvanized steel since both will resist rusting from rain or snow. And for normal use you can choose medium-gauge electric fence wire.


While choosing the electric fence you should make sure that, its strength is high. You will surely not want to have any wire which will break down easily and you need to change it again and again.

Also the fencing wire should be fully coated with a protective poly coating to ensure it can be exposed to UV rays without breaking down.

Look for a nice tightly bound or woven product. Do check that the poly wire or poly tape is woven tightly since loosely wound or woven poly products ( usually found in imported products ) can fall apart very quickly.

Besides you might need a good reel to unreel it while installing it. 


It should have a bright color so that animals or humans can easily notice it and stay far away.

Area with green landscape, taking a yellow, white or colorful braid would help your horse to have better visibility. However for snowy area, taking only bright colored would be wise, taking white is not recommended at all.

List of Top-notch Electric Fence Wire for Horses

Editors RankEditors ChoiceEditor's RatingLength of ReelBreaking StrengthInstant Link
1Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire★★★★★1312 feet600 lbsBuy At Amazon
2Zareba Electric Fence Poly wire★★★☆☆1320 feet20x powerful than stainless steelBuy At Amazon
3Gallagher Electric Fence Poly Wire★★★★☆1312 feetstrand composition-stainless steelBuy At Amazon
4Electro Braid Poly Rope★★★★★1000 feet25-year limited warranty/4 times better than steelBuy At Amazon
5Fi-Shock Polywire★★★★★656 feet150 lbsBuy At Amazon
6Zareba Sure Shock Polytape★★★★☆500 feet675 lbsBuy At Amazon
7Field Guardian best Electric Fence Tape★★★☆☆656 feet575 lbsBuy At Amazon
8Fi-Shock Electric Fence Tape★★★★☆656 feet150 lbsBuy At Amazon



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1. Farmily Portable Best Polywire For Electric Fence

best electric fence rope for horses

Buy At Amazon


stainless steel conductor for conductivity

This is a great polywire, the best electric fence for horses comes at an affordable price. It has 9 stainless- steel wire conductors for excellent conductivity. Electric conductor diameter: 0.008″(0.2mm).

Generally, it comes in a black and white shiny color for high visibility and great for temporary fencing.


  • 600-pound breaking strength: Farmily polywire is made of such strong material that has 600 pounds breaking strength. With this polywire it is easy to install, repair, splice, and rewind.
  • Won’t Rust and repeat usage: Farmily electric fence polywire won’t rust and can be used again and again. Moreover, it has UV Stabilized polymer webbing that ensures long life. You can easily reel in and out for relocation and storage.

This fence material is suitable for building horse fencing, dog electric fence, electric fence for goats, it is the best choice for portable fencing.





  • Premium product

2. Zareba Best Electric Fence Wire for Horses


electric fence for horses

Buy At Amazon


Visible and Friendly for Horse

This roll of electric fence wire is 1/8 inch thick and comes in yellow color which can be easily noticed. This is laced with 3 highly conductive strands of aluminum that offer 20 times the shocking power than stainless steel and the shock makes a psychological barrier for your horse or livestock.

Comes in Numerous Use

Zareba Electric Fence for horses is convenient for temporary pastures, rotational grazing, and equine containment. You will get a 5- year warranty from Zareba on this PVC- coated fiberglass polywire that’s been UV- stabilized for long life. Polywire can be wound back on its spool and redeployed for another fence when needed.


  • 1320 feet aluminum conductor Polywire: This brand comes in a 1,320 feet of electric fence polywire with aluminum conductor wire. Sure shock aluminum heavy-duty polywire from Zareba is a super lightweight polywire that is easy to install, spice, and repair.


  • Easy to install
  • Looks sturdy


  • Some customers found small aluminum broken in multiple places after several months.

2.1 Zareba Portable Electric Fence for Horses

best electric fence rope for horses

Buy At Amazon

Lightweight and Multipurpose use

Amazingly lightweight wire can come in use for various purposes, such as pastures, grazing and equine. Most importantly, Electrobraid polywire is UV protected that ensures higher durability than any other reel. 


  • High-Grade Aluminium wire: Includes 8 top-notch conductive aluminum wires with 20 times shocking power making your fencing more powerful and effective than ever. PVC-coated high-density fiberglass gives it two times stronger than traditional galvanized wires. 


    • High-Density fiberglass
    • Highly Conductive aluminum wires
    • Easy to set up, repair, and connect
    • 656 feet of 8mm electric fence polyrope per reel
    • Comes in best use for Cattle, horses, bulls, pigs, and sometimes goats. 
    • Zareba provides 8mm polyrope with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Sure Shock poly rope is great for temporary fencing not for permanent fencing. 
  • This polyrope is not best for constant current or weed chopper for fence charging.
  • It is not recommended to change or modify


3. Gallagher Poly Wire-Best Electric Fence Rope

electric fence for horses

Buy At Amazon

UV resistant

Gallagher polywire is UV resistant and won’t become brittle over time. Gallagher poly wire is made from premium stainless steel so that it resists rust. It delivers more reliable performance over time than aluminum wire which develops an oxidative coating, reducing its effectiveness.

1312 ft roll plus 328 ft roll

Gallagher poly wire combo pack comes with a 1312 Ft (400m) roll plus a bonus additional 328 FT (100m) roll. This is ideal for controlling stock movement and for excluding wildlife and livestock from crops, orchard and gardens.

Lightweight and Easy to install

Moreover, this fencing is very lightweight, so it is easy to install just about anywhere you can also cut, splice, repair and rewind it. It can be re- used again and again. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from the four different size options of this fence


  • 6 interwoven strands: Gallagher polywire is suitable for a wide range of short and long term applications and the best electric fence wire for horses. This consists of 6 inter-woven stainless-steel strands that deliver lower resistance and reliable conductivity up to 656 ft using multiple strands.


  • The poly wire construction ensures UV resistance and durable protection.
  • This offers a bonus roll of 328 feet
  • It offers reliable conductivity for up to 656 feet.



  • This does not work underground


4. Electro Braided Rope Horse Fencing

best electric fence for horses

Buy At Amazon


Double helix copper conductor design

Specially made for horse fencing that stands out of the crowd in the market. 

UV resistant materials

UV resistant braid makes sure there is no sharp edge, points and wires that could puncture the horse. 100% made in the USA that makes reliable and assures warranty. 


  • 3-4 strands make the best Horse Fence: Super easy installation copper strands can come into its look within 3-4 strands.  ElectroBraid’s standard meets the quality of seat belts and parachute harnesses. 
  • 3 Colors and feature: Comes in three colors- Black, white and speckled. 1000 ft of the checkered fence line. Optimum-quality woven rope, ¼-inch thick makes sure its’ longevity and sturdiness. 



  • Specially Engineered for Horse Fencing
  • Safe to use, easy to install and Secure for horses.
  • A 1/4-inch line is visible to Horse and make it easier for them to avoid when is sight.
  • Copper strands can conduct electricity 4 times better then steel.
  • No requirement to tension the fence line. 



  • it doesn’t stretch tight. 

5. Fi-Shock Polywire Electric Fencing Rope


horse sighter wire


Buy At Amazon

Five stainless steel conductor

Fi-Shock plywire also contains five stainless steel conductors that offer more effective boundaries for the animals. This polytape has a total length of 656 feet (200 meters) which is fair enough for your fencing needs.

Easy to install and Re-use

Fi shock polywire is very easy to install. You can rewind it to reuse it again. This can also be used for making boundaries for cattle, dogs, pigs, and other animals.


  • Highly visible polywire takes load 150lb: Fi shock polywire is ½” highly visible polytape can be easily visible than regular electric fence wire that works excellently as a horse fencing in paddocks and fields. It has a breaking load of 150-lb which means it will provide durable performance.


  • Good quality
  • Very easy to work with
  • Easy installation


  • Some customers found it breaks in the filaments


6. Zareba Sure Shock Electric Fence Tape For Horses

electric horse fence tape

Buy At Amazon

Basic product function

this poly tape horse fence comes with 8 highly conductive aluminum wire that can take 20 times shocking power.  Each 500 feet strand is woven with PVC coated fiberglass and each edge used lock stitching

Color and highly visible

Bright white and highly visible sure shock polytape makes it ideal for Horse fencing. This tape not only comes in use for horses, but also comes in great use for cattle, pigs, and goats.

UV protected

Zareba sure shock is UV protected that stays long and endures any weather condition.


  • Takes 675lbs pressure
  • Double tensile strength
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Any standard insulator would work with this polytape
  • It does not need to complete loop back to energizer, a separate grounding system will also need to connect with energizer.


  • you can’t lay it on the ground to create fencing


For any further help:

contact at 1-855-5-ZAREBA (1-855-592-7322) with any questions.


6.1: 2 inch Zareeba poly tape for electric fence

2 inch electric fence tape


Buy At Amazon


  • 500 foot (152 meter) spools
  • Highly visible to horses and other animals
  • Contains 14 strands of electrical conductors
  • Breaking load of 890 lbs
  • Will not rush, and easier to install, repair and splice than regular wiring

7. Field Guardian Horse Fence Tape

polytape electric fence

Buy At Amazon

Highly affordable and UV protected

People love Field Guardian polytape because of its longevity, affordability, and availability. UV protection makes this a long-lasting polytape that will look good for a long time.

Highly Visible white polytape

The added-up protection makes this a long-lasting polytape that will look very good for a long time. The main color of the tape is white which can be visible to anyone. This is excellent for horse application.


  • 656 feet long and takes load 575 lbs: Since conductive wires spread over entire surface, it will have an extra working capability.  It comes in rolls of 656′ with a diameter of 1.5” and a breaking load of 575 lbs.


  • Highly visible
  • Cheap price


  • Some customers found it hard to work with this thickness


Find More- Field Guardian Electric Fence Ropes


Other Related Field Guardian Poly tapes

7.1- Field Guardian Reinforced Poly Tape Horse Fence-1.5 inch

polytape electric fence

Buy at Amazon


  • Highly Visible polytape
  • Sturdy and low maintenance
  • Ideal for equine fencing
  • 825 feet long
  • Comes in white only
  • UV protected
  • 15 strands of stainless steel wire
7.2- Field Guardian 2 inch Electric Fence Tape

2 inch electric fence tape

Buy at Amazon

Features of this :

  • Visibility is it’s a unique feature that is higher than any other polytope because of it’s white and blue mixture.
  • Reinforced edges for durability
  • low wind-resistant with open weave
  • 656′ feet roll
  • Comes in White/Blue
  • 18 stainless steel wires
  • For stubborn animals


8. Fi-Shock Electric Fence Tape

polytape electric fence

Buy At Amazon

Basic feature

This is ½” highly visible polytape can be easily visible than regular electric fence wire that works excellently as a horse fencing in paddocks and fields.

Easy to install and reusable

This is very easy to install.  You can rewind it to reuse it again. This can also be used for making boundaries for cattle, dogs, pigs, and other animals.


  • 656 feet long poly tape takes 150 lb load: It has a breaking load of 150-lb that means it will provide durable performance. It also contains five stainless steel conductors that offer more effective boundaries for the animals. This polytape has a total length of 656 feet (200 meters) which is fair enough for your fencing needs.



  • Good quality
  • Very easy to work with
  • Easy installation


  • Some customers found it breaks in the filaments
  • Does not work under extreme tension


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Benefits of Best Electric Fence for Horses

You can add it to an existing electric fence or you can use it on its own. Mostly this is used to fence off gardens or agricultural industry. Polywire is more visible then other traditional metal wires that helps to be visible to animals, preventing them from walking into them.

It is a good choice for fence since it is lightweight and installs easily. Polywire can be easily tightened, repaired, and sliced and also it can be used again and again. Polywire is connected to a source of electricity.

When an animal tries to pass the fence and touches it, it will give a slight electric shock to keep animals within certain areas or out of gardens. On the other hand, poly tape is more visible then polywire. It is also bulkier than polywire. One should use poly tape where visibility is important. Polytapes are usually used for horses.  

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How to Set Up Electric Fence For Horses?

First, list of items you need: 

  • electric fence post
  • A rubber mullet
  • Electric rope
  • a cutter
  • Electric fence gate handle to make a gate (only part you can touch while electricity is running)
  • Insulators to put more wire- normally it comes with the post or has an insulator per the size of post- such as round post insulator or square one to fit your existing post.
  • An electric tester cum screwdriver just in case your ground is solid to install the post.
  • Finally, an Electric fence charger to feed the power to the fence
  • An iron pole/ground rod for earthling or to transfer the electricity.

Video credit: GoneWild

11 Step By Step Guide

the process of polywire electric fence installation

  1. Green button with the electric fence charger where the wire remains connected. That wire goes to the iron pole. it has to be connected by a good screw.
  2. The wire from the “red button” carries the power to the cable.  Wire coming from that red button remains attached with the main wire by a clamp. That clamp has a tooth that takes a bite on the wire.
  3. Then install the fence posts.
  4. Connect the wire as long as you want.
  5. Have a distance of 6-8 feet from each post
  6. Make sure they are tight and upright with no loose end.
  7. If you face hardship installing the fence post, according to the spike, use the hammer to post each one. If still the ground is hard, use the screwdriver to create a small hole and then push the fence with the hammer. Make sure it stands upright.
  8. Repeat that process until you complete your fencing.
  9. Make a miniature fence if you want before you install the total fencing and test the electricity with a tester.
  10. Finally, connect the electric fence charger to the mainline, which usually has a socket, and connect it with the mainline.
  11. You may connect another rope right underneath the first rope. In this case, you can run a second wire through the insulator.
  12. Voila! you are done with your electric fencing for the horses.

How to Install Electric Fence Gate Handle?

how to install electric fence for horses

  1. First, there will be one hook and a loop with Electric fence gate handle, connect another wire at the loop.
  2. Connect the other side of the wire according to the size of the gate you want.
  3. Make sure it is tight and upright.
  4. Then connect the hook part at the other side of the gate.
  5. When you want to take your horse out, grab the handle, We repeat- GRAB THE HANDLE FIRST, then unhook it, then make it clear for your horse to come out and then connect it again,
  6. Under no circumstances you touch the wire to open the gate or go underneath it. It WILL SHOCK! 
  7. VOILA! Done.

Inspiration Source : Marenlene: How to set up an electric fence for horses






Electric Fence Rope vs Wire

polywire vs polytape

VisibilityIt has higher visibility than metal or welded wirePolyrope has higher visible than
ReuseAmazingly reusable, Polywire can be reused again and again, can be tightened and spliced.Polyrope is stronger than polywires that combines with stainless steel strands woven through the rope. 
DurabilityPolywire should not be used with a continuous output chargerSteel strands assure maximum electrical but should not be used with a continuous output charger. 
ThicknessNot thicker but more visible to slow animals and wont rust.  Thicker than polywire and thinner than polytape.
Suitable animals to fenceIt can be constructed for grazing animals. It is not suitable for fast animals, like horses. Though polyfencing is all about temporary fencing. Effective for perimeter fencing for horses the fast animals can easily see the strands and color. 
Economic AspectEconomic solution for subdividing grazing animalsBest choice for animal that run fast like horses and to create fencing in windy areas. But this options are neither cheap nor expensive. 
ColorIt doesn’t come with much color choiceLike polytape, polyrope comes in great color choices ensures greater visibility.
 Easy to handleEasy to install, rewound, tighten and splice.  Ropes are also easy to install, repair and splice than metal wire.

FAQ- Electric Poly Wire Fence

best electric fence tape

1.What color should I use for horse fencing?

Polywires and polytapes come in different colors. Take account of the surroundings of the paddock itself before considering the color. In some cases, white is best. But in snowy area white cannot be used. That time you have to go for yellow or orange or red color.

2. Will my animal get hurt when they hit the Electric fence?

No. The energizer puts out a pulse every second or less so that your animal gets time to get away from the fence.

3. Which type of rope or wire will be good for horse fencing?

Polytape and rope are the best for horse fencing. It is more visible to them as well as safer.

4. What kind of posts do you need to set polywire or Electric horse fencing?

You can use both metal and wood post with insulators

5. How do you connect the electric fence to Polywire?

according to Zareeba website article

  • shut down the power to the fence
  • Use voltage tester
  • Wear protective clothing
  • Use fence tightner or crimper tool
  • Test the fence’s tightness or the strength of each wire.
  • Turn on the power and use the voltage tester to test. 

6. How far apart should fence posts be for electric fence?

80-100 feet, or about 50 posts on every mile which is according to 7 common cattle fencing mistakes

7. Can an electric fence kill dog?

No, but it can cuase serious damage or may burn skin, which may result into unnecessary aggression. If shocked by any electric fence then, it is better you check it with Vet. 

8. Does rain affect electric fencing?

It depends on your insulator. However, rain causes damage to the electric fence by lowering the voltage. If your insulator is good, then it wont be e a big problem but still it requires testing once rain is finished. 

9.  How many acres will an electric fence wire covers?

For two acres you need 1300 feet of polywire which is a research outcome according to Petfence wire calculator

Place you might haveHow Much Wire should Need
1/3 acres500 feet
½ acres600 feet
1 acre1000 feet

10. How to splice a polywire electric fence to prevent arcing?

According  to Gary Vander Giessen

if you wrap a regular fence wire around the connections and corners offense, it could help stop arcing. 10 inch to 8 inches in length could help this arcing issue

To Conclude

According to the research of “Electric Fence Tape and Method of Weaving and Installing” Electric fence tape is“The electric fence tape of this present invention consists of multiple interwoven plastic threads laced with one or a number of electrically conductive threads running parallel with each other and longitudinally with the tape”

Most of the best electric fence rope for horses such as- polywires and electric fence tapes come in stainless steel filaments interwoven with some polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyester fibers. 

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