Field Guardian Electric Fence Rope [Best 5 For Horses]

Considering various aspects for electric fence rope, Field guardian ropes come in variety and details that would help your get the right one. Once you get the variation in sizes and features, that assists you to get the right one.

Details “Field Guardian- Fencing System”

field guardian mega braid poly rope

Produced ByFarm Supply in Barnes Ville, State of Georgia
Specialized inhigh quality electric poly-products (ropes and tapes) , aluminum wire, insulators, connectors and tools
Country of Origin and Shipping PolicyUSA. Ships 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Canada
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Field Guardian
304 Rogers St.
Barnes Ville , Georgia 30204
United States

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List of Top 5 Field Guardian Electric Fence Rope Reviews in Details

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1Field Guardian Polywire, 656-Feet✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Field Guardian Economy Polyrope✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3Field Guardian Polyrope, 1/4-Inch, Brown✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
4Field Guardian Polyrope, 1/4-Inch✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Field Guardian Economy Polyrope✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon

1. Cheapest Rope- Field Guardian Poly wire 

field guardian mega braid poly rope

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UV protective and green color assure high visibility

High Visibility  with green pattern or shade on it. UV stability protects it from scorching sun and ensure longer durability. Generally comes in white and green.

656 feet long reel

656 feet long that is highly cheap unlike any polyrope in the market.

Highly conductive

6 stainless steel wires, 1/8 inch diameter rope is highly conductive and highly visible for great fencing perimeter for horses. Plus, simple re-spooling quality assures a great grazing fence or temporary fence for fast running animals to slow moving animals.


  • Highly Visible against snowy areas since it has some greenish shadow in ropes. 
  • Comes in two colors-green and white
  • Super Economy pricing in compared to other ropes for horses 


2. Field Guardian Economy Electric Fence Rope For Horses

Temporary electric fence for horses

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Works best in cross fencing application where temporary fencing is required. Plus, This durable poly rope works great for Temporary fencing to perimeter fencing.

This 1/4 inch in diameter

This poly rope comes in a 656 feet long roll, assuring a vast area to cover. Besides, this poly rope is UV protected to make sure it stays strong and sturdy to protect animal grazing areas. This economy electric fence rope comes in only white.

In compared to the quality and price, this is the best among any other rope in the Electric fencing market.


  • Easy to install
  • Best for temporary or cross fencing
  • UV stabilized assures higher durability


  • Quality may look like a twine because of it’s less length.

3. Field Guardian Electric Fence Poly Rope

Best electric fence rope for horses

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Stays strong even in power failure

A best option for horse fencing that stays super strong, safe and durable option even in electricity failure. Please note, price varies in according to the size (0.25 inch and 1.5 inch) you choose. 

Dark brown color blends with nature

UV protection makes it doesn’t tear or looses any end to conduct electricity for better fencing. This dark brown fence mixes up with nature to create less fence or contained area.

656 roll is  1/4″ in diameter

This poly rope comes in a role of 656 fee roll to make a better perimeter fence to any temporary fencing of any sort.


  • Highly Visible against snowy areas and green vegetation. 
  • Way too effective than galvanized steel wiring
  • Works not only horses, but also with any intruding medium sized animals- baboons, deer, bobcats, raccoons and foxes. 


  • It shines on sunlight, it might be a bit itchy for you for first few years. 

4. White Field Guardian Electric Fence Rope

best electric fence rope for horses

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This Electric fence rope does not recoil when broken but fall safely on ground. Plus it has a breaking strength of 990 lbs that works years after years.

This poly rope comes in 656 feet roll weighing 12.5 lbs,  usually comes in (9) mostly comes in 6 stainless steel wire. In addition to that, conductors are highly conductive with any standard post insulator.

This poly rope ensures maximum amount of conductor wire exposure for horses.


  • Super breaking strength of 990 pounds.
  • Way too visible than any other white ropes because of it’s striped nature
  • With Stands heavy and rough temperature
  • Works with any solar charger, no special charger requires for this rope.
  • Works against horses, wild dogs, foxes, deer and bobcats


  • Ropes are bit slippery

5. Field Guardian Mega Braid Poly rope

poly rope horse fence

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Super strength and breaking strength

8 large diameter stainless steel conductor wires combine with elasticity and strength. The length is a full 0.30 inch in diameter that has a breaking strength of 1500 lbs tensile. This is unlike any other rope in the market.

Amazing warranty timeline

This rope comes with 20 years of limited warranty, making that product highly reliable and durable than anything else.

Color and numerous use

Mega Braid poly rope comes in two color- white and blue. Besides, this poly rope comes in use for perimeter fencing, re-reeled for rotational grazing or move frequently.

Maximum Amount of conductor wire exposure

This poly rope is braided into outer jacket that makes sure it’s maximum conductor wire exposure for any animal make contact. So, you can call a specially designed rope for Horse Fencing.



  • Heavy breaking strength of 1500 lbs. Works best for vast horse fencing.
  • Great for horses, mares and deer fencing
  • Super easy to take down, tension and move
  • Comes in two colors-blue and white
  • It’s highers breaking stregnth bouces amazingly, doesn’t loose at all.
  • It’s soft braided nature is unique than any other ropes mentioned in this review
  • 656 feet per roll


  • Pay attention at insulators, not every insulators work with that rope,  Insulators that roll or allow movement without abrasion are best. 



Design Sense And Quality Of Field Guardian

This mega braid polyrope is considered as a soft braided rope unlike other nice rope halter. It has inner has an inner core with a braid around that.

Quality is amazing and these are super easy to work with. Apparently it is considered that, price a may seem bit higher in compared to other ropes in the market, but when you eventually will discover these bunch of rope could serve you for years, probably plus minus 10 year or could 

electric horse fencing polywirebe more depending on how you store, then you would say, yes it worth it!

Remember to have an insulator specially built for ropes, wire insulators don’t work with polyrope. However, most ¼ “insulators are too small for this type of fencing. Make sure your insulator allows your rope to move smoothly without a scratch, it would be your next imperative parameter to follow.

For Florida and Texas heat, the quality might degrade for the years to come which has been shared in many customer reviews.

Just in case you wonder, what happens when your horse hits the rope? simply they bounce back immediately.

If you think of stretching, normally these ropes don’t stretch or tension, however, tensioning devices could come into use if you want your fence to remain stretched. Or you can create corners once you are done with hanging it from one point to another and then you stretch the corners in to place.

Finally, you could easily rely in this mega braid polyrope in terms of its flexibility, strength, power and visibility, this brand is awesome.



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To Conclude

Ropes are specially designed for horses. This makes sure visibility and safety for horses. Besides, in order to identify the best electric fence rope, this review would help you to find a best polyrope.

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