[Rk9002 vs Rk9003] Top 3 Rockwell JawHorse Support Station

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Rockwell JawHorse Support station comes into use at every heavy woodworking project. While using saw machines it is highly recommended to use Rockwell JawHorse support station to support all the cutting, clamping, holding, and any sort of project work.

Rockwell Brand Story

A Leading brand in power sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling, and other construction activities  where it manufactures hundreds of market leading materials. Not only are they specialized in work support tools but also they are leader in Sonicrafter oscillating tool, saws and sander and numerous quality accessories. 

rockwell JawHorse Support station


List of 3 Rockwell Jawhorse Reviews

  1. Rockwell Jawhorse Rk9003
  2. SheetMaster Rk9002-Rockwell Jawhorse
  3. Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

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1. Rockwell Jawhorse RK9003 Reviews

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rockwell jawhorse welding station


  • Made of solid steel which supports load up to 600 lbs and 220o lbs clamping force
  • Weighs 43 pounds

What We Liked

  • Anyone can easily install it within seconds.
  • maximum clamping range is 37 inch
  • Amazing five years of limited warranty.
  • It has its auto-locking legs for prompt setup.
  • The back leg has a lock system
  • it can hold and clamp a full 4”x 8′ sheet of material.

Bottom Line of this Brand

if you face a problem with the lock/unlock button or if it does not work properly , to the faceplate off and check whether both prongs (think spring-loaded metal) are inserted or not.

rockwell rk9003 jawhorse reviewsAs these are spring-loaded, they have stretched far apart and sometimes it requires you to take a second look to figure that out to find the second prong. In a nutshell, there are two holes at the bottom. Rockwell thus far a sturdy tool that works fine.

Package includes

One Rockwell RK9003 JawHorse material support and saw horse.  


What People Still Want from RK9003

  • It doesn’t come color choice.
  • Back leg may become shaky sometimes.



2. Rockwell Jawhorse Sheetmaster Review (9002)

rockwell jawhorse sheetmaster review


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  • Flexible design lets you work at a comfortable height and Versatile Work Bench

This workbench works perfectly as a workbench to the miter saw, tile saws, and many more. The tripod base assure stability to work while doing cutting or drilling.

This support station can work as a workbench, a vice, and a machine.          

  • Easy to Assemble and start working

Just set it, lock it and clamp your way to hands-free support.

What We Liked

  • Support and clamp a Full sheet of 8×4:

With 1 ton of clamping force, it can hold up to 48 inch of sheet and support plywood to any wood to support your woodwork. It not only holds but also stabilizes the platform you work on.

  • Best for bending and Industrial power pressing

Since it has the industrial pressing power, whether you engage in bending or straightening, this support station helps you to become forceful with your given work. It 1 ton clamping pressure gives you that support to do it efficiently.

  • Holds up 600 lbs

Rockwell Jawhorse RK9002 has the capacity of holding 600 lbs. This works with 2000 lbs of force with one metric ton clamping force.

Since it has the scooter wheels to roll easily and the rear leg doubles to transport to any worksite, it makes your work and movement way to easier.


Bottom Line

The Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster is a beast of taking things on it and give you optimum hands-free support to your work. Because of its steady and awesome performance with customer rating, it has earned an immense reputation for being a reliable supporting tool.

Rockwell Jawhorse RK9002 vs RK9003

rockwell jawhorse rk9002 vs rk9003

Sheetmaster 9002JAWHORSE 9003
It’s 39” x 39” x 34” when standing and 29” x 14” x 13” when foldedit’s 33” x 15.5” x 15” when standing.
2000 lbs of pressure2200 lbs of pressure taking ability

49” of clamping range or you can say the extent of jaw.

Fact is, normally it opens up to 18 inches, you need to pop it out and insert the clamp revers to get the full clamp capacity.

37” of clamping range
53 pounds weighs43 pounds
When folded works with built-in straight line wheels for movingWhen folded it works like a trolley and moves with a roller.


Common Features in RK9002 vs RK9003

  • a 3/8” per step clamping method
  • Max load 600 lbs pressure taking capacity
  • Quick-release leg latches
  • Folds down without any tools
  • Urethane made grip to resist any mark at your premium wood while grabbing with a powerful force
  • Backed by 5 year  warranty
  • All Steel Construction
  • Rear leg doubles as a handle and back leg has unlockable wheels, thus you can raise the back to work however you want.
  • Foot paddle does the clamping work mostly leaving your hand full free.
  • Built in wheels
  • Awesome rubber feet great stability


We Choose Sheetmaster 9002; Why?

Both are pretty identical, few features would be needed in need, you just dont know, when! So our logic leans toward Sheetmaster partially to support all circumstance. However, subject to budget constraints and having specific work to accomplish, Jawhorse is still promising, flexible and powerful to deliver awesome result. 
Super Powerful Clamping Force

All credit goes to the wide clamping range of 48 inch and immense clamping force of 2000 pound that can hold numerous types of the material comes in different sizes. 

Conversely, RK9003 supports 36 inch range which may limit your work scope.

Clamps Strange Size Material Easily

Besides, strangely shaped wooden to metal materials, any weird shap wood can be clamped as well for fencing work. 

Though it has huge pressure in it’s clamping, it has zero probability of causing any damage to the item or material it holds. Besides, rockwell jawhorse RK9002 becomes a great support for holding up your strange sized bike for tuning. 

Expandable? Yes, it is.

Amazingly, this jaw horse can be expandable by separately sold items, such as: plywood, log, or welding jaws; a saddlebag; and a tool tray. It can take a look like a work table or work space with your extensions. 


In addition, RK9002 replaces wide range work stations such as a workbench, saw horses, bench vises, clams, and others.

How Specifically Rockwell Jawhorse Support Your Work?

  • Since it is being operated foot pedal, no use of hands to hold your cutting materials. As as result, you are basically having a third hand as an operator. A total hand free support station. 
  • Foldable feature along with it’s tripod stance allows you to take anywhere and use it with super ease.

rockwell JawHorse Support station review

How Rockwell Ensures Utter Stability and Power?

  • 14pt;”>Top to toe steel material ensures it readiness to take it up it to heavy wood cutting work.
  • Though it has multiple functions, it’s front feet  horse hoof ensures stability by having its a stirrup feature that makes sure remains steady and stable.



Honorable Mentions


3. Rockwell Jawhorse Review RK9034 

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Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand




90 degree clamping

90 degree pivoting clamping head assurer multiple flexibility to make wood work faster and easier. Besides, built in to provide clamping for various construction works.

Cranking or elevating system makes easy lifting to adjust

With this, using super swift crank system other micro adjustments can be made so easily.

Jawstand xp

Three sturdy base point

Besides, three super sturdy and stable base points keeps your attention undivided without worrying to move or fall.

Bubble indicators for labeling

It indicates when your work requires proper lavelling.


Provides massive projects a support

while working with long woods, while cutting you may face difficulty to support extended part of the wood. In that situation, this support station works amazingly to hold any height. Provides optimum support for  infeed, outfeed and lateral support for matching and sawing operations

Low friction slides

Low friction slides works best to provide support if you work with a project where you need to have your piece of wood stand still while screwing or fitting, awStand XP RK9034 provides excellent support.

rockwell JawHorse Support station

Support cabinets /doors while installation

Ideal for supporting cabinets, molding, doors, and similar materials for installation. It has 2 by 4 brace to hold or support crown molding while hanging it.

Pack includes

One Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP work support stand.



  • Works as a second set of hands
  • intergrated clamp strongly holds any material up to 1-3/4 inches wide
  • Excellent five year limited warranty
  • Provides support for precise positioning.


  • Tightening points sometimes works weak, but it takes time to get used with that.

Bottom Line

Jawstand xp, a rockwell Jawhorse Support station is basically a support stations that mainly assists with postitioning. In other words, the word XP means, exact positioning for fine tuning or perfect leveling, ends with up perfect security to work freely.

To get a secured work space Rk9034 Jawstand xp support station simply works great. The tripod set up ensures that stability and accuracy of work. Besides, it adds stability while working aggressively. 

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A Great Resell Value you Would get from rockwell JawHorse Support station

Without a doubt, this tool is sturdy and heavyweight machine, easily you would get a great resell value from it. You can check ebay.com or other checkafilipa.com for their resell values to get a better idea. 

Can Rockwell be a Best birthday or Wedding gift?

Last but not the least, if you are thinking of giving gifts, especially a friend or even husband, who is picky enough and loves working with tools, gifting that jawhorse would be a reason to be thankful to you as long as he/she has it.  

How Easy Rockwell to Assemble?

Jawhorse support station comes into pieces, I mean, pieces need to be attached per the direction given on guidebook. An American way but made in chinese. It is nothing abut sarcasm. Once you are done with unpacking, please go through the instructions properly to attach all the pieces back together.

Jawhorse is basically a Chinese item, this is how these things are being marketed. however, don’t need to worry at all, since it is a piece of cake, all you need to do is, discover things by going through all over.

Below video elaborates the detail use of this cordless saw machine along with the pleasure of using Jawhorse support station

Final words

To conclude, an effort has been given to give you a complete guideline to use a rockwell Jawhorse support station which is affordable, handy and user-friendly. furthermore, in terms of cutting wood, a support material is needed. Therefore, detail has been given as well for a better and complete solution.

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