[Carefully Picked] Top 7 Best Dog Crate Under $60

Finding a best Dog crate under $60 can be tricky but plays a big part to train and keep your dog safe. While buying a best dog crate kennel, few things you need to pay attention, such as- handle to carry, weight, size, number of doors and latches and how easy to assemble, collapse and set up.

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Most importantly, nobody has time to find tools while setting up which is also a crucial part to pay attention to. Here is the quest is : What is the best dog crate?

List of 7 Best Selling Dog Crate Under $60

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1. Amazon Basic Folding Metal Cheap Dog Crate

 dog crate

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With no doubt, this is the highest sold dog crate kennel in the market. It comes in 6 sizes with two styles (double door and single door)


  1. The size of this double- door crate is 42” which is an ideal size for both puppies and adult dogs.
  2. Double- door design helps your pooch for front and side entry.
  3. It has two slide-bolt latches on each door which ensures you dog’s security.
  4. It has an optional divider panel that you can easily adjust.

measurement for crate


  • Made with a strong metal wire that ensures ventilation and visibility
  • Can be easily folded and unfolded
  • One year warranty from AmazonBasics
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for strong boisterous dogs.
  • Floor pan has minimum support from only few metal wires

Key Decision Factors:

  • The crate can be folded easily when you need to carry it somewhere.
  • You can use this crate for potty training or house training.
  • It comes with a removable composite plastic pan.
  • breed wise recommendations are given per size of your dog. 

2. MidWest Homes for Pets-A cheap dog cage

outdoor dog cage

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Amazingly this midwest dog crate kennel comes in 7 sizes. While selecting, pay attention to your requirement of style, what to choose from single or double door crate. 


  1. This double- door crate provides a safe convenient and secured home for your best friend.
  2. It has a rubber rolling wheel which will help you to move anywhere easily- This feature is unique. 
  3. it will not leave any marks on the floor.
  4. The main point of attraction of this crate is you have the divider which will help you to manage the room for your pooch.
  5. Durable E coat finish
  6. Round corners
  7. Removable and washable plastic pan
  8. Plastic carrying handle that makes it travel compatible
  9. Patented rounded side clip


large dog cage


Comes with a year guarantee
Highly durable dog tray
Can set up in seconds
Single door comes blue and pink
Leakproof pan
Rubber roller wheel protects wooden floor


The wired frame can be easily deformed if the dog tries to break out.


3.Paws & Pals folding metal Dog Crate-Best Dog Crate Under $60

kennel for large dogs


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Paws and pals dog crates come in 6 sizes. This brand is one of the largest selling dog crates in the market. 



  1. This double door metal crate has two latches on each side, and the latches have designed hook which makes it difficult for your dog to open the door.
  2. It has multiple sizes amongst which you can find the right one according to your dog’s size.
  3. It is also easily foldable.
  4. Collapsible
  5. No Tools required to set up and fold.
  6. Durable and Long-lasting design
  7. Works great for large dogs


paws and pals best dog crate kennel


  • Thick and rigid wires makes this metal crate more strong
  • Easy to carry
  • Black Electro coat finish
  • Heavy-duty solid steel
  • High tensil strength wire


  • The tray does not slide out. You have to open the door to eject the tray
  • Not suitable for too strong dogs


4. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate- Best Dog crate Under $60

New world dog crate kennel

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This door comes in five sizes where the price varies size to size. Style is the patter which you need to choose while buying it, whether to take the double door or single door crate for your pooch. 

Adding a soft bed will reinforce your pet’s urge to make it cozier to hide and take rest whenever they want. 



  1. This crate has large swing doors that help your dog to easily enter and exit.
  2. This can easily be folded which doesn’t require any extra tools to carry
  3. Folding feature helps you to store at any tiny house corner.
  4. It comes with a leak-proof plastic pan.
  5. Heavy-duty slide- bolt latch securely locks dog crate door.
  6. Good to go both for indoors and outdoors.
  7. Travel compatible.
  8. Long-lasting E-Coat finish

[ Ecoating is an immersion wet paint finishing process that electrical current to attract the paint product to a metal surface. This process also names as paint deposition]




  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Rounded corners for safety and doesn’t poke while pacing.
  • -year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Latch system is flimsy, clever dogs can come out easily
  • This does not come with a dividing panel



5. Carlson Pet Products Best Dog Crate Under $60

carlson best dog crate kennel

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This dog crate has thousands of customer reviews and highly reliable among customers. Price varies according to size. 


  1. This dog crate comes in 6 sizes
  2. This is a standard designed and secured single door metal dog crate.
  3. It can be easily folded that will help the owner with the crate and to store it.
  4. This is a perfect crate for all sized breeds and puppies.
  5. Bottom Pan is easily removable and washable.
  6. You can easily train your pup until he turns 2 to 3 months old in the crate.
  7. Durable, secure and compact.
  8. Multiple points for locking
  9. No tools are required to set up which makes it fast and easy. 


carlson best dog kennel

Folds without any complication.
All Steel
This crate can accommodate up to 120 pounds of sized dogs.


It does not have a sliding tray
There is an easy sliding latch that can easily be opened by an intelligent dog.



6. PetmateProValue Small Dog Crate


petmate best dog crate kennel


Buy At Amazon

Petmate has been doing business for 50 years, thus their services and products are highly reliable.  With intensive research, their works have satisfied millions of pet owners. 



  1. Petmate dog crate comes in six sizes
  2. It is a perfect crate where you can train your pooch easily.
  3. It is designed with your pet’s safety in mind.
  4. It has 5 point locking system.
  5. It has rust-resistant electro- coat finish that helps to maximize the life of the crate and for long term outdoor use. 
  6. This crate is easily collapsible that you can travel or store it easily.
  7. It has super easy adjustable divider to be used when your pup grows up.


petmate dog crate kennel


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable in compared any other best selling crate
  • Multiple locking corner
  • Collapsibleble and portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Comes with plastic tray rather than metal


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7. BestPet Large Dog crate 

The best part of this crate is, this crate comes only in two sizes. Thus you have a limited amount of confusion and to chose what you need. 

best pet dog crate kennel

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  • Best Pet double door crate two heavy-duty slide-bolt latches that lock the crate properly.
  • It sets up and folds very easily which requires no tool.
  • It contains a durable leak-proof ABS composite tray that will not stain, warp, corrode or minimize pet odours.
  • This dog crate is perfect for both indoors and outdoors because of its longevity and durability.
  • It also has a convenient handle on the top that makes it easily movable from one place to another.
  • Best known for camping since it has a foldable and lightweight feature.
  • Puppy playpen is super easy to set up without tools,  to assemble and to come down with no effort to pay attention to your work. 

best pet dog crate kennel


Very large in size where your dog can move very easily
Easily movable
Easily washable


Relatively a bit pricey than the others
It does not have a divider


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Wooden Dog Crates

VI. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

new age wooden dog crates

Check Price at Amazon

The New age pet ecoflex crate comes in four adorable colors: Espresso, Antique White, Grey and Russet

Besides, sizes come in for total 4 types so the price varies. One of the highest selling dog crate in Amazon. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate looks elegant and posh.

Positive side of this wooden dog crate end table is, it is made of Ecoflex, a non toxic recycled type of wood that also combines polymer composite material. That makes this crate sturdy and wont have any possibility of warping, cracking or splitting like a wood turns out after long usage.

Small and Medium crates have one secure latch and for large and Xtra large crates it comes with two latches. Latches are secured and can not be opened accidentally.

Sizes supports:

  • Small for dogs up to 20 lbs.
  • Medium for dogs up to 50 lbs.
  • Large for dogs up to 80 lbs and
  • X-Large for dogs up to 100 lb



  • No tools require to assemble and super easy to assemble.
  • Double/Single stainless steel latch
  • Bars/Spindle are made of stainless steel and tubing pattern made it stand out of crowd
  • New age pet crate may also come in handy as end table
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Ecoflex material assures longer durability
  • Color never fades
  • Works as wooden dog crate end table



  • Inconvenient to carry or mobility is inconvenient.
  • This crate is not chew proof.
  • For anxiety suffering dogs, this crate is a “No”


VII. Casual Home Wooden Dog Crate

wooden dog crate end table

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One of the highest selling dog crate in Amazon.

This dog crate comes in five dedicated and distinct color: Black, Espresso, Taupe Grey, Walnut and white.

Total six size options are available to take, thus highly flexible to find for any type of dog you want.

This is easy, light and no tool assembly wooden dog crate. Lockable gate with security of not opening up out of no where. Casual home wooden dog crate works as wooden dog crate end table that provides ample space to keep things on it. 

Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Furthermore, this wooden dog crate is not made in china.



  • Spindles are made of wood that creates a healthy surrounding for your dog.
  • #000000;”>Eco friendly since it comes in solid wood.
  • Foldable
  • No tool is required to assemble
  • A chew resistant solid wooden dog crate
  • Impeccable finish assures adjustability with other furniture.



  • Doesn’t come with dog bed and replacement mat
  • Can leave scratch
  • Dog’s might chew spindles


Portable Dog Kennel for Travelling

One thing that needs confirmation before a buying a Dog crate for travelling. It is imperative to meet airline cargo specification regardless of the crate you choose. This is the number one rule of thumb. 


1. Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

petmate dog crate

Buy at Amazon

Comes four sizes- 28’’, 32, 36’’, 40’’

Adequate ventilation

Tie down strap holes and proper space in according to the dog size you have. Internally the raised interior provides optimum comfort for your pet.

Meets Airline specification

This dog crate meets most airline cargo specification. Heavy duty recycled plastic and easy open front latch make it worthy to face the stress of travel.

Highly Experienced seller

Petmate store has been conducting business related to PET for more thatn 50 years. Thus they are highly reliable seller to take the dog crate from.



  • Wire Vents
  • Raised interior
  • Tie down holes
  • Superior air flow
  • Screws and fasteners offer hassle free assembly
  • Highly durable and lasts long
  • High Quality plastic


  • You need to buy it separately- Petmate water cup and petmate kennel bowl




2. Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel

aspen dog crate for large dogs

Buy at Amazon

best value money can buy

In compared to any other kennel and the quality it offers, it is highly affordable and maintains quality. Comes in total 9 sizes and 8 colors with different and unique sizes and shapes.

Airline adaptable dog crate

It takes the pressure and shake of airline travel. Most importantly, it is approved by airline and meets airline cargo specification.

Comfortable grip and Proper ventilation

Aspen dog kennel ensures proper ventilation with adequate number of holes. This kennel comes with comfortable grip for comfy travel.



  • Lighweight
  • Meets airline cargo specification
  • for chill dogs it works great
  • Great collection of color and sizes unlike any other kennels.



  • Low quality plastic
  • No rear ventilation


Before Buying Metal Dog Kennel

dog crate sizes

  • The dog has to stand and stretch their legs while they are in a crate.
  • remove all collars, leads, tags from your dog to ensure comfort while they are in a crate.
  • It is recommended not to buy big dog crate kennels, it has to be per size of it. Proper size gives them the feeling of den, safety, and security. 
  • You need to be gentle and patience to give your dog some time to acquaint with the newly introduced crate.
  • Wash the pan with mild pet safe cleanser and water, and let it air dry, but it is recommended not to dry under sunlight if it is plastic pan since it may warp. 


Why do you need a Best dog crate?


dog crate with divider

  1. Especially for new dogs to get along with your house while you are away
  2. Dog crate kennels keep your puppy safe when you cannot supervise it.
  3. At the busy time of the day, small puppies are always at the risk of being stepped, 
  4. Strats biting whatever they find
  5. Licks on walls and unhygienic areas which may cause harm to their stomach.
  6. Breaking and Barking at things or doors
  7. Biting pillows
  8. Eating mud
  9. Swallowing parts of torn toys


FAQ on Dog crate Kennel

  1. Which crate is best amongst these crates?

One might have different features which is missing in another and another might have a unique feature that makes it best. Each and every crate is best in its own way.


  1. Which sized crate will be good for a medium sized dog?

For a medium sized dog 42 inch is better. They can have a comfortable and moveable place there.


  1. How these crates should be washed?

Though all these are metal crates, it would be better if you rub them with soft brushes or clothes and use cold water for washing.

  1. Can I use 1 big crate for keeping 2 dogs?

Yes, you can. But, it might not be comfortable for your dogs. They should be given a big space so that they can move easily.

  1. Should I keep the crate outside or inside home?

You can keep wherever you want. But it is better to keep the crate inside house. Because. When it will rain or will be cold outside, your best friend might suffer.


6. How to buy the right sized dog crate kennel? 

Take a tape, measure from your dog’s nose to the bottom of tail while standing. and measure again by nose to the bottom of the feet.

Always keep a buffer space for your dog for added comfort for your dog. 

Some dogs become taller than in sitting position. Also, measure while they are sitting. add 2-4 inches on both sides to find the best crate kennel for your dog. 



To Conclude

There are many pricey crate kennels for dogs. Among all those kennels, we have found 7 best selling and strongest dog crate kennel for puppies and large dogs that are within your budget. This article will help you to find the cheap but most demanding and useful crate kennel for your puppy under $60.




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