Dog Jumping Over Fence? [Mistakes And How To Solve]

The tendency of your dog jumping over the fence to escape from your yard or fence is considered as a common scenario. It can become a difficult task if you don’t know some simple tricks on how to stop dog from jumping a fence. Tricks may sound simple but become difficult if we don’t know it. We may find different solutions to dogs jumping over the fence. The tendency of dog jumping over the fence could be a size of equivalent to 6 feet high. 

Below mentioned methods may work, but in this content, comprehensive ways have been given to find a diy ways to stop your dog jumping over the fence. 


Why Does a Dog Jump Over The Fence?

A dog may not have the chance to play with its owner. Besides, in absence of the owner, Dog becomes restless and gloomy. 

According to RSPCS knowledge base, Australia’s most trusted source of animal welfare science, advice and information website, mentions few top three reasons:

  • They see an animal or something else that they feel compelled to chase.
  • They see a friendly person or dog they would like to meet.
  • If your dog is bored and looking for something to do, or looking for you. Some dogs can suffer from separation anxiety.

There are other reasons also mentioned, we found these top three goes basically with everyone’s case. According guidances from different experts, few more other interesting reasons have been mentioned why dog jump over fences. 

The tendency to discover

In many cases, your dog tries jumping over the fence to discover exciting part out of their fence or from the house. should the fence is long enough, they try to jump to see outside.

The barking of a neighboring dog

when neighboring dogs bark and their normal tendency is to reply or bark at. this creates a tendency to meet face to face and bark more. in this case, instead of dealing with the dog, you need to discuss it with your neighbor. 

dog jumping fence solutionsLess activity of dog force them to jump or escape

They sit at the house throughout the day and do not get the chance to run or play during daylight. Occasionally, if you dont take them out to walk or mix with others to play along, that becomes another reason for them to escape.

Encaging dog trigger jumping behavior:

caging them for more than 4 hours can be a reason to trigger your dog to jump over the fence. The cage should fit dog size and if captivated a long time, this triggers reason of feeling circumcised and making your dog fierce to escape. 


Your tiredness trigger jumping behavior:

Once you come back from work, you remain tired and stressed. In this case, they just find ways to look for a change.

As said earlier, less engagement and activity with you as well as with toys create intense boredom for your pet. Unlike cats, dog requires movement and activity to keep them fit and active as well as attached to you. 

List of 6 Ideas to Stop Dog Jumping Over Fence

I. Stop dog jumping over the fence by PVC piping

II. Putting Hot Fencing- A Wire Above the Fence

III.  Stop Using See Through Fence

IV. Keep More Than one Pet

V. Keep The playground Engaging with Interactive dog Toys

VII. Put a Wireless Dog Fence


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Idea 1: Stop Dog Jumping Over the Fence by PVC piping

how to stop dog jumping fenceThis idea is pretty solid and long-lasting when your dog jumps over the fence. The user would find a reliable sense of security. In a nutshell, I pipe can be installed right above the fence, especially in weak spots.


Where you can put your bags, besides, a spot from where you can’t see the movement of your dog. In that case, Dog fencing methods may seem to involve lots of processes, but it is super easy unless you know it. Thanks to Your Sassy Self



Explanation on PVC Piping Process

Putting an additional wire adjacent to the wire can stop your dog jumping over fence.  The concept is, it doesn’t provide any gripping ground to the dog to hold him tightly to escape.

Use the PVC to measure the section, keep it 4 feet long, it is being measured where you can put your brackets (I mean a simple marking) and secure the fence.

Thread the steel /braided wire through the l bracket (prep for wire anchor locks) Tighten with wrench (secure one side with lock) Thread the wire through the other l bracket Thread wire through the pvc pipe, you can put a small-sized PVC thorough the big one to avoid the bigger spaced pvc movement/shake.

By installing a PVC pipe right above the fence can help stop dog from jumping over the fence. Once they try to jump over, a slippery slope discourages the dog to get the grip.

Once they fail to get the grip, their effort of jumping over the fence goes in vain. After 3-4 attempts, they won’t keep trying. This fencing method to stop dog for jumping can be effective and plausible for big dogs.

This technique may sound expensive, basically, it is not. Overall, the fencing technique evolves the use of some easy tools to set these PVC pipes installed.

Should you be unable to do that, you can ask for professional people to get the help. To make this idea proved, you can use some other methods.

On the other hand, these tools can be installed in your own way. It is not a golden rule to apply, hence, you can apply your own expertise to stop your dog from jumping over the fence.


Idea 2: An effective and Affordable Method Hot Fencing to Stop Dog Jumping Over Fence

In this you tube channel, “Chick-a-Woof Ranch” We found an interesting idea of Livestock Guardian dogs. Credit goes to them. We just shared the idea in writting just incase it helps. 

Story of an Owner Applying Hot Fencing

The owner had to spend a few hundred dollars to protect his 10-acre land to stop his dog from escaping over the fence. Though it may seem to you a contemporary idea it was worth watching.

We always talk about a little piece of land or lawn of ours. What if anyone has miles of acres of land and few dogs to protect their lives stock? Scenario:

  • Miles of acres of land with livestock guardians dogs escaping from land.

 Problems Faced:

  • No matter what you try, your pet will try to escape and can attempt escaping over and over.
  • The hassle of hunting and getting complaints from the neighborhood can be a bitter experience, after all, that is what landowners believed.
  • Although his huge land was finished off by field fencing which was 4 feet high.  Dogs often were successful in with their attempts of escaping. Surprisingly, it took 7 years to complete! And he enjoyed it.
  • His support, his partner, could barely look after the dogs due to household chores.
  • Dogs were climbing out of the fence like a ladder which was pretty bothering the owner.

Solutions Applied:

  • The owner was pretty aware of this and installed huge fencing to protect his three precious guardians.  The owner used wires with tiny rectangular holes in it, knowing the size of his gate as Dogs could flip through it. It had tiny gaps for dogs not to escape easily.
  • Most importantly, the concept of hot fencing really caught my attention. That fencing method stopped his dog from escaping by 90%. Simple, nothing fancy about it. Just a wire was added one feet above the fence with each and every portion of fence to stop dogs from escaping.
  • That hot fence seems invisible.  The owner knows, still, they will try to escape, however, that fence worked fine for him.

Let us visualize this scenario: Normally dogs try to jump over by sneaking through the wall. This is one scenario.

Secondly, once a dog is successful, he would try to push his entire body to flip over the fence. In that very scenario, that tiny little attached string creates a temporary barrier and bounces dog back from the fence.

They may try it several times, eventually, they will be alarmed and aware of their failed attempts.


Idea 3: Stop Using See-Through Fence to Block Visibility of Neighbor’s Dog

stop dog from jumping fence

Having a see-through fence causes disturbance to your dog on many occasions. Due to having multiple distractions outside, they trigger the reason dog jumping over the fence.

Generally, the tendency wants to take part in the activity or the action happening outside of the fence. Thus, it sometimes distracts your dog from playing within the yard.  Few action points:

  • a long fence as per the size and shape of your dog. 
  • Fence blocking the view simultaneously from above and beneath the fence.
  • On wire fencing, if your dog is small, putting a fence privacy screen will help you to get rid of this expensive installation of hardcore fencing. This fence is affordable and sturdy enough to hold the pressure of your small dog or puppy.



4. Make your lawn playful and engaging with toys and tools

how to stop dog from jumping gate

Making your yard playful can help you a lot to engage your dog within the yard. This does not only help to forget about escaping but also does help them to remain engaged as long as you are around. Using interactive toys and bones crave them the most can make your yard a place to spend time by them.

5. Keep More Than One Pet

how to stop dog from hopping fence

In addition to that, keeping multiple dogs to get a partner to play can help you to some extent to keep them engaged with playing. Likewise,  we feel bored when we are alone without until we find somebody to talk with.

Keeping the same breed to remain playful, it helps most. 


6. Put a Wireless Dog Collar

how to stop dog from jumping against fence

Wireless pet collars generate a mild shock which becomes an indicator or stimuli not to recur a particular action.

How Does Wireless Pet Collar discourage your Dog to Jump over the Fence?

First: Wireless dog collars create a perimeter. When your dog crosses that limit or boundary, that collar creates a dog-compatible shock or vibration. Through training, dogs can be trained to stay within the given territory.

Second; putting a dog collar helps to reduce dog barking as well as unnecessary pacing. Through the treats and reward process, this tendency of dogs can be stopped. That leads to stop your dog to jump over the fence.

Third: It saves your dog life by discouraging them to run over the road or cross boundary.

Fourth: It helps you to keep your dog free to roam around instead of chaining them.

Fifth: A dog collar reduces unnecessary barking tendency at the fence.

Few More reasons for Dog Jumping Over the Fence

how to stop dog from jumping gate

To add to that, a Wire fence is a see-through fence.

  • Dogs may get irritated or excited if they are not taken to walk regularly.
  • Escaping could trigger for not having a regular shampoo. For not having a proper bath, might create itching for lice and eventually they try to find escape points. 
  • There might be any hidden scratch/cut or bite from other dogs, so it is needed to inspect their whole body when you return home. They might start pacing or barking or start trying to escape.  
  • Treats might become boring to them if these are not changed in a routine basis.

One last thing to add, according to wagwalking

“When your dog returns, do not punish him for jumping. He has already forgotten how he obtained his freedom and he will not understand what he has done wrong. Punishment will do nothing to deter him from jumping again and may just make him afraid of you and lead him to jump again or more often”


Proper training and patience can help you to get rid of any problem you face with your dog. So to know how to stop your dog from jumping over a fence, you need to pay attention to single details to stop it from recurrence. However the processes mentioned are not the golden rules to follow or apply. Various experts may share their own opinion or other effective ways to stop your dog’s particular behaviour to jump unnecessarily.


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