7 Best Faux ivy Privacy Fencing Panels [Know How & Review]

Faux ivy privacy fencing brings an ample amount of comforts when you put it at your backyards, front yards, patios/porches, home gardens, walkways, and landscaping. Privacy fencing is becoming more and more popular and is in a way replacing the traditional privacy fence. Faux ivy panels are a great way to add some privacy and protection while still maintaining the appearance of a traditional fence. 

When you need the highest quality fence you can find on the market, you want faux ivy privacy panels. They look like traditional ivy and can be put on any fence.

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ColourTree Faux Ivy Fence Roll

faux ivy privacy fence

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How it is different from other Brands:

  • Great Collections: This fake ivy roll comes in 7 amazing sizes (it changes from time to time) unlike any other brand. Thus, you can customize it and make sure it fits your requirement for fencing.
  • Great Warranty and Return policy: A diverse manufacturer of artificial faux ivy leaf privacy fences who has lot to offer. This artificial fence privacy screen comes with 3 years full warranty and free replacement. Come along zip ties can help amazingly to install this fake ivy fence. 



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Things You Need to Consider Before You Buy

faux ivy privacy weather-resistant fence cover

Know  requirement

Before buying Artificial Fence, please measure first and then go for the right fence you need. You need to know the type:

  • It comes in a roll and this is popular for fencing. 
  • It may come in shapes which can be either square or round pieces to make a great decoration on the wall but not popular for fencing projects.
  • Comes in an expandable trellis that has artificial leaves on it and can be installed less hassle and covers smaller areas. 

Check for warranty

Various sellers have their own warranty policy. Usually the warranty policy remains within the company website and some display their warranty policy with the showcased advert. In addition, a flimsy fence or shown fence might not satisfy your demand when you get it at your hand.

Check for Back meshing

Not all artificial faux Ivy privacy fence come with back meshing, check this if you need extra privacy along with the green ambiance.

Regardless you want an economical or sturdy premium fence for your fencing; it has to make sure your privacy whatever the fence type is.

Check Installation process

For artificial ivy fences, the installation process should not be that complicated. In addition, attaching zip ties is one easy task, you can keep it out of consideration.

However, if any other process comes in between, then you need to check the user manual before you buy one for your yard.

Does it come with zip ties?

Having an artificial leaf privacy fence doesn’t mean it would come with a zip tie. Buying a zip tie means spending few more bucks, some even buy an extra-long zip tie even though fences come with zip ties. So, the choice is yours.

Material made

Generally, you would find 130 GSM material back meshing (grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric) has been used to make faux ivy fence roll or expandable trellis long-lasting and highly durable.

In case of other material use, you need to understand how much it might be worth it. Such as – HDPE materials, SGS certification and GSM grades other PE materials etc these are normally tagged terms with product descriptions.

Water and Heat resistant

Regardless of the materials, you may find in this artificial fence, it has to be water and heat-resistant at all points.

Do you need to customizable fence?

Usually, artificial ivy fences come in a variety of sizes. However, companies with the best rapport usually don’t come with different sizes of ivy fences, so check it sometimes you may want custom size and sometimes you know you have the exact size given on this fake ivy fence.


Artificial Hedge Panels Vs Faux Ivy Fence

Artificial Hedge Panels/Artificial greenery Wall PanelsFaux Ivy Fence Roll
if you fail to cover narrow spaces, this would do well. Such as 20”x20” area. Each hedge panel take lesser space and cover narrow areas.Faux ivy fences are collapsible which are required to cover long areas. such as 120″X 40″ areas.
Can be used for decoration and indoors and outdoors where long fences can’t cover specific areas where you want to have the touch of green, Such as at washroom, dining room, artificial green wall outdoor, reception desks at offices and at celebrations for a great photo corner.It mainly serves the purpose of blocking view and can be used outdoors on fences, balconies and patios or backyards.
The extension is possible with the same brands and color since this comes in square blocks, so there is no limitation to add blocks on how many you want. Obviously extendable if you prefer according to your need or can add more of it. 

Some brands can be expandable, such as : Doeworks

Denser than faux ivy fences which you cut according to your need to cover any tiny space.Less dense which creates a block of 90% according to many experts.


List of Best Artificial Faux Ivy Fence Reviews

RankingEditor's ChoiceEditor's RatingsSpecial FeatureInstant Link
1ColourTree Hedge Fence✪✪✪✪✪comes in 8 amazing sizesBuy At Amazon
2Eden's Decor✪✪✪✪✪ two unique color- Forest green and Fresh greenBuy At Amazon
3TANG✪✪✪✪✪added mesh backingBuy At Amazon
4RUIXFLR✪✪✪✪☆lots of color and style optionsBuy At Amazon
5Doeworks Retractable✪✪✪✪☆natural looking wooden rod/expandableBuy At Amazon
6ECOOPTS✪✪✪✪☆Leave size and length is customizableBuy At Amazon
7E&K Sunrise✪✪✪✪☆130 GSM back meshingBuy At Amazon


1. ColourTree Faux Ivy Fence Roll

best fake ivy trellis

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Manufacturer: Colour Tree Store

How it is different from other Brands:

  • Great Collections: This fake ivy roll comes in 7 amazing sizes (it changes from time to time) unlike any other brand. Thus, you can customize it and make sure it fits your requirement for fencing.
  • Great Warranty and Return policy: A diverse manufacturer of artificial faux ivy leaf privacy fences who has lot to offer. This artificial fence privacy screen comes with 3 years full warranty and free replacement. Come along zip ties can help amazingly to install this fake ivy fence. 

What We Liked

  • Custom Size Fence: Besides, you can cut it according to your choice, so you can install it easily and put it to create a best privacy fence to block 100% view at your patio, balcony or lawn.
  • Mesh Backing for greater View blockage: The biggest aspect of the Colortree artificial ivy privacy fence is, it has mesh backing that makes it more protective fence with high blockage. However, if you want, it can be removed.
  • Supporting frame makes it sturdy: Simultaneously, it comes with a supporting frame makes sure no angle of this fence is bent or curved, making it a highly effective and upright sturdy fence.



  • Excellent warranty and replacement policy
  • Fade-resistant and Water-resistant
  • Super easy to install and comes with spare leaves just in case anything falls off. 
  • Made of commercial-grade PE which is highly durable and long-lasting.


  • Comes in different sizes but not with different color patterns

Key Decision Factors:

Colortree Artificial leaf privacy fence is a unique, premium, and solid ivy fence that makes it stand out from the crowd. Keeping aside the premium pricing, if you want something really sturdy, dense greenery, strong frame, durability, and mesh backing for superb privacy, then it stands first in our choice to suggest you test it. 

2.Eden’s Decor Artificial Fence Cover

artificial hedge fence panels

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Manufacturer: Eden’s Decor 

How it is different from other Brands:

  • Different Types of Color: This is 100% toxic-free, no pungent smell, and is highly durable with top-quality P.E material. The colors offered are pretty unique, all have a combination with forest types, such as forest mesh, forest mint, and forest green. you would love it!

What We Liked

  • Comes in unique colors: Eden’s decor Privacy Trellis Fence comes in three different and unique colors- Forest Color, Forest/Mint, Mint Green ensuring the required ambiance according to your need. 


  • Realistic looking and protects harmful UV rays.
  • This Privacy Trellis Fence is highly resistant to tear
  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to install ranging from the railing to chain link fence
  • Super weatherproof faux ivy privacy fencing
  • comes with zip ties


  • Eden’s decor doesn’t have many sizes to offer.
  • Made in China
  • No Mesh backing on color choices. 

Key Decision Factors:

Eden decor Privacy Trellis Fence has been doing business in the market for a long time and has a good rapport of providing a quality product. 

Actually, this fence is 12 feet long by 3 feet 4 inches wide, so you can say, it fits any standard size balcony or you can customize it by cutting it to install your required length. 

In terms of density and color choice, it can be your second choice knowing it doesn’t provide much of a choice with sizes. 

3. TANG Artificial Artificial Fence Screening

artificial fence covering

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Manufacturer: Tang Store

How it is different from other Brands:

  • Great Variation and Easy Customization: This comes in dozens of sizes; this means this fence is highly customizable. Comes in two types of leaf- Lauren and ivy leaf which is unique


What We Liked

  • Added Mesh backing: Provides more privacy with an added mesh backing that comes with Artificial Ivy Leaf Privacy Decor Panels.
  • HDPE Material: This artificial hedge is made of HDPE plastic material which is long-lasting and protects UV.


  • Tang privacy screen assures strong leaves attached with the fence
  • artificial leaf privacy décor panels come with one year warranty and workmanship defects
  • It comes in use for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Water-resistant
  • 130 GSM material ensure longer usability
  • Easy installation


Key Decision Factors:

It has an attached clip to snap easily with the next fence, this is how it makes sure an upright and sturdy fence that protects your privacy.

This faux hedge roll can easily be mounted with pre-fabricated ring holes and mini panels come with snap-on panels.

Basically, all sizes come in 3.25 feet or 39 inches- the pressing point is, you can decide or customize the length of the ivy fence according to your requirement yard, balcony, chain link fence or patio. 


4. RUIXFLR Artificial Faux Ivy Leaf Privacy Fence

artificial hedge privacy screen

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Colordark green, light green, silkscreen
Stylesweet potato leaf, green dill leaf, maple leaf, watermelon leaf
Size1*3 meters/39.37*118.11in

How it is different from other Brands:

  • It has lots of color unique colors which are uniquely given with options with alphabets 
  • style options are pretty unique since these all are not just green.              

What We Liked

  • The material comes in polyester fiber blade which is mainly plastic silk cloth


  • Odorless high-quality plastic
  • Lasts long without maintenance
  • UV and Weather resistant


  • It wouldn’t circulate much air because of thickness
  • Doesn’t come with size preferences and mesh backing.
  • It doesn’t come with zip ties

Key Decision Factors:

This ivy fence comes in awesome choices of colors which you can install in a 3 feet wide and 9.8 feet long fence easily.

But one more thing, it doesn’t have mesh backing. As a result, it might not be fully noise reducer or 100% privacy ensure.

Because of its unique patterns of color and low length preference it came in to our rankings number 4. 


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5. DOEWORKS Expandable Faux Ivy Fencing Panel for Backdrop Garden

Best expandable faux ivy privacy fence

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How it is different from other Brands:

  • Clear veins of each leaf and thick leaves make it special in comparison to other faux ivy fences.
  • Besides, DOEWORKS, unlike any other brands mentioned here is expandable. 
  • Doesn’t have mesh backing for super privacy but these artificial leaves have taken shelter in a natural bamboo backing. 


What We Liked

  • An authentic willow frame makes a great artificial ivy leaf garland plants
  • The manufacturer-provided actual count of the number of leave pairs which is 412 pairs.
  • Each leave is 7*7 cm thick
  • The perfect example of an expandable faux privacy fence that doesn’t require installation at some point, you can just lean it where you want it to be. However, you can attach them with zip ties just in case you want to mount it. 


  • easy to clean
  • no chance of fading because of its thickness
  • Pretty dense when closed
  • natural-looking wooden rod to support the frame instead of traditional plastic mesh
  • resistant to simple stretching for tearing and falling of leaves.


  • it doesn’t come in any other green colors.
  • Comes in pieces so no option to order customized sizes, you need few more pieces if you want to fit it in big fence. 

Key Decision Factors:

Comes in 48 inches by 18 inches which can be expanded to 116 inches with width and 32.25 inches in length.

Speaking of expandable fences, this expandable artificial foliage fence assures the real vibe of it. Unlike anything else, it ensures real expansion and gives you a brand new feeling of having of aesthetic fence or privacy to your property. 


If Want to find more about Expandable Faux Ivy fence, Click for Another Full Review

6. ECOOPTS Outdoor Faux Ivy Privacy Screen

best faux privacy fence

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How it is different from other Brands:

  • Custom size options are pretty vast, the width of leaves ranging from 3/4/6ft which can be chosen according to your choice.
  • Length size starts from 2 ft to maximum 60 feet, this is amazing!


What We Liked

  • Realistic looking and thickness is great to have great privacy.
  • Zip ties provided to DIY installation within minutes


  • Great for décor as well as a privacy fence
  • Easy to cut to make the best fit.
  • Great value for the price you pay
  • You can order according to the size of your fence or area you need to cover.
  • Maximum UV and weather-resistant


  • Made in china
  • No other color variant is available

Key Decision Factors:

This 3.25 feet wide fence offers an ample variety of customized lengths which allows you to order according to your choice.

Since leaves come in great shape and thickness with snapping options to install within minutes, it is an awesome option to choose from.

Besides, the thickness blocks view pretty well, from our point, Ecoopts can be a great addition to your fence.


7. E&K Sunrise Artificial Ivy on a Roll

ivy artificial leaf fencing

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How it is different from other Brands:

  • Thinking of buying a premium artificial ivy, then this one is for you. Not an ordinary option to take, but you will love it for it’s result. Hundreds of premium buyers took it as they simply loved it.
  • Comes in lots of options of sizes, not colors, and a convenient count method helping you to make the right decision to put it on the right-sized fence. 

What We Liked

  • 130 GSM standard mesh backing
  • Since offered sizes range in all types of territory, from smaller backyard to long swimming pools can achieve apex aesthetics with its presence.


  • Super dense and weatherproofing
  • Click together panels
  •  UV protected and
  • realistic face-resistant polyester
  • The lightweight feature made basically premium as it lets you install all by yourself
  • Use your hose pipe to clean it as it is great to take pipe spray to make it look like brand new.
  • 95% privacy with it’s opaque backing



  • Only one type of leaf and color offers.

Key Decision Factors:

You have your return policy in your pocket and don’t need to worry about losing anything. Even if you spend good money for value, for anything otherwise you can have you chances to get the right thing.

However, with few options, you may hesitate which is pretty obvious but the quality is awesome for a faux ivy leaf lover.




Regardless of fences, wall or chain link, please make sure, you measure right amount of hedges to install the artificial ivy roll and order accordingly.

How to Install Artificial Leaf Panels at Drywalls?

Video Reference Link Credit goes GreenSmart Decor

  • Unpack the panels
  • Make sure the panels are aligned in a uniform way
  • Snap the columns with matching pair
  • Few tools are required for Dry wall installation- hammer, concrete nail, Zip ties, Dry wall nails, screw driver, fixing nails, and scissors
  • correct measure for installing hedges is, five inches between nails.
  • after measuring 5 inches, then install the concrete nails keeping five inches distance.
  • Install your aligned panels
  • Aligned panels makes it easy to snap with other panels easily or helps to match pair.
  • Use scissors if you need trimming any area you want to level. Make sure you don’t loose much leaves.
  • Done.

How to Install Artificial Ivy Rolls at Chain link fences?

This is the summary of her simple Video instruction: Video credit goes to: Designer Plants

  • Tools you might need: use a scissor, zip ties, zip ties cutter and an Artificial Ivy roll.
  • Pretty simple, put then on the chain link and attach them with zip ties making sure the panels are aligned.
  • done

How to Install Faux Ivy Privacy Fence On Wooden Fence Panel?

This is the summary of her simple Video instruction: Video Credit: Designer Plants

  • Tools you need staple gun and scissors. It is better you take help from a friend to hold things up.
  • hold the artificial hedges upon the wooden fence.
  • Use the staple gun to attach them with the wooden panel
  • For better stability, you can staple two consecutively.
  • Measure correctly to make sure, you dont lose many leaves in case you need trimming.


Final Words

According to Book ” On Garden Style”  Written by Bunny Williams with Nancy Drew:

” There is nothing more beautiful than walking through a patch of ivy, Just one kind of Ivy”

Therefore, if you don’t have the scope of having one privacy faux ivy fencing on your back yard or garden or lawn or at fence.

Therefore, installing an artificial faux ivy fence can enhance the beauty of your backyard way more than before. If you want a very sleek and visually pleasing fence, these seven privacy fence panels are a good choice.

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