What Are The Best Privacy Options For Chain Link Fence?

It is not rocket science to get privacy on your chain link fence. All you need is a little bit of idea and some effort to make it happen. All you need is some specific ideas and an idea of how much it might cost you. 

How Much It Might Cost You To Add Privacy on Chainlink Fence?

Before you embark on thinking of adding privacy to your chain link fence, let us give you an estimation how much it might cost you overall and the amount of time it might take you to install on a 20 feet long chain link fence. 

Ideas to Add Privacy Fence on Chainlink FenceEstimated CostTime To Install
Privacy Screens/Privacy WindscreensLess than $100-$150 Maximum 1 Hour-2 Hour
Privacy SlatsLess Than $2001 and Hal Hour
Privacy TapesLess Than $100Less Than 1 Hour or May Be More
Artificial Fauxy Ivy FenceLess Than $2001 and Half Hour
Artificial Expandable Ivy FenceLess Than $100Less Than 30 Minutes
Artificial Lattice or Vines on FenceLess Than $50-$80Less Than 50 Minutes

List Options You Can Use to Create Privacy to Outdoors

  1. Privacy Windscreen
  2. Privacy Slats
  3. Artificial Faux Ivy Screen
  4. Privacy Tapes
  5. Privacy Screens For Balcony
  6. Artificial Vines

1. Privacy WindScreen works great and Comes in Customized Order

privacy screen fence on chain link fence

When thinking of something easy and fast to install, screens to cover long chain-link fences works amazingly to create awesome privacy. 

Besides, you don’t need to order premade fabrics, this screen can be ordered per your need.

The majority of the screens come in UV-protected material and HDPE components to ensure long-lasting service. 


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2. Privacy Slats Works Great According to the Diamonds of Fence

how to convert a chain link fence into a privacy fenceOn Chainlink fences, you just insert the slats through the diamonds and create a great privacy screen or fence with less visibility.

Apparently, it may look difficult to install but it is entirely DIY. To have fixed bottom you get additional bottom slats to have firm slats on your chain link fences. 

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3. Artificial Faux Ivy Screens Comes in Great Variations

chain link fence privacy optionsArtificial Ivy fences come in three types- artificial ivy hedge roll, hedge panels and expandable trellis fence with artificial leaves. 

Whatever options you take, they work great but hedge panels come in square shapes which mainly decorate your indoor or outdoor spaces or wall. Therefore, you take rolls or expandable trellis fences which can be installed easily within few minutes.

The majority of the fences have 4 feet high and length come in according to your requirement. So the comfort is, Ivy roll fences can be ordered according to your choice and requirement. 

But expandable fences have it’s standard size and can not be ordered custom length.

With only few zip ties and cutters you can install these fences within few minutes and require no expert at all.  

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4. Privacy Tape Weaves Can Be a Great Addition

privacy fence tape on chain link fencePrivacy tapes are ticky but not that difficult to install. Some prefer to have a distinct look on their patio or backyard, then you can think of installing some colorful tapes to create an amazing look on your chain link fence. 

People sometimes install these tapes on their railing, balcony, patio, or other sort of fences they have outdoors. 

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5. Privacy screens Especially for Balcony is Super Affordable

chain link fence makeoverUnlike privacy screens, these balcony fences are lightweight and cheap. It can be a great addition to your balcony if you want something on your railing or on your patio. 

If you have a small area to cover then go for Balcony privacy screens. These privacy screens can be installed easily using zip ties. 


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6. Bring Awesome Freshness with Artificial Vines To Your Chainlink Fence

Though Vines move a lot during strong wind which can be controlled using zip ties. Super easy and cheap in price options can save a lot of time to put natural vines instead. 

We would take the side of natural vines if you have time to take care of them. However, If you dont have time to do grow real vines then go for artificial vines that require no maintenance at all.


To Conclude

Price and effort may vary according to the variation of weather, your requirement and attention you pay on details.  Hence, privacy options for chain link fence can be super easy and affordable at the same.

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