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Hanging off a curved or angled rail, or even the side of staircases and escalators, is dangerous for toddlers and many other objects. Banister Guards are a safety net solution for around a variety of railing situations, but some have criticized them for being awkward, ugly, and difficult to install. The good news is that they’re cheap and easy to install, so you only need a drill and a screwdriver. Or you can just order them online and have them shipped right to your home. 

According to the Department of Health of New York State (Ref 1)

The majority of child falls occur at home. The most common causes of fall-related injuries for children at this age are slipping, tripping, stumbling, and falling out of bed or down stairs or from another high surface.

If babies get curious and go too close to the railing, that might put them in grave danger. There comes a safety netting system that prevents accidents by protecting stairs, balconies and windows. If your railing has a gap of more than 4 inches, you have to cover them up by safety nets because they might put their hand or leg out and get stuck.

What To Consider Before Buying Banister Guard 

baby proof stair railing safety meshHow to childproof railing for a child?

Before you buy anything for your baby, let’s find out what is the measurement of your railing? Or the gap of vertical railings? Measure these tiny two things first.

According to, if your railing is wider than 4 inches, then you need to baby-proof your railing to prevent falling or to squeeze through.

On the contrary, babies can climb over, so you make sure, the banister is kept or hanged from inside to prevent climbing or grabbing it by any chance.

One more thing, clear banister guard or balcony shield are mainly suitable for residential apartments or for indoor use.

While thinking of putting something outdoors, deck netting can be a great choice to install. This is a cheap and DIY installation method.

In this article, we covered both types. 

According to experts, it is better you use cable ties to install these banister guards since using staples may displace due to the fabric material.

Having a baby gate along with banister guards is highly recommended by experts. It is better you keep a door with a latch beyond the child’s reach.

People may something think of installing plexiglass which could be cheap but requires assistance from professional to modify and shape the barricade. Therefore, we would suggest not to go for it. 

Regardless of your safety measures, when you go somewhere else, you need know the safety measures and careful leaving your child to free to play.

What is the standard gap of the railing to make it childproof?

According to in-depth research by Monash University, Australia -Preventing home fall injuries: structural and design issues and solutions” (Ref 2)

A study based on A Dallas, Texas study reported that; In 65% of balcony related falls, the child fell from between the rails, which were more than 100mm apart, and in 29% of cases the child had climbed over the rails. The results of a 1998 UK study suggests that stair guarding of 900mm height presents no difficulty to the majority of active children aged between four and six years to climb onto or over the guarding

Material: the fabric should be tough so that it does not get a tear. Children might pull it while playing. And if it tears, there is no use of that safety net.

See Through: balconies enable you to enjoy views, that’s why many people do not want to install safety nets since it might block the view. Pick the safety net that is soft and you can see through it and provide maximum visibility.

Weather-proof: choose the one that is weatherproof and UV resistant for serving you for a longer time.

Easy Installation: installation should be easy. Check if it has to be installed with string, screw or zip ties. It will be a good decision if you go for the one that can be installed with zip ties.

Package: pick the one that includes everything that will require installing a safety net.


List of 7 Best Banister Guard For Babies

The banister guard’s baby proof feature is designed to keep your child safe during toddler time. It is a large, durable safety net that conveniently hooks onto your railing and swings out so your child can reach the next step without slipping.

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1. Roving Cove Balcony Child Safety Net

Child safety nets for balconies

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Specialty: its specialty is it is resistant to pulls and tears.

What We Liked:

  • No need to tie with strings. It comes with releasable cable ties
  • The sides and bottom can be rolled back to customize the length.



  • Zip ties need to be improved.

Bottom Line: two colors with two sizes are available for this safety net. This is best to use as ‎childproofing stair railing guard, balcony mesh protector, etc. It is warned not to use this safety net as a safety gate. This is made of heavier grade fabric which is really sturdy and strong. It is designed in the USA.ludes everything that will require installing a safety net.

2. Tenax Multi-Purpose Net


baby safety net for stairs

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Specialty: barely noticeable as the iron fence is black. So in will not hamper the beauty of your balcony.

What We Liked:

  • Made of polypropylene material. It is an inexpensive material but, it possesses high flexural strength.
  • Though it is made of metal and still easy to unroll.
  • Easy to install with cable ties and staples.


  • UV stabilized
  • Moisture resistant so it will not rust or corrode.
  • 5 different sizes are available to choose from according to need.


Bottom Line:

Since it is invisible, it will not hamper the beauty of your balcony. You can hardly see something is there and still can protect your kids from accidents. The netting is very easy to cut and shape any way you need.

3. 4UHeart Child Safety Net

baby proof stair railing safety mesh


Buy At Amazon


This safety net is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it in corridors, balconies, railing etc 

What We Liked:

  • The safety rail net is made of premium fabric that is resistant to tear
  • Do not abstract your view.
  • Heavy-duty net is durable and hard to pull


  •  Easy to install with hanging zip ties and typing ropes 
  • Easy to store.
  • Waterproof and weather-proof, thus it can be used for a long time.
  • package includes safety rail net, 15*typing ropes, and 20*zip ties (10 zip ties added per customers’ requirement)


  • Installation takes time.

Bottom Line:

Comes in 100% polyester and honeycomb holes in the net allow maximum visibility through the net. It is warned not to use this safety net as a safety gate. This cannot support body weight. It has two sizes available if the size is small for you, you can attach two safety nets to cover your area. 

4. Minne Baby Banister Guard

baby proof balcony railing

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Specialty: the set of Minnie Baby child safety nets provides a total 54 zip ties for a secure installation.

What We Liked:

  • The mesh holes are smaller than 0.5cm, so kids cannot put their fingers through the mesh and they are safe from injuries.
  • The white honeycomb hole design is easy to see through and will not obstruct the natural view.


  • Resistant to tearing and pulling.
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Only two sizes are available.

Bottom Line

Though Minnie Baby safety net has only two sizes, if you are a longer one, you can buy two and attach them together. And if it is already big for you, you can fold it to fit in your railing or you can cut to adjust it. This railing safety mesh is made of durable fabric that resists tearing and pulling and makes your house safe for your children.

5. MAYbabe Child Proof Stair Railing

baby safety net for stairs

Buy At Amazon



Specialty: its specialty is, this provides privacy and protection to your children at the same time.

What We Liked:

  • The black design looks perfect with everything.
  • You can cut it for a custom fit to your balcony or stair railing.


  • Easy to install with zip ties
  • Sturdy


  • Some zip ties need to be purchased since this does not come with enough zip ties.

Bottom Line:

This maybe safety net comes with only one size. But there is nothing to be worried about, you can cut it off to fit into your balcony. Made of polyester material.

6. Mu- Moon Baby Safety Net for Stairs

child safety net for stairs

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Comes in 16.4 feet, 9.8 feet and 26.2 feet long. Height is same 3.2feet high
SpecialtyWorks on multiple areas

Specialty: 3 different sizes are available for this safety net, and still if there is any problem you can cut it and fit it into the railing of your balcony or stairs

What We Liked:

  • The sides and bottom can be rolled back to customize the length
  • Comes with releasable zip ties


  • Durable
  • Hard to pull or tear and heavy duty net
  • Can be installed with zip ties.
  • Super easy to clean


  • Zip ties are short. if you need long you may need to buy extra
  • Custom height is not available

Bottom Line

Mu- Moon safety net can be used indoors, stairway, kids ‘crib, corridor, balcony, etc. This heavy-duty PE net is durable. It is warned to not use it as a safety gate. It is not intended to support adults’ body weight.

7. Kidkusion Clear Banister Guard

high-rise balcony safety net

Buy At Amazon

Specialty: this falls in one of the best selling and popular among parents in terms of installation and price that falls within budget.

What we liked:

  • Made in USA that comes with tie straps to install right away
  • UV protected which means that can be used for outdoor balcony and can withstand -40 degree weather which also shows how sturdy it is to get along with any weather.


  • 15-foot roll to cover a standard size balcony area
  • Transparent view assures a well-ventilated feeling for the kids to spend time arround. 
  • Included hole punch to insert tie straps easily
  • Works great for small pets
  • Great for babies under 2 to 2,5 years.


  • Only crystal plastic material, which vulnerable to cut and fire instantly
  • It is not a mesh or a net, it simply creates resistance against unexpected fall of toys or accidental fall.  
  • It doesn’t ensure proper flow of air

Bottom line

If your kid is too naughty and plays with heavy toys, then from our view, we wouldn’t recommend it. However, it blends with your aesthetical furniture and a simple way of creating resistance for your both kids and from their toys to fall of the railing and stairs. We would highly recommend to use for very short railings like 5-10 feet railings or for longer staircases. It is better not to use for higher-rise apartments.

why trust us


baby safety net for stairs

How many types of safety nets are there?

Answer: There are three types of safety nets available. The purposes of using them are different from one another.  The safety nets are construction safety nets, braided safety nets, and monofilament nets.

Construction Safety Nets: this safety net is used in construction sites. Accidents by falling from height whether it is worker or material is very common in the construction industry worldwide. In order to minimize and manage the risk of accidents, construction safety nets are used.

Braided Safety Nets: this safety net is used to allow people to work at height without the restriction of movement. They should be used when the workplace is more than 25 feet above the ground, water or another surface. Moreover, when ladders or safety belts cannot be used, braided safety nets provide a great performance.

Monofilaments nets: this safety net is used to block vision, wind to sun , traffic protection, stairwell safety, etc. Workers who work on the edge of a roof should be protected with monofilament nets.

How to make your balcony baby-proof?

Answer: A clear or a mesh type of balcony shield is usually used to keep children safe when playing in the balcony and makes it baby-proof. This also prevents kids from using the opening of the balcony to throw things such as toys away or downstairs.

A high-rise balcony safety net also protects pets safe from falls. Most of the safety barriers for babies are made of mesh nets and high-quality clear plastic material. Both serve the same purpose.

How should I clean safety nets?

Answer: they are so easy to clean! You just have to wipe it with a cloth. You can use soap also and for this, you don’t have to untie the net.

To Conclude

It is true that it may not be aesthetically appealing to have a net at the balcony or railing of stairs, but at least you can enjoy some fresh air while keeping children and pets relatively safe. Furthermore, children will not be able to throw their toys through the balcony. Having the best banister guard for babies is very important for every parent. 

A railing guard is a baby railing safety net, providing a barrier between a railing and a wall/floor while also providing extra safety due to its height and unique curvature. This safety net is easily installed on railings by stretching it naturally over the railing, and once tensioned, it will become fully engaged with the railing. After installation, the Banister Guard stays in place for the life of the baby, so if you want the extra protection for a long-term investment, then it is the time you do it lest it creates regrets for only few bucks. 


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