Top 4 Best Fence Privacy Tape For Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is the most budget friendly, low maintenance and durable fencing option. It helps to keep your child and pets in and animals like coyotes, foxes and raccoons out. Likewise privacy fence screen for chain link fence, the Fence privacy tape can be used for securing and enclosing places like backyards, barns, penitentiaries.

Moreover, fence weave tape is popular for decoration, house fence designs and has it’s artistic output in many ways to add beauty to your property. Besides, government settings use it occasionally to enhance fencing beauty. Thus, fence weave roll is best suited for both the commercial and residential places.

Therefore, for extra privacy and attractive look you can easily purchase a matching fence tape for your chain link fence.


List of 4 Best Fence Privacy Tape

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1Pexco Original Brand Fence Weave Roll✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
2Patrician Products Fence Weave Tape✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
3Foghorn Construction privacy tape✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
4Fenpro Chain Link Fence Privacy Tape✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon


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1. Pexco Original Brand Fence Weave Roll

chain link fence weave

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Comes in 13 Colors, Fasteners can be bought separately
Comes fromMade in MA
DistributorNMI Fence



its specialty is a variety of available colors. The colors are so attractive and uncommon you get to choose from. These are, aqua, black, brown, green, light blue, orange, redwood, royal blue, silver, tan, white, yellow, cream puff, stop sign red.

What We Liked

  • Material: privacy fence tape comes in high quality and durable polyethylene material. It protects you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Guarantee: you get five years of warranty with this fence tape.
  • Package: it comes with 250- ft roll of fence weave, 125 solid brass fasteners and installation instructions


  • Made in USA
  • Available in wide range of attractive colors
  • economical


  • installing is time-consuming. 

Bottom Line

Whoever wants to make their house or territory colorful by fence, Pexco fence weave is a best option for them. You can use this vinyl fence weave for backyards, gates, driveways, swimming pool enclosures, carports, breezeways and terraces. Finally, speaking of privacy, it varies depending on mesh size.

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2. Patrician Products Fence Weave Clips

vinyl privacy fence tape

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It’s specialty is anyone can install it easily. This fence privacy tape even allows you custom designing.

Guarantee: you get five years of warranty with Patrician Products fence weave.

What We Liked

Economical: This fence weave clip is the most economical chain-link fence filler on the market today. So, anyone can purchase it.

Material: this fence weave is made of flexible polyethylene extrusion. It would protect the product from dangerous sun rays.



  • Made in USA
  • Easy installation process


  • Only one color is available that is silver

Bottom Line

Anyone who wants to set chain link fence for security purposes in low budget, this is the best option for them. It can be installed in backyards, gates, driveways, swimming pool enclosures, carports, breezeways, terraces etc. It includes metal fence weave fasteners.


3. Foghorn Construction Privacy Tape for Chain Link Fence 

privacy tape for chain link fence

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this fence weave tape is weather resistant and UV stable as it is made from low-density polyethylene.

What We Liked

  • Color: it comes in brown, so it does match anywhere.  It would enhance the beauty of you house.
  • Included contents: with the tape you get a punch tool that helps you to install it faster.
  • Reusable: if you want to take the tape out for some days and again install it, which is not a big deal since you can re use them.



  • Installing is time-consuming.

Bottom Line:

This is a great privacy tape and the blocking depends on your fence link width. It can be reusable. We recommend no to fold over the ends.

4. Fenpro Chain Link Fence Filler Strips

chain link fence privacy weave


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This fence weave tape provides a maximum of 90% privacy to your territory.  It is also economical and decorative at the same time.

What We Liked

  • Durable & No Maintenance: this chain link fence filler strip is made of Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE). They are not likely to damage even after years of use and don’t need maintenance. You can wash with plain water.
  • Easy installation: you just have to purchase it, after that everything is so easy with it. You will need less than one hour to install it.
  • Numerous Colors: Fenpro chain privacy tape comes with different uncommon colors. They are desert tan, alpine white, chocolate brown, emerald green, redwood, obsidian black. You can decorate the fence by using different colors of tapes and show your creativity.


  • Economical
  • 5- year warranty
  • Long-lasting
  • Ensures great privacy for your chain link fence


  • They are not meant for heavy storms, sun-blocking or hurricanes.

Bottom line

We recommend fenpro fence privacy tape to those who live in the areas where it does not get humid or sunny. It can be used in both small and big yards. They provide complete privacy.


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Buying Guide

Here we are with some facts that one should consider before buying privacy fence tape.

Material:  chain link fencing is not installed for a short period of time. So, one should buy the quality tape for this, so that it lasts for several years and protect itself from UV rays. Polyethylene is a good choice for it.  it is corrosion resistant, impact resistant, easy to clean and eco friendly fence.

Flexibility: there might be necessity to displace fence tapes. But if they cannot be reused after pulling them out, you have to use those tapes till they get tear down.

Color: if you want privacy and vintage look in one product, you need purchase colorful chain link fence weave that matches with your house. And if you want only privacy and attraction is not such important then color should not be considered as an important fact.

Guarantee: warranty helps to ensure your peace of mind. It is actually a message by manufacturer about the quality of product.

Coverage: chain link fence filler strips should fully cover your chain link fence to ensure privacy. So, before purchasing know how much square feet you will require for full coverage.

Included Component: check whether you get all the necessary things to install chain link fence tape. Otherwise, you have to buy them separately.


What is the standard height required for a fence to install fence privacy tape?

Answer: You can use this product on a metal fence of any height. It comes in one large roll and you cut each strip as long as you need.

Do just scissors cut fence weave clips?

Answer: Yes strong scissors will cut the tape easily.

What coverage do fence privacy tape provide?

Answer: each provides 40 square feet of coverage. 10 ft long x 4 ft high, or 8 ft long x 5 ft high. Any configuration you wish. 

How much privacy does privacy tape provide?

Answer:  Blocking % will depend on your fence link width and link diamond you fill.


In Conclusion

a best privacy tape easily weaves between diamonds of chain link fence. The tapes typically run vertically or diagonally. They might not create complete privacy, but they work great to reduce visibility. You can even customize it to cut it to any size you want. But you have to choose the right one for you.