Trending 11 Brands of Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panels

Boxwood hedge panels help to create privacy space and save you from the gaze of your neighbors. Moreover, you can use it to decorate walls, to hide moldy walls or to add a touch of greenery to your roof terrace or create a border. 

Before we dive deep into this, do we know how it looks like? why people buy this? Simple, you need to hide the ugly part of your house or decorate a part of your indoor or outdoor area of your residence to the office area. In my view, it is simply a fence that helps you to protect and enhance the beauty of any particular spot that you want to look great. Besides, you can have it on your regular fence to convert it into full of life with lush greenery. 

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What are Fake Hedge Walls?

Unlike Faux Ivy fence you can usually have in panels or pieces or squares or blocks to hide or beautify any area of your house or office. People name it in different terms, such as; artificial hedge panels, artificial boxwood panels, fake hedge wall panels and, faux boxwood hedges. Interesting, these are all same. People call it with other terms, so lets not go that deep. if you want to know more about it Wikipedia will be a great source.  This is one of my best sources;, you can learn a little bit more if you want some more in that. 

So, if you are searching for such an item, you have come to the right place. 

artificial boxwood hedge panels


Some Basics Why People are so into Faux ivy hedges?

Reason 1: Artificial Boxwood Hedge are Super Easy to Control, Handle and Install

This is the part that I am not just making up, according to many specialists, it is easy to install and takes less work to have it around your house. Besides, it doesn’t require any maintenance at all. 

artificial boxwood hedge roll

Reason 2: Artificial Boxwood Panels Becomes a Great Backdrop to Take photos!

artificial boxwood hedge panel


 Green at the background can create a great difference. According toCharleston crafted a boxwood wall panel can help you to decor weddings and photobooth even both indoor and outdoors. In addition, they came up with some amazing ideas to bring brilliant looks on lackluster sides of your home, such as putting green background right behind your television set! I simply loved it!

Things to Consider Before Buying Artificial Boxwood Panels

UV Resistant:

if the artificial faux hedge panel is UV resistant it will provide you service for a longer time, prevent foliage discoloration and fading. 


The material should be polyethylene which is fully recyclable. This makes a product thick, extra durable and won’t get ripped off while being used outdoors. It should have great finishing and look realistic.

Non- Toxic:

Consider having a non-toxic material if you have kids or pets at your house. In the market you will get material that is completely non- toxic and recycled. If you have kids or pets, we recommend you choose non –toxic material for ultimate safety. 

Fire Retardant:

Fire retardant products are treated with chemicals so that they will ignite or burn slowly. This must be chemically treated to prevent the flame from spreading.


The hedge you are going to buy should be durable and require little or no maintenance.

Sturdy Interlocking loops or connectors:

Interlocking connectors play a vital role, every hedge panel comes with interlocking loops, look at it first at the features of the product, this would determine how sturdy that would stay connected and straight.

What kind of trimming of leaves do you need:

Some of the hedge panels may look smooth and some of them may have leaves with sharp edges. The question is, you need to identify that tiny aspect and decide what would be best fit for your décor?


Artificial Hedge Panels Vs Faux Ivy Fence

Artificial Hedge Panels/Artificial greenery Wall PanelsFaux Ivy Fence Roll
if you fail to cover narrow spaces, this would do well. Such as 20”x20” area. Each hedge panel take lesser space and cover narrow areas.Faux ivy fences are collapsible which are required to cover long areas. such as 120″X 40″ areas.
Can be used for decoration and indoors and outdoors where long fences can’t cover specific areas where you want to have the touch of green, Such as at washroom, dining room, artificial green wall outdoor, reception desks at offices and at celebrations for a great photo corner.It mainly serves the purpose of blocking view and can be used outdoors on fences, balconies and patios or backyards.
The extension is possible with the same brands and color since this comes in square blocks, so there is no limitation to add blocks on how many you want. Obviously extendable if you prefer according to your need or can add more of it. 

Some brands can be expandable, such as : Doeworks

Denser than faux ivy fences which you cut according to your need to cover any tiny space.Less dense which creates a block of 90% according to many experts.


List of Best Artificial Grass Wall Backdrop

Editor's RankingEditor's ChoiceEditor's RatingInstant Link
1Sunnyglad✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Kdgarden✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3Newtion✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
4TOPNEW✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Fancy Hedge✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6CREATIVE SPACE✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
7BESAMENATURE✪✪✪☆☆Buy On Amazon
8VegasDoggy✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
9Greensmart ✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
10VEVOR✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
11JARDGE✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon

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1. Sunnyglad Artificial Green Wall Panels

boxwood artificial panels

Buy At Amazon

Specialty: it has 4 layers of leaves and 19 grids per row, not 17 grids like other hedges which makes it look totally realistic. 

What We Liked:

  • It is not a see-through hedge
  • Comes with UV protection technology that protects it from sun damage.
  • This is made of super-strong high-density polyethylene.


  • Can be used as a good room separator.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Interlocking connector for easy installation. 


  • It’s a little difficult to set it up.

Bottom Line: The 12 piece set Sunnyglad hedge is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It is eco-friendly, soft to touch. It can easily transform your fence, walls, patio, garden, yard, walkways, backdrop, interior and exterior.


2. Kdgarden artificial boxwood hedge panels

fake privacy hedges

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Specialty: its specialty is, it is tested and certified for light aging under UV exposure. (Test standard ASTM G154)

What We Liked:

  • It includes a set up instruction for your easy installation, 16 pcs artificial hedges and 40 zip ties
  • the panels are made of new PE High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor.


  • They offer lifetime free accessory replacements.
  • The leaves are taller, 4 layers and denser panels that have 400 stitches per tile panel.
  • You will get Three Limited Years for boxwood panels


  • Customers claimed that it is not soft to touch. 

Bottom Line: the green color makes the leaves look realistic. The material is heavy and sturdy. It will enhance the beauty of the area where you install it. Truly it is just what you look in the picture, it is realistic and long-lasting.

3. Newtion fake hedge panels

faux hedge wall

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Specialty: The Newton artificial boxwood panels are SGS certified, tested and certified for light aging under UV exposure.

What We Liked:

  • They are tall and have 4 layers of leaves. 
  • Made of new PE material.
  • Easily bendable.


  • UV resistant.
  • Each panel has an interlocking connector that makes installation easy.
  • You can cut and shape it according to your desired size with scissors. 


  • Assembly is not easy.

Bottom Line: this boxwood hedge is superb for great value for money. It has a sturdy locking system; each row has 20 grids. The leaves are tall, realistic and they do not fall off easily. Moreover, you will get 6 plant spare leaves that can be used to replace broken leaves.

4. TOPNEW Artificial hedge walls

artificial box hedge panels

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ManufacturerTop New
Size50 * 50 CM/20″* 20″
Package Includes 12  Artificial Boxwood Hedges + 5 Spare Leaves +40 Zip Ties + English Manual.
SpecialtyInterlocking Connector


  • Comes with Zip Ties: This artificial ivy fence is unique with few features, such as it comes with 40 zip ties, 5 spare leaves and bendable. Besides, this fence is super realistic looking and soft but made with HDPE material.
  • Easy given specification: Their given measurement would make your task easier, such as for 333.33 square feet, you need 10 sets of topiary hedge plants. In addition, 33.33 square feet would consume one set Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge Plant.

What We Liked

  • DIY installation and Sturdy make: 1.9″ (4.8CM) high and 4 layers of leaves (not 3 layers) comes with a real green ambience to your patio, garden or backyard.  On the other hand, each panel has an interlocking connector to keep it upright and sturdy making your fencing work super easy.
  • Easy Customization: The backside of each panel comes in of 19 * 19 which you can cut to your expected size and shape to decor anywhere you want.



  • UV certification and SGS certification graded products
  • No maintenance for this faux ivy privacy fencing
  • Easy installation with Zip ties only
  • Doesn’t wear or fade
  • Interlocking connectors make artificial grass fence covering work easy
  • Since it comes in sets, you can put it at any fence of any size and to make it fit you can resize this fence by cutting it by scissors.
  • No trimming required
  • high density of leaves than any other artificial fence


  • No warranty information given.

Bottom Line

Finally, highly recommended fence who either has short spaces to decor and long fences to adore. If you do not have a big fence to cover, then for small spaces, this artificial ivy fence works awesome. These artificial hedges for outdoors can cover spaces of any size because of their unique pattern, extensibility, and installation process.

Most importantly, unlike hedge rolls this expandable faux ivy trellis is highly recommended who wants to cover space on gate, a wall, or an area of wall where plants can’t grow, there you can think of having that. 

Overall, considering faux ivy fencing, top New brand has awesome customer feedback and high rapport for providing quality products to customers.


5. Fancy fake green hedge

artificial hedges for outdoors

Buy At Amazon

No trimming and watering required

First, perfectly eco-friendly and with smooth trimming makes your interior or outdoor fence or wall sophisticated. Besides, this Fancy hedge is UV resistant which resists fading or learning of any type.

What We Liked

  • Looks real and fresh: Each 20 by 20-inch Fancy hedge covers 2.78 square feet. Because of its HPDE material it lasts long and scientifically it is custom made to look more vibrant regardless of the lighting it gets.
  • Nicely packed and Easy to assemble: Since these materials are pretty delicate, the manufacturer packs it well and package arrives carefully packed to avoid any further damage. Besides, each panel comes with interlocking connectors to install it easily and connect every panel efficiently with great grip.



  • Works great on an interior wall
  • Works as a noise reducer and reduces room echo
  • Fancy hedge boxwood comes in HDPE material which increases durability
  • completely DIY boxwood hedge


  • Zip ties don’t come with this package. You need to buy it separately.
  • this hedge is a little bit darker green.  you can call it “Milan”. So check it before you order any.

Bottom Line

This artificial hedge boxwood works best with multiple applications, such as- patio, yard, chain link fence, yard, walkways, and more importantly for wedding and award-giving decorations.

6. Creative Space Artificial Boxwood Wall Panels

artificial boxwood hedge greenery panels

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Specialty: per panel has 400 stitches and the edgeless overlaps help to eliminate white space.

What We Liked:

  • Fuller stems are individual and the triple shade design easily eliminates white space making it look realistic.
  • Made of 100% PE and UV-coated material
  • Super easy installation with zip ties.


    • The surface is even trimmed.
    • They are durable and stable
    • Eco friendly


  • It smells a bit, but will get reduced within a few days. 

Bottom Line: The Creative Space artificial hedge can cover 33 sq ft. They come with instructions and zip ties for easy installation. This is easy to clean with just normal water.


7. BESAMENATURE Artificial Boxwood Hedge Roll

artificial hedge wall roll

Buy On Amazon


Size50 * 50 CM/20″* 20″
Package Includes 12 per box
SpecialtyInterlocking upgraded connector, 3d Color and Included cable ties to install. 


Upgraded version of UV stable boxwood is thicker and good at creating great panels than previous versions.

What We Liked

  • Radiant 3d color is livelier in comparison to any other Ivy fences.
  • Hook style or connecting nail has been changed to hold more stability and last long.


  • comes with cable ties, so you dont need to buy cable ties separately.
  • More fresher appearance with 3d print technology than any other fake boxwood hedge
  • in compared to other back mesh, back mesh structure is curl proof and more sturdy.
  • Weather-resistant
  • 7 Years of service life assurance


  • not great at privacy fence, but works best as decor both at interior or exterior areas.
  • smells when it is fresh out of pack


Bottom Line

Since it smells when you unpack it, it is better you put it on as your decor two to three days before any event. Given cable ties and upgraded nail ensure a free and hassle-free installation and a tight display as expected.


8. VegasDoggy artificial hedges for outdoors

best artificial boxwood hedge

Buy At Amazon

Specialty: VegasDoggy Artificial panels are made of new polyethylene material.

What We Liked:

  • It has 4 layers of leaves that make it look fuller.
  • SGS certified for light aging under UV exposure.
  • It has an interlocking connector for easy installation.


  • UV resistant. 
  • They can be cut to the desired size and shape using scissors.
  • Light Weight & Versatile.


Customers claimed, it smells which may last a couple of days


Bottom Line: they are easy to install and pretty thick. The package includes 6 artificial boxwood panels, 6 spare leaves, 40 zip ties, and a manual. It perfectly adds privacy to your area. The realistic look of the panel can transform your house indoor or outdoor. 

9. Greensmart Artificial Moss Fence Panel

fake hedge wall panels

Buy At Amazon

Specialty: its look is different from other artificial boxwood panels in the market, it is moss, not small plants. It is beautiful and realistic.

What We Liked:

  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Very much budget-friendly.
  • Can be hung easily.


  • UV protected.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Maintenance-free.


  • Hard to disconnect the squares from each other without damaging them.

Bottom Line: the artificial moss is easy to put together and hang on the wall. They look realistic and best for a photography background. They can be used for any kind of decoration indoor or outdoor of your house. 

10. VEVOR artificial boxwood hedge wall

faux boxwood hedge panels

Buy At Amazon

Specialty: VEVOR artificial boxwood panels have 6 interlocking connectors that keep it firm on the wall. 

What We Liked:

  • The back of each panel consists of 273 grids.
  • easy to trim in areas that are too long
  • Made of premium quality polyethylene that makes it appear more vibrant


  • It has anti-ultraviolet technology.
  • Easy installation mechanism. 
  • Durable and stable.


  • It might smell a bit.

Bottom Line Vevor artificial panel is a good choice for privacy. It is perfect for wooden fences, backyard, office work area,s etc. The color is soft green and gives you a soft feel when you touch it. The grass wall decor has a realistic look. 


11. JARDGE artificial boxwood greenery panels

artificial greenery wall panels

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Specialty: JARDGE artificial boxwood panel is made of colorfast, light, and high-density polyethylene material. 

What We Liked:

  • Comes in a package of 12 tiles along with 50 zip ties and installation manual. 
  • Since the density of leaves has 4 layers, could be an ideal tool to use as noise reducer or can make a great place for perfect private meeting rooms. 


  • UV resistant
  • Waterproof
  • These can be cut, trimmed, and reshaped.


  • The odor may last a couple of days

Bottom Line:

These artificial panels can be used on walls, fences, and wherever you want for increasing the beauty of your area to create a lush greenary to the entrance of your home. 



1. How to Maintain Artificial Boxwood Hedges?


Use a spray bottle solution of 50% dish soap and 50% water. Spray them down and wait for 20 minutes. After that, hose off using a spray setting on the hose nozzle and let them dry.

2. How do you connect boxwood panels?


Simply with the given snaps you snap back of the panels so easily and connect each panel. Sometimes these panels come with zip ties. But the majority of the time you won’t need them. You may not even need help of others to do that. 

3. Can this be installed in curves, or must it be a completely flat installation?


It has been designed to be horizontal or vertical. There is not much flexibility to bend in any other direction.

4. Are these artificial boxwood panels flammable?


These are made of plastic polyethylene material. So yes, it is flammable.

5. What would I use to hang an artificial boxwood hedge panel on a normal wall?


You can use a staple gun to make them more secure, or wall hooks since they connect so easily together.

6. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the smell?


The smell is not permanent; it will just go away after a couple of days of being out in the open and airing out.

7. How do you attach an artificial hedge to the wall?


With the hammer drill, you can put hedge walls hang on the wall. For more stability and accuracy of hanging these, you can use washer, drill bit, hammer drill and nylon plugs. You can use that video link to find more about it. 

8. Can you cut fake boxwood panels?

Answer: Cutting these panels can be hectic, but it is doable. Please note,  you can not bend it. While doing this, using sharp scissor is highly recommended. 

To Conclude

Artificial boxwood hedge panels may in a combination of types such as moss, ivy, grass, and fern that create botanically accurate greenery as if they are real plants. This article will help you to choose the best panel for your indoor and outdoor aesthetics.