5 Best Heavy Duty Cable Ties to Fence and Organize

Cable ties are a staple for every household’s tool box. We’ve seen them in household management as we learnt we could use them with ease to keep things straight. Of course, these cables ties have come a long way from being meant solely for household management to being used in construction and engineering where an effortless use is a must. Now, they are also replacing the traditional zip ties. Today, we are going to look at the most popular types of cable ties:

Heavy Duty Cable Ties Buyer’s guide

Usable or Reusable you want

Cable ties mainly come in bundle and wires together to keep the organized and damage free. people also use them  for wire bundling and sometimes for security purpose. In addition, cable ties comes in great use on doors of a van or truck.

Custom Made For you

They come in different sizes, colors, materials and lengths. You have to choose the best quality zip ties for you depending on how and where you are going to use them. In order to help you to choose the right cable tie for you, we are going to suggest a few things to keep in mind while making your decision.


Cable zip ties are available in market in lengths range from 4 to 52 inches. Be sure to measure the diameter of the cable bundle you will be tying. Since the cable ties can be trimmed later, if you are not sure about the diameter of the cable bundle, you can buy longer zip tie.


there are two types of design available in zip ties; reusable or single use. Single use zip ties can only be tighten and must cut to remove them. This can be best choice if you only need to secure a cable once.

However, reusable ties are designed to be released. You should buy heavy duty reusable zip ties if you constantly need to adjust cables.

UV Rating & 

make sure the zip tie will last in sun exposed situation. Some zip tie does not last long in sun exposed areas.  If you are planning to use zip ties outdoor, you should choose a product that is UV resistant. Also make sure the zip tie can last in hot or cold situation. 

Temperature Rating

Most products on the market can tolerate temperatures from 5 degrees to 140 degrees F. commonly. The best quality zip ties are both UV resistant and can tolerate a good amount of hot and cold temperature.

Heavy Duty

some zip ties can hold a good amount of weight and some cannot. It is always good to use a heavier weight than needed. Read the specification sector for each zip tie and match their ability with the work you need to be done.


There are different types of zip ties available in market.

  1. Nylon: Nylon is the most common zip tie. You can have light duty to heavy duty nylon zip tie that is quite durable. A minimum of 2% carbon black is required for standard nylon zip ties that provide a high degree of UV resistance for outdoor use.
  2. Aluminium: these cable ties are durable and long-lasting. Aluminum ties are lightweight, UV resistant, non- flammable and can withstand extremely high and low temperatures.  Aluminum cable ties are often found in industrial environments.
  3. Stainless Steel: stainless steel zip ties are best and extra heavy duty for high heat application.

Quantity: the quantity you will get is also very important thing to consider. Some zip ties come in bulk amount but made of cheap materials. So, you have to decide wisely.


List of 5 Heavy Duty Cable Ties

RatingEditor's ChoiceRatingBuy Link
1Heavy Duty Velcro Cable ties
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2New Mainone Cable Zip Ties ✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
3Sunplus Ultra Heavy Duty Cable Ties ✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
4HS Plastic Cable Zip Ties ✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
5YIBIDINAY Cable Strongest Zip Ties ✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon

  1. 1. VELCRO Brand Best Cable Ties


heavy duty reusable cable ties

Buy at Amazon

Self Fastening Thin ties

Velcro cable ties are self- fastening thin ties will contain and store cords and wires quickly and safely. This is strong, reusable and easy to adjust and remove. This can secure long cords avoiding risk of tripping.

Pre Cut and Super user friendly

Moreover, these pre- cut ties stay firmly in place with an easy to use slotted head. You just have to insert the rounded end through the hole and pull the strap tight. And your work is done.


You can use it both outdoors and indoors since it has multi-use options for the home, shed, garage or office. You can purchase all the zip ties in black color or in black and red combination.


Information of the Product: Bulk velcro cable ties come in different sizes and amounts. It starts with 25 to 100 ties.  



  • best reusable cable ties
  • Reusable Alternative to Zip Ties,

  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Pre cut tie


  • Length is not as advertised


2. New Mainone Cable Zip Ties

best zip ties for outdoor use

Buy at Amazon

Different sizes

These strongest zip ties come in 5 different sizes. This versatile length option makes them perfect for any application in home, office, garage, travel and workshop tidy. These heavy duty black cable ties is made of nylon.

UV resistant

It is heat and UV resistant, so you can use it in direct sunlight. They can easily withstand long exposures to sunlight without any issue. Moreover, they can withstand the tension of up to 48 lbs, and temperatures up to 140 degree F.

Product information:

Comes in black and White. 100 PCS each pack.


  • Cheap according to the quantity
  • UV and heat resistant
  • 6Months Warranty and 60 Days Money Back Guarantee. 


  • they can get broken in temperatures below 5 degrees F

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3. Sunplus Multi-Purpose Locking Cable Metal Zip Ties

heat resistant zip ties

Buy at Amazon

Super Strong Metal Cable Ties

With the length of 11.8”, and width of 0.18”, it can easily handle most heavy- duty applications easily. This stainless- steel zip tie can withstand temperatures exceeding 932 degrees F, with maximum supporting strength of 198 lbs. So, you don’t need to worry about heat and corrosion at all.

Weather Resistant and Best Multipurpose use

Not only it is heat or temperature resistant but also cold resistant and ant oxidative. These cable ties are perfect for universal application; such as automotive parts, home repair, computer repair, etc these can be the best choice for construction works.

No Tool Zip Ties

You will not require any special tool to use them. You will only need a set of needle nose plier to tighten and a diagonal plier or tin snips to cut the zip tie.


Product Information: material is stainless steel. Package dimensions are 12.8 x 3.62 x 1.02 inches and weighs 11.8 ounces. Model number is 4330221878. Quantity is 100pcs.



  • Does not destroy easily
  • Both heat and cold resistant
  • Super strong zip ties
  • No Tool is required to install
  • Multipurpose Locking
  • Highly Durable and Rust Resistant
  • Can easily be cut using wire cutters


  • The only way to remove them is with pliers.


4. HS Plastic Heavy Duty Cable Ties

super strong cable ties

Buy at Amazon


Comes in different sizes

These long 500 zip ties come in a poly bag. This is strong and durable that work in the temperature -40 to 185 degrees F.

Weatherproof with 50 lbs tensile strength

It is UV resistant with 50 lbs tensile strength. Following the industrial standard, these can also be applied to bundle electronic equipment, tires or cages and also in decoration, cars, office etc.

Full Refund Policy for Promising Result

Its self- locking design keeps bundle wires more tightly and secure. In addition, the manufacturer offers you a full refund. Subject customer satisfaction they offer this. So giving a try will not lead you to any loss.

Product Information: comes in black, multi-color and white. It comes from 10 pieces to 1000 pieces.  


  • Comes with 500 pieces
  • UV resistant
  • Full refund guarantee if not satisfied.


  • Single use design

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5. YIBIDINAY Strongest Zip Ties

super strong zip ties

Buy at Amazon


Comes in different size and Super resistant to weather

This wide zip ties comes with 100pcs with the tensile strength of 18 lbs. this is resistance to low  temperature of -38F to a high of 185F and a fire rating of 94V-2. Furthermore, they are UV resistant and waterproof.


So, it will not have any damage if they are used outdoor in the direct sunlight or rain. Easily usable with their self locking system.


They can be used in different purposes in daily life. You can use them in offices, studios, they can be used to organize wires, hang LED lights and banners etc.


Product Information: you can have the in black or white color. Product dimensions are 3.94 x 3.15 x 0.39 inches that weighs only 0.634 ounces.


  • Super cheap but effective
  • UV and water resistant


  • Made of thin plastic.



The big question for people who are just starting out or have been thinking about buying a new set of cable ties is ‘how long will they last?’ How long can you count on these cable ties to be up to the challenge of your ever-changing needs and the ever evolving products you wish to tie down?

1.      How long is the average lifespan of a zip tie?

If the item is UV resistant, then their minimum life expectancy is seven years – 9 years.

2.     Where can I use stainless- steel cable ties and regular cable ties?

Stainless- steel cable is usually preferred for industrial use and can withstand harsh temperatures. However, the regular cable ties are made for domestic applications.

3.     Do cable ties melt?

Once they exceed their temperature resilience limit cable ties do melt. However, stainless-steel cable ties have higher temperature limits. On the contrary, regular

zip ties have lower temperature limits and can melt easily when heated up.

4.      Can you reuse cable ties?

Yes, you can reuse cable ties if you buy reusable cable ties. And, they can a great cost saving option.

5.      Are zip ties and cable ties the same?

Yes, zip ties and cable ties are both the same.

To Conclude

This review on heavy-duty cable ties would help you to find the right zip ties you were looking for. Mentioned zip ties are highly rated and recommended by buyers positively all over the globe. There are a lot of uses for this heavy duty tool, which is why it’s worth investing in now. The cable tie is the perfect way to hold small items together, you can use them for repairing items around the home such as plumbing, electrical, and phone wiring.

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