[Stylish & Top Rated] 7 Best Side Retractable Privacy Screen

A retractable awning is a very popular and demanding product because of its convenience and the elegance it adds to your patio or deck. A best side retractable privacy screen provides you with a versatile and flexible shading option.

Depending on the situation, retractable awnings let you choose where you want to shade and relax anytime. Whether it’s your lawn, patio, backyard or even rooftop, these retractable awnings will serve the purpose.

Moreover, constant heat can fade the furniture, color or carpet of your house. If you set side awning outside of your house, it will reduce the amount of heat transfer to your house up to 80%. It just will not protect you, it will enhance the beauty and elegance of your house. Different colors, patterns and sizes of retractable awnings are available in the market.


What to Consider Before Buying

horizontal retractable privacy screen

First, you need to decide what kind of screen you want? Few options you might need to know, should you need something that can keep bugs out? Or want something darker that can keep your patio cool and offers less breeze?

Then find out what you exactly need, we are going to talk about side awning which mainly blocks view and keeps your patio super private and cool.

Mechanism: there are two types of retractable awnings available. They are manual and motorized. a manual mechanism requires cranking in order to open and close a retractable awning. They are budget-friendly and reliable and don’t require electricity.

However, motorized retractable awnings are high priced but convenient.

According to usmotions.com,

Motion Screens transform any architectural openings into a desired and functional living space.

It can be opened and closed with just the push of a button. It makes life easier.

In this article, we mainly covered manual screens. 

Material: It is really important to consider what type of fabric or material the retractable awning is made of because it is the component that provides you protection.

Make sure the fabric is highly durable and can withstand harsh UV rays of the sun, wind, moisture, corrosion, and tearing. Canvas, vinyl, acrylic, and polyester are the common materials you will find. 

If you want to install a large awning, polyester is an excellent option to choose because it prevents sagging. If you need something that can withstand the wear and tear of rough weather, you should go for either acrylic or vinyl. It can resist ultraviolet light, water, and mildew. If you want a material that will hold its color you need to go with acrylic. This allows the awning’s color to remain vibrant even with frequent use.

Right Size: The size depends on the amount of space you need it to shade. It should effectively cover the space that it is intended for. Measure the ground area of the space you need to shade to determine what size awning you will need. For full coverage, buy an awning that is slightly larger.

Color: make sure you pick a color that will enhance the beauty of your house. White goes with almost every color. It even reflects the heat of the sun.

Warranty:  it would be a plus point if your retractable awning comes with a solid manufacturer’s warranty. This adds an extra layer of protection to your investment. 

List of Best Retractable Side Awning

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1. LOVSHARE Retractable Privacy Side Awning Wallbest Patio Side Awning Wall


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Comes in 4 sizes and three sizes
StyleFreestanding anchored with concrete.
reason to put in number 1Amazing Elegant look and Wide options to choose
  • 280 G polyester Waterproof material and Retractable screen handle.
  • 9.5 feet width of the pulled out awning


A double retractable awning that protects you from the wind and sun twice as much. With this, you can create your private territory.

What We Liked:

  • It has a retractable handle with a spring design that makes it insert into the column smoothly. It helps you to close or open either side.
  • Made of polyester fabric that resists water and fire.

More on What You May Like

  • The aluminum frame alloy resists rust and given awning is tear-resistant
  • The length can be adjusted.
  • Flame retardent
  • Comes with necessary mounting kits
  • Two separate screens come out of both directions.
  • Comes with a good warranty, an extended warranty can be bought.


  • No additional screens can be added.

Bottom Line

this is a durable and weather-resistant retractable awning. Three different colors are available; beige, black and grey. Its freestanding feature allows you to place it directly to concrete, cement floor or wood deck with its 10-inch wide base width

The polyester fabric coated with PU layer is breathable, waterproof, UV resistant, and flame retardant. 4 sizes are available to choose from.

2. Uyoyous Privacy Fence Patio Retractable Folding Side Awning

best retractable privacy side awning

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Comes in Two Sizes
ColorComes in only Black
Awning Width10 feet wide in total


Side awning can block UV light and has a high tear resistance. Furthermore, it has 280g/m2 polyester fabric with PU coating for water resistance, UV resistance, and easy clean feature. 

What We Liked:

  • Spring design handle.
  • Mounting materials are included.

More on What You May Like

  • Frame comes in aluminum and oxidized paint that makes it rust proof.
  • Quick & easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with mounting screws.
  • The price is pretty reasonable in comparison to any other screens in the market. 


  • The instruction is a bit confusing at first look. 
  • Except black no other color choice
  • No replacement parts available

Bottom Line:

Uyoyous privacy fence blocks both sun and wind ideal for use in backyards, front yards, patios, home gardens etc. the fabric is breathable and easy to clean. It is a good flexible awning that will serve you for many years.

3. Sogesfurniture Outdoor Patio Retractable Folding Side Screen Awning

best retractable side awning

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Specialty: Automatic roll-back function that you can easily pull by its handle.

What We Liked:

  • 180g/m² polyester fabric with PA waterproof coating.
  • The Spring design makes it insert into the column smoothly.
  • 3 sizes are available.

More on What You May Like

  • Easily retractable by its handle.
  • Installation is simple and fast.
  • Stylish structure


  • Only Dark colors are available for this awning; black and grey.

Bottom Line: this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor space. The strong and steady side awning can withstand strong winds, heavy rain or snowfall.


4. DlandHome Retractable Indoor Privacy Screen

horizontal retractable privacy screen

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comes in63/71/79 inches Height and Width 118.1 inch
ColorsTwo: Grey and Black
Specialty180g/m² polyester fabric (Waterproof)

Specialty: it is a side awning that provides you 100% privacy.

What We Liked:

  • It has a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame with powder-coated steel support.
  • 180g/m² polyester fabric with PA waterproof coating.

More on What You May Like

  • A retractable mechanism provides good flexibility for smooth and long-time operation.
  • You can roll and store it when not in use.
  • Can be used both at home and in commercial space.
  • Comes with all screws needed to install.


  • Only two colors are available grey and black.

Bottom Line:

it is a sturdy side awning that will serve you for a long time. It can block sun heat, the light breeze as well as rain.


5. Tonchean Patio Retractable Privacy Screen Outdoor

manual retractable privacy screens


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Comes in63 inch and width 118 width
Specialty280g/m2 polyester fabric


Specialty: if you get faulty in the Tonchean folding side awning, they will provide you a full refund or a new replacement.

What We Liked:

  • Breathable, waterproof and easy to clean 280g/m2 polyester fabric.
  • It has a handle that allows easy opening and retracting.

More on What You May Like

  • It can block out light breezes, low sun, blind sights
  • Fits perfectly on the average tall fence.
  • The frame is made of aluminum alloy that is resistant to rust.


No other sizes are available and except milky it doesn’t come in other color. 

Bottom Line:

It is stable, easy to install, and perfect for outdoor long-term use. This is ideal for use in backyards, front yards, patios, home gardens, walkways, etc. 


6. SDHYL manual retractable privacy screens

horizontal retractable privacy screen

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Comes in Two colors (Gray and black) 
SizesTwo sizes 

63-inch Height (5.25ft) and 71-inch (5.91ft) height. The Awning length of both is the same 118 inch

Specialty100% polyester Awning and Iron galvanized pole


The side awning is made of aluminum construction, which makes it sleek and resistant to rust.

What We Liked:

  • It has a spring handle design.
  • Retractable obviously means, it rolls back automatically. 
  • Works as a retractable outdoor privacy screen
  • It is made of 100% polyester and PU waterproof coating.

More on What You May Like

  • It has a welded iron piece on the base support to fix the column to keep it stable and safe.
  • The side awning is made of aluminum construction that is resistant to rust.
  • It is suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Comes with mounting equipment. Means screws only. 


  • Only black and grey colors are available.

Bottom Line: SDHYL retractable awning has 2 sizes available to choose from. Though it has limited options to choose from, it still works in terms of great privacy with two color choices. So, in terms of taking two suitable option, this won’t a bad decision to make. 


7. MYOYAY Retractable Patio Privacy Screens

etractable vertical privacy screen

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Main Pole with retractable Awning5.25 feet 
Receiving pole height5.4 inches (2.95 feet)
SpecialtyDistance of the poles can be extended up to 9 feet

Specialty: MYOYAY retractable awning features an automatic roll-back function that easily retracts it into the fully-covered awning cassette.

The height of the retractable post with an awning is and 3 is the height of the receiver pole. 

What We Liked:

  • UV resistant, waterproof, and tear-resistant.
  • It has a handle with a spring design.
  • The screen comes in 180 g polyester fabric
  • Height comes in fixed- 5.25 feet which can not be changed. The distance between the receiving retractable post can be extended up to 9.8 feet (118″)

More on What You May Like

  • The aluminum frame is powder-coated which makes it rustproof.
  • Mounting screws or accessories are included.


  • Only one color is available that is grey.
  • No Flexible height is available

Bottom Line

This side awning can be used indoors as an office, clinic, studio, gallery or dressing room, or outdoors like a terrace, garden, patio, and so on.  Its simple and stylish structure blocks wind, sunlight and protects privacy.

In addition, if you don’t bother about measurements as you have a bigger patio or if you already know the offered size fits your need, then go ahead with this. 


8. KwickScreen Duo Portable Retractable Privacy Screen

medical screens on wheels

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How it is different from other brands

  • From its brands, it is portable and amazingly easy to set up.
  • Each panel creates 10 feet portable fence, together it creates 20 feet obstacle to view.
  • Comes on a plain and scenic screen. 

What we Liked:

  • Lightweight and can easily be set up with and 180-degree range of movement.
  • More than 80 designs to choose from
  • 6.25 feet in height which are great for putting right beside your bed or anywhere privacy requires.


More on What You May Like

  • Any kind of shape can be created ranging from L shape to vertical.
  • Attached with a high-quality wheel.
  • Easy to clean and store wherever you want.
  • Works great as portable medical privacy screens


  • Premium pricing
  • Fewer customization options in terms of sizes

Bottom Line

Can be used for vaccination centers to anywhere for temporary medical centers. Can create a great temporary room for Offices where the meeting takes place anytime and anywhere. Works best large tent sides to create privacy for the executive area and it works great for changing areas as well. We don’t find any possible reason where you can not use it.

why trust us



  1.   Is the awning fabric easy to clean?

Answer: Yes. Most dirt will come off just by brushing the fabric while dry and then you can wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap, not with detergent.

According to georetractable.net, you can apply silicon spray every 6 months to keep them shiny and neat.

2.    Why should someone buy a retractable awning?

Answer: they make a sunny patio enjoyable on hot summer days. This protects from skin damage and makes the area cooler by reducing sun-generated heat by 10 to 15 degrees. They also work on rainy days to keep your area dry. So, you don’t need to install it seasonably.

  1. What are the differences between manual retractable privacy screens and fixed awnings?

Answer: retractable awning allows you to open it when you need it and close or roll it when not needed, so you can call it manual retractable privacy screens. Furthermore, retractable awnings are designed so you can stop the awning at any point with the handle. Fixed awnings need to be opened part by part for storing which is time-consuming.

  1. In the case of no poles on retractable awnings, what supports the awning?

Answer: none are needed to support the awning. The awning is specially designed to provide sun and light rain protection without poles and these awning don’t require poles to support the awnings. But it has a different viewpoint.

However, according to the FAQ of alexanderawnings.com

However depending on use, projection and size of the awning temporary support poles may be a worthwhile investment for use with your awning.


To Conclude

A retractable awning privacy screen can make spending time outdoors or indoors enjoyable, private, and sophisticated. They can even tolerate high winds, storms, and heavy snowfalls. Furthermore, it adds to privacy. Now you can extend the outdoor living space at a much cheaper price as compared to a high-cost construction.