7 Things You Should Know About Fencing In Bangladesh

Few fencing can be amazing and you would be fascinated to see the core and basics of Fencing in Bangladesh. I had the opportunity to visit these areas and take snaps of them by myself to find the best examples of fencing ideas on a budget. I will keep adding more when I come across more interesting ones.

1. Jute Stick Fencing

Jute stick fencing are pretty cheap and easy to build up. though this doesn’t last long but after the season of jute, people in rural parts of Bangladesh utilize the jute stick to have it as their fence. Hides and creates a great privacy fence


2. Framed Bamboo Fence Panels

Very simple, you slice a bamboo and put it on a frame like that using smaller screws. Pretty amazing isn’t it? this creates a fence and a gate if you want.  People in rural areas like to have this kind of fencing a lot. 



bambo fence in bangladesh

bambo fencing

3. Wood for Gate Frame

Easy and DIY wooden gate frame that create a gate and plus a great fence for the farm or for the warehouse. However, can not be a great gate if it is meant for the cold winter which is not availailable in Bangladesh. 

wood for gate frame


4. Corrugated Metal Gate Idea

This one is long and pretty sturdy to block the view and create a great privacy. Since these are galvanized, these last for years. 

corrugated metal fence designs



4. Fence With Fishing Net

Simple fishnet made is simple and amazingly free of some unwanted bigger animals to raid this small garden. 

fishing net fence

fishing net fence


6. Barbed Wire Fence

barbed wire fence in bangladesh

Barbed wire fences are pretty popular where goverment properties are located. For archeological sites and sites require higher visibility generally are protected by barbed wire fences

7. See Through Fences 


mesh privacy screen for fence

mesh privacy screen

To Conclude

These are the fencing techniques that can be considered amazing after all. Hope you guys liked it and if you like it please share. 

photo credit: all of these have been taken by fencingrailing.com and these photos are original to all extents. 

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