[Garden Brightening] Expandable Fence Outdoor For Garden

An expandable fence is a decorative diamond pattern expandable trellis that can be used as plant support or privacy shield in the garden. expandable fence outdoor is the easiest fencing solution you will find in the market now. The expandable design allows you to adjust the trellis to different lengths as you need them, without using any tools. 

Why People Use Retractable Expanding Fence?

expanding trellis fenceIt blocks the unorganized part of your Garden

It blocks the view to some extent and can store some garden tools right behind. As a result, you can just block the disorganized area just by using an expandable mobile wooden fence.

It can be way blocker or path director with planters

Blends well with any garden party. Besides, if you are thinking of welcoming your guests with a welcome gate with this folding gate, this works really well! Not a gate it would just like a walkway to come in. Or expandable fence outdoor can be a guide to block an unnecessary way to show the guests to use the right path.

You Can store it easily by consuming less space

When the weather changes, you easily pull that out and store it somewhere by folding it easily. While storing it takes less space, saving a lot of spots to save other materials as well.

An Ecofriendly addition offense

Enhancing beauty is the first priority people keep in mind while buying it. Give you a sense of an ecofriendly environment since it blends super great with any vegetation.

Can be a great mobile Driveway blocker when children play

With road accidents the majority of the time, kids may become victims of unnecessary accidents while cars take the driveway to move. It creates better safety and an easy blocker to save kids to run toward the highway

Things You Need to Consider Before Buying


it should be stable enough to stand strongly even in strong wind or rain.


since the fence would be used outdoors it should be made from high quality material and durable in sun and rain exposure. Opening and closing should be easy and smooth.


the package should include everything that is required for quick and easy installation.

Plant Supporter:

the expandable fence should be strong enough to support plants like ivy, vines, roses and other climbing plants.


measure the area where you want to install an extendable garden fence. It will help you to choose the right size fence.

How Windy your area is

Expandable or free-standing wooden fences are not a good fit for areas with strong wind since it is a no-dig fence and can easily fall down with the strong wind.


List of 7 Best Expandable Fence Outdoor

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4AKOYA✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5LXD Expanding Wooden Fence✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6Lizi Expandable Outdoor Fence✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
7NLMWL-Y Portable Fence✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon


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1. Uyoyous Extendable Instant Fence

Expanding Wooden Garden Growing Climbing Plant Fence Panel Trellis


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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

What We Liked:

  • The three-point bracket increases firmness and stability.
  • Made of high-grade pine wood.
  • Can be used as a pet fence to block pests from entering your private space
  • No painting, staining or maintaining required.
  • Perfect for growing climbing plants.
  • Easy installation with screw and screwdriver (included).
  • Can be easily tucked away when not needed.


  • No other color and size options available. 

Key Decision Factors:

The maximum width is 63 inches. You can hang a flower basket or can use it as a plant supporter which will bring a stylish look. The base frame needs to be installed by yourself. Anti-corrosion varnish is added to it.

2. MYOYAY  Expanding Free Standing Wooden Trellis Fence

freestanding lattice wall


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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • MYOYAY expanding fence has high-temperature carbonization that makes it highly durable.

What We Liked:

  • Material is imported carbon wood.
  • Has a three-point bracket.
  • Has beautiful anti-skid.
  • Can be used as plant support or privacy shield in the garden.
  • Firm and stable
  • Can be used as a simple door for the entrance, as a pet door or as a small partition.


  • Has a light smell.

Key Decision Factors:

this high-quality expandable fence comes 2 in the package.  This is durable, firm, and stable. It can be used for many purposes. This can easily expandable and can stretch up to 80*160cm.


3. Jxgzyy Freestanding Wooden Fence

Retractable Expanding Fence

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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • This freestanding wooden fence is painted with thick waterproof paint.

What We Liked:

  • The denser grids prevent your pets from passing through them.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Resistant to sun and rain.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to put together.


  • The wood is a bit rough, not smooth.

Key Decision Factors:

jxgzyy freestanding wooden fence is easy to install, just adjust the base frame and the rest of the things are super easy. The package includes a screw and screwdriver. This is suitable for ivy, vines, roses, and other climbing plants. Moreover, you can use it as garden fences, partition walls and plant growth. This can be extended to 64 inches.


4. AKOYA Expandable Fencing For Gardens

freestanding trellis screen

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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • its specialty is it comes in two colors; white and wood. Now you can choose the one that will match better with your house design.

What We Liked:

  • Material is Chinese fir.
  • This is handmade.
  • This is high-temperature carbonized.
  • Equipped with mounting screw and screwdriver.
  • Easy installation.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Sometimes gets little bit stiff to open and close.

Key Decision Factors:

this handmade wood fence can be stretched to 1.4 meters which is really very long. This is a perfect fence for a garden but this retractable wooden fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, restaurant, park courtyard, etc.


5. LXD Instant Expanding Wooden Garden Fence

wood garden trellis fence


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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • this is made very long in height so your pets won’t be able to jump over.

What We Liked:

  • Tall and stable foot.
  • Perfect for Ivy, Vine, Roses, and Other Climbing Plants.
  • High temperature carbonized water pain treatment that prolongs its life.
  • Can be used as Fences, Partitions, Flower Stands, Garden Fences, Etc.


  • No color and size options to choose from

Key Decision Factors:

This extendable garden fence is beautiful and firm. Opening and closing is very easy. Moreover, you can move it whenever and wherever you want and adjust its width.

6. Lizi Expandable Instant Outdoor Wooden Fence

free standing garden fence

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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • Comes in three different colors and sizes.
  • The anti-corrosion stretchable solid wood

What We Liked:

  • Carbonized at high temperature to treat this wood to deter oxygen.
  • 2-years of warranty
  • Obviously weatherproof and can withstand winters.
  • Gives spikes helps you to push in the ground either by pushing or by mild hammering.


  • Comes in pieces not in sets, so pay attention to how pieces you order.
  • No freestanding


Key Decision Factors:

With numerous applications, this wooden fence has dozens of compelling reasons to adorn your garden or yard or anywhere you want. Color and size options are attractive enough to have a customized type, unlike any other brand to choose according to your aesthetics.


7. NLMWL-Y Expandable Outdoor Portable Gate Wooden

free standing fence sections wooden


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How It is Different from Other Brands: 

  • Comes in three different unique sizes.
  • Arched trellis design

What We Liked:

  • No assembly is required and saves space and looks different in comparison to other wooden fences.
  • The carbon roast process saves it from rotting and corrosion.


  • Doesn’t come in color options.


Key Decision Factors:

Strong feet and made of sturdy wood assure to have it for long time. You can use it event even to decorate your indoors and outdoor yards. It is definitely a good investment to decorate your abode.



  1.     Can it stand sturdy by itself without drilling into the concrete?

Answer: This Wood Expanding Fence has feet so it can stand on its own. But still if you want to drill it to make it sturdier, you can drill it into the concrete.

  1.     What should be done to maximize the life of an expandable fence?

Answer: Stains should be used to maximize the life of an expandable fence.

  1.     Can an expandable fence be used as a baby gate?

Answer: you can use, but we do not recommend using them as baby gates. Since they are lightweight if the baby knocks it, it might fall. 

According to BBC.co.uk

Creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space, makes the garden an inviting space and part of your home.

To Conclude

Amongst other fences, this unique and cheap expandable fence outdoor transform your home and garden eco-friendly and relaxing. This type of fence either can free stand or can be spiked on the ground, so no digging is required. This is ideal for climbing plants, flowers, and vegetables. Some facts should be considered before you buy an expandable fence for your gardens.