[Synthetic Grass For Yard Fencing] 5 Best Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is composed of synthetic fibers that look like real grass. People might think this grass may look fake and altogether not friendly for the yard, but this concept is wrong. While thinking of fencing a lawn, you also need to have a well-protected yard and an awesome lawn with great-looking grass to enhance the beauty of your entire project. 

Nowadays people are switching to artificial front grass from real grass in their front lawn since people get tired of the constant maintenance, clearing pet poop, or washing up urine from real grass. It saves the homeowner’s time, water, and most importantly money. 

Is Turf Real Grass?

artificial grass vs natural grass

The answer is no! Turf is artificial and not real. 

“One of the biggest differences between artificial turf and natural grass is the level of care. Natural grass requires several hours of work each week to keep it looking its best.”

Some of the natural grasses get yellow or dead in spots and some grow longer than others in a week. That’s why you need mowing. But still that is not enough.

For proper care, you need to water it to have a great landscape and that’s why when you walk on it it has to be maintained unless it becomes muddy just in case kids walk on it.

To save yourself from this you need artificial grass. It will save your time and now you can spend the time with your family or friends. If there is a pet odor or dust, you can rinse it with water.

Real grass requires watering in the morning and evening. According to heavelygreens.com, an 800 square foot lawn consumes about 150,000 gallons of water every year.

That is a huge waste of water and money. However, artificial grass will save your electricity bill and water as well. Cleaning artificial turf requires a minimal amount of water.

Artificial grass will make your lawn and aesthetic.Fake grass always looks perfect, the same height, color and texture, no matter the season, weather, or wear.” With natural grass that is impossible. There might be weather issues or seasonal issues which will disturb the look of the natural grass.

“With fake grass, you never have to use harmful chemicals. This makes it perfectly safe for you and for any child to play on.”

If you have real grass in your lawn, to make it look lush you have to use fertilizer. But with artificial turf you don’t have to do that. The cost of fertilizer and other chemicals will be saved if you use artificial grass. Your child and pets will be safe from accidental incidents.

But still, there are some good sides of artificial grass. Natural grass is good for the environment and relatively less expensive.

However, we must say, artificial turf is a little bit pricey and not the best option for nature, since it cannot be recycled but stays for a minimum 5-10 years and discourage local wildlife. It is really up to you which one you will choose for your house.

Things to Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass for Front Lawn

best artificial grass for putting green

Can Withstand Heavy Usage:  Definitely take traffic into consideration while choosing artificial grass for your front lawn. If you have pets or kids who love playing outdoor games, you will have to choose artificial grass that is highly durable. If less durable artificial grass is installed and it sees heavy traffic, it will surely cause it to wear out quickly. Make a decision depending on how the artificial grass is going to be used.

Pile Height: We recommend choosing a pile height of between 30 – 37mm since this height will make it look natural. Long blades create a lush look that feels luxurious. Choosing artificial grass that has a taller pile height may seem fine.

However, longer grass blades will be heavier and gravity will bring it down and make it look flat, rather than lush- look grass. . If you have a plan to place a bench or table on the lawn, go for a shorter pile height. Try to brush the turf on a regular basis.

Density & Weight: Dense artificial grass will have more synthetic yarns per square foot. But, it might be expensive. Look for the density of the product and don’t forget weight. Generally, the higher the quality, the heavier the artificial grass is. A really good quality grass will have a weight per m2 of around 3kg.

Good Backing: Artificial grass backing is made up of two layers; primary and secondary layers. If the quality is not good, these layers can separate soon. To check whether the back is made tough or not, pull the layers apart with your hands. And now you can understand what quality the artificial grass carries.

Realistic Color: artificial grass comes in varieties shades of green color, lime green, olive green, dark green and more. Choose a green color that feels healthy in your yard. We recommend you to pick a turf that has different shades of green along with some brown flecks too. 

Maintenance: you will be happy to know that high-quality artificial grass does not require mowing or watering like natural grass. If accidentally something spills on it, have a quick rinse and that is enough. Artificial grass requires low maintenance.

Fire-resistant: when choosing artificial grass it is important to know whether it is fire resistant or not. Because if there is fire, it can spread via artificial grass. Ensuring that your chosen artificial grass meets this criterion is highly recommended.

Weather-resistant: grass color might fade with constant sun exposure. Artificial grass might melt with high temperatures. Check if your chosen artificial grass is UV tested.

List of Best Artificial Grass Reviews for Landscaping

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1. GL Artificial Turf Grass by Goasis Lawn Store

best artificial grass for lawns


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Specialty: It has an authentic green color that makes it look like real grass. Anyone can get confused whether it is real grass or not.

What We Liked:

  • You can purchase any customized size you need.
  • It has drainage holes; if there is rain it will drain the water through the holes.
  • It has a rubber backing that makes it highly durable.


  • This artificial grass will UV protected for 8 to 11 years
  • Weather-resistant
  • It cleans your shoe whenever you walk on it.
  • made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials


  • grass blades could be made longer.

Bottom Line

GL Artificial Turf grass is our top choice for artificial grass that looks 100% natural. It is eco-friendly and at the same time non-toxic. It is totally safe for your child and pets. In these best artificial grass reviews, this Goasis comes first in our list because this is great for the deck, backyard, pet dog area, roof, balcony, swimming pool, patio garden, and more. 

Similar Popular Products of Goasis Lawn


1.1: Realistic Thick Artificial Grass Turf by Goasis Lawn Store

best artificial grass around pool


Specialty: this artificial grass provides you 10 years warranty and a 30 days return policy.

What We Liked:

  • This is made of high-quality polyethylene poly polypropylene which is UV resistant.
  • It has a rubber back and drainage holes
  • It comes with 4 tone color, which makes it look like real grass.
  • 1.38 inch of grass height which is lower in comparison to other artificial grass brands. 


Buy At Amazon


  • Highly durable
  • No toxic chemicals are used, so it is friendly for pets and kids.
  • Easy to clean and need no maintenance.
  • Best for garden, patio, backyard, lawn, office, and for any decor purposes.


  • Because of the thickness of grass, during hot weather, it may get a little bit sticky.


1.2:  GL Artificial Grass Turf by Goasis Lawn Store


artificial grass pool surroundsSpecialty: it features anti-slip properties that provide effective slip resistance.

What We Liked:

  • if you want a customized size, you can have it.
  • Made of fire-resistant material
  • Made of high-quality durable polypropylene fiber.



Buy At Amazon



  • Easy maintenance
  • Both heat and cold resistant
  • Automatic water seepage
  • Extremely durable


  • Grasses are short.

Bottom Line

different sizes are available in this grass. Choose and then buy according to your desired size. This is made of environmentally friendly high- quality, durable polypropylene fibers and PE material on the surface.

2. Deluxe Artificial Grass Carpet Roll by Petgrow

best artificial grass review

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Specialty: If there is any defect or kind of problem you face, you don’t need to worry. They have a 30 days return policy for amazon customers. And its other specialty is, your dog is going to love this!

What We Liked:

  • Grass height is about 1.37” in length, which makes it really thick.
  • 4-tone color that makes it look realistic.
  • Soft and lush which is safe for kids and pets.


  • This Petgrow deluxe artificial grass is made of the highest quality polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns.
  • If there is rain, it will drain the water through drainage holes.
  •  Cleaning is super easy.
  • Heavy duty


  • Some customers claimed that after using it for several years some of the grass had come out.

Bottom Line

This artificial grass turf with 70 oz total weight per square yard. This is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. It will bring life to your patio or porch. It is really thick and looks realistic.


Similar Popular Synthetic Grass Gor Putting Green of Pet Grow


2.1 Petgrow Most Realistic Artificial Grass Turf df

best artificial grass reviews

Specialty: its specialty is, it is really very soft and your kids and pets will love the turf for this.

What We Liked:

  • The grasses are large, lush, and thatched which makes it look like real grass.
  • Affordable price
  •  You can cut this easily




Buy At Amazon


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Tiny holes underneath the backing for drainage


  • Thin turf may seem weird while walking on it.

Bottom Line

This is high-quality artificial grass that looks pretty real in the porch, patio, lawn etc. placing and staking is super easy. Different sizes are available for this turf.

3. ALTRUISTIC Artificial Grass Carpet Roll

best artificial grass for landscaping

Buy AT Amazon

Specialty: its specialty is the longevity of the color. They claim the color will remain the same for 10 years.

What We Liked:

  • Lays flat immediately
  • It holds a lot of dirt
  • Constructed of the highest quality polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns.


  • Soft and lush
  • Weatherproof
  • Drainage holes


  • A little bit smelly which is nothing but a chemical smell from the artificial grass.

Bottom Line

this weighs 70 oz per square yard that ensures extremely high-density artificial grass. It has a 4 tone color that makes it look real. Blade height is close to 1 3/8”. Perfect for outdoor decoration.

4. AYOHA Fake Grass Roll

top rated artificial grass

Buy AT Amazon

Specialty: it has two-layer backing that is coated with styrene-butadiene rubber latex that is imported from Belgium.

What We Liked:

  • Provides drainage during rainy days.
  • UV and fire-resistant 
  • Customized size is available that will be
  • Kid and Pet Freindly


  •  AYOHA claims the turf has a 20- year average life span.
  • You will get 10- year warranty
  • Soft and feels like real grass.


  • Customers claimed it is not easy to clean.

Bottom Line

this is safe for your children and pets to play within the yard. This can be used in the garden, deck, balcony, lawn wherever you want to enhance the beauty of that place. The synthetic grass is non-flammable. 4 tone color provides a 100% natural look. Pile height is 35mm, 75 oz/sq yard. 

5. LITA Artificial Grass for Backyard

best artificial grass for backyard

Buy AT Amazon


MaterialSynthetic material
You may loveComes in custom size
Thickness of Turf0.75-inch pile height



  • Made of high-quality UV-protected polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns which ensures a longer protection and freshness over the lawn.

What we liked

  • It works both for indoor and outdoor facilities.
  • The soft pattern makes it friendly for kids and pets.
  • It provides a feeling of realistic green that would not itch your eye when you get up from bed.
  • Obviously water permeable, otherwise we wouldn’t include it at all. Heavy mesh backing has tiny holes underneath it to pass the water away.


    • In terms of toxicities, it promises no such issues and eco friendly


  • No maintenance requires whatsoever.
  • Weather-resistant regardless of  hot and cold weather
  • Super easy to lay it around your yard.
  • 3 years of warranty with 30 days of return policy
  • Good value for money


  • We would not recommend it for super hot states, Like Florida and Texas. In extreme heat, it may not remain in shape for longer. But around September to April, it stays in awesome shape.

Bottom Line

It will last for 10 years and a great investment for your yard to keep fresh green and awesome all year-round.



Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass with Dogs

is turf real grass

  • Your dog cannot dig up artificial turf as they do it with natural turf. No muddy patches, no muddy paw prints in your house.
  • 100% Permeable turf backing options allow for urine to flow through with no barriers to reach the soil for optimal drainage.
  • It stays hygienic and unaffected by urine.
  • Dogs pee can be cleaned easily
  • Dogs love playing in artificial turf as they do it with natural grass.
  • Your dog will stay clean.














What is Artificial Turf Made of?

Answer: Typically this product is created with a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene, which is made into synthetic fibers to look like natural grass. Then it is joined with rubber granules and silica sand to help keep the blades upright.

Is Artificial Turf Safe for my Children?

Answer: artificial grass is absolutely safe for your child. And if your child falls during playing, it will not hurt them. There is an infill that is anti-microbial, so it lessens the chances of bacteria spreading to children. It is non-toxic and non-allergic.

 Is Synthetic Grass Dog-friendly?

Answer: people want synthetic turf for their dog since it is really safe for their dog. It doesn’t stain and urine drains through it leaving no odors behind. Synthetic grass is very durable so your dogs will not be able to dig or chew it up. Another benefit is that it doesn’t create mud puddles.

How to Maintain Artificial Turf?

Answer: artificial turf requires really very low maintenance. Only if you have pets, you have to wash it down with a garden hose occasionally. You don’t have to water and spray chemicals to keep it lush. You can brush the artificial turf once in a month to keep it flattening.

 Does Artificial Grass Fade?

Answer: A high-quality synthetic grass product will not fade by using it over time. It will have added UV inhibitors to the fibers to inhibit fading.

To Conclude

Most realistic artificial grass makes your house appealing. Artificial grass is a fantastic financial investment on which these best artificial grass reviews will help you to decide. However, due to different types and styles of artificial grass, choosing the best one for your front lawn or backyardcan be a difficult task. Remember, there is no be-all-end-all when it comes to synthetic turf.



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