11 Best Railing Planter Boxes: To Fall in Love

Once you have at least a passion to have a greenery, Then for beginners, less effort and super easy gardening would be to find a best railing planter boxes. In addition, planters adorn your garden and railing which works unlike artificial faux leaves for privacy.  If you are looking for something that will give your home, garden, or patio some unique flair while catching needed sunlight, check out these options. They’re not just meant for container plants, or for indoor use only.

Get ready to spend some money to achieve fascinating, vibrant results. We have reviewed, researched, and ranked the best new railing planter boxes of the latest, cool designs that you would love and need to get a greenery in the corner of your home without a lot of effort. 

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List of 10 Best Railing Planters Box Ideas

Here are the top 11 railing box gardeners of the year you should consider;

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1. Classic Home and Garden Wooden Deck Railing Planters

best railing planters

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It is coated with UV finish protection that does not allow this planter box to fade, warp, or rot.

What We Liked:

  • We liked this planter box for its look which does not look cheap at all whereas it comes at a super cheap rate.
  • The distressed oak is sophisticated and American and that brings this box to my top list.
  • It fits 2” by 4” and 2” by 6” railing.


  • A highly durable and light planter box has drainage holes for outdoor use.
  • The classic oak finish gives it an aesthetic look that stands out of the crowd.  
  • Has drainage holes at the bottom
  • Goes well balcony and deck or patio railing.


  • The size is pretty large which may not be a good option or the window railing. 

Bottom line: 

Bright colored flowers, such as- blue(Petunias, geraniums, pansies-blooms quickly), red(Dianthus, Red Roses), pink (Carnation, Zinnia), or white; these colored flowers do go with this planter box to adorn any railing.

The classic whiskey barrel planter in a distressed oak finish with antique pewter colored bands will match with any colored railing.

2. Bloem Plastic Deck Rail Planters

best planters for deck railings

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Dimension23.9 x 11.9 x 9 inches.


  • UV Protected and fade resistant
  • Great for patio, mailbox post, balcony, fence, or deck railing.
  • fits rail size 3.75″ or 5.5″ wide.

What We Liked

  • The most awesome fact about this planter box is, you can plant any vegetables in this planter box since these are sturdy and heavy-duty. 
  • Bloem railing planter box fits any rail size 3.75″ and 5.5″ width. Serves purpose for little big railings. Also fits well on 2×4 and 4×6 nominal lumber size
  • Smooth texture with a matte finish and durable resin


  • The bright-colored flowers would go with the white box (excluding white flowers obviously)
  • Terracotta and the black box would match with any light-colored flowers like pink, white or yellow.
  • It includes optional punch-out holes for drainage.
  • With 24’ inch, you can plant different types of flower plants.


  • Zip Ties are recommended for better stability and balance just in case it doesn’t fit
  • doesn’t come with water storage
  • Won’t work at the iron railing

Bottom Line:

This Bloem planter box is manufactured with UV-resistant plastic which is fade resistant and will last for years because of its sturdiness. An FDA-approved planter box for having contact with edibles; Hence, any flower or vegetable can take its place right at your railing planter without any worries.


3. CobraCo Flower Box Holder For Railing

flower box brackets deck railing

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ColorNo color
StylesComes in two sizes- wide horse-trough-style shape
Railing LengthAdjustable brackets for mounting on railings 2-by-6-inch wide
Dimension36-Inch L by 8-Inch W by 7-Inch.


  • Cobra planters for railings can be set on deck railing, wall or to any window sill; wherever you fit this it looks amazingly charming and fresh.

What We Liked

  •  We liked this because it looks very different from the other planter boxes. The best part is its dimension where I can plant several plants with different colors.
  • Any colorful flower plant would fit into this planter since it has its natural good-to-go pattern. Different colored flowers will make it more eye-soothing.


  • This rail top planter has been made by brown fiber choirs of the coconut shell, the liner helps maintain moisture within the soil and it saves on water and allows plant roots to access the water as needed.
  • This railing planter keeps your plant fresh and beautiful even during times of intense sun and heat.
  • The exquisite textured black finish makes it more attractive. 
  • The adjustable (fits for mounting on railings 2-by-6-inch wide) bracket includes coco liner


  • Doesn’t come with water storage but it keeps the soil moisture enough. So, no need to think of water drainage. 
  • Unlike others, it serves a long time in outdoor usage with heat, sun, rain, and high humidity. Not recommended for indoor use. 

Bottom line

This planter can be used at the bottom of the window or on the wall with a given bracket by screwing it on the wall. 

4. Emsco Plastic Balcony Rail Planter Box

railing planters plastic

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ColorComes in 10 colors
Styles7 Styles
Railing LengthThis planter box fits into 1.25” or 3.875″ (2×4 nominal) wide railings

What We Liked

  • Emsco is super famous among garden lovers.
  • And the thing that We liked about this planter box is, this best railing planter box is made with polyethylene plastic that is BPA-free and FDA approved, which means food-safe High-Density Polyethylene. 
  • You will never have to worry about any sort of chemical leaching. Just plant flower plants or vegetable plants without any worries.


  • Emsco railing planter box comes 11 different colors and in an amazing seven different and unique styles which is being designed by a manufacturer who is 150 years old.
  • All the options and styles leave a plethora of options for you to make a couple with your own railing and planter box with colorful flowers or plants. 
  • This planter is made from durable, weatherproof resin construction. 
  • Come along drainage holes on the bottom helps to drain water and deliver oxygen to plant roots.
  • This railing planter measures 24” where you can plant twice the amount different flower plants than any other regular plant.


  • Not a great option for indoor use.

Bottom Line

Emsco deck railing planter perfectly works with decks and balconies with wood and metal railings. It comes with fasteners that help you to stabilize the planter over the railing. 

5. Apollo Exports International Self-Watering Railing Planter

ColorComes in 5 colors
Styles3 Sizes
Self-wateringYes. Hidden 1” water reservoir holds 6 cup of water
Railing LengthIt fits on any sized deck or fence railing from 1″ To 4″ wide


Apollo comes in 3 different sizes; 20’, 24’ 32’ and 6 different colors; green, light green, terra cotta, white, black and driftwood. Since it has a wide range of sizes to choose, you can measure the length of your railing to fit any planter box at your railing. 

adjustable self-watering railing planter

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It does not require any tool to set it up. It has triple adjustable arms with dual final support brackets which stabilize the planter box on the railing at different weathers. 

It is UV resistant which will not allow it to fade, warp or crack.

It has a hidden 1,’water reservoir that holds 6 cups of water with auto-overflow and this would be the reason why someone would love this planter box.

What We Liked

This made-in Italy planter box does it’s a wonder by working on chain link, wrought iron, composite, and standard wooden rails.


6. Akro- Mills Plastic Planter Box for Railing


Styles7 Styles
Self wateringNo
Railing LengthIt fits with two sizes of rails 2-inch by 4-inch and 2-inch by 6-inch.

Akro planter is perfect for small balconies and decks. it measures 24-inch length by 24-inch height by 12-inch width. You get it in both terra cotta and white.

best deck rail planters

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What We Suggest?

In my opinion, the dark railing would make a great pair with white planters. 

And in case of a white railing, the terra cotta could be the best center of your balcony rail or deck. Colorful flowers would match with the white one and for the terracotta, any colored flower could make a great pair that summons beauty to a lone railing.


What We Liked

We liked this planter box for its drainage system which comes with drain plugs. This means It can be unplugged whenever it is needed. 

Planters for Fence Railing

7. The HC Companies Resin Deck Planters


white railing planters

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Color10 Colors
StylesNo Styles
Self wateringNo. Easy to remove Drain plugging system
Railing Length[Fit two sizes of deck rails 2-inch by 4-inch and 2-inch by 6-inch]


  • Its distinctive classic look allows it to fit with any colored railing.
  • But still, our suggestion would be if the railing is dark-colored you would want to have the white planter box.
  • Fits 2 sizes of deck rails (2in x 4in and 2in x 6in)

What We Liked

  • It controls water drainage and has features to resist leak and crack.
  • The size of this planter box is 24”. Pretty big have a great garden for your railing if your railing not too big have more than one planter. 
  • For light-colored railing, the terracotta or chocolate color can make a good combination.


  • This box has removable draining plugs that allow you to transfer outdoor plants indoors.
  • HC railing is made of reliable durable plastic and lightweight as well.
  • You can plant any bright-colored flower in it which gives your deck,  or patio, or balcony railing an impeccable look. 
  • Super value for money



  • It drains but doesn’t have a storage facility
  • go through the measurement again, since this given designed dimension doesn’t fit well with many users. 

Bottom line

A special addition to our list as there is an immense demand for white railing planters around houses. These white natural-looking planters fit amazingly with any outdoor space you have. This lightweight, durable plastic-made, and weather-resistant planter would definitely be a great addition to your vinyl, wooden, and semi wooden railings. 



8. Recycled Wood Railing Planter Boxes

pvc deck railing planters

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StylesThree (Hanging, Rectangular and Square)
Self-wateringNo. Only pre-drilled holes.
Measurement of planter33″ long and 9.6″ wide and 27.5″ high and fits 2- 5/8” railing.
MaterialWood, Pine, Alloy Steel, Plastic

What We Liked

Powder-coated hook lets you have it for years. Within that well-constructed pine format, the plastic container can easily be removed. It is usable with or without a hook. 


  • Built with recycled pine panels
  • Rustproof hook
  • The wooden look is pretty unique since it has plastic inside, no chance of rotten or softwood. 
  • Easy to install 


  • No water reservoir
  • exact dimension of this product is confusing. So make sure you know the length of your railing. 

Bottom Line:

Pre-drilled water hole for proper drainage. The biggest aspect of this railing planter is it’s “Classic rustic style”

9. DCN Plastic Flower Boxes For Railing


balcony railing planter ideas

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 Height9-1/2-inch height


  • Unique textured vertical finish matches with any type of railing of balcony, porch, or patio

What We Liked:


  • Self Watering
  • Overflow protection system and self-watering process.
  • Keeps the soil moisture for this water storage system. 
  • Can reserve up to 6.2 gallon


  • Doesn’t come in any other color

Bottom line

The setback is you wouldn’t receive any indicator on the status of the reserved water. However, it is not recommended to drill at the bottom and other DCN plastic planters need more improvement, so this can be on your shopping list if you want something rectangular in shape. 

10. Exaco Trading Company Plastic Deck Railing Planters


planter boxes for deck rails

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Dimension21.7 x 11.4 x 8.9 inches


  • This Exaco black colored mini-greenhouse planter is designed for narrow railing/fences and DIY railing planter box which is – up to 2.5″ Wide for your railing. 

What we liked

  • It not only enhances the beauty of your railing brings back a fresh garden look as expected.
  • It is designed for narrow railing up to 2.5″ Wide


  • The cover is super strong and locks onto the planter and the cover is 7” high. 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Value for money


  • Doesn’t come with any other color option.
  • Doesn’t have water storage

Bottom line

We recommend this planter box for light-colored and narrow railings. The cover has two sets of adjustable airlocks. The capacity of the planter box is 4.2 gallons. 

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11. United Frames and Product Store Adjustable Railing Planters


balcony planter boxes for railings

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  • Lightweight planter armed with custom layering design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable UV resistant as well

What we liked:

  • Comes with a stabilizer that helps your planter to stabilize at any railing planter
  • Mold free, no possibility of leaking, and easy to maintain
  • Compatible with any type of gardening and pathway decoration.


  • Comes in three color option to match with railing design
  • Wave-like design is unique that makes it more aesthetic with your railing
  • Get along perfectly with both indoor and outdoor
  • Recycled and BPA free
  • Fits 2 inches by 3-inch railing planter


  • No drainage or water storage system

Bottom line

The manufacturer is in this business for 40 years leaning our view more toward their favor to keep them in our top 11 list. To ensure drainage just in case you feel overflowing, you can drill small holes at the bottom of it.


why trust us


Why do you need Best Railing Planter Boxes?balcony planter boxes for railings


  • Once you are done with you lawn with an aesthetic garden, your balcony needs to adorned too.
  • Not everyone has the same space or area to harness a garden bed. 
  • Brings back a fresh look to your dull railing which mostly freshens your mind.
  • Planter boxes don’t consume foot space at all
  • It doesn’t dampen the ground/ which saves a cost for having a holder. 
  • Panter boxes possess enough space for plants to stretch roots that gives them the chance to grow more freely. 
  • A clean and quicker way of having a plantation beside your room. 
  • No worries for grass invasion or garden edging border. 


Do we know, according to Environmental psychology, simply looking at nature helps your brain works better



1. What if my railing is too small to hole the gap of my favorite Planter box?

If your railing is to small to hold, measure it, and order a similar size piece of wood to fill the gap with that. Cut it accordingly and fill the gap with that piece of wood, stick it with glues and screws to fit at the bottom. it works. 

2. How pot drainage is a necessary feature of a planter box?

Having a proper drainage system in every planter box is highly recommended. When buying a planter box, this is a must-have feature. Otherwise, it deteriorates the root of the plant. Besides, the root overwhelmed by water causes interruption ro regular oxygen supply to the root.

3. Does it help to put gravels at the bottom of the planter box to improve drainage?

No, it is not, basically, instead of draining the water out, gravels in that box basically keep the soil moister. As a result, it rots the root of the plant. it better to keep it full with the soil. It is highly recommended not to drown the plants with water.


4. How do I drain water faster without putting rocks underneath plastic planter box for railing ?

Just putting one rock would help your planter box to keep it draining. However, it depends on the soil mix.


5. How do I stop my soil from draining away without putting rock at the bottom of the box?

Putting a kitchen, coffee filter paper or newspaper helps to stope soil draining away. That assists your planter box to drain water addition water out.

Final Words

Sometimes, an empty railing can benefit from a touch of greenery. These ornamental plants are a great option for an outdoor wall, and there are a variety of styles that would brighten any indoor space. 

Having a little piece of plantation with railing best railing planter boxes, right beside your room, in a planter box, could be a great kick start. If you want to be the next great gardener, consider picking up a best railing planter box which is easy to grow, drought resistant, and will last your lifetime.

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