Handpicked Collections-11 Best Room Divider Reviews

The simple role, it divides any specific space of your room, office, corridor or sometimes backyard, but a best room divider plays a vital role not only with beauty but also with elegance. 

Since ancient age, people all over the world used this room divider for their little privacy.

Unlike the privacy fence screen, it functions only in indoor use. However, you may find various ideas to divide rooms or apartments, but it works slightly differently. 

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Types of Divider for Room and Office

Sound Proof Divider/Office Partitions

portable partition walls on wheels

Sometimes, apart from privacy, we need something do a meeting in quite. Besides, for offices, this divider is a vital part to possess to ensure a soundproof room.

At the same time, for places where noise often makes distractions, such as meeting and music practice take place, there a soundproof room divider does create value. 


Divider for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

temporary room divider ideasThese types of room dividers don’t come in many variations but one thing there has to be for sure, that is water-resistant. 




free standing room divider wall


For indoor houses, restaurants, backyard, patio, and shopping malls these work great. Besides, apart from the style, these types of room dividers commonly dominate the heart of people and these are highly sold and come in great variety.



Shoji Screen Panel

shoji screen partionsShoji screens for room dividers are usually not that tall, used only to hide or to add beauty to any lone corner. 

Besides, give some privacy to your pet with a wall. A wall boundary within indoors gives your pet a cozy feeling. On the other hand, to hide litter boxes of your pet, this screen works as well as increases enhance the beauty of your room. 

Photo Display Divider

best room divider screensThis divider is awesome to have if you are a great lover of asian crafts and culture. This simply brings a bridge of peace and sanity to your house with the presence of one. 

Hanging Divider for Room

ceiling track room dividerHanging room dividers are not particularly ensured privacy, it is more likely to work as part of the decoration and an implied way of creating a screen to limit views. It brings elegance to the outlook of a lackluster room.

In a nutshell, it shows your taste of decoration and adorns house, room, bedroom, office waiting area to any part of a business conference, hotels, hospitals, anywhere it brings life to an open space by taste and elegance.




List Top 11 Best Room Dividers in Details

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1Sorbus Best Room Divider★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2Coaster 902626★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
3Oriental Furniture 6 ft. Tall Diamond Weave★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Coaster 4-Panel Folding Screen Black★★★★★Buy At Amazon
5S Stand Up Desk Store ReFocus★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
6Proman Products Galaxy Room Outdoor/Indoor Divide★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
7Oriental Furniture 2 ft. Tall Shoji Screen★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
8Photo Display Divider★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
9E-life Hanging Room Dividers★★★☆☆Buy At Amazon
10Kernorv Hanging Room Divider★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
11Yizunnu Hanging Room Divider★★★★☆Buy At Amazon

1. Sorbus Best Room Dividers for Privacy

best room dividers bedroom

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  • Each Sorbus panel is approx. 19.50” wide and 69″ Hight (overall 6ft Panel)
  • Either come at 6 or 8 panel room divider screen
  • Works best for dress privacy to porch privacy. Fits amazingly for patio and sleeping areas as well.
  • Foldable that ease your pain not to assemble in case you need to. It has two-way folding hinges that allow flexibility to do any either way to fold.
  • Foldable panel room divider amazon helps you to store them whenever you want without occupying much space.
  • Considerably lightweight that assures mobility all time.



  • Double weaved room divider panels ensure long durability
  • Double hinged assures both way folding
  • It can be used for studio, patio, back yard, lawn,
  • Bohemian, modern and rustic style



  • Comes only in Espresso brown


2. Coaster Panel Divider for Room 

types of room dividers

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  • Coaster Comes only 4 panel
  • Only White finish.
  • 6 ft panel room divider screens
  • 16 pound
  • Overall panel dimension- H X 69.5″ W X 0.75″
  • Double way hinge and screen locks on both side



  • Works well with living, dining, kids and Kitchens
  • Suits at Every cornner
  • Lightweight and can be taken easily anywhere.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Foldable room divider screens


  • White needs to be cleaned of on a regular basis.

3. Tall Diamond Weave Fiber Room Divider From Oriental

dorm room divider ideas

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The reason for including this panel room divider amazon is, it comes in variety of panel requirements and sizes.


  • Oriental furniture room divider comes in 4 types of panel count and 7 colors.
  • Ultra-large panels with  71″ tall by 19.5″ wide panels
  • Medallion diamond weave
  • Sturdy spun plant fiber cord is interweaved with quarter-inch thick wooden dowels.
  • Each panel is 19.5 inch wide


  • natural fiber design
  • beautiful bent wood arched top which is almost 20”
  • Highly Durable
  • allows a bit of air and light to come and go
  • Stylish and decorative for to match with any room.
  • Highly affordable
  • lightweight, foldable room divider screens



  • Does not stop the light totally.

4. Coaster 4-Panel Divider

kitchen living room divider ideas

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Coaster 4 panel Set includes: One (1) folding screen



  • Materials: Pine and fabric
  • No assembly is required, it comes assembled.
  • Comes in either 4 panel or 3 panel
  • One of the Highest customers reviewed and tested
  • 70 inches in height



  • lightweight only 13 pounds
  • Foldable room divider
  • Fits any type of room, corners, and matches any color.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to move around the house.
  • Stylish design that stands out of the crowd.



  • rice paper inlay is flimsy.

 5. S Stand Up Desk Sound-Proof Divider

home office room divider ideas

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It is believed and studied that, 20% of our brain got distracted by noise. And employees at their workplace cant concentrate on their task because of noise, and this study proves that distraction causes 58% of employees to fall victim of distractions.

Besides, this 58% of employees were high-performing employees within their offices beccuase of having a soundproof room divider. 

Unlike privacy screen fences, these are thick and noise reducing and a perfect soundproof room divider panel. 


  •  Reduce noise
  • Comes in four colors and three preferable sizes.
  • 72” by 66” Weighs 37 pounds
  • Starts with basic three-pack
  • Expandable
  • works best of office partitions, music room, guitar practice, quiet meeting room
  • Connected with zipper, flexible wall divider, and easily foldable to 90 degree angle. 
  • made of 100 percent post-consumer material.



  • absorbs 85% of noise assures a quiet workplace.
  • Zipp connector allows more to add for larger areas.
  • Tool-free installation
  • Mix match colors
  • Configurable
  • Creates greater privacy for having private conversation
  • Creates visual distractions
  • It stands by it’s own
  • fabric is tackable where you pin up follow-ups, photos, notes, and calendars. 



  • Pretty heavy
  • Premium pricing.

5.1. Versare Movable Partition Walls On Wheels

partition wall on wheels

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  • Custom Order available which is amazing!
  • 360 degree rotation feature makes it distinct.
  • Variety of shapes can be created, such as L share, C shape or make a perfect line.
  • Fiber glass panel makes it soundproof
  • Versare is super lightweight to push it from one place to another to create another room or a great partition.



  • It comes with swift attached wheels for easy movement within office or residential areas, so you can call it a one man job.
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Locking casters to keep it connected
  • The aluminum frame keeps it highly durable.



  • Premium pricing model
  • It is applicable within long spaces where a minimum office length is 1200 square feet. However, you can unhook to create smaller places.


Bottom line

These panels can even accept hooks to hang pictures. Besides, without spending couple of grand, you can have it by at least 80% lower price. It can help you to create a better room divider than ever. Finally, these movable walls on wheels come in perfectly assembled. 


6. Proman Products Divider for Room

temporary room divider ideas

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Obviously Proman panel room divider is water-resistant fabric and the best screen for a room divider. Comes with sturdy powder-coated tube panels to stand still even in heavy wind and a foot pedestal to fold easily when needed. Especially in official areas, that also suits perfectly.

Proman room divider galaxy works perfectly as a room divider and can be folded in double ways for convenience and stored. Each panel measures 34 w and 72-inch height. Besides, it normally comes in three panels which is expandable. 



  •  Heavy-duty frames,
  • Can be used as room partition as well
  • Comes in four colors
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • you can carry it anytime.  Item weight 17 pounds



  • You need to buy another whole pack to expand, it doesn’t sell panels individually. 

 7. Tall Double Screen Shoji Screen

shoji screen partions


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5-pound screen comes in 24″ by 12.5″ panels, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels, in honey, natural, black, walnut, rosewood or white. Sophisticated Japanese design makes more fit in your room corner.

Easily foldable screen for room divider is best for having 2 way hinges. The screen is made of Shoji rice paper which has been used for thousands of years throughout Japan. 



  • Lightweight
  • multipurpose use. Table, desktop, pets privacy, beautiful room corner and modified window treatment.
  • Easily foldable
  • Works as decorative furniture



  • rice is paper is flimsy

8. Tall Double Sided Birds on Plum Tree Canvas

best room divider screens

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Simply a high definition of Chinese design called photo panel room divider. This photo panel room divider screen can be folded both ways and paint is visible on both sides. This canvas is made or printed with the concept of summer scene with a high resolution of four art quality canvas. 

Other designs are there as well. This furniture complement any room, area, space or location. Brings a peaceful atmosphere of Chinese culture. 



  • lightweight. 5.5 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • Distribution from U.S.A
  • Wind deflector



  • Flimsy fabric panel

9. E-life Hanging Panel

half wall room divider ideas

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  • These hanging room dividers come in ten pieces. No harmful substances on materials, such as- no paint and glue on materials
  • Screen panel SIZE: 15.3 x 15.3inches;Thickness:0.2inch(per piece)
  • Wood Plastic materials
  • It comes with a Hanging panel(10pieces), stainless steel hanger, screw and bulged tube


  • Super to easy to maintain and wash.
  • Enhances style and beauty at the same time.
  • No toxic materials were used.


  • Comes in only white
  • Requires making hole on the wall to install this room divider screens.

Installation process

Let me put the hard works first, Drill a hole in the ceiling and then insert the stud and then insert the hook within the stud. After that, you would be able to hang the dividers

10. Kernorv Hanging Panel 

kid friendly room divider ideas

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This divider screen uniquely comes in only white with two designs. Simple design makes it more elegant and stands out. Dimensions: 12 PCS, 15.7″L x 15.7″W x 0.03″H (Size per piece).

It comes with necessary tools to install and support such as stainless steel rings, hooks, expansion tube hooks. 

This screen fits with the living room and dining room, sitting room, and dining room, office.



  • #000000;”>Easy to install
  • Looks great and does fit with any location.
  • safety PVC quality material
  • Easy to clean and assemble like new



  • Flimsy
  • Cant be altered as curtain

11. Yizunnu Hanging Divider for Room

ceiling track room divider

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This panel room divider comes in three distinct colors- Black,red and white. This room divider claims eco-friendly materials. The manufacturer used only PVC materials without toxic materials and glues. 

The design has got Japanese touch and sprinkles of mixes of curvings made it elegant. It not only fits in residential buildings but also adorns offices, hospitals, schools, and meeting rooms. 


  • It can be used as sun blocker
  • Creates a creative wall
  • Comes in as sort of a curtail


  • PVC panels are flimsy
  • not comes assembled





How many basic types of room dividers are there?

Shoji screen

Usually made of wooden frames with rice paper inlays. Basically, this room dividers allow light to pass because of its vivid papers. These panels are built and can be configured with shelves in case people want to have some use of it.

Photo display

These types of screen come with a plain matted photo on it. Especially, Japanese style or Chinese style dividers, these some times come with photo on it. Price and durability for these types of screen are low in comparison to other dividers 

Gathered fabric

The name tells you, it is made of fabric. Basically serves the purpose of noise reduction and quieter place for your room or office. Not everyone likes the flimsy rice inlays or flimsy vivid screen for their room to divide, people sometimes want something that neither would make noise while moving it nor while talking with each. It more likely plays the role of privacy protector.

Lacquered Screens

It adorns and brings life to the lackluster corners of your house. Comes with hand-painted, sometimes sophisticated burnish, and artwork with designs that stand out of the crowd. This choice sometimes is pricey and comes in a variety of choices, simple each one of these may come unique in their patterns. 

Silk Screen

Screens with simple hand-paint and paint with watercolors. People tend to modify them and make it more like the way they want. 


Ideas to divide room could be many, however, if you have the best room divider in mind to bring an oriental style to the lackluster corner of your house, then this review would help you the most.

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