Top 7 Best Wood Screws For Exterior [Easy & Crisp Guideline]

Screws are mainly used for securing the connection of wooden materials. They work with chipboard, MDF, softwood and hardwood. Particularly, the most important factor in screws is length, strength and diameter. The type of screws that are used on the exterior are typically known as Lag screws which are large and quite coarse in their surface. They work by extending from the surface of the material they’re screwing into creating a joint as they penetrate. They are primarily used to help provide structural integrity to wood. They have a long shank with a large head and are available in square or hexagonal shapes with lengths that range from 3/8″ to 3/4″ in length.

Let us know a little more about some best wood screws and their characteristics for applying at right application.

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Buying Guide for Best Wood Screws

best screws for wood fence

The screw should enter at least half the thickness of the bottom material. While on the subject of sizing, widths also vary from #0 (or 1/16 inch in diameter) to #20 (or 5/16 inch in diameter).

Select the appropriate head size, you may find Pan, Flat, Oval, Round and Truss sized head in the market. You decide what head size you want.


Explore the Screw Head Types

Below images show the types of head. This head would tell you what type of screws you can choose. 






wood screw sizes

types of wood screw heads

Image source: bsfixings


First look for the inside and outside diameter.

To understand this, you need to know, American Style Screw sizes:

Source: BSS stainless



SizeNearest FractionInchMillimeter

best exterior wood screws

Image source: BSS stainless

Compatible screw size

Pay attention to the size while buying it since the application of the screw would have a big impact on the wood you apply. In case of thickness and length of the screw would be first determiner what size you should choose. So measure the thickness of wood and then buy it. 


Rigorous application of screws requires to have a strength. majority of the time, the screws are tested to find out its load capacity and durability. Besides, material has to be corrosion resistant. 

Exterior Finish

The most common size is #8 (approximately 5/32-inch in diameter), but the appropriate size of the screw depends on your individual project. When choosing the material, silicon-coated bronze or stainless steel are the best solutions.

Exterior screws need protection against corrosion from moisture and temperature change. You have to know whether the screw is capable of supporting the weight of the load that will be applied.

For inserting a wooden screw, one has to drill a pilot hole and then apply the screw. There are also self-drilling screws that feature a sharp tip that mimics the drilling action of a drill bit. As not all wood screws are self-tapping, be sure to read the label carefully.


List of 7 Exterior Best Wood Screws Reviews

Exterior best wood screws Reviews will help you to secure the connection of wooden materials. Wood screws are one of the preferred options to help secure the connection. They are good in terms of security and reliability. But, they do require that you look for the right ones. If you use insufficient screws, then your projects will be in danger of failing.

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1Power Pro✪✪✪✪✪6 points of contact that maximize drive torque--20% faster installationBuy At Amazon
2Hillman Fasteners✪✪✪✪☆1000 hours in salt spray testing--length is 3inchBuy At Amazon
3FastenMaster Common Wood Screw Sizes✪✪✪✪☆1750 screws in a clear plastic bucket--length is 3inchBuy At Amazon
4Star Drive Wood Screws✪✪✪✪☆length is 3 inch--tested over 1200 hours without failureBuy At Amazon
5WoodPro Fasteners✪✪✪✪☆17 notched extra sharp wood screw--Polyseal coatingBuy At Amazon
6Jake Sales Store✪✪✪✪☆305 grade heat treated stainless steelBuy At Amazon
7Snug Fasteners✪✪✪✪☆ultra guard tan coatingBuy At Amazon


1. Power Pro Best Wood Screws For Furniture

best wood screws for outdoor use

Buy At Amazon


1/4 Keg box contains approximately 417 fasteners. Comes in four sizes. 

The length is 3″ and the width with diameter is #9. Power Pro premium exterior deck and wood screws feature a no-strip star drive, countersinking blades, no-split twist shank, and no pre-drill, Bore-Fast thread.

What we liked 

  • The countersinking blades cut a perfect finished hole by transporting wood fibers out and sealing the surface.
  • It is ideal for decking and any outdoor wood project or any new wood deck. 
  • Besides, the fastener coating is guaranteed against corrosion in cedar, redwood, and treated lumber for the life of the project.


  • power pro premium exterior deck and wood screws include a limited lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion.
  • It provides 20% faster installation start to finish.
  • Stardrive technology features 6 points of contact that maximize drive torque and eliminate splitting.
  • It virtually eliminates cam- out for a smooth effortless drive every time.



  • you may find it slim than any other screw in the market, however it depends on how you use it.

2.  Hillman Fasteners Best Wood Screws For Fencing


best wood screws for outdoor furniture

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The 5bl box contains 310 screws. The length is 3inch and the width with diameter is #10.

The no-strip star drive technology makes it twice as durable as comparable Philips-drive alternatives. Besides, the countersinking nibs under the head of the screw cut a hole by transporting wood fibers out and sealing the surface perfectly.

What we liked 

  •  It has 4 layers of protection – a zinc layer, a chemical adhesion layer, an epoxy coating, and a durable protective finish which makes it superior rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • The 4-layer coating also exceeds 1,000 hours in salt spray testing.
  • The self-drilling point reduces the risk of board splitting and eliminates the need for pre-drilling. 


  • this screw requires no pre-drilling and is perfect for all decking, fencing and exterior wood projects.
  • The Flathead leaves a clean and even finish.  It provides a limited lifetime warranty against rust & corrosion.


  • Price may vary seller to seller. 


3. FastenMaster Best Screws For Exterior Wood Siding


best screws for fencing

Buy At Amazon

It comes with 1750 screws in a clear plastic bucket. The length is 3inch and the width with diameter is #9.

This is indeed a versatile exterior wood screw, used for a variety of applications which includes pressure treated decking, railings, stair stringers, deck frame blocking, dimensional headers, pergolas etc.

What we liked 

  • It is guaranteed for life of the project and ACQ approved.
  • PoziSquare drive is included in every box which virtually eliminates cam out.
  • Moreover, it has an aggressive thread design that helps to increase the holding power. 


  • it is easy to use and highly durable.
  • The sharp piercing point helps for quick and easy installation.


  • Hard to bend if you need to bend it, it might break instead.

4. Jake Sales Store Bronz Star Drive Wood Screws

best screws for wood projects

Buy At Amazon

The length is 3inch and the width with diameter is #9 and approximately provides 395 screws.


Torx/star drive delivers twice the torque of phillips or square drive screws and reduces cam- out. This exterior coated screw provides high performance. 

What we liked

  • Moreover, these screws are manufactured from high-quality heat-treated steel with triple ceramic coating.
  • It provides self-countersinking nibs & drag reducing Knurled Shoulder for a Cleaner & Easier Installation.
  • It is corrosion-resistant and had salt spray tested over 1200 hours without failure.
  • The deep, wide and sharp screw threads provide maximum holding power.


  • It is type 17 notched extra sharp wood screw point reduces the need for pre-drilling in even hard woods.
  • This is excellent for using in cabinetry, furniture, roofing and framing.
  • Made in USA
  • multipurpose screw and appropriate for professional operations and demanding industries, for both hard and soft wood.


  • reality of those screws might look different in compared to the image you find. 


5. WoodPro Fasteners Wood Screws For Cabinets

best outdoor wood screws

Buy At Amazon

The size is 5/16 x 4-Inch length  and come in 250 pc, T30 Bit for drilling

WoodPro Washer Head Screws are coated by PPG Industries that leads 1,500 hour Electro- Polyseal coating for consistent layering that prevents recess fill while offering superior corrosion protection. 

What we liked

  • It is type 17 notched extra sharp wood screw points help quick starting and effortless drilling and therefore reduces the need for pre-drilling in even hardwoods.
  • It has secure STAR drive which helps to reduce bit slippage.
  • The PPG coating something unique that helps to prevent chipping for added protection against exterior corrosion.


  • These screws can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.
  • Primary applications include post to pole framing, Insulation panels, etc.
  • Includes One 25mm T-30 Star Bit.
  • 1500 hours PPG industry grade golden coating, thus superbly resist any rust prone weather condition.


  • Premium Pricing in compared to other screws

6. Jake Sales Store Strongest Premium Screw

exterior wood screws for fencing

Buy At Amazon

A best wood screw brand comes in 230 pcs in total in single purchase. Torx bit size comes in T20, T25 and T 30. Star flat head screw is its specialty.

What we liked

  • Comes in 9 sizes and you can take whatever size you need per your requirement.
  • Self-Countersinking Nibs & Drag Reducing Knurled Shoulder for super fast installation


  • Stainless steel built that lasts years
  • optimum quality screws reduces the torque requirement
  • chemically treated material allows sustainability to endure any weather, such as moisture weather that
  • 305 grade heat treated stainless steel
  • 356 pull out strength


  • premium pricing for premium quality.


7. Snug Fasteners Best Screw For Wood

high quality wood screws

Buy At Amazon

This screw is best for not slipping and popular for its promising length of use and special for using in treated wood and moist weather. A T20 screw.

What We liked:

  • At every review available in the web and at online market, every expert on an average mentioned this screw as part of their best selection, thus highly reliable and best to use when your need one.


  • Corrosion-resistant for ultra guard tan coating
  • Easy drive and installation
  • bugle shaped head helps to install and concealing better



  • not specially mentioned the bit drive.

why trust us



wood screws for fencing

  1. How much weight can a wood screw hold?

There are different types of coarse-threaded wood screws that can hold weights approximately 100 pounds when attached to purpose-made wood studs.

  1. Can you use wood screws for brick?

You should use masonry screws rather than using wood screws for brick applications. The masonry screws are specially designed for use without a lag shield, plug, or alternative anchor system. They have longer threading and different patterning to the wood variety. Masonry screws are also commonly used for metalworking purposes.

  1. How far should screws go into wood?

You are advised to use a screw of at least 2 to 3 times the thickness of the material being added. It might be necessary to try screws of various lengths before identifying those best suited to your purposes. If the screw doesn’t fully penetrate the material allowing for tightening, then you should try different one. It will be necessary to apply a screw of a shorter length.

  1. Can wood screws be used in plasterboard?

Purpose-made screws have been traditionally used to hang plasterboard. However, it has some limitations when compared with wood screws. It will rust if fitted in environments exposed to continuous moisture. The alternative is to fit flat countersunk deck screws in order to minimize the risks of splitting, cracking screws and weakening.

  1. How long should a wood screw be?

You should ensure that the screw can penetrate a minimum of half the thickness of the bottom material. The screw should also be suitable for the secure fastening of two boards as required. There shouldn’t be any protrusion.


6. How to choose the right screw for woodwork?

The vital issue for woodwork is to know the actual length of the screw you need. Hence, follow one rule, your screw has to penetrate half of the thickness of the wooden bottom. Such as: 3/4” into 2×4

7. How many types of screws are there?

Wooden screw, Machine screw, lag screw, sheet metal, twin fast screw and security screw.

Wooden screws are made of either steel or platinum. Please dont confuse it with nails. Nails are used to working with decorative items. Wooden screws are composed of threads that goes and stay permanent.

When we think of bolts, it may sound confusing, what is the difference? bolts are simply Machine Screw, that connects two platforms or machinery item. Bolts and wood screws are not the same things. These screws are usually 0.75 inch.

8. What type of screw should i use?

It is better you use a multipurpose screw. For simple woodworking it is better you go with   #8 1-¼” star head screws. It is better and handy to complete simple woodwork. 

9. What is the anatomy of Screw?

It starts with

1- Head

2- Shank

3- Thread

4- Tip

best screws for fencing


Therefore, within this article, review on best wood screws would help readers to understand the basics of all types of screws. This tiny spike of a screw plays sophisticated part to bring things together. So, think before you buy it. Screws for exterior use are designed for arrays of heavy duty applications for long-term security without the need for excessive force.


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