7 Vinyl Strip Door Kits For Heavy Workplace

Thinking of buying vinyl strip door kits for industrial purposes? then this review article on a few top-selling strips will assist you to gain a better understanding on various pvc strip door curtain. 

According to Uline

It Prevents dust, cold air and noise from moving between separated areas.

In addition, If you don’t like the concept of having a door somewhere in your property but want to keep them safe and secure from dust and contamination, then having plastic curtain doors can serve your purpose. 

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Types of plastic door strips

Usually, these come in variety of types : 

  • Standard smooth clear, Standard ribbed clear, Black smoke,  Amber welding,  Low temp clea, Anti-static
  • Industrial strip doors, Sliding track strip doors and many more.  (according to TMI PVC.com)

According to Google Scholar Articles

The invention relates to moveable strip door suspension systems and methods that provide a barrier that moves along a rail and a roller track in a room or vehicle.

Things to Consider Before you Buy Strip Curtains

Before buying a strip door kits, please keep few things in mind first

Proper Measurement plays a vital part

According to TMI PVC.com Measure the door width and Height to buy the right size for your door.

Besides, measuring the doorway opening would determine your need on how many strips you might need.

Determine What kind do you want

Select a better strip type that serves your purpose.

Some of them come transparent and some have opaque features to block the view. Considering the privacy you may choose an either black or opaque feature.

However, when you know heavy vehicles come frequently across the vinyl doors, then having transparent strips would workers to have better visibility to ensure worker safety.  

Point of Consideration in terms of material

Remember, plastic strip doors come in heavy that barely move in the blow of wind.

Always waterproof regardless of the type you select. In terms of cooler or freezers waterproof feature is a must. Normally, vinyl strips are waterproof by nature.

The warranty has to be on top

Warranty obviously is paramount while buying a better door for your office/property.

Do you need kits to mount?

In addition, and most importantly, It has to come with Jump Hanger or rail or hanging track. This means checking for mounting hardware before buying a strip door kit.

Otherwise, knowing the quality of the strip it may vary.  You should have mounting screws to attach properly.

Thus, if you already have kits then buying only strip rolls serves your purpose. 

Facilities to look at for easy installation

Make sure each PVC strip roll comes in pre-punched and pre-perforated to separate from the roll and apply. Strips need easy trimming to adjust with the floor. Generally, keep them hanging 6mm above the floor.

List of Best Vinyl Strip Door Kits

RankingEditor's ChoiceEditor's RatingSpecialtyBuy Link
1Aleco Clear Flex Strip Door✪✪✪✪✪15 colors and total 8 styles/Best for FreezerBuy on Amazon
2Acepunch PVC Plastic Strip Curtain Set✪✪✪✪also known as polar or freezer gradeBuy on Amazon
3Pakasept PVC strip curtains✪✪✪✪resist temperature of -5℃ to 50℃.Buy on Amazon
4Cabinhome✪✪✪✪Comes in 6 pcsBuy at Amazon
5Mophorn✪✪✪✪9 pcs strips cover 3 feet area of doorBuy At Amazon
6Awco✪✪✪✪Flimsy and Specialized for coolerBuy at Amazon
7Kalwason✪✪✪✪Comes in roll and great width of 7 inchBuy At Amazon

1. Aleco Flex pvc strip door roll

clear strip curtain door

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands:

  • Amazing variations of Size and Style: Firstly, it comes in 15 colors and total 8 styles. Furthermore, it is formulated specially to remain straight without warping or bending. Highly durable and finshed edges are super safe. Besides, this rounded edge prevents cupping or poking while going in and out. 
  • Includes a Mounting Hardware: Secondly, the Aleco flex strip door comes with Complete mounting hardware.

What We Liked

  • Works best with Freezer: Above all, It works best for Freezer and a complete heavy plastic. Besides, Package includes total 7 to 8 Strips (it varies the size you select).
  • Therefore, it creates a tight sealed contained area, for instance, for any warehouse, house to store freezing items, freezing truck, freezer or cooler storage or anywhere it fits. 
  • However, depending on the color and size you choose price and number of strip varies. Furthermore, some strips styles have more than one mountain kits included. 


  • 50% overlap creates a more contained and sealed environment.
  • Includes max bullet aluminium mountain kit that makes the installation process easy
  • Each pack covers 40 inches wide door
  • Each hanger has 1” spaced apart so you can install it however you want. 
  • Certified Frustration-free, hence assures higher credibility. 


  • Heavy plastic may not work good for household purposes. 


Key Decision Factor

works best with coolers, freezers and Storehouses. Frees you from related kits necessary to install strips.  The pre-punched feature helps you remove easily thus no cutting requires while installing. 


Disclaimer: This is an Affiliate Article, Editor Earns commission based on purchase which involves no additional cost to the visitor. 

2. Acepunch clear flexible pvc door strip curtain

plastic freezer door strips

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands:

  • Works as a Great Divider: Firstly, Acepunch PVC Plastic Strip Curtain reduces noise in designated areas and created a dividing space or a partition where you want it secure. 
  • Comes in Sizes: Acepunch strip curtain comes in three sizes and so varies the price. In addition, it has three style options to select provided these are available from seller.
  • Extra protection to contain cold: Besides, this curtain provides extra protection from chilled and heated air contained and save electricity bill and gas.

What We Liked

  • These strips are known as Low-Temperature Strip Doors (also known as polar or freezer grade) for cold environments.
  • Works at Variety of Places: It comes with Free aluminum mounting tracks and pre-installed screws. This strip works best at welding areas or freezing areas where air needs to be contained.
  • Long-Lasting: Highly durable PVC strip curtain material and long-lasting material requires less maintenance. Thus, Acepunch PVC plastic strips keep an area free of dust and contamination-free.

Please note, These strip comes only one transparent color. In addition, thickness is around 0.5mm

Key Decision Factor

Perfect for Walk-in Freezers, Warehouse Doors, and Clean Rooms.


[If you want know more about privacy screens, you can expplore this article: best privacy screens for balconies]


3. PAKASEPT Plastic Door Strips Curtain

plastic freezer door strips

Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands:

  • Basic Specification is 2 MM thick: Each strip: 7 in/18 cm width, 6.8 ft/2.1 m length, 0.08 in/2 mm thickness. With no vexing smell, these Plastic curtain strips are flexible, highly affordable, waterproof and high-quality PVC that lasts long.

What We Liked

  • Comes in 6 Strips: Besides, it comes in transparent that ensures better visibility if you want both contained temperature and operate smoothly.
  • Pakasepth comes with 6 strips that can be easily installed. Moreover, all the accessories are given with the pack to mount and for easy installation.
  • Benchmark of pakasept Strip doors: There is a 1.97 inch/5 cm overlap with each strip. The total width when installed: 3 ft/0.9 m. Height: 6.8 ft/2.1 m.

This strip door can resist temperature which ranges from-0℃/32℉ to 60℃/140℉.

Key Decision Factor

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Simultaneously goes brilliant for warehouses, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places.


4. Cabinhome Vinyl Strip Door Curtains

clear flexible pvc door strip curtain


Buy at Amazon

How it is different from other brands:

  • Comes in 6 pcs of strips and along with mounting kits
  • 7 feet long which is 0.08 inches thick


What We Liked

  • Low to High Range Temperature: Withstands temperatures 14 degrees F to 122 degrees F. This means it can withstand -10 degrees Celcius to 50 degree Celcius. Pretty impressive!
  • Comes with mounting hardware: It comes with mounting brackets and screws. This strip works best at welding areas, supermarkets, freezing areas or can be a great transparent room divider where air and visibility come in need to be contained.
  • Long-Lasting: Highly durable PVC strip curtain material and long-lasting material require less maintenance. So, it keeps an area free of dust, noise, glossy clean, and contamination-free.
  • Super Transparent: Best if you love transparent curtains and works perfectly for an area where movement is frequent. 

Some Cons:

  • Comes in only 82.7″ Height X 36″ Width. No other customization is available
  • No other color to take it


Key Decision Factor

Comes with 1 bracket and several nails to install easily. Besides, it’s thickness is ideal for using this strip in super mall, freezer, factories and food storage areas where resisting contamination is a priority.

5. Mophorn Vinyl Strip Door Curtain

cold room plastic door strips

Buy At Amazon



How it is different from other brands:

  • 9 pcs strips cover 3 feet area of door or entrance.  of strips and mounting kits. 
  • Comes in few length sizes. Ideally, all sizes come in 6 inches in width and .08in thick.
  • Possibility of less smelly strips.
  • Can be trimmed but need to know this is Polyvinyl Chloride material, you need sharp edges to cut.


What We Liked

  • Low to High Range Temperature: These strips can withstand -5 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celcius. Pretty impressive!
  • Comes with mounting hardware and Added 50% overlap: Each strip comes with a 1.97-inch overlap. All mounting hardware is included which includes 1 bracket and few nails to mount.
  • Few notable features: Scratch-resistant and transparent strips are made from environmentally friendly material. Serves all-purpose to have it from malls to freezer. Besides, flame retardant capacity along with sound isolation and dust containment facility which you can consider as a basic come along feature.

Some Cons:

  • No other color to take it.
  • Doesn’t come in a roll, it won’t be punched to cut according to your need, you need sharp blade to cut if you want to cut it short per your requirement.


Key Decision Factor

Like other brands mentioned, it serves all applications ranging from super malls, freezers, factories to food storage areas. One notable thing is, you need to have large door areas since the number of strips is many in comparison to other brands.


6. Awoco Freezer Door Plastic Strip Curtain

plastic strip curtain doors

Buy at Amazon


How it is different from other brands:

  • The installation process is way too simple and easy to follow. You just slide in with given mounting systems. Unlike any other installation process, it is unique and easiest.
  • Comes in two width system to cover two sizes of door type.
  • Pretty flimsy in comparison to any other brand as its thickness is 0.06 mm.
  • Size comes in 5-7/8″ W x 84-1/4″ H which comes in total 8 strips. This either may cover 3 feet door or 5 feet door per given choice options.

What We Liked

  • Comes with all necessary slide in materials: Aluminium mounting bracket channel and secures the end with end cap. You can install it using only screw driver and given kits.
  • No need of screwing at all: since this slide in feature entirely avoiding the effort of making holes, thus, you can cleary avoid using any screws. You just mount the mounting bracket and slide in the strips and then secure the end with end cap. Voila!
  • Pretty extreme quality: endures -40-to-21-degree Celsius temperature.
  • Lightweight: Strips and mounting tools are lightweight type quality.
  • USDA and NSF (National Science Foundation) Approved quality: Major U.S. organizations approved this for food grade quality to ensure as a better safeguard tool. Most importantly and obviously, it is 100% USA-made.

Some Cons:

  • No other color options to take from
  • Pretty flimsy and may create a flapping sound if there is too much air flow nearby due to air cooler or air heater.

Key Decision Factor

According to the discussion, it clearly indicates this brand is ideal for freezers and areas that may have a heavy presence of food items. Highly recommended if you want to go with transparent and lightweight strips instead of taking other thicknesses and widths of strips.

7. Kalwason Industrial Plastic Door Strips/Black Vinyl Door Strip

black vinyl door strips


Buy At Amazon

How it is different from other brands:

  • Comes in roll and great color choices are available for you to take. Buying options are pretty easy and user-friendly to choose whatever you need.
  • Comes in smooth black, clear, and ribbed clear PVC curtain.
  • 7.5-inch width is pretty wide compared to any other brand.


What We Liked

  • Works best with larger doors or spaces: Great for huge areas or doors that are pretty big to cover. Since it has lower overlapping chances, you get the liberty to have material that doesn’t stick to each other.
  • The supplier takes full responsibility for delivering it on time.
  • Comes in 138 feet to 148 feet options. 


Some Cons:

  • Premium pricing
  • Since this comes in roll of 138 feet, this is not suitable for one or two doors only.
  • Lower overlapping chances due to width of it.
  • Doesn’t come with mounting hardware and screws. As a result, you will need to punch a hole and screw it with your existing bracket if you have already.


Key Decision Factor

Unlike other brands, for greater privacy and to ensure the shade of storerooms, you can take the smooth black. Other options such as clear and ribbed can help to you get rid of the worry of sticking with each other. Materials are made of new PVC instead of recycled items and great opaque finish to ensure a brand-new feeling once installed.

Plus, for massive storage houses, this bulk roll would help you to meet your criteria with the colors and spaces you want to cover.

It is better if you already have mounting brackets and screws to install it.



Simply Follow Simple 13 Steps to install Vinyl Strip Door 

  1. Firstly, unroll all PVC strip curtains at a flat surface and keep them open for 24 hours. This will allow the strips to relax and will help you to work with the strips easily once it is ready.
  2. Installation materials: Marker to mark drill holes, Diameter fasteners, Utility knife to cut strips, Socket wrench and Drill Machine.
  3. Position the hanging rail and mark them using a marker to hole at the right place.
  4. Similarly, remember to start from left section to make sure pieces are interlocked correctly.
  5. Rails need easy cut down according to the size of your door. Make sure you cut them at the flat edge, do not cut at the interlocking sides of the rail.
  6. Start drilling pilot holes on the rails. and screw them accordingly and attach the right part of the rail.
  7. Then start with the right section of the rail and make holes by marking again with a marker.
  8. Drill holes and place the right side of the rail with proper measurement.  
  9. After that, now push pvc strip or vinyl strips onto the bullets
  10. Keep them hanging for 24 hours when the installation is done. 
  11. Please allow a gap of ¼’’ above the surface or 6mm above the floor.
  12. Finally, If you want an overlap PVC strip curtain for both right and left side, which is basically an extended or extra part of a door to reduce extra air loss and to hang extra strips at both sides of the door.
  13. However, this is done when you are using it for cooler or freezer door areas.  It may cost extra.



1. How do i know what size of vinyl strip fits my door?

Please use this link to explore all the options and guidelines for finding the right door strip.

2. What type of Traffic is best to have strip door curtains?

According to Amcraft– for heavy foot traffic, forklifts, cranes, and automobiles, this door could come in great use. Once any vehicle passes through, these doors ensure immediate blockage of airflow.

2. What are the agencies that regulate food-grade compliance for strip curtain doors?

USDA, NSF, FDA, CFIA-ACIA or could be more who regulate compliance of food-grade which is associated with industries such as : food processing, freezer, refrigerator storage, cosmetics to the medical industry.

For more idea, please use the source PDF document of FDA “ Guidance for Industry” at page 7, at part C “Clean Area Separation”  which states

“It is vital for rooms of higher air cleanliness to have a substantial positive pressure differential relative to adjacent rooms of lower air cleanliness. For example, a positive pressure differential of at least 10-15 Pascals (Pa) 6 should be maintained between adjacent rooms of differing classification (with doors closed).”

It is beleived majority of the industry does follow and comply with their rules and regulations. 


Final words

In my opinion, though installation procedure seems pretty hectic for pvc strip door kit but with guideline and instructions you can do it easily and apply anywhere where wooden door is not needed. This vinyl strip door kits not only work as a door but as a room divider, temperature controller, air cutter and freezer temp container.

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