U Bolt Pro Vs UL3 BT [In Depth Ultraloq Review]

A smart home solution for a better and secure home environment. From now on once having a lock from U tec.  Ultraloq review would ensure your hassle-free entry-exit to your house.

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An investment that can save a life, takes your hassle away and tension-free entry-exit. 


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1. Ultraloq U Bolt Pro Review


ultraloq u bolt pro review

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Control Remotely

You can connect it to your smartphone and auto lock and unlock it remotely using i tapp. U-Bolt Pro uses standard Schrage C keyway deadbolt cylinder.

Four AA batteries will run the lock for up to 8000 locks/ unlocks, and it will also sound off a low battery alarm once it runs down.

Get smart notifications

Even you will Get smart notifications when someone unlocks your door. You can also control entry access to your door from anywhere, for anyone with the optional Bridge.

You can unlock your Ultraloq or grant access to guests and visitors via code or an eKey for specific dates or periods of time and this charges no money.

ultraloq ul3 bt review

Scoop 1

It is designed to fit any US standard door (1 3/8 to 2 inches thick. 2 1/8 inch face borehole).

Scoop 2

with this lock system, your smartphone becomes your key. You can use the Ultraloq app to open the door even you don’t have to open the app.

Scoop 3

Just knock on your phone four times, even when it is in your pocket and the door opens for you (For iOS only).

Scoop 4

When you reach out your finger to the touch keypad or fingerprint reader it automatically starts working.

Scoop 5

Use an external battery (portable charger)  to activate your lock. Besides, charge it if you want with an external charger. 


ultraloq u-bolt pro smart lock review


Scoop 6

No wiring and no drilling is needed. It takes several minutes to set up because of it’s DIY installation method. 

Scoop 7

You can add or delete users any time you want.  Depending on our tests, the battery will start to finish around 5 weeks with 6-7 times daily usage.

it needs to be in 2.4 wifi 

ultraloq u-bolt pro wifi

Measurement of this


You get Lock body, mounting plate, battery, screws and screwdrivers It comes with two colors; black with satin nickel.

You get 18-month electronic warranty and lifetime mechanical warranty

2. Ultraloq UL3 BT Smart Lock Review

ultraloq ul3 bt fingerprint door lock

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Has the option to use Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy Connectivity) and 95 fingerprints that identify you in less than 0.5 seconds and work well for kids and the elders up-to 95 fingerprints. 

1-year long-lasting battery

It comes with 3 AA batteries and has up to 8,000 times access. Battery will lasts up to 1 year.

Less power consumption

Innovation in clutch design makes UL3 BT more reliable but 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches.

Sturdy Weatherproof Made

The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy exterior lock body makes it weatherproof and dustproof. It is ideal for both exterior and interior installation.


ultraloq ul3 bt review

No wiring and finger-touch keypad

When you reach out your finger to the touch keypad or fingerprint reader, Ultraloq will be activated automatically and ready for your operation. No wiring or no drilling.


Basic Measurements

The dimension of the package is 9.3 x 8.7 x 5.1 inches and weighs 6.06 pounds. You can have it in two colors; aged bronze and satin nickel.

You get an 18-month electronic warranty and lifetime mechanical warranty


Noticeable Facts According to Customer Review


U Bolt Pro


Six in one

6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock: Fingerprint + Anti-peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock (distinct)+ Shake to Open + Mechanical Key

Voice Control

Ul Ubolt pro works with voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant. It also works with IFTTT.

Strangers with eagle eye can’t get your password

This is interesting! you type random code as long as you can, jut makes sure your correct password comes in between, and it understands your concern and opens.  This anti-peep touch keypad technology makes sure strangers cannot steal your password regardless of the spaces you have in between.


Dual Data Encryption

The two-layer protection using secure 128-bit AES and a dynamic key will keep you and your data safe. It has a fingerprint option to use when you don’t want to use code. You will get 3 mechanical keys for backup.

Deadbolt System

You can use external battery to unlock the lock when your battery runs out.

Auto unlock and lock

Geo-fencing tech lets you in when you are nearby. This app has to be installed in your smartphone. When it identifies your close proximity, it does it’s wonder by unlocking and locking it automatically.










Five in one

1 keyless entry smart lock, fingerprint + code + smartphone + Knock / Shake to Open + mechanical key.

OLED to guide

you can use a touchscreen to simply add or delete users on the device. An OLED with intuitive information will walk you through the whole process.

Create a user to access and delete

Shareable Ekeyes will allow you to grant access to someone for specific dates or times. You can manage the users through app and you can know who has access to your lock and how. Besides, add or delete users anytime by one click.

Check log

You will be able to see a log of who’s entered and exactly when they did from your smartphone. If you want to delete any code, you can do it easily from the app or from the lock it self. 


Latch System

Fit interior doors prepped with single borehole and thickness between 1-3/8″~1-3/4″. ultraloq u-bolt pro home assistant has a reversible handle for both left-handed and right-handed doors.

Auto Lock Only

It locks automatically, but it doesn’t unlock automatically. 

However you have 5 ways to unlock:

  • Fingerprint
  • User Code
  • Smartphone
  • Knock to Open
  • Key










Common Features in U Bolt Pro and UL3 BT

Shake your i phone

you can only just shake your phone to unlock the door. (For iOS only).

You can also set your lever lock to auto-lock for safety for UL3. Both the locks have IOS supported APP.

Anti peep touch and spare mechanical keys:

Anti-peep touch keypad technology makes sure strangers can’t steal your password by watching you nearby when you enter the password. You will get 3 mechanical keys for backup.

For Ul3 A keyhole is positioned specially on the bottom to give extra security in case of keyhole is being hackes.

On the other hand, for U Bolt Pro the key hole is located at middle of the lock, all you need to do is, open the hatch to do that. 

Fingerprint ID

360° Live for U Bolt PRO : You can put your finger at any angle, it gets you. With one touch you can unlock your door with your fingerprint from any angle. It knows who has access to your lock and how.

Conversely, for UL3 you can save up to 95 fingerprints and 95 codes. It does say, heal broken finger print specifically on how accurate your fingerprint might be recorded. 

Use Ultraoq App to control

You can use the Ultraloq app to open the door even you don’t have to open the app. Just knock on your phone four times, even when it is in your pocket and the door opens for you. (For iOS only).

Basic Ultraloq U-bolt PRO vs UL3 BT Review

ultraloq u-bolt pro home assistant

UL3 BTU Bolt Pro
5 in one6 in one.  (auto-unlock with app)
Key less entry, though it comes with mechanical key in case of power failure. Ultral loq App to open and create code. 
battery operated, 3 AA batteries. Up to 8,000 timesmicro usb can be used for emergency power
95 finger prints120 finger prints
Normal finger touch. It saves 95 finger prints360-degree finger touch
Reversible handle for both handed guys. In one word it is latch systemNo handle, only finger touch access – in one word- Deadbolt system
Notification received based on bluetooth connection, for wifi you need to install extra wifi adapterReal time notification with Bluetooth, internet and wifi connectivity

Some Advantages of U Bolt Pro and UL3

Ultraloq u bolt Pro SmartThings

UL3 BT Smart Things

  • The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy exterior lock body is weatherproof and dustproof. Ideal for both exterior and interior installation
  • Warranty is given
  • It is 6 in 1 lock system; Fingerprint + Anti-peep Keypad + Smartphone + Auto Unlock + Shake to Open + Mechanical Key
  • 360 degree finger touch
  • 120 fingerprint capacity
  • 18 months warranty
  • ultraloq u bolt pro installation has a great manual to do by yourself

  • Thumbprint scanning technology.
  • Multiple opening methods.
  • You can use your already existing deadbolt.
  • Reversible handle
  • It takes 95 fingers print and 95 codes
  • 5 Ways to unlock
  • Supported App and a super manual to install it all by yourself within 10 minutes.
  • Great for rentals or owner with several apartments. 


Some Lacking People Find in U Bolt Pro and UL3 BT


U Bolt Pro


  • No Z-Wave support
  • It doesn’t come with Wifi adaptor.
  • No support for Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Apple HomeKit
  • Short battery life
  • A smartphone does not work as an e-lock.
  • Not compatible with other smart home systems like Z-wave or Zigbee
  • Sometimes doesn’t work with wet Wand cold hands

Which One To Choose?

Based on above analysis, if you dont need, 360 degree touch, real time notification with wifi, auto lock and unlock option, then UL3 BT lock could be your first choice. 

We totally vouch for this product, provided one like to have a lock with a latch with less functions since wifi connection requires at UBOLT PRO with extra adapter to connect. 

Hence the price way too lower than U bolt pro, however UL3 ensures somewhat identical amount of security as U Bolt Pro. 

Conversely for U BOLT Pro,

Based on above analysis, a better lock has to come up with complex system with user friendly features. It has all the features you need.

This lock comes along with all the sophistication you need to ensure your comfort and ultra secure entry exit.

This makes your entry exit smooth and keeps you updated, and ensure upper hand on your security system with real time notifications. 

We, with full confidence, vouch for this product, provided it satisfies your needs and budget. 


ultraloq ul3 bt review

Some More Questions You May Have

  1. Can I monitor when the ultraloq is unlocked and locked on my phone?

Yes, You are able to monitor all lock activity remotely and can download the loq using ultraloq u bolt pro app or ultraloq ul3 bt bluetooth app.

  1. What is the hub used for?

Bridge WiFi adaptor is a Bluetooth to WiFi hub that allows you to access your U-Bolt Pro remotely. It also sends you smartphone notifications for unlocking & locking, unauthorized attempts / low battery / door jam alerts. It also enables smart home integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

  1. Is Ultraloq unit weatherproof/rain proof?

Yes, it is rainproof.

  1. Does the package of ultraloq include all elements needed to install the ultraloq?

Yes the package included everything you need to install the lock.

  1. What happens if the battery dies?

You have to use the manual backup key until you can replace it with a new battery.

  1. How many user Ubolt pro supports?

It offers 60 users and total 120 finger prints(2 for each) that can accommodate this lock.

  1. Is Ultraloq locks waterproof?

This lock is entirely weatherproof plus rain proof.

  1. What is the frequency of changing battery for ultraloq?

Once the count of access goes up to 8000 times, then you can think of changing the battery. it is applicable for ubolt pro.

  1. What to do in case of electricity or wifi issue or phone issue while using ultraloq? if every device of yours becomes inactive?

in case of Ubolt pro, it works with battery. Therefore, in case of blackout, you can use key pad to unlock it and the manual key from outside to open it. so, no worries. Use this source: link

  1. Can you turn off the auto lock feature?

you can easily turn it off.

why trust us

Final Thoughts

Locks are there with handles, but Ultaloq has smart feature that stands it out of crowd than any other locks. This ultraloq review of u bolt pro and UL3 BT would help you to understand the aspects of these matter. However, if you don’t want to compromise with an handled door, but still need higher protection, then Ultraloq has it with zero complications and super easy operation system. 

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