Top 6 Models of Leica Disto Laser : In Depth Review

Speaking of Leica disto laser review, these are such kinds of devices used for measuring the distance, to set up the right measurement of the fence, finding right account from an object to a particular point. Simply, according to this review, you can find the right device that meet your requirement and budget.

According to Leica

“DISTOs connect to apps that organize and share measurements. The DISTO Plan app is available for free, and DISTOs work with specialty apps designed for anyone from real estate appraisers to cabinet makers to architects.”

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With the use of the Leica Disto Laser review, one can easily get the accurate measurement idea of readings for fencing, installing shade sail, making garden edging, lawn, installing fence posts, light poles, patio, and window construction in the shortest possible time.

Leica laser measures are more accurate than a standard traditional fractional tape measure or ultrasonic distance measure.

It records the heights, widths, and lengths.

List of Leica Disto Laser Review

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I. Leica DISTO D1 Review

leica disto d1 review

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Leica Disto D1 Review Summary

In our Leica disto laser review, we put at last in terms of price and features, but in terms of promising results, it has aced in achieving customer satisfaction.


  • Maximum Range goes up to 12 ft: The maximum working range is 120 foot. The Leica DISTO D1 offers professionals as well as DIY users an easy-to-use laser measuring device.

It can track distance or take simple straight line measurements, metric or imperial units.

  • Free Leica Disto sketch app: It also offers free Leica disto sketch app that offers you endless possibilities in creating sketches, generate floor plans or documents your measurements with pictures using a smartphone or a tablet.
  • Super Easy interface: It has only two simple buttons for operating it. You just have to turn the DISTO on, press the “on/ditto” button and boila! measurement shows.
  • It works on portability and accuracy: Though it is small but it meets accuracy standards of the Leica Disto family by maintaining +/- 1/16″ (2mm) accuracy.
  • Works best on Quick Measurement applications: The Leica Disto D1 is perfect for quick and accurate interior measurements.  This is a real benefit when you’re trying to measure at awkward angles or handling other tools. It is a good choice when you are measuring interior carpentry, flooring, hanging pictures on a wall or just checking to see the online paint. Just in case, it would fit your wall or not with a quick glimpse.


leica disto d1


What We Liked

  • Protects water splash: The IP 54 keeps it protected against dust and water splash. This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output.
  • Connects laptops : One should buy this meter because of having all the basic functions. You can download the disto connect software and get measurements directly on to laptop excel files, provided laptop has Bluetooth.
  • Affordable Rate: Furthermore, it is one of the devices in the market that comes with numerous measurement features but takes a lower price in comparison to the competition.


According to Leasure Distance Measurer

The measuring range is up to 130 ft. The units are adjustable and can also be changed to inches or meters. 6 different combinations of units are possible:

0.000 m
0’00 “1/16
0.0000 m
0.000 in
0.00 ft
0 in 1/16

Included Components:

  • Leica DISTO D1
  • (2) AAA batteries
  • quick start guide


  • transferring and processing of measurement can be done through smart phones or tablets
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Dust and water splash protected
  • Free leica disto sketch app for sketching pictures through phone or tablet
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not keep records in memory


This choice would be best for household users or light users and semi-professionals and involved in Personal designs sites,  Home improvement, architectural models, and require preliminary coverage, accuracy in measurement mode, and last saved measurements. Thus, Leica d1 works best for personnel use.

How to use Leica Disto D1 App

An useful Video clears the idea of using the Leica disto D1 app

Simple Summary of this video:

  1. connect it with Bluetooth.
  2. Make sure it is connected.
  3. Draw your pattern.
  4. Get the measurement from leica disto of each line which shows at the bottom of the drawing.
  5. This measurement, i mean the number shown at the bottom can be dragged and dropped at each line.
  6. Measurements can be take from a photo easily likewise you do with drawings.


II. Leica DISTO D2 Review New 330ft 

leica d2 review

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 Leica Disto D2 Review


  • Multiple Mode of Leica laser measure: In our list of Leica disto laser review, The leica disto d2 laser comes first. This distance meter comes with 7 measurement modes. With this, you would be able to use it in multiple modes of measurement that are useful for many different kinds of projects:
  • distance, min/max, permanent, stake-out, add/subtract, area, and volume, and painter.
  • Pythagoras function : The Leica disto D2 new includes a Pythagoras function for measuring indirect height or width. This thorium ensures an easy format to identify third angle.

The Pythagorean equation relates the sides of a right triangle in a simple way, so that if the lengths of any two sides are known the length of the third side can be found.” source Wikipedia

  • Bluetooth: Leica Disto D2 has Bluetooth 4.0 for transferring measurements into desired software, a fully integrated intelligent end piece, a bright white display and an ISO Certified measuring engine.
  • Easy Storage and Back-Lit LED: The backlit LCD screen makes leica disto d2 laser measuring tool easier to read while you are on the job. It is small enough to fit easily in a toolbox or your pocket.

What We Liked

  • User-friendly Interface of leica disto laser: Leica Disto D2 has a simple-to-use interface and powerful circuitry in a compact casing with IP 54 rating which protects it from dust and splashes of water.
  • Ranges up to 330 feet and 1/16 accuracy: The operating temperature range is 14°F to 122°F / -10°C to 50°C. This unit contains a class II laser with 1mW output.It drives 1/16″ accuracy and has up to 330 foot measuring range. In this meter, an intelligent end piece enables you to measure accurately from outside or inside corners, including diagonal measurements.
  • leica disto d2 Remembers last 10 distances calculated: The Leica disto D2 calculates area and volume. Furthermore, it remembers the last 10 measurements taken by it which helps you a lot.You can flip out the intelligent end piece to 90º to hook onto outside corners or extend the end piece fully for measuring inside corners.It will automatically measure from the end of its flip-out end piece when fully extended.
  • Promising warranty: 2 Years from date of purchase or register device within 8 week of purchase for 3 year warranty. A best smart device for a professional engineers.

Including Components

  • Leica DISTO D2
  • Carrying pouch
  • 2x AAA batteries
  • Quick start guide
  • wrist lanyard

leica disto d2 outdoor use


  • 1/16″ accuracy and up to 330 foot measuring range
  • Last 10 measurement memory
  • Pythagoras function is added for indirect height or width measurements
  • Dust and water splash protected


  • Some customers found, it is difficult to push the buttons while keeping a steady hand on the target


This choice would be best for professionals involved in semi-construction sites, architects involved in designing and projections, repair or amending indoors and require medium coverage, multiple measurement mode, high quality of laser and lastly, the accuracy of measurement.The features of measuring up to 300 foot and keeping last 10 measurement memory make it different and demanding than the other laser distance meter.

Read Video Transcript


III. Leica DISTO E7100i Review

compare leica disto models

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  • Three modes of measurement: A DISTO E7100i belongs to the entry-level of Leica’s laser distance measures. This is a versatile laser distance meter with three measuring modes: single measurement, permanent measurement, and area.
  • Customizable features of measurement: Units of measurement include your choice of feet/inches/fractions, inches/fractions, decimal feet, and metric. Measuring structures and spaces can be done with speed and accuracy.
  • Sleek Horizontal Display: The features include 2 line backlight display, area calculations, and continuous measuring mode.

It has a horizontal display which eases reading while taking quick measurements.

  • User-friendly interface: Operating Leica Disto E7 tool is very simple, since it has only four buttons: on/ measuring, switching between distance and area measurement, Bluetooth button and clear/off.

What We Liked

  • Extended Battery life: The audio signal can be switched off while measuring. It helps you to extend battery life. The IP 54 keeps it protected against dust and water splash.
  • Portability: The rubber coating on the housing makes rangefinder fit in your hand, pocket, personal bag or tool pouch with ease.

The leica disto E7100i is the smallest and lightest laser distance meter in the Disto product family. This unit contains a Class II Laser with 1mW output.

Leica DISTO Laser measuring tool

  • Ranging Capacity up to 200 ft and Bluetooth: drives 1/16″ accuracy and has up to 200 foot measuring range. The E7100i is Bluetooth enabled that lets you send measurements to mobile apps while you take them.

If it is question about accuracy, don’t worry because, DISTO E7100I comes with a calibration certificate that certifies the accuracy achieved in the calibration process for each device separately.

  • Documentation by image, Sketch and PDF: And, the documents can be saved as an image file or PDF and eg mail to the office.

Furthermore, it offers free leica disto sketch app that offers you endless possibilities in creating sketches, generate floor plans or document your measurements with pictures using a smart phone or a tablet.

  • Where it works best: It is perfect for capturing basic dimensions, appraising properties, and generating estimates of fencing, pool or any property.
  • 3 Years of Warranty: 2 Years from date of purchase or register device within 8 week of purchase for 3 year warranty.

Included Components:

  • Leica DISTO E7100i
  • Pocket clip
  • A quick start guide


  • Simple and easy operation
  • Dust and water splash protected
  • Free leica disto sketch app for sketching pictures through phone or tablet
  • Easier to carry, handle, and hold steady


  • Does not keep records in memory

Some Screenshots of E7 Disto App:

Thanks to source: Leasure Distance measurer

compare leica disto models

Bottom Line

Knowing the next level of product and price,  it is easier to carry, handle, and hold steady.

The sketching option makes it different from the other distance meters. You can even draw a floor plan at the same time you are measuring.

IV. Leica Disto E7500i Review- 660ft-Leica Disto Laser

leica disto e7500i
Excellent Bluetooth LCD screen Saves last 30 measures 14 measurement mode interactive application

Leica Disto E7500i Review Summary


  • Excellent Leica laser Measure quality: It comes with a unit that is a class 2 laser that outputs 1mw. The leica disto E7500i includes a laser module that exceeds your ability to see the end of laser point. It extends it’s a range up to 660 ft.

For long distances and very bright sunlight, It is recommended to to use the special integrated long range (LR) mode

  • Amazing Sensor and Updated Bluetooth version: Leica disto E7500i has 360-degree tilt sensor that comes with version 4 Bluetooth and shows result in LCD screen. That includes a point finder as well. The point finder – a 4x zoom digital camera  helps you to find the result in the LCD display.




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What We Liked

  • 14 measurement mode: The Leica DISTO E7500i is a 14 measurement mode LDM that measures accurately to 1/16th  of an inch. Besides,  Leica disto E7500i measures in

feet-inches- yards- Decimal feet- Decimal inches and meters

  • Smart Horizontal: Smart horizontal allows to you to shot through obstacles to measure any horizontal distance to your intended target.
  • Battery is IP65 rated: IP65 rated battery is weatherproof that can hold rain, snow blizzard resists dirt and dust at all circumstances.  Lithium-ion battery type assure 5 hours of battery life.
  • Rubber gribs and Raised button: Rubber gribs make sure you have comfortable handling. Raised button obviously makes sure you comfortably press the right button.


  • Iso 16331-1 certified
  • Weatherproof
  • leica disto e7500i does Pythagoras calculation
  • 2AA batteries included
  • 1 mm measurement accuracy
  • 5 hours battery life
  • 2 years of warranty
  • Records previous 30 measurements


  • Screen brightness might be difficult to read during scorching sunlight but works well in outdoor

leica disto E7500i includes

  •  a bag
  • Handstrap
  • 2AA batteries

Bottom Line

This choice would be best for professionals involved in construction sites, architects, construction of skyscraper and require higher coverage, measurement mode, high quality of laser and lastly, accuracy of measurement.

V. Leica DISTO X3 Review

Leica X3 Review

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Leica Disto X3 reviews Summary


  • Replacing X310: Leica Disto X3 actually is the replacement of X310 model. But, it is more durable, lightweight. The big addition is the Bluetooth feature for interacting with Leica Disto app and transferring data.
  • As usual-Awesome app support: Through mobile app this meter becomes much more useful and the fun thing is downloading the app is completely free but some features are paid subscriptions, available for iOS and Android.
  • Through Leica app you can have access to sketch and also smart room features.
  • Distance covers up 150M with tilt sensor: Leica x3 can read data in the range of 150m area, which is really a good thing about this meter. It is mainly designed to use indoors but you can even use it outdoors combining with a target plate. It also features tilt sensor and smart room that allow you to easily determine horizontal distances with absolute precision.

What We Liked

  • Site- proof design and simple user interface : Moreover, this combines innovative measuring technologies with a site- proof design and simple user interface that makes it easy to handle and user friendly. It is super fast and intuitive with easy to use buttons and functions.
  • Rotatable bright, colored display: The rotatable display makes taking awkward measurements easier and more ergonomic. It has a bright, colorized, backlit display that allows you to take measurements in all kinds of lighting conditions.
  • Compatible tripod,  adapter and DST 360: This is compatible with the DST 360, a smart tripod and adapter set that extends the measurement possibilities of your Leica Disto X3.
  • Awesome accuracy: The measurement it takes is so accurate. By combining rotation, angle, and distance data, it produces highly accurate point- to point measurements, that  allows you to accurately measure distances between any two points from a third position..
  • Generate realistic and scaled floor plan: The measurement data helps you to automatically generate realistically and scaled floor plans with the DIST plan app. The housing and keypad are water jet and dust protected making cleaning a breeze by rinsing under running water.

leica disto x4 review

robust with protection Class IP65 waterproof battery

Leica Disto X3 is robust with protection Class IP 65. With this distance meter, you get the features of simple measurement, surface area, volume, min/max, stake out and indirect measurement utilizing Pythagoras.

Warranty promised for 3 years

You will get 3 years when registered through myWorld. All the necessary things are provided with the package. It keeps 20 last measurement history.

In the box you get:

  • Leica DISTO X3
  • Carrying pouch
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Hand loop
  • Quickstart guide
  • Warranty Card, Safety Manual, Calibration Certificate Silver

Product information

Lieca X3 comes in black and red. The material is plastic. It will require 2AA batteries to run. Product dimension is 1.1 x 2.2 x 5.2 inches and it weighs 6.4 ounces.


  • Dust- proof and Water- proof
  • 3 years warranty
  • Bluetooth feature
  • Quick measurement


  • Best for indoor use, since over long distances outside in full sun you will not be able to see the dot.
  • Eats batteries fast

VI. Leica DISTO X4 Review

leica disto x4 review

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Works both Outdoor and Indoor

Leica Disto X4 distance meter is popular in architects and designers because of its robustness in harsh conditions. This is extremely resistant, super lightweight and user-friendly. This is made for outdoor use with a measuring range of 150m.

Point Finder Camera

The point finder camera allows you to measure distant object in bright sunlight perfectly without worrying about finding the laser dot. You can see the target object clearly on DISTO’s high-resolution screen.

Drop Tested

This is drop- tested up to 2 m in height, water jet and dust protected. It has IP65 that allows you to work in rainy weather.

Professional Measurement Station

With DST 360, a smart tripod and adapter extend the measurement possibilities of your X4. You can measure distances between any two points, from one position. Like this it can be turned into a professional measurement station.

combines rotation, angle, and distance

Moreover, DST 360  X4 can combine rotation, angle, and distance data to produce highly accurate point- to point measurements, which allows you to accurately measure distances between any two points from a third position. Leica disto x4 is made of such the best quality material that it gives consistent measurement in any weather.

Super friendly app

Even with this measuring meter, you can use DISTO Plan App to access sketch, document, and smart room features that help you to create detailed CAD -ready floor and wall plans, including doors and windows.

disto apps

Realistic  and scaled floor plans

You can export your plans as .DXF or .DWG files. . You can also use your measurement data to automatically generate realistic and scaled floor plans with the DISTO™ plan app.

Auto rotating display-Tilt sensor

Leica disto x4 has an auto-rotating display, onboard tilt sensor for smart horizontal distances with absolute precision. The rotating display keeps the measurement in line with the device so you can easily read the screen from any angle.

Easy Targeting with Additional indirect height function

It also has a digital viewfinder with 4x zoom to that allows easy targeting when measuring outdoors. The X4 has an additional indirect height function that allows measuring heights of objects that you cannot reflect the laser from such as power lines or trees.


The housing and keypad are water jet and dust protected making cleaning a breeze by rinsing under running water. It keeps 20 last measurement history. You will get 3 years when registered through myWorld.

In the box you will get:

  1. DISTO X4
  2. Hand loop
  3. Carrying case
  4. 2 AA batteries
  5. Calibration certificate



  • Camera helps you to see the things where laser dot cannot reach.
  • Dust- proof and Water- proof
  • 3 years warranty
  • Digital viewfinder with 4x zoom.
  • Can be both used inside and outside.


  • Comes only in one color.
  • Premium tool

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Affiliate, Editor Earns commission on purchase, this  incurs no extra cost to the visitors.

List of 12 Buying Guide

  1. Before buying and reading Leica disto laser review, a laser distance meter plays the most vital part which you should be thinking as such, how much range you will need since there are different scales of range that varies from device to device.
  2. Moreover, accuracy is very important. Accuracy should be at least up to 1/16th of an inch plus or minus.
  3. The best laser measure models have a precision level of up to 1/32nd of an inch. And the accuracy relies on the limit range and the environmental conditions.
  4. On a humid day, the water vapor can interfere with the beams and the accuracy as well.
  5. Before buying a laser distance meter, you should ensure the model if can work perfectly in such climatic conditions.
  6. Again, laser tape measures provide several measuring modes. The number and types of modes you require will depend on the type of work you will do with it. If all your measurements are straight-lined, one to two additional modes would work great.
  7. You have to consider the size. There are different sizes of laser meters.
  8. If your hand is small you should go for the small meter and if your palm can hold a bigger one, you could go for a bigger one.
  9. Consider the working condition or circumstances, it remains wet or works under the intense dusty area, considers the option of resistance of water and dust.
  10. It is necessary to control it easily. The display should be clear which will allow easy reading.
  11. Most of these devices can store the last 10 or fewer measurements so there is no need to write notes. So it is better to buy a device with memory or take a device that fits your budget and that auto memory option.


1.      Do the Leica DISTO’s have a warranty?

Yes, all Leica DISTO products come with a 3 Year Manufacturer backed warranty. They will replace the faulty device with a replacement device and deal with the repairs.

2.      Do you get a carrying case with the Leica DISTO?

Yes, all Leica DISTO’s have a protective carrying case included. They also have batteries and a carrying loop.

3.      How can I turn on/off Bluetooth on the device?

You have to press the Bluetooth key for 2 seconds.

  1. Can I send measuring data from a Leica DISTO™ D1 to Android devices?

Yes, the Leica DISTO D1 can communicate also with Android devices, with operating system 4.3 or higher, and which have integrated Bluetooth 4.0. You must use your Leica DISTO with an app.

  1. How to switch off/on the beep?

Press the DIST and Clear/Off button for about 2 seconds to get to the settings menu. Press the DIST button short until “BEEP” is displayed. You can switch the beep on and off by pressing the Clear/Off button.


Lastly, a good distance meter will display results in inches, metric, decimals, and feet. Therefore, through this Leica disto laser review we learned almost all of them can also calculate the volume, area, and distance.

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