9 Best Sun Shade Sail [Acclaimed Choices of 2021]

sun shade sails reviewsChoose a best shade sails from our reviews and this is simple, not like a sunscreen lotion we put on our skin! Just kidding!

When we think of a shade sails, you can call it a fact of simply knowing it, and this review article would give you a clear idea what  you might need to adorn your beloved extension of your house.

What You Want in a Shade Sail?

It depends on your space and mood. The necessity actually comes from areas where sun shows up at least for some time of the year.

Among various choices and colors, the triangle Sun shade has earned pretty fame all over the US side by side of privacy fence screens. Price varies according to the quality of fabric and durability. 

However, rectangular is not falling behind earning demand of adorning patios, swimming pools and garden backyard.

How to install Shade Sail? 

Step 1

While installing a shade sail, one thing you need to remember before installing it, a Shade sail doesn’t cover an entire area. if you want to have shade, a couple of shades would serve your purpose.

Step 2

When installing a shade sail, make it 20-40 degree angle, not flat, since rainwater doesn’t have to be stored, it has to be slipping down.

For rectangular shade sails, keep two end higher and the other two to the lower platform.

Step 3

Sun and Season determine where to set the sunshade sail. We know sunshine changes it’s direction in winter by staying low, and on summer it stays up above.

Step 4

Ideally, plan on putting it 7ft 10 inches above the ground.

One thing you need to determine, if you put it on your house or garage, then you can use internal structures or walls. But while having it outside, fence posts would be needed to hang it.

Step 5

At the same time, if it is about to be installed within a house or patio, it is better you discuss it with a builder or structural engineer, provided you are confused with the stress or tension it might put on your house.

Step 6

Wind, in particular, puts vital pressure and you need to know the strength it might drag on structures.

Step 7

For triangular, keep two ends higher and one end to the lower end platform. this is how it remains dry.

Step 8

The side with seams should be facing the ground to avoid any leakage in the future. 


  1. Try not to put it on when raining. 
  2. You will need a tool kit to complete the installation process.

source: Primrose.com- learn more from Sail shade installation process outdoors

List of 8 Best Sun Shade Sails Reviews

Editors RankingEditor's ChoiceEditor's RankingInstant Link
1Garden EXPERT Best Sun Shade Sail Sand Large ★★★★★Buy on Amazon
2Amgo Triangle Sun Shades★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
3LOVE STORY Sand Sun Shade★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
4Shade&Beyond Sun Shade★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
5Artpuch Sun Shade★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
6Lehood Sun Shade Sail ★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
7MTN Shadesmith Sun Shade sail★★★★☆Buy on Amazon
8Colourtree★★★★☆Buy on Amazon


1. Garden EXPERT Great Alternative to Deck Tarp Cover

top rated sun shade sails

Buy At Amazon


How It is Different

14 sizes and 5 colors

Surprising but true, this rectangle sun shade sail garden expert sunshade comes amazing 14 sizes and 5 unique bright colors. Thus, this sunshade comes first into our preference.


What We Liked

Stainless steel D ring

Garden Expert comes with a stainless steel d ring on each edge. In addition, this is rustproof and resists brittleness. Comes with 4 sturdy ropes that guarantee fastness and durability.

Bent Edge Stretches long

Each edge of shade is made a little bit bent or curved so that you can stretch it to have to hang it fast and tight. besides, it can be a great alternative to a tarp cover. 


Cons to consider

  • Finally, the disadvantage of this sunshade is, you need buy the tool to give a finishing touch to the installation process. However, the price is highly reasonable
  • Not waterproof but assures proper air

    Breathable fabric allows air and sprinkles of the sun to a mild level. so, you can’t consider having a waterproof sunshade. It is considered, a sunshade has to create shadow not to block the view and everything.


2. Amgo Triangle Best Sun Shade For Patio

best shade sail reviews

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

9 colors 

Firstly, the Amgo triangle sun shade sail comes in 9 colors.  This is the reason for keeping it second in our choice.

Custom Size Available

Amazingly it wide range of choices you can make


What We Liked

Specialized for patio and backyard

Amgo shade sail is not only famous for sunshades but also has dozens of other screens, shades and other items specialized for patio, garden and backyard. Amgo has a huge collection of sizes and patterns, provided these are available.

Premium quality sail

Absolutely a premium quality that comes with strong and heavy-duty webbing with seamed edges. Besides, a long-lasting fabric that assures 5 years warranty.

Connect three sides or 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Furthermore, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed since it has as a usual stainless steel D ring to connect with three sides and to ensure tightness.



Cons to consider

Not fireproof but drains water

3. LOVE STORY Sand Shade Sails Reviews

best outdoor shade sails

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

185 GSM HDPE and varied color and sizes

Love story sun shade sail comes in 15 unique colors and 9 sizes.

185 GSM HDPE (high-density polyethylene) material which ensures sturdy and long-lasting fabric.

Healthy and Safe

Besides, this love story sun shade sail is more healthy and safe. Likewise, the quality of the best sunshade is, it normally allows a mild air and sun to come through, thus this is not waterproof.


What We Liked

UV protected and 95% block

It protects UV rays and 95% less harmful than any other sunshade in the market. That is what makes specifically mentioned on their product description.

Curved edge allows stretch

Works perfectly for patio, garden, lawn, swimming pool, and outdoors. Curved edge allows tighten it as much as you want. In addition, this also enhances strength and prevents drooping.

The warranty comes for 5 years which is pretty reassuring.

Cons to consider

Because of the stretching, the shade would shrink a little bit, thus, you can consider buying some extra to get a larger shade area. Stainless steel D ring that comes with 4 strong ropes that are 4.9ft, obviously guaranteed.

 it is recommended to install the shade sail with a hardware kit that’s sold separately in our shop.


4. Shade & Beyond Shade Sails Reviews

best sun shade sails

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

Comes in 6 colors and 5 sizes

Premium quality is guaranteed for this best shade sail. 185 GSM Ultraviolet ray protection. Fabric like other competitors is airy and sunbeam can come through, thus not waterproof.

What We Liked

Amazing Warranty

5 years warranty assures sturdy stainless steel hardware kit which is provided with the product and 5-10 cm error on each side for which provider thank customers for accepting it.


Shade and beyond shade assures 95% block of sun UV and 80-85% sunshine.  Besides, it is easy to install to add elegance to your pool, patio or back yard.

It can be used to adorn your lone patio, garden, backyard, pond, and outdoors.


Cons to consider

 it is instructed to wash it with mild detergent and not to scrub with stiff brush. Therefore, while cleaning, one thing you need to keep in mind, you can not put in the washing machine.


5. Artpuch Sun Sail Shades

best waterproof sun shade sail

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

Various sizes, colors, and strong stitching

Comes in 12 sizes and four sizes. Apart from all the necessary features, it has strong stitches which made them stand out of crowd.

What We Liked

UV protected and 95% sunblock

Similarly, the Artpuch shade sail is not waterproof but allows air and sunbeam to come in. Besides, they did not forget to include UV protection to keep it up to 90% to 95%. In addition to that, your privacy and bock got top-notch priority by blocking view 80%.

100% HDPE material

Made of 100% HDPE material, the best sun sails, that is sturdy and come along with stainless steel hook which is rustproof. Like other competitors, it also promises to have some curves at each edge, which ensures stretchability and fastness.

You can mount it on whichever side you want

Both sides are pretty same, you don’t need to worry about the look at all. Just mount it would look the same from both sides.

Cons to consider

While installing you need Necessary tools to buy additionally. 


6. Lehood Square Sun Shade Sail 

best rated sun shade sails

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

Comes in 5 colors and 7 sizes

An authentic fabric comes for your choice to have around your pool. Moreover, it ensures HDPE quality that is nontoxic and environment friendly.

What We Liked

Strong webbing and double stitching layer

Let us put a few distinct features whereas it has all the good features that competition has.

With double-layer stitching, it has introduced a strong webbing process to stand out in the category of extra large sun shade sail and for the longevity of this fabric, the web looks highly elegant and stands up on your head for years.

UV protected and 98% sunblock

Nonetheless, it not waterproof, knowing the basic feature should allow water, the breeze of cool air, and less illuminating sunbeam for a better view. Besides, it still doesn’t allow the UV ray to penetrate by 98% and block view to 80%.

4 ropes and stainless steel d ring

In addition, it has stainless d ring which is sturdy enough to hold the tightness and curved edge to make it tighter. 4 ropes with 1.5 m allow you to cover a considerable long distance.

Cons to Consider

you need to use technical tools to install it, however, you can install it by yourself upon following the user manual.


7. MTN Shadesmith’s Best Sun Sail shades


outdoor shades sale reviews

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

Heavily weaved

Firstly easily attachable with D ring which doesn’t rot, mildew, and fold. This triangle sun shade sail is heavily weaved with high-density polythylene fabric. Thus this sun shade sail fabric is sturdy and highly durable for long-term use.

Filters water and constructed of 185 gsm UV protected

In addition, it filters water and is constructed of 185 gsm UV-protected HDPE shade. It can be used over patio, deck, pond, and courtyard. Therefore, you can take MTN sails as the best shade sails for patios. 

What We Liked

MTN Shadesmith has a pretty good rapport in the market to offer you an extra large triangle sun shade sail and long-lasting sun shade sail and we highly recommend you to have it.

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8. Colourtree Sail Sun Shades for Patios

best sun shade for patio

Buy At Amazon

How It is Different

9 amazing colors and Customization

Comes in 9 amazing colors that allow you to get the right combination for your patio.

They offer custom shade sails. Therefore, you can order your size according to your requirement.

What We Liked

Highly breathable

Highly breathable type of sail that blocks UV rays by 95%. For longer life, stitches are double layered which resists out of shape issue. Besides, each corner is made of stainless steel D ring for easy hanging and better stretch.

tested under sun exposure

Comes in 190 GSM 100% virgin (non recycled) HDPE material. This has been tested under sun exposure, treated with UV stabilized compound, turns out one of the distinct quality sails that is fade, tear and dried out resistant.

  • You dont need to worry for pulling the water out, it allows the water and air flow conveniently.
  • No requirement to maintain at all.


Cons to Consider

  • Custom size orders take 3-7 days- which not basically an issue, still you need to know it. Most importantly they have disclaimer on this.



Honorable Mention

TANG Outdoor Pergola Sail Shade

pergola sail shade

Buy at Amazon

What We Liked


Comes in various sizes, color and awesome customization 

The size of pergola canopy shade in W3’ and L16’ is considered as standard size for Wire canopy retractable awning. However, you may find at Tang outdoor retractable pergola  that dozens of sizes are available if you want customization in your current pergola canopy shade.

This outdoor retractable shade cover works for patio, deck, pergola with different unique designs.

Stick and push- Retractable

The beauty of Tang pergola canopy shade is, you use a stick and push it with smooth sound to open the folded shape to a beautiful shade cover.

Tang canopy shade can be installed with given tools in an existing pergola or a new free standing frame structure that allows you t enjoy a best sun shade with pergola canopy shade.

GSM Polyester fabric

Waterproof 240 GSM polyester fabric protects from extreme sun heat and blocks sun by 95% that resists UV rays.

Pre-drilled holes

Pre drilled holes on given rods helps you to installation process more expedited and saves some cost as well.

Package Includes-

  • Fabric with rods,
  • wire cable, pad eye,
  • retract rod,
  • control tape,
  • turnbuckle,
  • wire clips. Pergola frame is not included.


How to install Pergola Canopy shade?


Buying Guide

The area you want to shade, please buy more than the size of shade your want, since the shade becomes small than the actual sunshade you hang on your head. Therefore, having extra 4 inches to five-inches big sunshade would be wise to purchase.

Before doing that, you need to measure the area where you want put the shade on. That is highly important to have a cozy area to enjoy at least to some extent.

Choose the right size and price. 

No Sellers provide tools to install shades, thus, it has to be bought. However, you don’t need look for tools separately, you would find all the related tool people usually buy from Amazon would be given with. 

The waterproof feature basically goes well with electronics, not with sun shades. This feature makes it eco-friendly and nontoxic. So dont look for it, ensure it is not waterproof. 


Outdoor Shade Accessories Reviews

1. Hardware kit

shade sail kits

$14.99-Buy at Amazon

This Triangle sun shade sail set of hardware kit for RECTANGLE shade sails includes Turnbuckle(2pcs), Pad eye(4pcs), Carabineer/hook(2pc),Screws(16pcs),expansion anchor bolts(16pcs),and a installation manual.


2. Yofit Hardware kit 

shade sail reviews

$23.99 Buy At Amazon


A Complete Set – Our Shade Sail Hardware Kit contains 48 pcs of components: 4 x Turnbuckle, 4 x Snap Hook, 8 x Pad Eye, 32 x Screw, 32 x Plastic Expansion.

Common Features of Commercial Sun Shade Sail

These are the common features you find in all sun shades

  • 185G HDPE Material Made
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Breathable and allows sunbeam which blocks view by 85%
  • Not recommended to wash in on Washing machine
  • Each edge is curved to stretch and may reduce the shade
  • Buy separately Installation tools, the majority ranges $18
  • you get 3 to four ropes depending on the size you take
  • Five years warranty is common feature regardless of the brand you select.


What distinct features you may  find

  • not all the shades come in same size and collection of colors.
  • Some offer dozens of sizes, such as Amgo.


What is Effective Shade?


According to the research of “SUN, SHADOW AND SKIN CANCER — VIEWPOINT”

” The amount of protection offered by a shade structure varies with
the angle of the sun. The shade cast may not always be directly
beneath the shade structure. At certain times of the day, the shade
may be outside the structure, providing negligible UV protection
to seats and tables sited underneath”

You can have a small talk or long gossip with a drink underneath the shadow of you sail shade. Shade deters any leaves or dirt to invade while having sunbath as well as taking a bath.

Nonetheless, apart from having the application of just shade, it brings a taste of oasis to your little piece of property. Though it’s implied, eventually, you would try to remember, what taste of sight it reminds me, Yes, it is nothing but an OASIS. 

Not all, at least does it’s part where you used it. Comes in variety of color. Super easy to hook and unhook. Brings elegance to your pool and patio. For outdoor picnics and outings, it does add value by giving a cool shadow.

Speaking of sizes, it has ample varieties to impress your demand. Such as: 20’ , 12’ x 16’ , 16.5’ (at triangles) and

Apart from your benefits, your pool enjoys pretty safe, shady, and cool water because of having a tender block upon her.


How you can avoid damage before it is too late?

Besides,  if any extreme weather is predicted, It is highly recommended to put it off. Any fixing is highly expensive and it is better we remain proactive to protect it from any damage.

How to take care a sail shade?

It needs to be washed with detergent and water. Scrub it with a sponge. Then keep the solution over for it for 10 minutes. And then wash it with garden hose pipes and water force. It is recommended not to put it on the washing machine.

What to take? Triangular or Rectangular?

Well, as mentioned earlier, you need to do a careful calculation of the space you possess around your house. Depending on the size, comfort and convenience, you can choose triangular first. 

In my opinion, triangular are easier to attach and more stylish than rectangular. Instead of having two triangular shape sail shade, you would want to have two or three together to make it elegant, stand out and stylish. 

What is meant by 185 gsm UV protected HDPE shade?

According to The Shade Centre Australia

Synthesis Commercial 95 Aquatic Blue shadecloth has a 94.2% UVR block which means that in laboratory test conditions ~ 94% of incident Ultra Violet Radiation (290nm to 400nm) is absorbed or reflected by the shadecloth.

What is GSM when it is about fabric you are looking for?

According to customer apparel source: it means how heavy the fabric is. In broad terms, it means grams per square meter which is a metric measurement of weight of a fabric. 

What  is UPF Factor? 

It means ultra violate protection factor. This factor indicates how effective shades are for protecting ultra-violate rays (UVR). According to Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Well-designed and positioned shade can significantly reduce UVR from the sun and is an important preventative measure to help reduce these risks

Moreover, according to shade center Australia few factors contribute to UPF rating

(15-50 +range- the more it is, the better it is against UV [that is not particularly mentioned at any shades reviewed above, all they mention is 95% UV block, however, it is a matter of debate obviously! We believe each shade has maintained 45 rating which goes by 95%)

Contributing factors for UPF or shade factors:

  • Composition of the yarns (cotton, polyester, etc)
  • Tightness of the weave or knit (tighter improves the rating)
  • Colour (darker colours are generally better)
  • Stretch (more stretch lowers the rating)
  • Moisture (many fabrics have lower ratings when wet)
  • Condition (worn and faded garments may have reduced ratings)
  • Finishing (some fabrics are treated with UV absorbing chemicals)


What color of sail shade would fit my patio most?

Another argumentative question, it depends on your test. according to creativeshade solution,    a black sail shade would fit your comfort more likely since it absorbs hit and UV rays to the most. Besides, it creates a cooler shade right underneath it. 

Therefore, you can choose any color your want for your shade sails, there is no harm in it, but black or gray color can be your priority considering comfort and better shade. 



Shade sails are super elegant things but assures comfort and protects from UV. It is obvious, you would want sunshine and choose the right one from our given best sun shade sails reviews, besides at some point a shed relaxes your eyes and skin. Hardly there would be anyone who would not want to have a shed up at their pool.  But still, it is not a luxury to best shade sails but an addition to your comfort.

Reference Source:

David J Turnbull and Alfio V Parisi, Faculty of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland,
Toowoomba, QLD


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