Best Motion Activated Sprinklers [6 Cheap Solutions to Save Garden]

A best motion-activated sprinkler protects your fence, lawn, garden and yard. A best animal repellent sprinkler does a simple job of protecting your yard from intruding deer, skunk, squirrel, rabbit and wild cats.

According to the journal from tanfoline- Human Dimensions of Wildlife

“Deterrent devices are recommended to reduce human-coyote conflict”

Until someone owns it, the advantages of this device can’t be enjoyed since these devices are Eco-friendly and doing nature a favor by not harming to repel them away.

Unlike yard sprinklers, they do perform an action of shooting water squirt to nearby intruding animals.

 Buying Guide for Best Animal Repellent sprinkler

Charging vs Solar Charging

Solar repellent sprinklers never require recharge since they have solar recharging capability. Even with recharge, these devices sustain for one week- two weeks minimum. However, it depends on how frequently it works.

If your preferred sprinkler comes with batter, check how much it stays perfect with one go of charge.

User Friendliness

It needs to be easy to install and start working with.

Consider having a Heavy Duty Hose

When choosing hoes, it is better you choose heavy-duty hoes to avoid longevity and durability for long time.  Obviously, you don’t want to spend ages on this silly sprinkler. This is just to avoid unnecessary leakages after few weeks.

Do you need extensions?

Some may suggest buying sprinklers with a water tank attached. But it is better to buy devices connected to hoes as one device with multiple functions may cause trouble soon.

Plumping Tape can solve leaking

Despite having hoes and connectors tight enough, you can use plumbing tape to solve the issue of unwanted leaking. It works!

Check the modes

Check how many modes it has.If you find your device not working at night, check the day/night mode to make it work at night as well.

The distance you want to cover

How Much distance you want your repellent sprinkler to cover? That determines the budget and delivery of your sprinkler.

List of Best Motion Activated Sprinklers

Editor's RankingEditor's ChoiceEditors ChoiceEditors Priority
1Orbit 62100Buy at Amazon★★★★★
2Orbit 62120Buy at Amazon★★★★★
3Hoont CobraBuy at Amazon★★★☆☆
4Havahart Critter RidderBuy at Amazon★★★☆☆
5COSTWAYBuy at Amazon★★★☆☆
6Hoont MotionBuy at Amazon★★★★☆


Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate, Editor earns from qualifying purchases. 

1. Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Review- For Large Yard

yard enforcer motion activated sprinkler

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Notable Specialty

  • No Worries of over watering: Should you find no sign of intrusion of any animal during night time as well as day time, then you don’t need worry about having this device as until you find any sign of intrusion. Saves water by sprinkling 2 cups of water at a time.
  • Covers 70 Feet Yard/Garden or 3840 square feet: The distinct feature of covering 70 feet yard with 4 AA alkaline batteries obviously replaces the need of wire fencing or any application animal repellent chemicals.
  • Waters Yard plus repels animal: Orbit 62100 not only works to repel animal by squirting water but also works to water your garden for 30 minute cycle.
  • Works in 3 Mode: Three mode day, nigh and always helps you to protect your yard regardless of having any fence.



  • With sensing technology, it can detect intrusion with 70 feet yard. Besides, the range can be adjusted.
  • Orbit Yard enforcer doesn’t waste water, it sprinkles no more than two cups of water per activation.
  • These deterrent sprinklers have day/night/ 24 hour mode option for its diverse action to deliver your comfort. Ensures a poop free lawn.
  • It not only squirts water but also makes noise to condition animals to stay away.
  • Last but not least, using timed water features, you can water your garden using this.


  • Regular check helps it run smooth
  • it doesn’t work on hords or group animal invasion


Market champion and affordable in comparison to any other sprinkler in the market. There are plus and minuses, which depends on how you read the instructions, however, still there are return policy by which you can safeguard your money return.

Intelligent sensing technology is in place to differentiate animal and immobile objects such as tree. Plus, orbit yard enforcer has adjustable line of sight.

Yes, you will need an idea what is intruding in your absence of yours or during nighttime. Amazingly deters deer, birds, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums, raccoons, Herons, and other similar animal without causing any physical harm.

2. Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer-Best Guardian

motion activated sprinkler for squirrels

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Notable Specialty

  • Comes in Categories: Orbit enforcers come in three different categories, First one is Garden Enforcer, Green Enforcer and third one is Yard enforcer. Price varies according to the style you choose.
  • Works either Day, night and always modes: Orbit 62120 motion-activated sprinkler works with modes, day, night and always activation mode. This self-sufficient technology is able to detect any movement upto 35 feet and can water your garden for 30 minutes, subject to set.
  • Works over 7500 activation cycles: With 4AA alkaline battery it works over 7500 activation cycles. Study and still metal tripod expands 28 to 54 inches up to adjust with growing plants.


  • Garden enforcer is cheaper than yard enforcer.
  • Covers up to 1600 square feet
  • Can detect movement up to 40 feet
  • Day mode helps you to stop sprinkling people.
  • Passive infrared motion sensor can differentiate moving animal and tree limbs, thus reduces over watering.
  • Detection angle can be set to toward down for smaller animals, likewise can be set up for large animals to repel.
  • Less costly than Orbit 62100


  • It works even on you if you come nearby.


Highly Recommended animal deterrent sprinkler. it has water-saving technology. it works when it senses movement. it has three deterrent modes- day, night and whole day. Thus, you know better, when  you need this and highly recommend to have which is lower than 62100 and performs almost similar to that, unless you need to cover 70 feet yard. 

By adding additional impact sprinkler, the area to sprinkle and deter animals can be expanded. However, it needs separate purchase, still it’s an option if you feel satisfied with it’s performance.

3. Hoont Cobra Motion Activated Sprinkler

motion activated sprinkler

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Notable Specialty

  • Great Range to sprinkle: Ranges 30ft to sprinkle water and the Detection range is up to 30 feet. To install, no tools and prior experience is required to set up this sprinkler.
  • Amazingly Efficient: The water jet activates for 5 seconds. Hoont motion-activated sprinkler not only repels animals, but also keeps away trespassers as well. Works with 2 AA NIMH batteries (included)
  • Smart Movement Detection: Hoont Sprinkler detects movement at 120-degree angle and Water sprinkling angle would be 360 degree which is adjustable. Monitors an area up to 650 square feet


  • Consumes a little amount of water
  • To jet water, it activates when it detects
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It sprays in a circular motion and It has an adjustment lever where you can control the direction of the spray
  • good for dogs, cats, deers, raccoons or any other invading animal
    works 24 hours if required.


  • Premium pricing.


For smaller yards and gardens this motion-activated sprinkler works fine. this device works for five seconds when it senses the movement within 30 feet of its vicinity. Plus, sprays in a circular motion to cover an yard effectively.

4. Havahart Critter Ridder Reviews

motion sensor water spray

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Notable Specialty

  • Easy to spike in : Metal spike allows for easy installation anywhere.  Havahart critter rider sprinkler possesses an eco-friendly design.
  • Sprinkles Efficiently: It covers up to 60 feet to detect movement unlike any other product in the market. Havahart sprinkler uses 2-3 cups of water that saves water significantly. Most importantly, It works on rats, rabbits, raccoons, deers, birds, dogs, and cats.



  • Four settings pattern to target animal
  • this can water your water garden apart from working as repel
  • Alternative to chemical repellent
  • this is the best product that comes in cheapest rate than any other product in the market


  • Sound it little bit noisy which might be startling while sprinkling water
    less durable.
  • Comes in Green color only


Havahart features critter repellent and sprinkler function with high efficiency. Plus, Havahart sprinkler comes in 2 different choices- 1 pack or 4 pack. price varies.

5. COSTWAY Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler-For Medium Gardens/Yards

cat clear water jet

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Notable Specialty

  • Diverse Function: Another note worthy best animal repellent sprinkler that protects your garden or lawn in a humane way. This sprinkler works best simultaneously for bird, rabbit, deer, and dogs to fox.
  • Easy set up to over 32 feet: Super easy to set up and hooks up in seconds with your garden hose. Sprays  maximum 32 feet away to repel and scare animals away that works alternative to wire fencing, repellents or pest control chemicals.
  • Solar Energy Efficient: Comes with a solar energy batter that saves money and energy. 120 degree sensor movement.



  • Covers up to 1200 square feet
  • Applies only 2-3 cups of water in single jet water that reduces water consumption significantly.
  • Fail-safe and leak-proof valve included
  • Efficient battery low indicator
  • Distinct lens design improves animal repellent function


  • Doesn’t come with modes


We have given 3 stars on that product since it possesses its pluses and minuses. Costway works perfectly for others for someone who wants to cover a small lawn or if you know how to handle any sprinkler from before, then we recommend you to try this since it has it’s show for you.

6. Hoont Motion Activated Jet Blaster

best motion activated sprinkler


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Notable Specialty

  • Animal detection technology: Another high tech water sprinkler, Hoont jet blaster works on animal detection technology. This sprinkler has been upgraded from it’s previous version.
  • Detects critter movement 0 to 30 feet away: Hoont motion-activated sprinkler detects movement with 30 feet and works for sprinkling for 5 seconds with a powerful but less harmful water jet to repel the invading animal away.
  • Water-Saving Tech: Hoont only works once the movement is nearby and within it’s range. Thus saves water and battery life. Water jet works 5 seconds in an intermittent cycle to lower water consumption.


  • Absolutely safe for animals, it rather scares them but doesn’t harm.
  • Works at 120-degree angle and water spraying adjustable angle is 360 degree, this means it covers top to toe.
  • The cover’s an area of 650 square feet. It works both for day and night.
  • You can fine-tune the range


  • Hoont jet blaster doesnt have garden watering and modes for day night option.
  • Cheesy battery compartment

Comes with

  • Motion detector
  • Water sprayer
  • Hose connection
  • Stake
  • Owners manual


Has given four stars since customer satisfaction is sounded happy with it’s performance. Hoon sprinkler is super is easy to set up with given stakes and connect it to a garden hose. Water sprayer is fully adjustable and can be set to the area where you want to repel the animal from.



Orbit Vs. Hoont Repellent Sprinkler

Orbit Yard EnforcerHoont Repellent Enforcer
it covers 70 ft yard range30 ft yard range
it turns out it covers 3840 square feet range 650 square feet range
it has one year limited one year guarantee and buyer has to be with proof of purchase. will replace, free of charge and part or parts of defective areas will be repaired which will determined by orbit.

Orbit yard and Orbit Garden enforcer has 3 years warranty

 it has one year limited warranty
this device can be used to water the garden. two in one. Comes with three modes to waterthis device works as repellent only
Range can be fine tunedRange can be fine tuned as well
4 AA alkaline batteries2 AA NIMH batteries (included)
 water your garden 30 minutes at a time It doesn’t water the garden




How to take care your Best Animal Repellent sprinkler

    • Switch them off before you want to get into the Garden or yard.
    • Do not mix with old and new batteries. It is highly recommended to use alkaline batteries to get longer battery life.
    • Keep your sprinkler away from freezing winter season.
    • Clean filter regularly to prolong the longevity of this sprinkler since filter attracts dirt.
    • Sprinkler devices are best to use with mild cold water only.
    • It is commended not to use or point towards where electrical devices are within it vicinity.
    • Position the water sprinkler in that direction where you assume or detected intruding animals barge in.
    • You need to remember, some intruding animals are shrewd enough to detect the presence once they encountered water jet. Later they might target or search for different spots to come in, therefore it is recommended to change it’s direction occasionally to cover your vegetation area.
    • Another option is to create a sprinkler minefield to deter certain types of animals. You can create an invisible fence around your house buy installing few more according to the size of your house.

FAQ related to Orbit 62100


Can i expand the area of this deterrent device?

yes, you can set it and change it as per the measure of your yard.

From how far it can detect the motion?

it can detect at least 40 ft area. furthermore, to add, it can cover 1600 square feet area to jet water on any intruder. view angle is 160 degree.

Can i use motion-activated sprinkler to water my garden?

yes absolutely, you can set it to a timer. it has 30-minute water cycling technology to water your garden, this means two in one.

How i solve if water leaks from joint?

 Check the Operation dial to find the exact time of the day it works. 

Check the valve cable’s connection status with the sensor unit.

Low battery life. 

Turned on Hose faucet 

Why sometimes Sensor is not detecting movement?

The first probability is,  the proximity range is at the low settings, change it to the right force and range. 

Secondly, adjust the sensor angle.

Thirdly, some kind of object is in front of it and therefore, producing some kind of heat.

Lastly, the lens might be covered with dust or hard water. Please clean the lens genly with wet cloth to ensure it smooth detection.

Why my sprinkler is activating without movement?

Most probably, the sprinkler is detecting unnecessary movement in front of it. Such as, the movement of tree with sun behind it might be a prime reason for this.

Secondly, activate the intelligent sensing mode to reduce this and help it detecting right kind of object.

Lastly, make sure the sensor is not pointed to something within it’s range that might moving, such as: water and hanging lamps or pods.

Why my sprinkler is taking a long time to turn off?

The reason is simple, batteries charge is low and replace if needed.

What water pressure is recommended to ensure the longevity of the hose pipe?

Water pressure has to be withing 20 psi which is minimum.

The maximum water pressure has to be 100 PSI.

if the pressure of watering is high, then Orbit company recommends adding water pressure reducer to ensure longevity of hosepipes.

Why do you need a motion-activated water sprinkler?

Despite having CC tv camera nearby your fence ensures recording with no further action. Having fence camera with fencing system is imperative; serve two purposes- security and visibility simultaneously

How Water sprinkler takes care of your vegetation? 

Now if you have small vegetation with a lush green yard, then you must be cautious enough to protect it.  Even if your own dog disturbs this beauty, then a sprinkler device is highly recommended.

With motion detection, it simply sprinkles a water jet to scare invading animals away. 

This device simply keeps away any pet or animal within it’s range. This is considered as a repellent and doesn’t cause any harm to intruding animal or pet whatsoever.

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To Conclude

Few issues can trigger reasons of your disturbance despite having fences. Intruding animals, birds, mouse,  raccoons, squirrels, wild cats or grazing cows to deer can intrude your small vegetation.

Simply having a best motion-activated sprinkler can relieve you from unnecessary problems. Please note, It works unlike irrigation sprinklers.

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