5 Interactive Dog Toys Under $100 [Selected Top Brands]

What might keep them playful in your absence, or even if you are there, there should be something or some ideas to with interactive dog toys under $100 to keep your dog playful that can help them to play by themselves and at least to remain active.

How interactive dog toys can help your dog Playful?

we always wonder, having a pet may change our life, but it is all about being careful and aware of keeping them safe. We keep pets to play with them, we walk with them wherever we want, or talk with them to express our unspeakable feelings occasionally.

toys under 100 dollars


Good News! Tools are affordable to arrange! Interactive dog toys are available in the market. 

Therefore, having some tools can not be a bad idea as these are affordable and within range. Below are some examples of Toys or tools to help you with this issue.


5 Interactive Dog Toys under $100

Interactive dog toys keep your dog busy to play and stay within the ground. Even if you are at house, your dog feels bores since you cant engage in exercise all time.

Toys can help your dog play full and active to be adventurous which is opposite to playing with your utensils and other home items.

Buying interactive dog toys or within affordability can help you to secure to some time for you as well as for your dog.

Besides, markets offer plenty of options for you to choose from, hence, to minimize your effort in finding the right toy, some toys review is given for your better understanding and detail.


1.1:Push N POP Dog Toy

cheap interactive dog toys

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If you want to feed your dog with activity, then spot push n pop can be an amazing choice to have since it is super cheap and comes under $100.

This toy keeps your dog not only busy mentally but also physically to use their brain to earn the treats.

Quality of plastic is reliable to have it since this offers easy to clean and wash feature.

All in this entire tool is easy to use and user-friendly. Having less complexity of features offers you with the guarantee to have it for long time.


  • Through them a challenge to face and becomes a bit tricky, which is good for them to remain busy with them for long time. This means, they have to earn it to get it.
  • For exciting and over active dogs, this tool can do wonder to slow them down with their mental work.
  • This toy does not filp over by the hard push of your dog which ensures durability and great engagement for your lovely pet.
  • It is applicable for both dogs and cats.
  • By having this item, you can have an idea, how much to control the feeding of treats.


  • You dog may start licking the top instead of pushing to get the treat, which can be bit of a problem ended up with messy top.
  • Pop of treat is bit loud.
  • Treats can’t be filled with treats, it needs to be light.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


1.2:Snuffle Mat-Engaging Toy


toys under 100 dollars

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Helps become dog Slow

If you are worried about your dog’s basic behavior, then having this snuffle mat can make wonder. Just hide the treats and let him find his own treat. This makes dog slow when you are at home since they get excited by your presence. What else you can ask from this cheap dog toy?

Treats can be hidden

You can easily hide some treats in the grass like mat and let him do his using super power of sniffing. This mat slows them down and engages them during their feeding time.

Little of training make it more interactive

Obviously, training requires, and there is a saying by experts, let your pet earn their treats. This is how, you can train your dog on what you want them do. This mat resembles grass with high quality fabric. 

Highly Durable and can easily be Stored

As there is nothing to be broken, this is highly durable, pet friendly and lasts life time. Besides, this can easily be folded and kept in your drawer while you and your dog is away from home.

Comes in few sizes

This amazing dog toy come is considered as stimulating to let your dog earn their treats. This mat come in three sizes to make sure your dog’s grazing area(not exactly grazing)  to find their treats and rest when they are tired of their sniffing, such as 19’’, 12’’ and 10’’. This mat is applicable from puppy to big dogs.


  • A stimulating dog toy engages your dog for long time.
  • It literally doesn’t require to hide treats, just sprinkling treat is enough
  • This mat is Easy to wash and storage whenever you want.
  • Comes at great prize.


  • Once they finish searching, they may start pulling the mat apart.


1.3:DOG PUZZLE TOY- Improves Patience

best toys under $100

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Looking for more in interactive toys, then pay attention to their digestion and find out more in another very affordable dog toy.  Dog puzzle toy comes in orange and in one size that offers dispensable compartments and allows your dog to seek their treats in it by solving and playing with it.

Nonetheless, it is not all about their exercising their brain, it helps your dog to slow down the speed of having treats.  That helps your dog to get the time to digestion and earn their treat by solving it.

This toy offers removable bones to play hide and seek with the treats. This means you can take a breath and find yourself some time to do something else knowing your beloved dog is busy with discovering their treat.

Likewise other affordable dog toys, it is lightweight and easily washable. Obviously, this game platform is made of hard plastic which easy to ensure his belly full once they are done with their pursuit of getting teat.


  • Amazingly cheap and easy to tackle.
  • Slows the feeding time of your dog helping the digestion onward.
  • It alleviates destructive behaviors as it stimulates dog behavior by finding their treats underneath each bone.


  • Comes in one color and one size
  • Dog occasionally keep licking the plastic bones instead of finding their treats. Thus, a little bit of training is needed first hand.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


1.4:Flying Squirrel-Playful Toy

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toys under 100

I cant help myself writing about this toy. To ensure an honorable mention, this flying squirrel can be explained in one word, just awesome. Lets get out of traditional fetching toys. This toy is amazingly cheap and compact to use and apply. Unlike other fetching toys, flying squirrel can be used for pool side and water bodies.

It comes different sizes and shape. While buying, select your own convenient size.  Dog love it. This is highly durable and comfortable

to carry. Flying weird pattern brings extra joy to you beloved pet.





  • This glows during night time while it floats in the air.
  • Pet friendly for chewing.
  • Comes in set with sizes
  • Easy to pick, throw, brings your pet attention


  • Requires regular wash to sanitize.


1.5: KONG – Cheap Interactive Dog Toy

affordable dog toys

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One of the super-super-super popular and interactive dog toy is kong- classic dog toy. Thousands of people have already bought this and benefited out of this toy. 

Crisp Features of Kong

Quench Thirst to play and Eat

This amazingly interactive and works with its wonder by satisfying dog’s need to quench it thirst for movement, play and mental stimulation.

Strong Rubber

Because of having rubber material outside, it bounces and keeps dog playful while eating. Further, it enriches dog’s eating pattern and brain. 

Highly Experienced Seller

This manufacturer, KONG, has been doing this product since 40 years. Therefore, it has become a common trend of having such interactive toy around dogs, ended up as a staple toy to have, thus highly reliable and result oriented.

Dogs Become addicted to Kong

People some time consider this amazing toy like the way we are addicted to candy crush. No other cheap dog toy can be that engaging like the way it does. Generally, people need to buy it in according to their dog size and behavior.



  • suggested by vets
  • it helps your dog to play as well as feed in a playful mood
  • amazing cheap in compared to any other product
  • available for any sized dogs in according to chewing capacity
  • Develops dog’s intelligence by offering various enticing movement for dog
  • food comes with puzzle which is rare in any other interactive dog toys.
  • keeps dogs engaged for hours
  • highly durable


  • over chewing might become a reason to break
  • Dogs can bite it and take it somewhere or lost it.
  • dogs stick with kong as long as it has treat inside.


Why Dog Toys?

Sometimes, our tormented life gives us way too stressful and it calms down as soon as we get back to our house and embrace our dog.

So, what does this mean? Is this all about us? We need to return this favor to our beloved pet! For this, we need to play with our dog, we need to know what might give them pleasure if we are not in front of them.

What might keep them playful in you absence, or even if you are there, there should be something or some ideas to keep your dog playful that can help them to play by themselves and at least to remain active. How interactive dog toys can help your dog Playful?

So, in this modern stage of life, we have tools cooperate us to remember, keep thing tidy and as per plan.

Other Interactive tools for Pet’s engagement

1. Interactive PetSafe Ball Launchers for Dogs 


petsafe ball launcher

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How petsafe ball launcher works?

Having this interactive dog ball launcher may defer on your need. Situations could vary, you may not feel good, your mind may not at the state to play with your dog.

Market is pretty enriched with dog ball launchers, you can explore such devices per size of your dog.

This tool comes in various shapes and sizes. Depending of the size and distance it tosses (like 10,20, 30 feet away), you can have this. 

It tires your dog

Getting tired is important and a great indication to fitness, likewise we do. It gives strenght and vigor to remain playful. This machine does exactly the same thing by keeping them engaged for some time. This device doesn’t work intermittently, it gives intervals. 

It makes sound which works as stimuli

While launching a ball, it makes a sound and it is to some extent loud. This works as a stimulus to indicate your dog, it is a time to play and run. This sound is a great tool to train them to get along with this device. 


Pet plays by themselves

Some of you guest may not be dog lovers or they might have allergy with having dogs around. In these scenarios, what you can do? the answer is simple, may sound lonely, but effective if you have it.

On the other hand, you may remain so engage with your visiting guests, so which could be a dominant reason for not playing with your dog during your weekends.

Great companion for outings

While eating, talking with friends, or taking rest on outdoors, these ball launcher works great at least for 5 minutes. Since it works automatically, it can leave your dog with that to play fetch with this machine for a while. not a bad idea!


Most importantly, dogs love them if you have it around them. One of the reputed dog ball launcher can be pet safe who has aced in the market of pet ball launchers. PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy can be your second choice if you are looking for something pretty neat and presentable.

Before you buy PetSafe automatic dog ball launcher: please follow the instructions at the manual. 


2. iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs

i fetch

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this ball launcher looks very modern. It has two openings. The smaller one is for launching the ball and the bigger one is for throwing the ball.

It is interactive and automatic tennis ball launcher that lets big dog play with. This launches a standard sized tennis ball 10, 25, or 40 feet all with the touch of a button. You can even choose “random” option so that your dog can guess the distance.

After buying this you just have to charge it and this is ready to go. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery that is much more convenient than the regular ones, lasting approximately 300 shots when fully charged.

This comes with 3 non-abrasive, standard sized tennis balls, about 2.5” diameter. You can even use other similar sized balls too.

Thinking about safety, you can there is a button you can slide to lock the distance to 10 feet. This allows easy play indoors and is recommended for early training. You can train to drop the ifetch tennis ball into the top of the ifetch Too.

You have to encourage your puppy to fetch the ball as it launches from the iFetch Too. And repeat it again.


Information of the product: the dimesion is  14 x 13 x 12 inches and it weighs 12.35 pounds. 1 A battery is required to run it which be included with the product. Model number is 222.



  • Helpful training material
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Can be wiped clean


·         Does require adult supervision

·         Pricey

·         No angle changing option



3. Wicked bone Smart Dog Toy

Wickedbone Smart Bone

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This is a smart dog bone that will play with your dog rolling, spinning and making sounds when you will not be able to give them time.

This is described as world’s first smart and interactive toy dog. You can run this device with an application to control it.

It takes charge by USB cable to make it run then you have to pair it through bluetooth. You can choose between two modes which are auto play or drive and sleep mode.

In auto play mode the smart bone can spin, make noises and move by its own. This is programmed to get your dog’s attraction and attention. For instance, if your dog starts running it will run after your dog and if your dog tries to chase it will turn around run away.

And the fun thing is, if your dog ignores the toy it will tease your dog. It is designed with 12 types of emotional driven system which allows it to respond differently according to your dog’s mood.

In drive mode you can move the joystick to engage your dog. You can choose this mode when you want to play with your dog. You can also choose from the 9 preset motions available to make it more exciting for you and your dog.

The sleep mode is for that time when your dog will sleep. It is just a standby mode that allows you to power down the wickedbone and stores it for later use

Wicketbone has a maximum speed of 11-feet per second and a control distance of 60-feet. Your dog might be aggressive and that’s why it is designed to be safe, soft, and strong. This smart bone is made out of Polycarbonate and TPU. 



  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used as a training tool
  • Strong and soft at the same time
  • Can be used for both cat and dogs
  • Budget friendly


·         Not water proof

·         Requires smartphone which has to be near the bone

·         For smaller dogs wickedbone might be heavy.


Wickedbone Smart bone makes sure that it is soft when dogs catch it with their paws and even their mouth. You don’t need to worry that it will break in the middle of your puppy’s playtime. To clean this you can hand wash or use a dishwasher.  

Its detachable tires and protecting cover are very easy to take off gor quick cleaning. Moreover, with this you can train your dog to catch a moving object.

It has 470 mAh lithium polymer battery. By charging Wickedbone Smart bone for one hour you can run it for more than 30 minutes.  In app mode, it runs more than 2 hours in interactive mode and 1 month in sleep mode.

4. Gobone Dog Toy

how much is gobone

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Durable and Safe with Food grade nylon and TPU Material

Wickedbone Smart bone is designed with both durability and safety in mind. Comes in tough FDA food-grade nylon and TPU materials, so chewing this is safe for your puppy. This is perfect for small and medium sized dogs.


It can be programmed to move and treat your dog automatically or you can use the app to direct the toy.  You can set programs and also adjust the activity level of the toy.

Runs through Phone application

Through application on phone you can instantly take control of GoBone and turn it into a gaming device for you and your dog. And this application is compitable with both ios and android.  

Automatically Adjusts

The important thing is, it automatically adjusts its behavior based on your puppy’s age, weight, breed, and play style to engage him longer and more often which will be a peace of mind knowing that your dog is happy and entertained.

Exterior is replaceable

The exterior is replaceable, so you don’t need to buy new GoBone. Dog-proof quick- release buttons allow you to remove the parts that come in contact with your dog. You can wash it also when it is dirty.

Water and slobber resistant

The GoBone is both water and slobber resistant, that means no matter how much your dog plays with it, it won’t get damaged of all that licking and biting. It can also hold your puppy’s favorite treats.

60 Minutes Batterlife in freestyle mode and 8 hours playtime in Auto

This comes with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 60 minutes of battery life in Freestyle Mode and maximum of 8 hours of playtime when it’s set to Auto-Play Mode. Battery can be easily recharged via USB.

where to buy gobone dog toy? Answer: Amazon offers best offer for this. 

Information of the Product: material is nylon. The dimension is 9.67 x 4.97 x 3.38 inches and it weighs only 1.2 pounds. It runs through 1 lithium ion battery which will be included. Model number is GB112.


  • Made of FDA food grade material
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Waterproof
  • rechargeable batter
  • long run time with auto-play mood
  • quick release button
  • runs though phone application which means it remains in control


  • Not durable for big sized dogs.


5.Did you feed the dog? Pet Feeding Reminder 

dog toys

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Pet Feeding Reminder tool is at the highest sales rate, right at this moment. This seems simple and this simplicity has made this device special.

It is nothing but a note that helps you to remember things. As I told you before, situation may change, your engagement may increase with society or with office, thus, it helps you note down things, as soon as you return from office.

Furthermore, occasionally, you keep your dog at your neighbor’s or at friend’s house. You can then handover that simple and easy device to keep track of feeding your dog. It is extremely cheap and highly effective. It has amazing ratings on the market which is 70% with five star rating.

This device, on the other hand, helps your dog to get rid off obesity issue. It is obvious, everyone loves their dog, who wants not to feed their dog, but this Practice is considered to be bad per expert’s opinion.

Another feature of this device is, you can hang it on the wall. It comes with adhesives which you can use to hang it on the wall to keep it right in front of your eyes. Therefore, it reminds you. There is a famous saying “out of sight, out of mind”, this exactly helps you to get over with it.

6. A reminder of Washing your Dog

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All Inko Dishwasher Clean sign

All inko Dishwasher clean Dirty Magnet sign that is frequently preferred by all. This sign alerts whether you took the effort to clean your dog or not. All you need to do is to take the hurdle of changing the sign to “clean”.

Overall this device makes complete the reminding process of noting you whether you have done it or not. Simple but super effective.

One more thing, last but not the least, Wash your dog reminder may increase cost to $16 from $10. However, it is not mandatory but recommended to have this. Likewise, calculator of feeding, you can stick it on the wall to work like old school reminding method.

Depending on the color price will vary. To be honest, totally it seems like the signage in front of the restroom on the plane “booked”

At least! it Reminds you how much you love your dog

Having this interactive dog toy will not be a bad idea at all, nor will it be wastage. One more time, this simple and tiny device will come in handy, when you become too busy and engaged with staffs, believe me, it helps.

Paying attention to dog during rush hours may fall off the grid, but this will help at least to remind you, deep inside, even if you are busy, you still love your dog!


Sometimes, it may not be possible for you to be playful; you may remain busy with work or may remain sick or at some kind of injury, then your dog may become lonely and may feel down and become lethargic and less playful with their daily activity.

Debates are in place according to many research. Such as According to the study of

“A comparison of dog–dog and dog–human play behaviour”

In an experimental comparison of dog–dog and dog–human toy-centred play, the dogs were more likely to give up on a competition, to show and present the toy to their play partner, if that partner was human.

When two toys were available, dogs playing with other dogs spent less time showing interest in both toys and possessed one of the toys for longer, than dogs playing with people.

In these cases, dogs start barking, try to escape or jump and become aggressive when they see guests. Definitely, you wouldn’t want that to happen. So, we can come across an idea to buy to some interactive and engaging dog toys below $100 that can help your dog to remain engage, tidy and playful.

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