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Planning to buy the best stanchion post for your property to control the crowd? You may wonder what is there to know about cheap stanchions. it simply stands and makes sure everything is organized. Problem is, with a plethora of options in the market, you may get confused where to find stanchions.

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You need to know the best rate and best product to make sure it serves your purpose and you get the right poles to adorn and organize your office.

Stanchion fence posts serve ample purposes, it is visible everywhere from the world’s busiest airports to the hospital, school to government offices.

Nowadays the fact of social distancing has become a menace, thus you need to have something to make sure that.

According to crowd control store

Retractable Belt Stanchions are the most popular choice as they are easy to set up, maintain, and store.

crowd control posts


How to Control Crowd in This World of Social Distancing?

Social distance barriersShow people their way to find Faster

Through the sings and posters, a proper diversion or path can be created to show where to go and where complete their task. Accordingly Lavi Industries Crowd Management techniquesthe need to provide queuing and barrier solutions that keep customers safe, organized, and moving efficiently will far outlast the pandemic and should be addressed with a long-term strategy in mind.

Sometimes, people gather and start making query within each other, this method helps at least to some extent.


Create a direction using footprint floor decals

another method than can add value to this idea is, you can create series of footsteps directing to your location or store or ticket counter.

Appointment System to Management Flow of Customer

Appoint system to any hospital or office or any government buildings can create a good space for offices to control crowd. And then according to the age, interest and category, offices can divert the number of incoming crowd by assigning different dates and time of a day. Then offices can create different lines for different interest groups.

Arrange Extra Seating arrangement or waiting area control Indoor queue area

Sometimes crowd can be overwhelming, to manage this overwhelming number of people, especially where appointments or queues are indoors, there a separate sitting arrangement. Those seating arrangements could be at the corridor or area nearer to the counter to enter the premises. This helps to minimize the crowd.

Opening or deploying a new counter, issuing token system or an intern instantly on peak hours or rush seasons

Sometimes rapid deployment of a new counter or opening a new ticketing area can minimize the crowd significantly. This method could be applicable for hospital to bus payment counter, exam payment centers, cinema, and concerts and so on.

Another method which is highly used by all, is issuing token to manage the crowd, line and queue. It can be done manually by giving them a number at  hand and telling them to wait can help just in case you dont have the automated token corner.

However, these days, online booking booth and WebPages have made awesome development to minimize the crowd.

Sometimes, assigning an intern to roam around the crowd can save a number of crowd who mainly gather for collecting information.

Buying Guide for queue control barriers

queue line stanchions

Few things to consider when you buy posts


What it is made of. Sometimes crowd may push or wind may become reason to push it down. It can not be like that. A sturdy and durable base makes sure it stands upright perfectly. it has to have weight and materials that made it strong enough to hold.

Material of pole

Stanchion normally comes in steel, plastic and HDPE material. Majority of them less durable and sturdy for longevity.

Stanchion may seem like stands lone and you see no use majority of the time. But your security guard may take to change places.

While grabbing it hand for multiple times can create scratches on the poles. So the poles have to be scratch-resistant. Besides, the base of the pole has to have something that resists scratch on floor as well.

Assemble Mechanism

Whatever stanchion you buy, that has to be easy to assemble. However, sellers always show their own way of assembling and proves easy, but it has to be easy for your people to use.

Connection and Locking Mechanism

Pay attention to the connections, you need to know, how much easy is it to handle. This means, the easier it is attach and detach, the more easier it would for you to handle queue or crowd.  Do you like to snap together or twist to lock feature. In according to your preference you take it.

Besides, there are 2 way and 4 way connections you would find in the market, you know your purpose of usage.

On the other hand, for chain link stanchion it is visible how you to connect and disconnect.

It is better you buy it in a pack

Pack of 6 or 8 is more beneficial than buying it in a pair. This helps you to save some bucks. However, sometimes you need a pair specially at VIP entrances or at airports.


List of Top 9 Best Stanchion Posts for Queue Management

Editor's RankingEditors ChoicesSpecial FeatureEditors RatingInstant Link
1US Weight Sentry StanchionHeight 38.5 inches and weight base (15lbs)-Diameter 2.875"★★★★★Buy At Amazon
2Yaheetech Belt StanchionH-36.2-Base Diameter: 12.5’’★★★★★Buy At Amazon
3Lavi Beltrac Retractable Belt StanchionH- 38.5 inch and diameter 12.5 inch★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
4Dura Steel Heavy Duty Black Tuff Tex Crowd Control StanchionsStanchion 35.4 inch★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
5Lavi Temptest Outdoor StanchionH-12' retractable barrier★★★☆☆Buy At Amazon
6Estlay’s Retractable Belt Barrier StanchionsH-33.85 inch,★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
7New Star Foodservice Outdoor Rope Barriers79.5 inches long and 1.65 diameter rope★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
8Mr. Chain Plastic VIP Crowd Control Stanchions 40" high and 14" base and 2" diameter★★★★☆Buy At Amazon
9Beistle Red Rope Stanchion Set34 inch plastic posts and four 10 inch sturdy base. ★★★★☆Buy At Amazon


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1. US Weight Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions

crowd control barrier postsBuy At Amazon



Super easy to connect, simply takes 5 seconds to do that

No Tool Installation-DIY: Does not require any tool to snap together. The base is sturdy enough to remain in place for long, high-density polyethylene (HDP) weight base (15lbs)


What We Liked

  • Highly Sturdy and Durable: 100% made in the USA located in Olney, Illinois and super durable and affordable for its application to control and queue and crowd.
  • Reinforced shoulder post: The post measures 38.5 inches with a reinforced shoulder post. The sentry features six no skid and non-marking rubber feet to keep it in it’s place.
  • Drop Resistant and 4 way connection: The diameter of retractable stanchions is 2.875 inch that features 3 belt receptacles to ensure a 4 way connection to other post. Sentry makes sure that it fits any know stanchion in the market. That is called belt locking lever.


  • Nicely packed and shipped
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super easy to handle with
  • Can be used to ensure social distancing
  • Great price and durable features
  • Retractable


  • first few minutes would be difficult to get along with that. You need to read manual to handle that.

Bottom Line

Easy connection: The reinforced joint that leads you have an easy connection and helps it to keep it straight whenever you want it to.

Scratch Resistant Bases: Besides, posts are scratch-resistant knowing these barriers come in use frequently.The locking system includes a 6.5 feet retractable belt which includes easy safety breaking system. Simply twist and lock assembly.

These retractable belt barrier posts are widely used and earned a considerable immense reputation for it’s application. thousands of people buy it and find no issue to handle this tool with.

2. Yaheetech Outdoor Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion Sets

stanchions with retractable belts

Buy At Amazon


Package Comes in  2-4-6-8 Posts: Buying a pack would be affordable and less expensive in compared to the pair. Customer rating is skyrocketing and the rapport of this seller is pretty satisfactory to rely on.

Highly Affordable and Widely Used: Since we find usage of a pack of Stanchion is more affordable for you that is why we included this item. Besides, features are pretty convincing buy one for your business or office property.

What We Liked

  • Super durable and anti-rust poles: though it has not been mentioned anywhere on previous product, however, most of the poles have this feature.
  • Premium Iron: Post is made of premium iron, a metal stanchion post that ensures longevity and an anti-scratch feature. Moreover, it does not go out of shape.
  • Connective Poles: poles are easily connective for multipurpose usage. This means, you can combine them easily and that pack comes in use in case you need control crown or to create a barrier.
  • Sand filling cement base : Most important feature that needs inclusion is the base, sand filling cement base makes it does not fall down on wind or flimsy push.Rubber base obviously protects floor to get any scratch and irritating cacophonous sound while moving.



  • These poles can come in use for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Cheap stanchions in compared to any other brands
  • Comes 2,4,6 and 8 pack
  • Belt Locking Lever
  • Slow Buffer- This means, it retracts slowly, safely and automatically.


  • Looks more formal and official, doesn’t go well with parties and movies.


Bottom Line

14.3 pound base makes sure; it stands up right and has super balance. Cement injected poles has zero chances of moving even in mild push. Besides, user would have no fear of having scratch in the floor because of the rubber underneath each pole.  In addition, antitrust poles service more than 5-10 years, so great way of getting value for money for long term.

Overall, chances of using it in wide applications make this stanchion a reliable choice regardless of office, concert, airports, stations and large queues on hospitals.

3. Lavi Beltrac Retractable Barrier Posts

retractable belt barrier post

Buy At Amazon


Height 38.5 inch and weighs 27 lbs. Each pole’s diameter is 12.5 inch. This stanchion Comes in black.

Retractable Belt is 4 way

Good price that brings better value for a retractable belt stanchion that includes 4 way connection. the rubberized base makes sure sturdy stand and anti-scratch feature for the floor.

What We Liked

  • Beltrac Solid Steel Stanchion: One thing that stands out is their slow retractable belt feature. Pole is made of solid steel that ensures it’s longer usage and includes along 7 feet belt mechanism.
  • Easy Assembly and Affordable Rate: Usually it ships 2 pieces that brings post and base. This makes the price lower for the shipment.


  • Super easy to assemble and key is twist able to attach belt.
  • certified frustration-free
  • Pole is made of solid steel


  • Beltrac post becomes permanently fixed to the base and cannot be un-assembled.
  • It needs a pair to make a border. It comes in single.


Bottom Line

  • 4 Way connection
  • Rubberized base to resist scratch on the tile floor
  • Ships in two pieces

4. Dura Steel VIP Series retractable belt stanchionss

retractable queue barrier

Buy At Amazon


Heavy base of 17 pounds design creates zero possibility of dropping or wobbling of any chance.  Safe belt locking lever gives no chance of having any risk of locking and unlocking. .

What We Liked

  • Strong and Modern design take it to another level for any property or venue to posses. 6.5 feet belt with 17 pound base, easily makes sure the crowd is controlled by any means with super stability and discipline.
  • Though it doesn’t come with sign holders, but they sell separately sign holders which is specially made for these stanchions.
  • It’s installation process is pretty unique– you need to put the black case above the metal case. Then screw it from underneath it. This means you it need to have tool to assemble it.  


  • Easy to set up or assemble.
  • Nylon pro belt is smooth and easy to retract
  • Pro retractable belt reduces sudden release and ensures easy snapping.
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use


  • Comes only in black
  • Comes with a screw to assemble, which takes time to set up, unlike any other stanchions. Though, it is a three-step process of setting up.


Bottom Line

Unlike the any other stanchions Dura steel is highly reliable and result-oriented, every options and feature is great to have for both indoor and outdoor use. It is great for retail stores, arenas, airports, banks, hotels and auctions.


5. Lavi Industries Temptest Outdoor Stanchion Post

Retractable Belt stanchion post

Buy At Amazon


HDPE quality

Lavi stanchions offer 12′ retractable barrier. Total durable, weatherproof and made of plastic. This plastic is of HDPE quality that makes sure anti-rust and sturdy enough to last long.


What We Liked

  • 100% recycled rubber: This adds it’s value as eco friendly stanchion to choose from the market. Stylish and visible stanchion makes it an ideal choice to have both office or outdoor use to control crowd and queue.
  • Strong, Thick and highly durable material: Used recycled rubber is strong, thick and lasts as brand new because of it’s vulcanized rubber products. Another thing that makes this retractable stanchion best is, it is super cheap in compared to any other stanchion in the market.


  • Comes in three colors- yellow, black with black belt and black with caution belt
  • Easy to use because of it’s slide and snap connection system
  • rubber base resists scratch on the floor
  • Highly visible


  • they dont sell any replacement belt holder or part in the market.

Bottom Line

The connection is slide and snap-based and integrated post handle. These posts are super lightweight in comparison with other poles in the market, only 4 pounds.

6. Estlay’s Retractable Crowd Control retractable belt

retractable belt barrier stanchions

Buy At Amazon


Doom base design: it makes sure your stanchion stand upright even if they get a simple push from crowd.  Actually, this economy stanchion goes great with any sort of event which is great for storing and setting up as well.

What We Liked

  • Scratch Resistant PE material assures you with no chances of having any scratch in the tile floor.
  • Anti-rust stainless steel makes it more long term worthy stanchion to have for your official area.
  • A retractable belt is a must feature for a stanchion like these, so these are staying behind without this easy and swift feature to control your crowd.



  • Easy to set up or assemble. Just connect the pole to the base and attach it with the retractable belt. Done!
  • Higher visibility as a barrier but obstructs less view
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use


  • It doesn’t come with any other color or belt.
  • best for formal use though it has it’s multiple formal application to apply.


Bottom Line

Estlay stanchions are amazingly high quality and cheap at the same time. Though features are basic but serves multiple purposes. Highly recommended for airports, exhibitions and areas where social distancing requires.


7. New Star Foodservice Outdoor Rope BarriersMetal Stanchion Posts

Buy At Amazon


New Star FoodService Stanchion company is fully the U.S based and has been serving Amazon customers for more than 15 years. They are a reputable and smart industry serving wide array of products.


  • Around 40 inch tall rope stanchions serves both food service and official purpose for VIP entries at any event.
  • It includes 79.5 inches long and 1.65 diameter rope that looks elegant and expensive.

Bottom Line

Tulip top accent and round top brass plated stainless steel make it aesthetically elegant and visible as if ready to receive guests and to welcome vips.  Easy to pack and transport anywhere.  

These stanchions are affordable in comparison to the look and elegance it brings to your event.

8. Mr. Chain Plastic VIP Crowd Control Stanchions

plastic chain crowd control stanchion

Buy At Amazon


You might stumble upon a concept of having general barrier for general comers with more visibility and color. chain link stanchion offers colorful barriers with lightweight posts to control crown and queue.


  • Each pack contains 6 stanchions and 50 feet of 2 inch diameter plastic chain. Made of lightweight HDPE material that is rust-resistant and UV protection for long outdoor use.
  • 100% made in the USA promises long lasting durability and strength of standing upright regardless of wind and push.
  • Two C hooks at each stanchion to connect lines of chain from both end of stanchion posts. 

Bottom Line

Each pole sizes 40 inches in high and 14 inch in base and 2 inch in diameter. comes in pack and variety of color of 6 six different choices.

These cheap stanchions are widely used at various occasions, such as sport event, construction sites, schools to colleges, hospitals, concerts and more. Besides, works great for forming lines, controlling the crowd and direct paths.

9. Beistle 57658 Red Rope Heavy Metal Stanchionsstanchion queue barrier

Buy At Amazon


Simply it works to bring exception to your posture to welcome your crowd or customer or VIP to any event or occasion.

What We Liked

Besides, makers call it the best post for adorning any award night party, prom night, New Year’s Eve, Christmas/Vintage Christmas, Halloween/Vintage Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Fall/Thanksgiving, Spring/Summer Festival photo session, Patriotic Celebrations, Easter/Religious entrance paths. 


  • 4 poles (34 inches long), 4 stands (10 inches), and 3 flexible ropes (Can be stretched to 9feet)
  • Works great for red carpet ambiance. 


  • Rods are plastic not made of steel. 

Bottom Line

Advantages are intrinsic and implied, it fits any red carpet and gives your crowd or guests a feeling of VIP. 

Beistle has been doing their business surprisingly from 1900, from our point of view they are awesomely doing business with more than 10000 products! in one word, they are highly reliable and have an immense rapport in the market. 


What are the types of Stanchions?

You may find few types of stanchions in the market. obviously, from above article, you saw on two types of stanchions were mentioned.

Post and Rope Stanchions

They serve the purpose of set limit to the crowd to remain within a certain area. You may find the existence of these stanchions at galleries, Restaurants, DJ Parties red carpet events and museums. They basically match perfectly within those areas.

Often these stanchions are either linked to chain or rope. Besides, these come in different color options to match with the vicinity stature.  

These stanchions are generally made of Steel or high grade Stainless steel material with brass top.

Retractable Stanchions

These stanchions adorn airports, concerts, hospitals, schools and other crowdy places where organizers need control crowd. In a word, it handles heavy traffic. It often has four points to have multiple connections, and connected with a retractable belt to snap multiple poles.

These stanchions can either be made of HDPE plastic or Steel.

Fork Stanchion

Please dont confuse it with traditional stanchions. Fork stanchions are nothing but a tool that come with suspensions of bikes. It absorbs the shock by holding the suspension.

How much distance should you have between each stanchion?

Ideally, each stanchion comes with 6 feet long retractable belt or rope. for chain stanchions, it could be longer since it can carry long distances such as up to 8 feet. The chain can be 6 feet longer to maintain the drape.

Few more things should be kept in consideration, the height of the stanchions have to 39 inch long, weight should be more than 16 pounds, the lowest point of the chain should be 34 inch up from the ground.

However for private use, you can apply your own convenience, but you can apply this rule to have it structured. Many stanchions offer sand and water at the base to maintain the weight.


A best low price stanchion post with nothing but a simple magnetic retractable belt can arrange and control your crowd and queue in a disciplined way. It is all about discipline and order.

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