[Reviews] Aesthetically Fit 7 Best Metal Raised Garden Beds

Many people love gardening as their hobby. And one of the most popular methods of gardening is raised bed gardening. These best metal raised garden beds make weeding more accessible, provide better drainage, allow for more planting options, and easy to control the watering, fertilizing, and pests.

Raised garden beds let you plant a garden anywhere, from a small patch of grass to a patio. Some people may think metal beds will make their soil hot, but it’s nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, Snails, slugs, and rabbits usually try to climb up and eat plants, in that case, raised garden beds to come into the scenario to provide an extra layer of defense against pests. The raised garden bed serves as an obstacle and potential deterrent for pests.

Pros and Cons of Raised Garden Bed

The upside of Raised Garden Beds

Long-Lasting: Galvanized steel is zinc-coated steel that protects it from corrosion and can be used for any outdoor application. Galvanized beds last for at least 20 years without needing replacement and with minimal maintenance. Metal raised garden beds are durable, long-lasting, and will remain free from rust for years to come. 

Easy to Set Up: Metal-raised garden beds are the quickest to set up among all types of raised beds. You only have to assemble the parts and form the shape. 

Cool Look: It gives a cool industrial look that makes your garden unique to look at, unlike the traditional gardens. 

Drawbacks of Raised Garden Beds

Expensive: Raised garden beds made of galvanized steel have much higher upfront costs than other raised ones. 

Might Cause Injury and Heavy to Carrt: Metals are sharp, and using them for your raised bed can potentially injure you. Make sure to check your garden bed now and then to watch out and make necessary adjustments to keep the beds safe for you and your family members. 

Heats up Quickly: Most metals heat up fast, which can severely damage your plants. But galvanized metal is the ideal material since it is a reflective metal that does not absorb heat much. Raised garden beds are permanent, so you cannot move them anywhere you want, like a potted plant away from the sun. Be sure to pick the suitable metal to avoid burning your plants.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Raised Garden Beds

Obviously, We Recommend Metal Material

it is recommended to buy a galvanized steel raised garden bed. The majority of the metal-raised garden beds are made from galvanized steel.

Popularity lies within their extra durability, strength of steel, corrosion protection, and longevity. Amazingly last for decades; it won’t degrade, rot, and corrode for at least 20 years and only require minimal maintenance.

Open Base Is a Must

after watering plants, excess water must find its way out of the garden bed, making open Base important. One must search for a raised garden bed with an open Base. The open Base provides excellent soil drainage to support growth all season long by keeping the root system healthy.

Know how much space will it consume?

The size of the raised garden bed you choose is one of the most significant factors determining your purchase satisfaction. The size should be varied considering the availability of space in your yard and the number of crops you want to plant.  

Plan ahead where you want to have it

Before buying a raised bed, analyze your backyard and determine where you will place the raised garden bed. The ideal spot would be where the plants will get sunlight for at least 5-6 hours. 

There are some negatives to raised bed gardening, though. The main one is that it dramatically reduces your growing space. You can’t cultivate the same number of plants you would have if you took the same space and made wide rows.

Get an idea of Hiccups of Having metal garden beds

it’s expensive to build raised garden beds. Tilling up a plot of land and planting some seeds is relatively cheap (or even free), but once you start adding in building materials to build raised beds and soil to fill them up—it can get pretty pricey.


List of Best Metal Raised Garden Beds

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1. Foyuee Store Galvanized Raised Garden Beds 

raised garden bed galvanized steel

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  • Available in three different sizes are available to choose from according to your space. 

What We Liked:

  • It comes in three colors; galvanized, green, and grey. 
  • Provides extra-large growing space to raise flowers, herbs, vegetables, and other types of crops.
  • Very cost-effective. 


  • It has a bottomless design that does not let plants get in contact with metal. 
  • Set up is super easy and takes only 5 minutes to do that; follow the instructions.


  • Taking off the clear plastic of the raised bed is irritating. 

Bottom Line

The Foyuee galvanized steel raised garden bed is made of stable thickened metal, which would serve you for a long time. It is easy to set up and has an open bottom. Moreover, it looks good in the garden because of its finishing shine. The instruction comes along is very clear, and once assembled, it’s more durable than it seems.

2. Best Choice Product Outdoor Metal Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed metal

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Specialty: The edges can be easily screwed to the sides with the included wingnuts, and screws eliminate sharp edges that can scratch up your legs. 

What We Liked:

The open Base prevents water buildup and breakdown.

Two different sizes are available. 


It is made of powder-coated steel plates, which keeps it corrosion-free.

Easy to assemble. 


Customers claimed that it is not so sturdy.

Bottom Line: It’s constructed out of corrugated steel that’s powder-coated to resist corrosion. Steel panels prevent the invasion of excessive nitrates and soil leaching that lets you create the ideal conditions for your plants to grow. It provides a healthy environment for vegetables, herbs, flowers, succulents, and more!

3. Zizin Galvanized Raised Garden Beds

metal raised garden beds

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  • 4 support bars connect the middle of the two long side panels, which make the bed firm.

What We Liked:

  • Five different sizes are available to choose from
  • It has an open bottom that protects plant roots, provides good drainage, keeps the soil and nutrients.
  • Hardware and assembly manual are included with clear steps for easy installation.


  • Anti-rust steel construction
  • Eco-coating to protect the environment. 
  • Hardware and assembly manual are included with clear steps for easy installation.


  • It needs some skill to assemble

Bottom Line

This rectangular raised garden bed is made from anti-rust, eco-coated steel that is environmentally friendly and durable at the same time. It has a longer length than many other options, allowing you to plant more in the same container. The top and bottom of the four corners are connected with different connectors, which are firm. The product is neat, sturdy, and attractive.

4. KIBAGA Premium Raised Metal Garden Bed

galvanized raised garden bed

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  • One can change the size of the KIBAGA Premium raised garden bed by removing panels.

What We Liked:

  • Rods to connect the panels, screws, and simple instructions are included.
  • This comes in an oval shape. 


  • It is built to last for many harvesting seasons to come because it is stable and durable.
  • Easy to assemble: simply follow five steps for the assembly.
  • The metal-raised garden bed has an open base ensuring you can create the perfect environment for your plants.


  • It comes only in one color; silver. 

Bottom Line

KIBAGA galvanized steel raised garden is recommended for those who are tight on budget. This versatile raised garden bed is suitable for growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It guarantees soil contact, which is very vital to drain away excess water and prevent root rot. 

5. VEVOR raised garden bed galvanized steel

Galvanized steel raised garden bed

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  • VEVOR galvanized raised garden bed is equipped with Nitrile Butadiene Rubber strips on the top to protect your hands.

What We Liked:

  • This comes in 9 different shapes.
  • This garden bed comes with complete assembly accessories, including bolts and nuts.


  • A green coating surface not only makes it beautiful but also it is rust and corrosion-proof. 
  • Open bottom design, the plant roots can go further into the ground and not touch the metal. 
  • Pre-drilled holes for quick and easy assembly.


  • The material could be heavier. 

Bottom Line

It creates a spacious environment for you to plant fruits or vegetables in your garden and enjoy the freshness. Bottomless design lets the extra water go into the earth, so there is no need to worry about the rain or snow. The top of the raised garden bed is passivated with folded edges to protect you while installing. This raised bed is both decorative and practical.


6. Kotulas Galvanized Steel Round Raised Garden Bed

Round raised galvanzied garden beds

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  • its specialty is its shape. The eye-catching round shape is different from the other raised garden beds on the market. 

What We Liked:

  • This round planter holds up to 16 cu. ft. of soil.
  • 0.8mm panels are thick and super sturdy. 


  • Corrugated, galvanized steel construction stands up to all kinds of weather.
  • Super easy to assemble.
  • All the needed hardwires for installation comes with the package.


  • The blue plastic cover is hard to peel off. 

Bottom Line

It installs directly into the soil without a garden base. You can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, and more in this round- shaped raised garden bed. You can also be used as a tree ring for landscaping. This is lightweight and super easy to assemble.

7. YITAHOME Outdoor Raised Garden Bed

best galvanized raised garden beds

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  • its specialty is its shape. It comes in a square form.

What We Liked:

  • Extra rubber strips are installed to protect the edge and you and your family.
  • Eye soothing green color. 


  • YITAHOME raised garden bed is made from the galvanized steel frame and coated with anti-rust coating and made weather- resistant, ensuring long- lasting use.
  • The bottomless design prevents water accumulation and rotting roots. So, the tour plant is healthy all the time.
  • This comes with detailed graphic instructions for a quick assembly with no special tools required.


  • Only one shape with one color is available. 

Bottom Line

This outdoor raised garden bed is recommended for those who do not have a big space for gardening. The garden bed is multifunctional. It can be used for flowers, fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. This is an excellent choice for any garden or backyard.


  1.     Are galvanized steel garden beds safe?

Answer: yes, they’re absolutely safe for gardening use. Galvanized steel garden beds have zinc coating, and zinc is an essential plant micronutrient and a normal part of the soil. 

  1.     How long will galvanized raised beds last? 

Answer: Even if you keep it outdoors, you can still expect galvanized steel raised beds to last at least thirty years. Additionally, it takes very little maintenance to take care of a galvanized bed.

  1. Who should I purchase a raised bed for gardening?

 Answer: Raised garden beds are recommended for those who love gardening. This is great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage, and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails.

  1. How deep should a raised bed garden be? 

Answer: A raised bed does not have to be very deep to be effective. Eight to 12 inches is usually adequate. That’s because plant roots will have access to a foot or so of nutrients below bed level.

  1. How do you decide where to put your raised beds?

Answer: Before you decide where to locate your bed, think about what you plan to grow. Most vegetables need at least six hours of sunlight each day–and more is often better. Leafier plants grow with less than six hours of sunlight. Once you’ve established what you want to grow, choose a spot for your beds based on the hours of daylight needed.

  1. What plants grow best in raised gardens?

Answer: you can grow almost anything in your raised beds. The important thing to consider is soil depth since different plants have different needs.

To Conclude

Moreover, they create a dynamic, interesting look in the landscape. Raised garden beds ensure better soil quality as you have control over the soil you put in the raised garden bed. You can pick the best ground for your plants. It ensures your plant’s better health and better productivity.

Considering the vast variety of options available in the market, metal raised garden beds might be tough to figure out the best one for your needs. You will win if you know what you want and consider before buying a raised bed for your plants. 

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