9 Best Fence Post Spikes Reviewed: Anchors Vs. Concrete Posts

Post spike is a long metal spike you hammer into the ground and later insert the post and screw them together. Fence ground spikes make installing fence posts simple and economical. The best of part of using fence spike is, you can avoid using concrete or post mix to hold your pole. Some of the spikes you hammer them in the ground and some of these you just screw them in the ground. Depending on the soil, these spikes grips your pole/post and ensure longivity of your fencing strategy. 

Sometimes when you use a wooden buried post, it rots over time. Plus other alternates like, post mix or concrete mixes or heavey posts are expensive in comparison to the post spikes. In addition to that, you wont be able to relocate or move your fence in the future. Removing any concrete post is expensive as it requires use of heavy equipments and multiple manpower. Here, We are not against using the post mix, all we want to show that how easy it is to use a spike, just in case you are not planning something permanent. 

Fence spikes would hold the wooden or electric fence securely. It makes replacement, repairing and altering fence post easier. In this article, we have come up with some comparisons, best spikes that you can use and how you can explore the best use of it. 

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Fence Post Spikes vs Concrete Post Mix

Post SpikesConcrete post-mix
  • It can be relocated
  • no digging at all
  • long-lasting but less than concrete fencing
  • Congenial to the environment and protects wooden fence posts from soil corrosion
  • spikes are Anti-rust
  • Suitable for metal, wood, and  plastic fence posts
  • Only a hammer is required to install this
  • It can be used for traffic signs, mailbox poles, timer construction, flag pole, billboard, entry signs, temporary pathways, and fencing poles.


  • It can not be relocated and replaced. this is for permanent fencing posts
  • Long-lasting than spikes
  • it won’t corrode
  • bottom of the fence post may corrode if it touches the soil and can not be fixed
  • costs less than fence post spikes but is time-consuming to install
  • Cement mix, gravel, a post hole digger, digging bar, level, Hand tamper and sand are required to have a post-mix to install.
  • Improper concrete footings could result in disaster.
  • In addition, there is a good debate on the concrete mix and ready-made foam.

Ground Spikes For Fence Vs Concrete In terms of Expense

ItemsApproximate PricePrice of Spike

Fence Post Mix or

Fast 2K Fence Post Mix

$11 to $30$26-$30 each spike

Cuprinon to treat wood post

$17 to $46n/a- same price would fall for your if you do that
Post hole diggers


$45 to $500 (if mechanized purchased)No digging at all
Small pain brush$3 to $6 Same price if you do that
Hand Tamper$97 to $150No Required
Rubber mulletNo Required$10 to $16
Digging bar$24 to $35No Digging at all


This list could go on since it has more to add but we thought it is enough giving you a rough idea on to create a better comparison. Hence, it is apparent, how much post mixing or concrete mixing may take vs. the cost of using fence Post ground anchor. Therefore, our logic leans more toward using fence post spikes. 

Things You Need to Consider Before You Buy Post Spike

We have prepared an in-depth guide on how you should put it into consideration before buying a fence post spikes.

  • Material: basically fence post spikes are made of heavy-duty gauge steel so that they do last for a longer period of time. Buy the one which is rust-resistant.


  • Package Content: consider the package of the product. Some come with all required tools and some come with only the spike. If you don’t have the required tools with you, you should go for the packages.


  • Fitting: know the size of your fence to get a easy-fit fence post base spike. Different fence ground spikes connect with different sized posts.
  • Multiple Applications: sometimes people might not need fencing anymore and if the fence post spike does not have multiple user options, they might be useless. So, one should buy such post spikes which can be used for multiple purposes.


  • Soil Condition: Some fence post spikes are recommended for sandy or rocky soil and some are not. So, read the recommendation properly to know whether they would be perfect for your area’s soil condition.


  • Not Suitable if You think of Something Very Permanent: Post Spikes are not permanent fencing, either you have wanted it to shift or you have plans to modify the territory within few years, then post spikes would not be the best choice. 

List of 9 Best Fence Post Spikes Review

Editors RankingEditor's ChoiceEditor's RatingInstant Link
1Mayne 580Ds✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2One Stop Outdoor United Premium✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3Pylex 13014 Ecospike Ground Spike✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
4One Stop Outdoor Heavy Duty Fence Post Anchor✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Achla Designs Ground Screw Bracket✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6BISupply 36 Inch Fence Post Anchor✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
7Patio Fence Post Anchor✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
8Simpson Strong Tie✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
9CRIZTA✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon


Disclaimer: This is an Amazon Affiliate article. Editor Earns commission based on your purchase which involves no additional cost to the visitor. 

1. Mayne No Dig Fence Post Anchors

adjustable fence post spikes

Buy At Amazon


Specialty15 years of limited warranty.
Fits standard 4×4 wood post


  • this above ground fence post holder comes in hot-dipped galvanized steel that guarantees structural Integrity for many years.
  • This heavy duty fence post spike won’t rust or get rotten under the surface over time.
  • You dont need use hammer or anything foir th

What We Liked:

Warranty: warranty somehow ensures you the product’s quality. So, you can be tension free for 15 years to come. 

Easy Installation & Use: it gets down into the ground easily that you can do it yourself without anyone’s help. You don’t need to think of digging, mixing, or waiting for concrete to set. You can remove and relocate it as required. It is a great time saver.



  • Concrete free
  • Includes 5x lag bolts and a 20″ length of rebar to twist the screw into the ground


  • Not recommended for rocky or sandy soil conditions.


Bottom Line

This would be best for those who are planning to install fence in standard soil conditions. This is suitable for installations with any Mayne mail post.


2. One Stop Outdoor United Premium No Dig Ground Anchor

fence post anchor ground spike

Buy At Amazon

Comes withRebar to Twist in the ground and 5 lag bolts.
Fits Great for any 4×4 post (mailbox post, fence, etc.).



it has beautiful black finish over galvanized steel that can hold 4×4 post.

What We Liked

Smooth Installation Process:  there are two installation processes available. One is for medium to soft soil which requires no digging. You just have to press the spike into the soil and twist into the ground with provided insert rod.

Great Dig in Option: And another one is dig- in option which is for hard, rocky or dry soil conditions. This is not so hard to be done. You have to clear a hole deep enough to accommodate the stake and then insert the stake and twist in with a tightening rod.

Included Hardware: by purchasing it you get 


  • Sturdy
  • Good quality
  • No hammering is required, just screw it in the ground


  •  Not recommended for rocky or extremely sandy conditions. 

Bottom Line

this premium ground spike is great for using in standard soil condition.


3. Pylex Ecospike No Dig Fence Post Spike

galvanized fence post anchors

Buy At Amazon


4 x 4 x 32 inches

Fits4×4 fence post spikes which fits a post upto 60″


its installation id super fast and easy. It is both time and money saver. You just have to drill some holes and you are ready to put the spikes into the ground.

What We Liked

Durability:  Its black powder coated and baked finish and its steel structure ensure durability for years to come.

Size:  it is 32” inch huge ground spike which means it will keep your fence or mailbox sturdy.

Multiple Applications: this pylex fence post anchor ground spike can accommodate many types of posts such as mailboxes, fence, and signage etc.


  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy
  • Obviously no dig post spike


  • The bottom of the stake is flat
  • You need a piece of wood log to hammer it down and a sledgehammer or rubber mullet. 

Bottom Line

This Pylex ground spike combines style and durability together. Though the end of the stake is flat you can trim it to make installation easier.


4.One Stop Heavy Duty Fence Post Spikes

no dig fence post anchors

Buy At Amazon


24″ in x 4″ Inch x 4″ Inch

Fits4×4 Fence Post anchors


 The beautiful brown color over a galvanized steel anchor has durable professional quality.

What We Liked

  • Installation: it is easy to install hat require no concrete.  You can quickly install these metal fence post stakes anywhere a post is needed.
  • Hardware: Tightening screw hardware is included in the package.
  • Durability: The anchor spike and clamps are durable with a good coating that does not crack with a little pounding and tightening


  • Sturdy
  • Multi use application
  • Higher stability and highly durable


  • Bottom of the stake is flat. It may create a little difficulty while pounding it. 
  • Heavy sledge hammer or strong manual post pounder is required to put it in the ground

Bottom Line

A strong spike that is enough to assure with no cracking or splitting while installing. The best part of this spike is it can hold the post with a firm grip. 


5. Achla Designs Ground Screw Post Anchor

easy fit fence post base spike

Buy At Amazon

Size4-Inch W By 4-Inch D By 24-Inch H
Fits4×4 fence post spikes



with this birding pole system through which you can birdhouse or birdbaths. It plays a great role to enhance the beauty of your house by making bird houses on it.

What We Liked

  • Easy installation: it is so easy to install screw that does not require any assembly. It also gets easily connects to 4 by 4 post.
  • Stability: this single post holder has such strength that would hold your birdhouse or feeder even in strong winds.


  • Black powder coated
  • Imported from USA
  • No hammering is required to put in the ground


  • Not suitable for rocky soil.


6. BISupply 36 Inch Fence Post-Anchor Ground Spike Metal Fence Stakes


best fence post spikes

Buy At Amazon


Each metal spike is 3feet long that does not require digging holes or pouring concrete.

What We Liked

  • Multi-Application: these fence post stakes can be used for several types of post anywhere. This is best for fence, sign, and mailbox posts up to 6 feet high.
  • Package content: Fencing stakes package includes (4) 3-foot individual fence anchors with 2 tightening screws with locking nuts per fence post ground spike
  • Easy Installation: you can drive the post spike with just the help of a hammer. And for tightening hardware is provided.


  • Long in size
  • Stable
  • Super Popular
  • No Digging


  • Additional brace supports will be needed if using with a post that is over 6 feet or in sand/saturated soil for proper stabilizing.


7. Patio Fence Post Anchor Ground Spikes

heavy duty fence post spikes

Buy At Amazon


  • it is a 21’’ long ground spike that can hold posts strongly.

What We Liked:

  • Multiple Sizes: it includes red sleeves measuring 1″, 1-3/8″, 1-5/8″, 1-7/8″, 2-1/8″, and 2-1/4″.
  • Package:  Galvanized rebar installation rod, multiple size sleeve adapters, tightening hold screw & 21″ Anchor
  • Stability: it is made strong and long that can hold fence posts properly.


  • Does not require concrete
  • Deep stronghold
  • No Digging and No other tool is required to dig it in the ground
  • Super easy to install as you just screw it in the ground
  • No possibility of rusting


  • Digging id required sometimes if the soil is rocky.
  • No applicable for square fence posts as you can see it is for only round pipe or round posts. 

Bottom Line

Few things you need to keep in mind, you need to kneel down when you do it, so keep an eye on your back, or take help from someone else. Finally, the ground may split or crack if the ground or soil is too hard or dry. You can water it to soften before your screw it in. 


8. Simpson Strong-Tie Steel Fence Post Spikes

wooden fence spikes

Buy At Amazon


How It Is Different From Other Brands:

  • Pricing is just like other brands, nothing special about it. But you get single buying option just in case you don’t need many.
  • 12-gauge steel would be hard enough for 4-inch by 4-inch wood posts

What We Liked

  • A massive size 28 inches in total length
  • Comes with fasteners and hooks, brackets
  • The inner dimension is 3.83×3.83 inch
  • It can handle 6 feet fence post pretty well.


  • There is no specific information on how much weight it can endure, but it works on heavy posts so far. But still, the manufacture had to reveal that, not users.
  • Doesn’t come in any other length, such as 2×2 size.


Factors to Decide

Pretty sturdy for any type of wooden post. You can use lag screws that you tighten with a socket that works better than screws; such as 1/4-inch SDS screws. Please note, regardless of the fence spike you take, these spikes wouldn’t be effective if installed in sandy soil.


9. Crizta Ground Fence Post Anchor

fence pole ground anchor

Buy At Amazon


How It Is Different From Other Brands:

  • The inner dimension is 3.5” x 3.5” wood posts and outer is 4×4
  • 18 inch of spike and the total spikes measures 24 inch
  • Black powder-coated to last long

What We Liked:

  • Options are pretty unique, either you buy pack of 4 or buy in pack of 8
  • Though it says it fits 3.5 by 3.5 inch post, it fits 4 by 4 posts as well.
  • It grabs your post with a 6-inch support base.


It doesn’t come in single to buy

It doesn’t mention about the gauge specifically, but we estimate it either falls in 12- or 14-gauge steel.

Factors to Decide

Comes with screws to install it. Just use a piece of long log to hammer down to the ground or you can use rubber mullet to do it. As promised, no digging is required at all.

How to Install Fence Post Spikes?

Installing it is also super easy; you will need to drive them into the ground with proprietary driving tool and a sledgehammer. According to buildingsheriff

A summary of this video: It is not recommended for screw-style spikes. 

Step 1: Tools you need to put fence post stakes in the ground

  • a Sledgehammer
  • a piece of wood log according to the size of slot in the post spike
  • Obviously, put the wood log in the slot of post spike before your start pounding.

Step 2: Take your proper position to do the hammering

Hammer the fence ground spike in the ground by kneeling down, since hammering standing upright might create a bad impact on your back. Let the sledgehammer do it’s a task by putting it’s pressure on the spike.

Step 3: ReAssure how upright the fence post ground spike is, it is crucial!

Make sure, post spike is upright once hammered on the ground. Continuous hammering is not recommended. Give a pause after two or three poundings and check whether it stands 90% from the ground or not.

Our Verdict According to Market Research

fence post anchors vs concrete

Since you use the fencing wood for numerous purposes, we highly recommend using fence post spikes.

Using post-mix has only three advantages- one, it is less expensive, two lasts longer and three it more permanent.

However, since you work various projects and projects may change for years to come, hence using post spikes must help you to remain flexible with your fencing. The advantages outweigh the positive side of post mixes.

Our opinion is, as post spike has numerous benefits and multiple scopes of applying it various projects and take less time, tools and less materials to apply, so that using post spikes would be more wiser than post mix.

However, ground anchor spikes may sag due to heavy rain and wind, which can be fixed with lots of hard word. However, unless your ground turns into lose clay or something more than that, then it may happen. Besides, it varies state to state and soil to soil. So examine, before you install it.

Conversely, applying post mix may require you to hire professionals, as you won’t be able to complete it if it is a big area to cover within shortest possible time. Besides, it requires using other professional tools as well which involves more hard work in compared to using post mix.

According to various experts, such as wezaggle.com- DIY specialist, they are completely against the fence post spikes and consider concrete mixing less expensive than post spikes.

However, HBJINSHI, although they are the sole distributor of post spikes, created a good logic behind using post spikes and they have been in this fencing industry for more than 12 years.

But according to our research, price list could go above in compared to the expenses of post spikes.

Items have been collected according to the given list at homeguide.sfguide.com


Why should I use fence post spikes/ or are metal fence post stakes any good?

Firstly, adjustable fence post spikes eliminate the risk of wood-rotting buried in the ground. So, it improves durability of a fence post. According to avsfencing.co.uk

Since fence post spikes are topped with a box that secures the base of the fence post just above the ground, you instantly cut the odds of having rot problems.

  • Due to the fact that quality-treated fence posts even decay to some degree over time when sitting into earth, fence post spikes keep your wooden fence secured and stable.
  • As a result, it reduces the chance of sagging since it upholds the entire post. In addition, because of heavy gauge steel, post spikes never rot or rust or bent.  
  • Besides, installation is super easy and less time-consuming. Therefore, it is not a rocket science to have it and add this extension to a fence post which makes it more essential item to have it. 

What is the benefit of galvanized steel spike?

Galvanized steel is among the most popular steel types because of its extended durability, having the strength and formability of steel plus corrosion protection of the zinc-iron coating. The zinc protects the base metal by acting as a barrier to corrosive elements, and the sacrificial nature of the coating results in a long-lasting and high-quality steel product. 

Would you recommend a fence post spike for underwater?

No, these are not recommended for that application.

How hard is it to remove fence post stakes?

Removing the fence post spike is not hard at all.

The hi-lift farm jack or fence post puller can help you easily to remove a post spike from the ground. The way is easy:

  • put a piece of wood right underneath a hijack o
  • a piece of small chain to tie it with the farm jack and the post spike
  • chain it around the neck of the spike to make sure it doesn’t come off.
  • lift it together, and put the farm jack on the piece of wood (so the farm jack gets a solid ground to put pressure) and by lifting and pumping the farm jack the post spike comes off eventually. 
  • it would take few minutes to do that.

Please note, without using a tool it might become too much hard word, we recommend using a tool to make this task done.



What should I do for the Installation of metal fence spikes if the soil is dry?

If the earth is really dry, a water hose should make the installation easier.

In Conclusion

Now you are ready to install a fence in your territory without digging or simply forget about using post mix. Best fence post spikes will also keep the fence post sturdy and won’t let it sag for ages whereas concreted- fence posts can occasionally twist out of line if weather causes the ground to shift. Go for drive-in post spikes or screw in fence post spikes.