Most Powerful Electric Fence Charger? [Zareba Vs Patriot]

In the 1930s electric fencing was first used for livestock containment purposes and the Zareba Systems started its journey in 1941. Since then Zareba Systems has been developing its expertise in electric fencing. And now it is the largest electric fence manufacturer of North America. They established a good relationship with customers and gave them good service.  In January 2010 Woodstream Corporation merged with Zareba and as a result the electric brands of Zareba, Red Snap’r, Blitzer and Rutland joined Fi- Shock in wood stream.

Patriot’s wide range of energizer and accessories are simple and reliable. They are providing service for last the 15 years successfully.  They are designed to provide maximum security to your livestock and provide you peace of mind. The accessories are made in New Zealand- a country that relies on exporting livestock. This means it comes with all the necessary functions that you want from an electric fence charger. Patriot offers a fence charger with dual-use.

Zareba Fence Charger Vs Patriot Fence Charger

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·         Zareba is an old company that has been in service for the last 80 years.

·         Zareba products are built in USA and tested in US after manufacturing

·         Hard to install

·         UL listed, that means you don’t need to worry about safety.

·         Made for medium and large areas

·         Zareba provides 2 to 3 years warranty

·         Recommended for cows, horses, sheep, goats etc.

·         High priced

·         Zareba features one type of service in one fence charger.



·         Patriot is a new company which came into the field 15 years ago.

·         On the contrary, patriot fencing accessories are made in New Zealand.

·         Installation is easy

·         Not UL listed

·         Made for small properties

·         Patriot provides only one year warranty

·         Recommended for small pets.

·         Budget friendly

·         However, some of the Patriot fence chargers are versatile. One charger can be used in both DC and Solar setup.




Common Facts of Zareba and Patriot Fence Charger

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  • Zareba and Patriot both are popular for electric fence charger
  • Both have light indicators which lets you know if the charger is working fine or not which makes it more comfortable to the user.
  • Both features AC, DC, and solar-powered fence chargers.
  • Both are weatherproof which makes them durable.
  • Both provide a good shock to the livestock but they are safe to us and you can contain your pets within a certain area.


Good Things about Zareba and Patriot Fence Charger According to Customers’ Experience

·         Users love Zareba because of its power. They provide the most powerful US built fence chargers.

·         It is excellent that you can buy Zareba fence charger both for your small and large area.

·         It gives a strong shock but not harmful for your livestock.

·         Works excellently on large areas in heavily weedy condition. It does not require cover in rain or sun.

·         The cows and horses which did not used to respect fences will start doing so soon with Zareba fence charger.

·         Customers love Patriot because if you face any problem with the charger they will replace it with a new fence charger within a year.

·         Patriot provides a good battery life, when the battery gets low it still provides a good power.

·         Your farm can be trouble free from raccoons, coyotes and other outsiders.

·         According to the price it provides best performance.

·         It can be successfully installed on many types of fences including single wire ones or nets.


What People Still Want from Zareba and Patriot?

Zareba Patriot
·         Zareba fence chargers are hard to install and they are high priced.

·         Zareba fence chargers often stop transmitting power over the wires.

·         Customers of Zareba fence chargers want the warranty to be increased.

·         Some charger does not feature on/off button

·         Customers claimed the power of shock gets dimmed over time.

·         Patriot fence charger does not feature a timer.

·         Some models do not provide ground rods.

·         You cannot use Patriot fence charger for large areas and large animals.

Which one is Most Powerful Electric Fence Charger?

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Though both brands are at the top of the list of fence chargers there are some similarities and dissimilarities between them. And those help you to make decisions about which one to buy.

Zareba has been on the field since back then when small- scale farmers were selling homesteads to large conglomerate agricultural companies. Nowadays this brand is focused on specialized applications, which is where electric fence chargers come into the picture. The heaviest and largest fence charger featured by Zareba. You can have it for both small and large areas.

Patriot fence charger is also on the best list of electric fence charger. It is user friendly and low priced. However, Patriot charger is a very new company. It still has many things to adapt and change. Patriot fence charger is best for those who have a hobby farm on small property at an affordable price.

Both the brands are trying their best to achieve customer’s reliability. And they are doing it well. So, if you want to buy any of them it would be a good decision. If you ask which one is the best to buy according to our opinion, we recommend the Zareba electric fence charger who owns a farm or ranch. They are reliable, powerful and easy to use. They even work excellently in rough outdoor climates. With Zareba fence charger you will have complete peace of mind and your pets will have ultimate safety.


What is the Best Place to Buy Zarea and Patriot Fence Charger?

The origin and the manufacturer of these two companies are from two different countries. And both the companies are on the best list of fence chargers. That’s why you can easily find them in local shops worldwide.

Besides, you can purchase them from Amazon from any corner of the world. Before purchasing please determine your needs and expectations. After that buy the best fence charger for you.

Final Thoughts

Both Patriot and Zareba are famous brands for electric fence charger. Where Zareba is the oldest company which has a lot of experience, Patriot’s origin is New Zealand from where livestocks are exported which means they are also experienced in providing safety to livestock. That’s the reason which one is the best fence charger totally depends on what the user is looking for in an electric fence charger.