Top 5 General Mechanical Tool Set [Carefully Selected]

Since the best mechanical toolset is very useful for many household and professional jobs, people and tradesmen like to have a toolset to use at home, garden, garage, and mechanical works. Considering ample of things, quality along with cost comes first before buying any toolset. 

What to Consider Before Buying Best Mechanical Tool Set

best professional mechanic tool setWhat tool you must have

Sockets, Ratchets, Screwdrivers, Breaker Bars, few bits, Pliers, and obviously Wrenches

Fix Budget

You have to decide your budget and if you are done with it, you can consider other things. It cannot be ignored that, highly-priced toolsets will provide the highest quality tools.

The number of units determines your budget

You have to keep in mind that, the more tools in a set can also cost more. Most units in a set include about 100 to 400 pieces.

Quality of tools

Secondly, you should consider the quality of the tools. Branded tool and machinery manufacturers provide toolsets with quality and durability. Moreover, safety and comfort is another important matter to consider.

Better Handgrips

So, before buying a toolset, check if they have cushioned handgrips, angled handles, and double-dipped non slipped cushions to offer strain-free usage.

Consider your projects before buying it

Furthermore, before buying the toolset, make sure you find out which tool you need exactly to finish your projects, the size, and weight, cost etc. The toolset should come with a complete wrench set and a healthy assortment of sockets, combination wrenches, nut drivers, and hex keys.

Unavoidable tools could be expensive

You have to look for larger, more expensive sets if you want less common tools like a tape measure, utility knife, spark plug sockets, and torque wrenches.

Materials made ensure durability

It is better if the set includes tools made of the same material like chrome vanadium steel or alloy steel. The more tools you have, the more you will need in terms of storage and portability.

A Sturdy tool case to organize things up

A case should be provided with the toolset which needs to offer protection and organization to keep everything in place. A premium model should provide a high-quality case that offers long-term protection.


And the last thing you should consider is the warranty on the product. Since these toolsets are costly, the warranty of the product actually guarantees the durability of the tool you are investing in.

List of Best Mechanical Tool Set

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1. Crescent General Purpose Tool Box Below $200

best mechanics tool set under 500


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How It is Different from Other Brands

  • The crescent ctk170cmp2 is a complete mechanics toolset that comes with a box and is good for multipurpose use.
  • Comes in 170-piece and 180 Piece professional toolset that ensures standard SAE and Metric measurements.

Also, it is sophisticated and well-featured, which can be easily accessed by all types of users. It has all the required tools for general purposes. The tools of the set are carefully selected that are needed for most industrial, mechanical, and general applications.

What We Liked

  • The tools are constructed from strong and durable chrome vanadium alloy steel which you can use without tension.
  • Furthermore, these are heat-treated to show their strength.
  • It also includes wrenches, ratchets, and sockets that are made from flawless chrome so you can use it for many years.
  • The handles of its screwdrivers are perfectly balanced and shaped dual-material.
  • All tools in this industrial quality tool set meet stringent new ANSI and ASME specifications.


  • The plastic material of the case is cheap and flimsy.


Decision Factors for you

  • Offers several different home essential items such as 44 driver bits, 4 wrenches, 2 pliers and magnetic bit drivers
  • Tools available come in both metric and SAE sizes.
  • Provides lifetime warranty

Finally, all tools are contained in a durable and molded-plastic folding case for easy storage and transportation. The tools are designed of extraordinary quality and designed for extremely long life and ensure full satisfaction. Amazingly it comes below $200.


2. CRAFTSMAN Home Tool Kit Under $150

best home diy tool kit

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How It is Different from Other Brands

  • Comes in two types. 57 Pieces (40 specialty tools) and 102 pieces (60 specialty tools).
  • Slip joint, groove joint, and long nose pliers come with this for enhanced access regardless of the type you select.


What We Liked

  • Durable and sturdy molded case
  • Greater access to narrow spaces and improved grip for the tools you get
  • This toolset comes under $150 and can meet the daily requirement
  • You get an amazing variety of nut and screwdrivers
  • Great tool kit set for starters



  • Engraved markings on sockets could be hard to read
  • Made in China
  • Grips of slots to set tools are flimsy, it falls off and may create difficulty to close.

Decision Factors for you

Super popular and great tools with some bonus tools (such as breakaway utility knives) help you a lot with so many household projects. Furthermore, you get a lifetime warranty.

3. Gearwrench Professional Mechanic Tools Below $300

professional mechanic tool set

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How It is Different from Other Brands

  • It comes in 165 and 245 sets which still comes below $300
  • It has a magnetic bit driver with an ergonomic dual-material handle that makes your job easier and more comfortable.
  • This toolbox features full polished chrome sockets with large hard stamp size markings for quick identification and the sockets feature surface drive technology to reduce fastener rounding.


What We Liked

  • It comes with a tri-fold hard plastic case for easy organization and storage.
  • Furthermore, 45 tooth full polish chrome releases ratchet super fast and make swapping sizes easy.
  • It includes Allen hex keys for added convenience to your job. 
  • Stamp size markings are bigger for easy detection. 



  • The case is heavy
  • If you keep two tool set boxes, one for metric and another for SAE, that would make your life easier as it is pretty huge. 

Decision Factors for you

  • It has almost every tool which will be required for an entry-level professional mechanical task.
  • A great set with a cheap price
  • You get a full set of metric sockets, fully polished chrome finish items, and many more. 


4. Dewalt Best Mechanicals’ Tool Set

general purpose tool kit

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How It is Different from Other Brands

  • Comes in 108, 142, 168 Pcs package that is obviously unique options you choose from.
  • Hard-stamped marking for easy identification.
  • 72 tooth count ratchets


What we Liked

  • Polished chrome finish for longevity and to resist corrosion
  • Sockets are less slippery
  • A huge variation of sockets, adapters, extensions, and universal joints
  • Direct torque tech helps to get rid of unnecessary rounding of fasteners.




  • Does for household purposes but not the professional service


Decision factors

In an affordable rate, you get a pretty good range of choices to meet your daily requirement of works. Obviously is cost-effective and best value for money you get with this toolset.


5. Eastvolt Basic Tool kits for Homeowner Below $100

best mechanics tool set under 100

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How it is different

  • It comes with a hammer, plier, metric-sized socket set, screwdriver and tape measure tools.
  • Total 218 pieces which are amazing in comparison to the price and any other product in the market.

What we Liked

  • Super economic in compared to any other brand in the market and great value for the price.
  • This toolset is the best toolset for household purposes by keeping aside professional purposes.
  • It serves any DIY projects at the house
  • It includes all types of screwdriver bits: Philips, slotted, square, star, and pozi.



  • It doesn’t come in various options
  • Not ideal for professional usage.


Decision factors

This 3-4 pound toolset box would make a great companion at your house and is specially built for residential and DIY purposes not for professional use. So, there could be no doubt to have for home use in exchange for a great price which is below $100.

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FAQ on Mechanic Tool Set

multi purpose tool boxIs the toolset case important?

Yes, it is extremely important since it enables you to arrange your tools and protects the tools from damage or theft.

How many pieces do I really need?

There can be no appropriate answer in terms of the pieces you may need for a tool set. The more you have, the more you can use the tools in different jobs.

How should I take care of my toolset?

Some tips to take care of the toolset:

  • Organize and Store all tools in the case
  • Keep the tool case in a dry place
  • Clean your tools after every use
  • If the tools got lubricant or oily materials, wipe them off thoroughly.
  • Inspect tools regularly, if got fault repairs it soon.
  • Use a case or bag for comfortable movements

Do the tools set in place when you open and close the case?

Well, it is a question that does not have any straight answer. Only some real reviewers can bring light to this question. In general, the cheap tool sets lack this quality.

To Conclude

It is better to take the whole set with you. If you don’t want to take it all, then carry a few different types and sizes of this mechanical toolset: screwdrivers, crescent wrench, adjustable pliers, utility knife, jack, and ratcheting sockets. Some of the tools that may not be included in the tool set, such as cable ties, cable tie cutter, scotch tape, and glues can be on the list of your daily groceries and part of the tools as well.

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