7 Best Geared Reel Fencing To Quicken Up Rolling

Geared Reel fencing helps to erect, taking down or move the fence saving your time.  Through this reel, you will be able to wind up the wire without any knots and it is super easy to move. You can even tighten and connect the fence with the reel. Specially for wide fields while setting up a temporary electric fence, this reel would save your time and energy to unwind the reel or tighten up the bind for just in case if you are preparing for the next year to set up a fence. 

This reel makes electric fencing easier. There are different types and sizes of the geared reels in the market depending on the amount of wire/rope/tape that will fit on a reel. Electric fence reel winder will make your life easy by making complete your fencing 3 times faster than regular reels.

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List of 7 Best Electric Fence Reel Winder

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1Zareba 145 Self-Insulated Wire Reel✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
2Speedrite Econo Geared Reel Electric Fence✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
3Speedrite Wire Winder Reel✪✪✪✪✪Buy on Amazon
4Speedrite Mega Electric Fencing Reels✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
5Speedrite Jumbo Geared Reel✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
6E-102 Heavy Duty Cord Storage Wheel✪✪✪✪☆Buy on Amazon
7Gallagher Geared Reel✪✪✪✪☆Price @ Upbeat

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1. Zareba Geared Electric Fence Reel

This self insulted wire reel makes wire installation super fast and easy. It is best for steel and aluminum wire, poly wire, or poly tape to prevent tangling. It can hold 1620 ft of polywire or steel/ aluminum wire & 656 ft of poly tape. Moreover, it has a solid steel crank and a convenient handle to carry it. Galvanized Steel frame insulates the wire from the Spool.

The steel locking system keeps gear in place to prevent the wire from becoming loose and keep the wire nice and tight.  It is UV stabilized, so, the hit of sun cannot hamper it. This is ideal for small pastures and rotational grazing. Gear ratio is 3:1.



  • Budget-friendly
  • lightweight


  • Some found the ratio is not correct.

electric fence geared reel

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2. Speedrite Econo Geared Reel Electric Fence

This geared reel can hold 1,650ft polywire or 660ft polytope which is ideal for smaller temporary fencing applications.

The frame is insulated from the spool. You can easily use it with carry handle or on a mounting post.

Furthermore, it has a galvanized steel frame and a rugged locking system. The innovative notch frame design makes fence attachment easy and secure. This is UV stabilized which makes it long-lasting. The gear ratio is 1:1. This is a budget-friendly product, so anyone can purchase it for fencing their area.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Smoot function



  • Some found it only works well with shorter length of polywire.

geared reel electric fence

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3. Speedrite Geared Electric Fence Wire Reel

It has a 3:1 gear ratio with a solid steel crank. You can easily use it with a carrying handle or on a mounting post. It is UV stabilized, so you can be ensured of its long life. It also has a rugged steel locking system.

This geared electric fence reel holds 1,650ft (500m) of poly wire or 660ft (200m) of polytape and it includes a Speedrite no kick handle. Speedrite Reel has a zinc-plated steel frame and crank for durability.

It is self insulted with a high-impact polymer bobbin. This reel is an expensive one but super comfortable to work with.


  • Saves time and reduce aggravation
  • UV stabilized


  • There is no strap to put over your shoulders
  • Expensive

electric fence wire reel

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4. Speedrite Mega Geared Electric Fence Wire Roller

The Speedrite Mega Geared Reel holds 3,300ft (1,000m) of polywire or 1,320ft (400m) of polytape. This is best for large areas for temporary fencing.

You can finish fencing with high speed with this reel. It has 3:1 gear ratio with a solid steel crank. You can use with a carrying handle or on a mounting post.

The frame is insulated from the spool. It is UV stabilized that ensured its long life. It also has galvanized steel frame with a rugged steel locking system.

Information of the Product: Its main color is white. The model number is SR021. Its dimension of this product is 17 x 11 x 10 inches and it weighs 5.9 pounds.


  • UV stabilized
  • Best for big area


  • Heavy
  • Not budget-friendly

best electric fence reel

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5. Speedrite Jumbo Electric Fence Wire Winder

The Speedrite Jumbo Reel holds 3,300ft (1,000m) of polywire or 1,320ft (400m) of polytape.

This is great for temporary fencing applications. This one is versatile and sturdy with large capacity. The frame insulated from the spool. It has a rugged locking system with galvanized steel frame. UV stabilization gives it a long working life. You can use it with a carrying handle or on a mounting post. The gear ratio is 1:1.



  • UV stabilized
  • Great for big area


  • Premium

Best electric fence reel

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6. Woods E-102 Electric Fence Geared Reel

Introducing Industry

The Designers Edge, Inc. is the world leader in designing lightweight fencing materials. Designers Edge (R) brand is a registered trademark of Coleman Cable Inc which is just for your information. That obviously helps it to stand out of crowd assuring more credibility than any other product.


Designers Edge E102 comes in great use for numerous use, such as for extension cords, holiday lights, rope, light wire, coax cabling. It applies to both indoor and outdoor use.

Vast Capacity as Electric fence Wire winder

The surprising capacity to hold 150 feet of 16 gauge cord or 125 feet of 14 gauge cord makes it unique in comparison to the price it asks. 3 inches deep and the diameter of the reel is 11 inches.

Super Easy to wind up

Just grab the center handle in between the circle and roll the reel to wind up. This is it. This is how you roll in the cord or roll out the cord you need to set up. Obviously, that deters the hassle of facing tangling with wires or cables.

Customer service that comes in with that cheap price!

Amazingly, you would be surprised to know, they have a toll-free hotline (1-800-561-4321) to attend to your requests or queries in case you have any. To hand in your queries in writing, email: [email protected]. Isn’t it awesome!


  • Lightweight (15.2 ounces) in pattern and carrying, manufactured for super easy mobility.
  • Handle with ergonomic grip assures easy wind-up and smooth reeling.
  • This reel comes with a hook, keeping your cord tidy once reeled.


  • Doesn’t work with garden hose
  • May not fit cords up to 100 feet sometimes (it depends on how evenly you distribute the reeling)

geared electric fence reel

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7. Gallagher Electric Fencing Reel

A specialized geared reel with an amazing ergonomic handle that pulls wire with a smooth reeling experience.

Tape or braid tight by turning the handle on the wheel. Designed with a locking mechanism to block the reel after tensioning the fence.

1/4 in. Mile turbo wire capacity. Reel guard to keep wire in tidy fashion.

Specially designed for Electric Tape or braid on reel for easier rolling & unrolling.

Free insulgrip gate handle included.

Dimension – 12 x 15 x 12 in. Item weight – 9 lbs.

electric fence reel winder


Price @ Upbeat

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  • 1. Are geared reels easy to use?

    Yes they are very easy and convenient to use for electric fencing. You can do fencing by yourself. But, for the heavy ones you might need someone’s help.


  • 2. Can I find extra empty spools for my geared reel?

    Finding extra reel can be difficult since some companies do not make any extra spool.


  • 3. Are this UV stabilized?

    All of these geared reels are UV stabilized that ensures a long life


Disclaimer: This is an Amazon Affiliate article. As Amazon associate Editor Earns commission based on your verified purchase which involves no additional cost to the visitor. 


Geared reel fencing is a critical tool that requires profound prior analysis before buying this essential tool. This review article shows you the right measurement for what purpose you can buy one.

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