[With Life Saving Stats] Top 5+ Best Pool Safety Fence

Owning a pool is like a gift since this is a beautiful source of fun especially in the summers.  Risks of having a pool is nothing but the incident of drowning. And to prevent this risk, there is no alternative to having the best pool safety fence around the pool or something like safety net above the pool. The choice is yours!

For the proper safety, you need a reliable, strong, and safe safety net for the pool. We are here to help you to get the perfect pool fence.

People who have a higher Risk of Drowning

pool safety fence meshAccording to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Children are more prone to face accidents in Swimming Pools.

In the United States Children ages 1–4 have the highest drowning rates. Most drownings in children 1–4 happen in swimming pools.2 Drowning can happen anytime, including when children are not expected to be near water, such as when they gain unsupervised access to pools. Fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury death behind motor vehicle crashes for children ages 1–14.

The likelihood of Males Drowning is higher

More than 80% of drowning cases are male because of their risk-taking attitude, high exposure to water, and use of alcohol. 

Other Statistics on Ethnic Groups and Racial Groups

According to CDC, there are some other statistics, 

In swimming pools, Black children ages 10-14 years drown at rates 7.6 times higher than White children.

Pool Nets Vs Pool Fence

Pool Nets Vs Pool FenceThere are few differences between a pool fence and a pool safety net.

Pool fences are almost similar to common fences placed around swimming pools to prohibit access to kids and pets. But unlike usual fences, pool fences must have a solid fixing, certain height, non-climbable walls, self-locking gates, and no gaps to crawl under. Pool fences can be easily removed by an adult, rolled and stored. Among the drawbacks, a pool fence has high prices and takes time for installation

On the other hand, a pool safety net doesn’t surround the whole pool but covers the surface of the pool only. Pool nets are more affordable and do not spoil the view. A pool safety net is also virtually invisible in your pool. Installation is super easy and takes just several minutes. When properly installed, it should be very difficult for a child or pet to access the pool.

We have included both types in our review since their importance and applications have its own benefits. 

Things to consider before buying a pool fence

Type: at first you need to determine what type of pool fencing you need. There are two types of pool fence available, they are above ground and in-ground.

Ease of Installation: choose the pool fence which you can install by yourself without any pro. And also check whether everything comes with the package for fast and easy installation.

UV Resistant: though the color change of a pool fence will not affect its safety, it will diminish the aesthetic look of your pool. So, if you live in a warm climate and your pool is placed in direct sunlight all day, do make sure to look for pool fences that are UV protected which will also save the material of the pool fence.

Height: the higher the pool fence is, the higher the safety is. Make sure to choose a fence that is tall enough that your kids cannot climb or jump over it. you should get a fence that is at least 4 feet high.

Ease of Storage: you might not always want to use the pool fence. Perhaps you want to install them for a specific occasion. Make sure the pool fence you buy can be rolled up simply and stored safely.


List of Best Pool Safety Fence

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1Water Warden pool safety fence mesh✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Xtremepower US swimming pool safety fence✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
3WaterWarden Pool Safety Net✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
4IOKUKI✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Wadoy Pool Pool safety Fence✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
6Life Saver✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon


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1. Water Warden pool safety fence mesh

above ground pool fence with locking gate

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  • Comes in 4-foot or 5-foot height and with few different colors. 
  • This kit includes an automatic magnetic lock (ultra-safe) and self-closing hinges for your ultimate convenience. This means you get a self-closing gate with awesome ease. 
  • DIY Installation

What We Liked:

  • Very sturdy when assembled with unique climb-resistant mesh.
  • Made of UV-protected protected and comes in ** Meshylene fabric** which ensures seamless fit. 
  •  This retractable mesh pool fence comes with strong poles that won’t waver or bend.
  • This can easily be installed or removed in minutes by a single person.


  • It requires deep anchor holes, so for a wooden deck, it won’t be suitable. Or your can use footings to install that. 
  • Make Sure you get all the Hardware intact to install

Bottom Line:  

This simple mesh adds safety to your swimming pool.  doesn’t fade easily. Set up is easy and compatible with most safety gates found on the market. The best part is, you can get this fence in either 4 or 5-foot height with 12-foot length and it won’t fade easily.

WaterWarden Fencing comes with everything that you will require for easy installation. You will receive instructions, an installation video, a measuring template, and hardware.

Definitely, a good buy for a super value in return before we embark on other safety pool netting. However, if you want something cheaper and temporary, then it is better you explore other cheaper options. 

Note: we searched on various journals about “Meshylene fabric”, but we didn’t find much constructive details on that fabric. It must have close similarity with polyethylene elements. Plus we think, Meshylene word must have been misspelled he, it has to be Methylene fabric instead. 

We even searched it on Google Scholar, nothing shows up with the word “Methylene”, so we believe it must be Methylene Fabric.

According to Textiles Research Journal

Polytri-methylene terephthalate (PTT)/polyethylene terephthalate (PET) filaments are self-crimping, highly elastic polyester bicomponent fibers.

2. XtremepowerUS swimming pool safety fence

removable pool safety fence

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What We Liked:

  • It comes complete with hardware, instructions, and 4 sections of fencing.
  • Comes in a unique Sand Beige color
  • Each section is 12 feet long and you can shorten or lengthen it to suit your needs.
  • This is durable and long-lasting.
  • The mesh is climb-resistant.
  • Affordable.


  • Does not come with a gate.

Bottom Line:

The tubes of the pool fence are made of lightweight yet tough aluminum which can hold up to all kinds of weather conditions. Its tan-colored mesh looks great with most pools. This is one of the easiest pool fence you will be installing.


3. WaterWarden Pool Safety Net

Child safety mesh pool fence

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  • WaterWarden Inground Pool Net is available for your specific pool size and shape.

What We Liked:

  • The safety net is treated with UV inhibitors.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • You will receive all hardware, binding materials and a quick roll reel for easy net storage.
  • The stainless-steel clips won’t corrode or rust.
  • It is not affected by pool chemicals or chlorine.
  • Extremely lightweight and durable.
  • The included storage reel is water-resistant.


  • Installing is a bit difficult.

Bottom Line:

This safety net is made of 100% polyethylene material which makes it highly durable. It is made for long-term use. This pool cover is great for homeowners with little deck space. For an exact fit you can trim the edges too.


4. IOKUKI Pool safety net above ground

Mesh pool fence above ground


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IOKUKI Pool Fence comes in the size of 4×12 ft, but you can buy as many sections as you need to safely surround your pool.

What We Liked:

  • It is made of premium mesh fabric and high quality aluminum that makes it durable.
  • A drilling template, instructions, hardware, hooks, and insert caps to cover holes will be included in the package.
  • This can be rolled up for easy storage and preservation.
  • Installation is a breeze.


  • Customers claimed, instructions are hard to understand.

Bottom Line:

This pool fence is made for using on hard ground. IOKIKI in ground Pool Safety Fences are UL-Certified. This pool fence will not crack easily and can be used for many years. The spring-loaded safety latch system easily joins fence sections together. You will receive a complete hardware set and instruction. This is safe for your whole family.


5. Wadoy Pool Pool safety Fence above ground

Pool safety net cover

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Specialty: Wadoy pool fence is easily removable for any occasion.

What We Liked:

  • The mounting brackets are super-strong with rounded edges.
  • This package includes a 4-foot high x 12-foot long section of mesh pool fence with five integrated poles, deck sleeves/caps, safety latch, and template. (gate sold separately).
  • You can buy as many sections as you need to safely surround your pool.
  • This will not crack easily and can be used for a long time.


Bottom Line:

This is super strong and made of UV-protected premium mesh. The high-quality aluminum frame is lightweight but sturdy. You do not need to worry about windy weather at all. This pool fence keeps your loved ones safe from accidents.


 6. Life Saver Pool Fencing With Self Closing Gate

protect a child pool fence reviews

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  • The Life Saver Pool Fence is super easy to install and DIY. 
  • It comes as a single 12 feet section of long fence that is 4 feet high and is reinforced by five integrated aluminum posts.

What We Liked:

  • It comes in a bundle, you can buy items separately. 
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Four packages are available.
  • This is easily removable when no children are present.
  • Corrosion-free and Self Closing Gate included.
  • It doesn’t have sharp points or hooks for your safety.



  • installation requires rotary hammer drill and long shaft masonry bit (not included)

Bottom Line:

this pool fence is made for DIYers. Lifesaver has been operating for over 30 years and is always there for customer service. This is perfect for industrial use. Moreover, the poles are evenly spaced. Gates are sold separately, so don’t forget to buy the gate when you order Life Saver Pool Fence.

It comes as a bundle, you can order separately if you want. 


7. Happybuy Removable Pool Safety Fence

removable pool safety fence

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How it is different from other brands

  • 340 gms Teslin grid fabric
  • 1000 d powder-coated aluminum foot tube
  • Three stitch sewing


What we liked

  • It comes in  4 feet by 48 long or 72 feet long fence which is enough to cover any type of swimming pool
  • Each panel is 12 feet long
  • Can be easily installed and fences are connected with hook eye buckle
  • Stands firm in windy weather which ensure optimum protection again accidental drowning
  • Stainless steel feet
  • On concrete, you just drill holes to plug in the sleeves and later it can be easily removed as sleeves allows you to install and uninstall/unassemble it.
  • Plastic sleeves doesn’t need to be taken care of or screwing.



  • Doesn’t come with gate or self-closing gate to open, you only need to use hook to open it. If you want you need to buy it separately
  • To install in concrete you need drilling and additional hardware
  • Limited color option


Bottom line

Since panels come with hooks to connect, you can avoid buying an expensive gate and have it for enhanced protection. An awesome choice with a reasonable price and lots of value in return.


Zippity Outdoor Products Portable Fence

(Not For Kid Safety, Aesthetics Only)

removable pool safety fence


Buy At Amazon


It should not be used for children, pets,s or crowd control. You can use it as a temporary pool fence and the bases have small holes in case you need to screw the base into wood or concrete. Super handy!

What We Liked:

  • Each panel includes a connector piece to attach to an adjacent panel in a straight line.
  • It works more like a mobile fence so you can set it wherever you want. 
  • You can add as many panels as you need.
  • Metal bases are rust-proof.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Super easy to put together.


  • The entire thing comes unassembled, not hard to put together but assembly requires time.

Bottom Line:

This vinyl pool fence is attractive and portable. This is maintenance-free and made with weather-resistant vinyl. Furthermore, you can trim this fence horizontally to fit your custom space.

This is an option, if you want you can keep it around the pool if you don’t like anything like a curtain protecting your pool. 

Please note, this fence doesn’t need to be near the pool as it is not a serious fence, you can use it more like a wall around the pool to improve the aesthetics of your pool. It works more like a psychological barrier. 

Or you can put it at the front of the pool instead of creating a boundary at the pool which creates a great fence and is not that easy for your kids to move or jump over it. So, it is an open option, you can add it if you want. 


How tall should a pool fence be?

Answer: for in-ground fences, you need a fence that is at least 4 feet tall. 4 feet is the norm, though an extra foot will add peace of mind. The height of the pool depends on your preference and the regulations where you live.

Are mesh pool fences safe?

Answer: They sure are! Mesh pool fences offer the right amount of protection, ensure no one climbs up them, yet don’t harm anyone. Moreover, they are durable yet transparent so you can see inside.


How long will a pool fence last?
Answer: Your pool fence should provide you with years of services if you take proper care of it. Besides, aluminum pool fences usually last longer since they are corrosion resistant.

What is the purpose of a pool fence?
Answer: A pool fence comes in handy to add safety to your swimming pool. It will prevent animals and kids from entering the pool area when you are not around.

How far does my fence have to be from my pool?

Answer: A swimming pool should be at least 1000 mm from your fence or a boundary. This boundary includes a fence or barrier or anything that can be grouped as a boundary fence.

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To Conclude

A pool fence separates your pool from the other parts of your home without leaving any open space. Whether you have small pets or little ones, installing a pool fence gives you peace of mind and saves the lives of your dear ones. It may take some money but the investment gives immense value in return. To ensure safety, installing a pool safety fence or net would be a great idea and investment to enjoy your summer. 

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