How to Get Rid of Deer Naturally? 10 Eco Friendly Solutions

Deer Fencing methods can be applied through natural process and first questions comes- how to get rid of deer in an Eco friendly way? Deer can cause much damage to vegetation. A simple and clear answer to that question is a herd of deer is enough to wipe out your corps. I believe hardly anyone asks this question when they think about deer fencing methods. 

A recent survey made by U.S Farmers showed, 56% percent of damage is done by white-tailed deer. Therefore, they name this as “primary culprit”. Overall, this sounds funny to me!

What smells repel deer

Do we know a couple deer can produce up to 35 deer within just 7 years? Reference link.

 List of 10 Ways on How to Get Rid of Deer

  1. Can Deer Go under a fence?
  2. How high do deer fencing methods need to be?
  3. Will deer jump a double deer fencing?
  4. Will 6 foot fence keep deer out?
  5. Can deer go under a fence?
  6. Do coffee grounds keep deer away?
  7. Does vinegar repel deer?
  8. Do coffee grounds keep deer away?
  9. What plants attract deer?
  10. What is a good deer deterrent?
  11. How far away can a deer smell you?


Can Deer Go under a Fence?

The incident of deer jumping fence is pretty common. A deer can jump eight feet high. Barely have they required to go under your fence if they can jump over it. On the other hand, fences with loose tight beneath fence can lead the deer to push under the fence which is subject to sturdiness of your fence.

How high do deer fencing methods need to be?

Regardless, if you are facing single or few invaders, then putting an extension to your existing fence can prove effective to deter deer for some time. However, it has to be minimum 8 feet high to stop frequent unexpected deer invasion. This you can consider when you take project of deer fencing for garden. 

Will deer jump a double deer fencing?

YES, this fencing is effective. Though they jump high but they cant crawl or jump over or jump high since they cant do both. This is considered to be the effective fencing technique. This method is putting fences parallel 5 or 6 feet apart.

Will 6 foot fence keep deer out?

Fence over 8 feet high is considered to be the good deer fencing and considered to be the effective fencing against the herd of deer. Since, they can’t jump more than 8 feet so it is effective again deer invasion.

Furthermore, fencing with non see-through fences are more effective for deer fence for garden as it cant lead any deer to discover what is behind it.

Fences with slanted fence feature means a fence at 45 degree angle can deter a deer to stay away from your yard. However, it requires to have proper height to deter them to jump over.

how to keep deer from eating roses

Do coffee grounds keep deer away?

Smell of coffee repels snails, slugs and ants. That method can also be used to repel few mammals like cats, rabbits and deer. Research showed in 2014 that coffee plants evolved as a natural pest repellent.

Benefits of using coffee can be many, such as it fertilizes the soil and keeps away unwanted animals.

There is no golden rule to apply how much coffee you need to sprinkle on the ground but you can apply this method to repel animals away. This method is 100% natural and proved effective. You just need to mix them with soil and that create some kind of odor for deer or cats when they are nearby.

I believe in this case, it is better to apply if you don’t face any herd of deer. In this case it may prove effective but chances are 50/50. 

Does vinegar repel deer?

Vinegar is great for domestic use to reduce smell for any food or meat like foods. But to repel animals like rabbits, deer, dogs, cats, foxes and raccoons vinegar does wonder.

Even if the vinegar dried out, still animals don’t like the smell of it. Sprinkling some vinegar around a small garden can help owners to reduce the tension of animal invasion during night.

What plants attract deer?-How to get rid of deer

Azalea, rhododendron, dogwood, roses, lilac and burning bush are highly loved by deer and they don’t take time to eat them up.  Trees like yews, pines and fruit trees  are eaten by deer.

Vegetable such as beans, peas, cabbage and other green vegetables are highly attractive and delicious from their angle.  Besides corn, black berries, spring bulbs and hosta are highly preferred by deer to be eaten or disappeared.


What plants don’t attract deer?

Ice plant, marigold, zinnias, black yed susan, bleeding heart, any of the mints, fern and geranium and herbs are not preferred type of plants.


How to Get Rid of Deer Naturally?

Deer repellent is less effective against a herd of deer. Deer fencing method is considered to be costly and mostly impractical. However, depending the fencing, repellent fencing methods require frequent applications.

Besides, traps and transfer is labor extensive and can cause a reason to spread disease and mortality rate increases by more than 75%.

What smells repel deer?

Smell deterrent can prove effective at some point of time. Coyote Urine can be effective to discourage or deter deer away. This can be purchased locak garden centers from online (Kishel Coyote Urine 4oz).

Another process can be used to deter deer from your garden is by applying blood meal, human hair or fabric softener sheets , creosote and human urine. This method proved effective and works. This is called smell deterrent not to attract them from distance.

Another taste deterrent method can be by applying hot pepper wax or sprays. Likewise, you can feel how a hot pepper can do to your mouth and mood. This is not harmful for deer but deter deer once they feel the wreath of pepper.

By planting deter plants such as mints, sage, marigold can keep deer away from garden. Besides by planting thorny plants like locust, buckthorn and hawthorn work fantastic on deer to discourage advancement to your beloved garden.

How far away can a deer smell you?

How to get Rid of deer naturally

Normally under normal circumstances, a deer can smell or odor at least from 4 mile away. Aren’t they fantastic?  Normally on hunting areas, deer get alarmed by the presence of human within their vicinity, but on normal grounds they don’t get alarmed where they aren’t hunted.

Therefore, specially near domestic areas applying odor on your garden can tell them where to go or where to find their best worth food to hunt. Sometimes they get curious to find the odor or scent to explore, thus it cant be determined on what condition you live in.

Especially for hunters, this is a good question to pose but this is not my concern.


What are Commercial Deer Fencing Methods?

Deer repellent home remedy

Apart from natural fencing methods, there are commercial products helping deer fencing methods more effectively. Besides, natural methods, these commercial products, such as welded wire fences can help you to get rid of unwanted issues and get permanent results.

Might Interest you: 7 Strong Welded Wire Fence

While the fencing you need to keep few things in mind and some benefits of it. Chew protective fences have to install to keep deer off your yard. Studies have found, by putting deer fence you can protect yourself from lyme disease.

Natural fencing methods are effective but require you to gather information, data, materials and elements which may sometime may not be found online as well as at local stores.

Most noticeable part of natural fencing methods is less durability and longevity of it. On the other hand, natural fencing requires great care to make sure it effective against deer to protect your yard.

While installing deer fence, you obviously face the intense challenges of the hard work of installing it. Therefore, you need to pay attention to some tools that can make your life easier. Such as: post pounders can help to install posts in case you posses a wide area of yard.

Another best of part of deer fencing is you won’t need any sort of skills to install it. It not only protects you from deer but also from other predators such as dogs, hogs, rabbits and wild cats.  

Commercial deer fencing can deliver promising results. Besides, it doesn’t require you to have any further expertise to set up fences to prevent your beloved garden. Commercial deer proof fence is cheap and affordable at the same time.

How Effective Electric Deer Fencing is?

According to study of Washing ton state university and The university of Idaho

Electric fences can reduce the number of deer intrusions by over 90% when the power is maintained at a high voltage (1). Deer require a higher voltage than domestic animals and livestock. A deer’s hollow hair insulates against harsh weather conditions, but also helps insulate against electricity. Cattle and horses can be contained by electric fences emitting 2000-3000 volts whereas deer and other wildlife species need levels greater than 4000 volts 

Repellent Devises for deer fencing Ideas

Ultrasonic deer repeller

Other repellent devises, such as: Outdoors Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, can be used as well to fear deer away from your yard. Either these devices can be purchased from local stores or from online. They create some kind of sound that scares deer away from your yard. These devices work on motion-activated mode thus highly reliable and durable. Besides, a waterproof feature made their best choice for gardeners to get prompt results.

 Some repellent devices flashes scary light, such as: PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent during night time and by installing the few around the yard can deter deer to invade.  These kinds of devices are highly affordable and hugely effective to keep off deer from your yard.  Majority of the repellent devices can be bought below $50.

In case you know, a small number of deer invade your beloved yard; installing water sprinkler motion activated device can help immensely to deliver your expected result. This devices activates by sensing the movement near to the yard and squirt a cup of water to in high speed to discourage invading animals away. This device is not only applicable for deers, this is applicable to rabbits, dogs, hogs and squirrels.

Best part of this is device is, these devices are affordable and durable for long-term use.

Disadvantage of this device is you need to pay attention and test several times before installing it into your yard. The biggest benefit of this device is the feature of wireless connectivity. With single charge this devices stays longer and performs up to the mark.


Their large jump and speed can smash your vegetation within a few minutes regardless of the vastness or size of your garden or field is. The general lifeline of a deer is 7 years thus you can’t expect to get rid of deer so easily and soon. Thus, This simple articles show you on how to get rid of deer in an Eco-friendly way. 



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