Best Gate locks and Alarm Systems of 2021 [Guide Post]

Having a suitable gate locks and alarm Systems for the fence can assist in multiple ways. Before having any, lets talk about some preparation while having gates to fence your house.

You need to know when any intruder breaks in and takes action immediately. Sometimes, any mischief may happen but you couldn’t find any way out only because of not having adequate evidence.  

Door locks

It is obvious; your pet may alarm you on this. However your pet may realize the presence of any danger or any unwanted guests, but every animal doesn’t reply the way a dog does. 

So let’s talk about some Best Gate locking Methods and Security Systems:


List of 9 Ideas for Gate locks and Alarm Systems

    1. Equip House with Alarm System
    2. Install CC Camera
    3. Ensure Adequate Lighting
    4. If possible use Smart Video Door Bell
    5. Use a Smart Gate Latch or Lock System with Lever Latch
    6. Use Gravel at your path to hear noise while walking
    7. Put Signage on for CC camera
    8. Keep Gate and Fence at the Same Height
    9. For intruding Animal use motion activated water sprinkler


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1.Equip your house with Alarm System

fence security alarm

So, in reference to the above point, there should be a full-fledged alarm system installed.

Yes, this may put you into trouble in front of your visiting guests as it may set off to alarm you in presence of intruders and works as a supporting tool of gate locks, but it rescues you from unforeseen danger and ensures greater peace of mind.

You may have installed an optimum quality gate lock to ensure best security for your house as well as the yard. Besides, there are other implied methods to know and apply to ensure your security and mental peace by installing a best alarm system. 

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2.Install CC TV Camera

cc tv camera

Few security measures have to be taken to make sure your home is secure, provided any mischief happens.  By installing CC tv camera, it can ensure your mental relaxation even if you are at office or somewhere very busy.

Nowadays, parents buy CC tv camera, which can be operated from remote, it can be accessible by online account and can deliver voice instruction. Furthermore, in-market, the majority of the camera has night vision to detect movements.

Most importantly, CC tv cameras can detect movements and can act immediately to save battery life for the longevity of its functionality.


3. Ensure adequate lighting

Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light

The proper lighting should be the second-best idea to secure your fence. This is to know what is visible and whoever the bad guy is.

While buying, make sure your CC tv camera has night vision to record all circumstances and situation. This feature is a “must have”. 

There are dozens of solar lights with LED feature which can be bought within an affordable price. besides, to make sure power saving lights have sensor detection technology which is another significant feature to possess nowadays. 

Secondly, last but not the least, you need make sure, the lighting is waterproof. while buying, make sure this is in the feature.

 So, jokes aside, you need to see at least in case you heard a sound or crack to see what is outside. Last but not least, bad guys doesn’t like the idea of lighting the fence, so they keep away from areas which is well structured and properly visible.


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4. Smart Video Door Bell

smart door bell

A smart video doorbell can help you to find out who is at the door. simply, this can help you to avoid any unnecessary intruder to barge in at your house.

The utmost security alarm system doesn’t mean, you won’t allow anybody to come near your house. sometimes a simple glance of the visitor of your house can assist to identify the visitor. just like in the movies, it is fun and worthy of spending. 

In particular big state houses or houses with a long yard, smart door bell is mandatory to have. require to have this device to avoid a long walk to open the door. 

Besides, point to note, the majority of the devices come under $90. A standard well-known brand can come an affordable price. 

sometimes, this may sound a luxury to you, basically, they are not. just installing that, that helps you to talk and make sure your security is up to mark. 

This kind of doorbell not only ensures security but also helps you to prepare you to organize your house/bed while the guest is on his way. 

5. Use Best Lever Gate Latch


These Gate locks work amazing and come in a super affordable rate.

  • For doors and gates swinging in or out
  • Easy operating, handle serves as a pull
  • Latches right or left
  • padlocked
  • Material steel



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Some Other Affordable Methods to Strengthen Gate Locking Mechanism:


Put something tricky and solid under the fence to slam the digger

Putting something solid under the wire fence, chain link fences or vinyl fence wouldn’t be a bad idea to restrain animal digging under the fence.

Such as your dog, they may not dig away from the fence, instead, they may dig right underneath the fence. Putting some extra wire alongside the fence can stop or discourage your dog digging under the fence.

On the other hand, you can cement the area to make it strong and discouraging enough to stop your pet digging under the fence. Vice versa, it would do the same for outsiders including humans.


Keep the gate at Same height with Fence panel

Sounds silly, but to make sure the point is checked which is,  gate or entrance of the fence has to be in the same height with fence panels. Making sure this tiny aspect can save from unwanted intruders and risk; otherwise, the effort for fencing wouldn’t bring many benefits.


Signage Keeps Intruders Away


Last but not the least, put a sign on the gate. The signage with your picture with the two fingers pointing your two eyes!”  as in See,” me watching you”.  Signage is the name of a natural alarm within the mind. This signage works like magic and makes it aware of a blink of an eye.

Though it is not a gate lock but this psychology relays the message to your brain as in:  “you are under surveillance, in case you do anything wrong, you won’t be spared”. Dozens of models are available on Amazon to get it from.

Few things need to pay attention when you put signage on


  1. It has to be visible from all sides.
  2. A couple of signage from all sides can make sure your security, especially for human intruders.
  3. obviously that is not going to work for intruding animals. LOL


Get the right locker for you

Considering outdoor activities, we explore directly or indirectly to find and match the best types of gate locks for locking and securing gates. Such as:

      • Gate locker for pool fence
      • Gate locker for Vinyl Fence
      • Gate locker for Wooden fence
      • Gate locker for PVC fence
      • Gate locks for metal fence



Some locks may seem similar in according to their application and some are not. You can consider locks with combinations 50% safer than any other locks. 



Convert your brick pathways into a gravel path

gravel or pebbles path

Actually, this may sound a bit silly but paths with pebbles are highly effective to alert you on anybody’s arrival at your gate.

this makes a crunchy sound when anybody walks on it, even cats cant escape from it to create noise by their soft paws. 

Besides, this increases beauty of your entrance and equips your house with a different outlook. on the other hand, they dont wash away by rain and easy to top up when necessary. 

to think more, you can search online to find different shapes and colors of pebbles to increase the aesthetics of your front door.

These pebbles are way cheaper than you think. majority of the time you may find 2 pounds of pebbles cost no more 10-12 dollars. 


Installing motion-activated animal repellent Water Sprinklers

motion-activated sprinkler

Now comes the question of protecting your fence as well as your house from animal intruders. Does it always require installing heavy-duty locks? No, not all the time you need to have such security measures taken.

There is one fantastic method, pure natural, a water sprinkler, this can do wonder.

You may wonder, why do I need all the measures? if I know I am already secure from any human intrusion at my house. But what about deers raccoons, rabbits, deers, mouse, and birds, how do you keep them away from your yard.

Motion Activated sprinkles water at speed to cover at least 1200 sq feet. It has 9 volt battery which stays charged at least for 6 months.

Since these are motion-activated, these don’t require any electric supply to have it functional. It remains functional and works automatically with its automatic motion detector.

These motion activated sprinklers of devices are super cheap and easy to install right away. To protect your vegetation, gardens, landscape and gardens installing a motion detecting water sprinkler can help intruder away from your yard.

You need to connect the hose pipe to supply uninterrupted water with this device. It is not like you need to keep it connected with the water supply all day long. During your absence, you can use it as your best tool.

Requirements to have water sprinklers

  1. Hose pipe with water supply has to be connected all time to make sure it works.
  2. Hose pipes needs to be checked every week if any leaks started popping up.
  3. These kinds of sprinklers throw 3 cups of water to protect your yard.
  4. easy installation method
  5. highly affordable
  6. Needs to be fully charged before installation. 

It is 100% natural way of pushing animal intruders away which means you are not hurting them but telling them to stay away.  

With a unique day and night detection system, it protects your yard.


To Conclude

All of the methods are well established and tried by experts. Nonetheless, you can try your own method of Gate locks and Alarm Systems. Some basics has to be made sure which were described above. we need to keep in mind, you need to proactive, rather than reactive. 


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