Top Privacy Tents For Changing in Beach/Camping/Hiking

There is always a struggle to change your dress when you are back from your fun. This creates an awkward challenge and sometimes you need to pay extra for hiring a locker along with a changing room. You can think of having a dress changing tent with great privacy and taking an instant shower – an ingenious solution that not only addresses this struggle but also enhances your overall beach going experience. With this double but pretty significant benefit, this budget accessory has become a must-have for beach goers who not only value privacy but also ensure comfort. 

According to the research of David D Acunto which was on The American Hotel users/guests,  in  the U.S alone,  the highest ranked concept is “Privacy”. 

If we want to add more, though these stand up tents are super ideal for changing, it offers a unique shelter to protect your items from sun rays, wind and most importantly sand. Besides, instead of polluting the beach with unecessary scrap items, you can keep them in the storages of tents. According to U.S Beach Act, you would need prevent trash and litter from ending up in the ocean.  On the other hand, you can store your personal belongings, allowing beach goers to stow away valuables securely while you bask in the sun or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. 

What To consider before you buy Privacy Shelter for Changing

Size and Space of your pop up dress changing tent

First consider your height and compare with the size of the tent. You need to make sure whether it could accommodate you without hunching over. 

Before that, make sure you know that it offers ample space for you to have it. If any beach offers the changing room, then it is not necessary to have this accessory. But not all the beaches offer locker room or the chance to change. 

How portable and easy to set up? 

Secondly, look for how easy and lightweight the tent is to carry. Besides, you would definitely want to have something easy to set up, such as; pop up feature, this would simply save your time. 

Material and Construction play a vital role for longevity

Look for waterproof, UV resistant, strong zippers, well constructed and designed with sturdy stitching that would give longer life span and would accompany you to lots of beach excursions.

Privacy features and Ventilation features should play together

Ventilation feature would allow you not have a suffy and suffocating feeling while changing dress. Some mesh feature would allow proper ventilation while you use it. So, the panels with mesh should allow you air circulation and privacy at the same time. Some tents offer internal partition for dress changing and storage area separately, enhancing privacy more.

Pockets with Storage and Necessary Hooks

Always consider the tent which has built in free pockets or hooks to store items. We always carry keys, wallets and phones which could be easily stored while enjoying the beach. Since the tent stays highly visible, it is risky for intruders or outsiders to come close to the tent. 

Consider the stability and wind resistance

Withstanding strong wind is another last but not the least feature you would definitely want to have while having a pop up dress changing tent. Basically, tents generally come with long stakes to ensure a sturdy position during strong or mild winds. Besides, the frame plays a vital role to fight against the gusty winds. 

Look for Reviews, Warranty, Ratings, and a good budget

There is no alternative to reading reviews on Amazon or on other sites. This would always give you a better idea on pros and cons before making a final decision. Sometimes ratings speaks louder than reading reviews. There are buyers who would always share their experience and how suitable to buy that tent would be for you, so look for reviews instead of jumping into a decision. Even though you read everything, exceptions may happen, so buy tents with warranty just in case anything goes wrong. This would help you to save your budget and energy.


List of Best Pop Up Dress Changing Tents


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1Wall Up✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Abco Tents for Dress Changing✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3Impact Privacy Tents/ Shelters for Changing✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
4Wakeman✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Gigatent✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
6Alvantor✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
7Anngrowy✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon
8Songmics✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon


1. Wall UP Privacy Shelters for Changing

privacy tents for beach


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You can call it a privacy screen divider, just in case you need something for instant privacy or need something to block the view, this divider works great. You can use it for multiple purposes, like you can have it for garden cover, backdrop while taking photos, keep foods in a safe shelter, and finally, you can configure it to have it for showers and changing dress.

What we liked:

  • 300 D polyester made material which is super sturdy. 
  • Weather resistant which is great for hunting, camping, fishing, scouting and hiking. 
  • It comes with all necessary tools to install. Plus it comes with a zippered storage tote bag and a tote bag for storing anchor stakes. 
  • Amazingly you can make a 6 feet high x 12 feet long flat wall with this. 


  • Since it serves multiple purposes, it is a little bit more expensive than general dress changing tents. 

Overall what we think: 

We have kept it at the top since we not only camp or hike around or take a dip in the water, we do multiple activities while enjoying our adventures, so why not take one with various features?


2. Abco Instant Pop Up Beach Tent

Portable Outdoor Shower Tent

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Abco dress changing tent looks super cool with a shady green color. A very affordable option for beach goers who love a little privacy to keep things simple and straight.  A lightweight tent which is easy to carry and pops up instantly, no complication in installing whatsoever. 

What we liked:

  • Ventilation is great with one window, two sided door which come with easy opening zippers. 
  • A round carrying case, nylon ropes, metal ground stakes, storage bag and a hanging rope for your clothes to store for later use. 
  • A thick fabric, uv protection material that ensure a great privacy. 
  • If you are 6 feet high, this is tent is for you, as you wont have to duck in it. 
  • Obviously it is water proof and weather resistant. 


  • It doesn’t come with any zipper tote bags, or a pocket with zipper with less visibility. 

Overall what we think

For economic travellers, this is the best option to take from. It is easy to carry while travelling, sinct it is not vertical, it is easy to carry in the luggage. For beach hiking, camping, taking shower, hunting or photo shooting, this would be a great companion for your travel.


3. Impact Beach pop up Privacy Tent

collapsible outdoor shelter for camping

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Impact pop up tents come in two different color and sizes. Plus, it has variations that you would love to take a look at such as: dressing room only, dressing room plus pop up pod etc. It comes in a wakeman dress changing tent and an impact pop up shower tent. 

What we liked:

  • Like other pop up tents it has storage, easy set up facility and ample space and height  to change clothes. 
  • Sturdy fabric and zipper to have a long lasting outcome. 
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, like toilet stall, privacy tent, shower enclosure or sporting events etc. 
  • You can buy a bundle set or can buy tents separately. 


  • Though the fabric is sturdy, it is a bit flimsy and kind of see through. 

Overall What we think: 

For multipurpose and various weather conditions, this tent can amazingly withstand the adversity of your need.  Since the fabric is little lightweight, you would need to be careful while setting up the frame and connecting each side. Before you set up, please check if you have received everything in order. As the products has good reputation of making sure they send you the best quality or they would take it back.


4. Wakeman Instant Dress Changing Pop up Tent

Stand up tents for changing

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Wakeman outdoor changing tent comes in two limited color unlike any other brands. Besides, Wakeman is one of the popular tents which is known for it’s price and portability. 

What we liked: 

  • You would find thousands of reviews and suggestions about this product. 
  • People put it at their first choice when it is about price and simplicity. 
  • Easy to set up and carry as it is lightweight and foldable. 


  • You may find it difficult to fold if you do it in rush or by not going through the instruction, so go through the process first and fold it. Eventually it will be in grasp. 

Overall what we think

If you are looking for a budget tent along with lots of relevant reviews and ideas from people, then go through it. Basically, dress changing tents are all look alike and come along with similar features. So, this would be great product for you to choose and buy with proper justifications. 

5. Giga tent Portable Dressing Room

Instant pop up pod changing privacy room

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Giga tent is known for its budget price and specifically serves the purpose of camping and beach. Comes in three unique materials;  polyester, nylon and taffeta. Just in case, you dont want something fancy, then this brand has all the aspects. 

What we liked

  • Lylon loops, double sided zipper line make it a unique tent. 
  • Obviously come with storage bags and tents.
  • Easy set up process


  • It could be a little see through if you use light inside during night time.  
  • Comes only one color; green
  • It has a little bad reputation for folding it back.

Overall what we liked

This brand has reviews and suggestions all over the internet to find its more pros and cons, no review would discourage you to have it totally. However, it is portable, lightweight, and budget friendly; this definitely can mark on your features of choice. Finally, a good option that serves the purpose. 


6. Alvantor Privacy Shelter Room for Changing

shower tent changing room


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Now, here if you are opting for something spacious, stylish and good looking, then Alvantor is the right choice for you. However, this brand has earned it popularity for it great service but in terms of budget, you would need to put your aim a little bit higher. Unlike other brands, it is different and offers lots of features and luxury in the tent. 

What we like:

  • Great for wheelchair users. Super spacious and easy
  • 300 D poly oxford Teflon coating fabric whereas other brands offer 190 D polyester coating.
  • It leaves no shadow, fabric is not flimsy so no possibility of less privacy at all.
  • It has PVC Top, pocket rope to hang things and comes with Shower opening options.  


  • To think of it, your budget needs to a little bit higher than usual tents. 

Overall what we suggest

This brand has hundreds of reviews indicating how convenient and smooth this dress changing tent is. If your budget ticks to service regardless of price, then have no confusion to have it for your next camping or beach excursion. 

7. AnnGrowy Pop Up Privacy Tent

anngrowy pop up privacy shower tent

Buy At Amazon

Another cheap, portable and popular tent with thousands of ratings and reviews by the users. Unlike other brands, this brand comes in three different colours where price and spec change according to your choice. 

What we liked: 

  • Alloy steel frame makes it sturdy and long lasting. 
  • Comes with stakes and 4 tension ropes. 
  • Explicitly mentioned one year of service warranty just incase it worms out or any other fault it shows up within that time. This means, supplier is pretty confident about the quality and feedback from the customers. 


  • Folding this tent is little bit tricky, so go through the instruction twice to make the job done fast. 

Overall what we think

Fabric is pretty thick that during sunlight or internal lights, it wouldn’t be see through at all or the carbon copy of shadow wouldn’t be noticeable. There are suggestions and reviews all across the internet where people shared their positive vibes about this brand. So, a good choice with a good budget. 


8. Songmics Privacy Shelter for Changing

portable dressing room tent

Buy At Amazon


with few hundreds of great reviews and suggestions, this brand is another good pick if you are lookng for a budget and light version of changing tent. This tent is well ventilated with a meshed roof top, well lighted with detachable roof cap, zipper window and obviously with storable pockets.  

What we liked: 

  • It comes with loop and hook to secure a water pipe for you to take shower. 
  • Unlike any other tents, it comes with a solid promise to keep your tent upright, it comes with guy-ropes and tent stakes. This gives your tent a cool look as well.
  • Easy to fold and well made. 


  • it doesnt come with any other color. It offers only dark gray color. 

Overall what we think

‎Silver-Coated Polyester Fabric, Flat Steel Wire, and Mesh fabrick make it a good to go purchase if you need a budget and 4 season worth of a brand.


This innovative accessory has made the journey to enjoy the beach with more comfort, convenience and fun. The feature offering privacy, portability, storage and private dressing quarters has made this material an imperative element to get rid of unnecessary hassles and expenditure. For privately owned beach the dress changing process could be easier, but for public beaches the process of maintaining privacy is important. 

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