Trampoline Safety Net Enclosures: How Crucial Safety Nets Are?

Trampolines offer great fun and exercise at the same time, but safety is paramount to enjoy bouncing in a responsible manner. Safety net may sound to save you from falling but we sometimes forget to know the real application of it. Without a safety net enclosure, a major injury can turn your enjoyable moment to something terrible. It not only provides a peace of mind but also helps you to enjoy the trampoline experience. In this article, we will discuss how crucial the safety net is and without safety net how catastrophic it could be to the users. Finally few trampoline safety enclosures which you can think of buying if you are fully convinced or if you are looking for a replacement net for your trampoline.


How Does a Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure work? 

Trampoline Safety Net Ensures User safety

A safely net decreases the chance of falling, reduces fatal injury and ensures utmost fun. When people jump high, they tend to loose control or have next no control over his body while flying or stay above the trampoline pad and the random directional jumping may lead to fall out the of the trampoline, this is where safely net plays the vital role.

It is applicable to all types of trampolines

Irresptive of the inground or onground trampoline,  round or square,  it is highly reocommended by all experts to use safety net along with  a trampoline.  The study on domestic trampoline use in Australia shows that the face and head have the 38.2% highest chance of injury. So, for both types of trampolines it is recommended that a safety net is intalled. Majority of the brands in the market always offer a bundle which offers a trampoline, a safety net and few other tools than can help your trampoline to stay strong and safe while playing or jumping. 

It is mandatory for Childrens

Researchers used the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System to study the increasing prevalence of injuries from trampolines among children who encountered the broken bone incidents. The increasing popularity of trampoline parks have contributed a lot. Research showed that 3.59% of pediatric fractures caused in 2008 due to trampoline related. Among that 6.16% of all broken bones were children. 


How Crucial is it to have Trampoline Safety Net? 

How crucial trampoline safety nets are-min


According to and studies from various sites, there is 

An estimated 1,376,659 emergency department (ED) visits for trampoline-related injuries from 1998 to 2017 alone.

We would be surprised to know, without safety net how many injuries it can cause. While researching about these matters, we came across so many surprising facts why we need to a net while enjoying a sport like trampoline. Various fatal injury may happen just because of the trampoline, only among few safety features, a safetly can reduce 80% of all types of injuries

Sprains and Strains

In a 2022 study looking at trampoline injury data from 2008 to 2018, it was concluded that of the 800,969 injuries calculated, 33% were sprain/strain injuries.

Bone fractures

Fractures, including broken bones in the arms, legs, and spine, can occur from landing with excessive force or getting caught in the springs or frame of the trampoline. between 2002 and 2011, 288,876 (29%) sustained fractures, where the majority were female. 

Neck/Spinal Cord Injuries

In 2000, a study by Brown and Lee reported that trampolines were responsible for more than 6,500 pediatric cervical spine injuries in the United States.  

Traumatic Brain Injuries

The frequent types of TBIs associated with trampoline include concussions, skull fractures and contusions or bruises to the brain. It can become severe sometimeOne past study posted by JAMA Pediatrics demonstrated that in a study period of just two years, around 15% of trampoline-related injuries were TBIs! 


Buiying Guide

A simple and crisp buying guide can help you to mark on your required expectation from a safety net for trampoline. Not a complex set of guidelines, but can help you to understand before you look a safety net in the website or on store. Good part about online is, you would be able to see all specs in one go, where in physical stores, you would need guidance from the package or someone who already knows.

Compatibility, Size, Material and Durability

Look for the compatibility model which would be necessary to get the right size for your trampoline. Material generally comes whether in nylon, polyethylene or something which would withstand various seasons round the year. One more important part is the hight of the net, this would determine who is using and how high a jump can do. This ensures the utmost safety.

Make sure your trampoline whether you trampoline has straight pole  or not , enclosure style compatible with bolted caps, then measure your round or square frame diameter, and count the number of poles.

Mesh Density and Strength

According the density, you would know how transperant the net would be. On the other hand, how soft it is when it encounters human body is important factor to consider while buying this net.

Poles that hold the net and End Stitching

Before you go for a decision, please check how healthy your pole is at this moment. Sometimes, along with the net, the pole also get weak to hold the pressure of jumping and taking force.

Brand Reputation and Reviews; Does it matter? 

So many brands are appearing with good qualities and features. It doesn’t determine a good brand if that brand no reviews at all. May be it can satisfy your need. We have included three brands in this review which doesn’t have any review. However, consolation of mind is important, so if you are not confident on new brands, go for brands where users gave their great suggestions and reviews.  Plus, in this article, we did not include such brands where we found majority of bad reviews as we don’t want you to experience the same.

Easy installation, Warranty and Customer Support

Last but not the least, the customer support and warranty information can assure so many factors. However, the ease on the installation procedure is important. No brand would tell about their process of install process is difficult, you would be able to understand by their instructions. Look for zipper


List of Top Selling Trampoline Safetly Nets

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1Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline Net✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
2Jumpking Trampoline Enclosure net✪✪✪✪✪Buy At Amazon
3Sky bound Replacement Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
4Skywalker Trampolines Round Enclosure Net✪✪✪✪☆Buy At Amazon
5Phil Beauty Replacement Trampoline Enclosure Safety Net✪✪✪☆☆Buy At Amazon


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1. Machrus Upper Bounce Trampoline Net Replacement

trampoline safety net replacement

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How it is different from other brands:

  • It comes in a variety of sizes. 
  • You can also opt in for poles if you like. 
  • A thicker edge around the top ensures longevity of this net. 
  • Amazing no gap enclosure. 
  • Soft fabric with a sturdy design. 

What we liked

  • Unlike other brands, the material is made of Terylene. What is Terylene
  • It comes in dual closure zipper and buckles system which enhances the safe bouncing for kids to ensure tension free fun
  • It also provides easy entrance and exit. 
  • Easy to carry, assemble and store. 


  • Measure the trampoline well, or it would not come in any use. Make sure you measure the frame otherwise the bottom the no gap enclosure or adjustable straps wont work at all. 

Overall what we think

With so many options, before you buy, please take a very close look at how many poles your trampoline has. Buy this according to the need and type. This brand can fit with any other brand in the market. The features are pretty well defined to help user find the the best use of this safety net for tampoline. 


2. Jumpking Enclosure net

net replacement for trampoline

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How it is different from other brands:

JumpKing net is compatible with trampolines with 14 ft. diameter frames and enclosure systems that would require to be hanged with 4 poles using 7 in. springs. Net is made with 100% polyester material. Net includes rope

What we liked

  • Easy installation guideline. 
  • A good quality net


  • Keep one thing in mind, it doen’t come with the rods. 
  • Sizes are limited only one.

Overall what we think

Net is for 14 ft. trampoline enclosures. A long lasting and well designed net to buy if you have a mid range budget to get a quality item for your trampoline. 


3. Sky bound Replacement Trampoline Safety Net Enclosure

trampoline safety net enclosure

Buy At Amazon

Sky bound is a native brand of USA which focuses on quality and performance which is their one of brand promises. They sell numerous parts, trampoline and accessories related to sports industry. 

How it is different from other brands:

Skybound comes in a variety of sizes and styles. A highly UV  protected net which is woven polyethylene material with heavy duty stitching for added protection and safety. 

What we liked

  • Heavy duty zipper door
  • Highly durable for reinforced triple stitching which is safer than standar trampolines
  • Extra security bucks straps. 
  • It provides 6 months warranty with customer service accessibility. 


  • No other color is available
  • Securing the bottom of the net is a  bit difficult. 

Overall what we think

Pay attention, this product does not include any trampoline, steel poles or pole caps. According to the requirement, you trampoline should have 6 safely inclosure poles. You trampoline should a safely enclosure system using straight steel poles with blue pole caps that can easily hold the net. 


4. Skywalker Trampolines Round Enclosure Net

Best trampoline safety net

Buy At Amazon

Skywalker comes in a variety of sizes and styles. You would get thousands of reviews of suggestions for this brand while selecting this brand from Amazon. 


How it is different from other brands

According to the brand, they have maintained all the standards of safely and durability of ASTM. 

One year limited warranty

What we liked

  • Made of strongly made woven US resistant polyethylene. 
  • 3 latch clips secure the zippered enclosure door entrance. 
  • It fits 8 enclosure poles and 76 V rings
  • Easy to install. 


  • Make sure you receive your net according to your model, othewise it won’t be in great use. 

Overall What we think

Before you buy , check for your model compatibility which stays under the jump mat on a white tag or on enclosure net tag or on your spring pad tag. According to the many customers, it lasts two to three or more seasons. 


5. Phil Beauty Replacement Trampoline Enclosure Safety Net

net for trampline

Buy At Amazon

Though this brand is brand new and posses a less reviews, it seems like this brand is worth a shot to come in the pages of reviews. It offers lots of options and sizes for the customers. A high quality nylon made trampoline safety net can be in great use if you are looking for something for your unique sized trampoline. 


How it is different from other brands

  • Unlike other brands, it comes in 8 sizes.

What we liked

  • #000000;”>Weather protected caoting to resist from aging and coercion
  • Dual closure system. 
  • Easy storage and lightweight. 
  • Easy to disassemble and move. 
  • Double sewn on the side, 


  • It has next to no customer reviews to judge as this bran came in April 2023. If you buy, your suggestion would be the guideline to the next. 
  • Warranty information and customer service info is provided

Overall What we think

A fairely new brand to try out. However, if you think it is better you dont want to go out of the traditional nets, it is better you can take any one option from the top. 



Investing in a reliable safety net for a trampoline is a prudent choice or it could cost more than you can imagine by a sever injury which we really don’t want at all. A protective barrier for trampoline significantly reduces the risk accidents, sudden falls, collisions and sometime bruises. Therefore, individual of all ages should consider this trampoline safety barrier as an imperative tool with the trampoline by following proper installation method and guideline for regular maintenance.

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