7 Ways Aritificial Vines Can Transform The Home/Balcony/Patio

Due to low lobour cost and labour effort, the fame of artificial trees, topiaries, plants, green walls, and green hedges have increased significantly. So, artificial vines are extenstions of these products. The idea of applying artificial ivy to your open spaces may seem a like an interesting idea to experiment to see how it works. It works and it depends how you apply it and how you want it to look. Many a time, people use it to bring life to their boring corners of their residences as it is affordable and easy to apply. Using artificial ivy in the home or garden  may seem pretty interesting if you find some ways to decorate your lovely residence, but for ideas, obviously, sky is the limit!

Wall fence greenery

Here in this wall, low-maintenance plants for fence line have been used to decorate the entire wall. Yes, there is no alternative to design a wall with real plants, but as long as you have the manpower to main that wall, it would be convenient for you to have such laborsome wall. As you see, this wall is meant for advertising and attracting attention of people to see the hotline number of a real estate company.

You can realize, if it is used commercial purpose, then this wall would need associated expense to maintain and sustain the greenary of the planted plants. However, I loved this adverstising, it can be a great example of green advertising instead of eating our head with boring commercial displays! 

Artificial Ivy brings life to the Mundane Space

Since it doesn’t need to take care by watering or anything else, great looking hanging vines simply brings to life to the corner where generally dont pay attention to. Specially, in various restaurents and canteens, people seem to apply ivy leaves to decorate their overall decoration. To add, when you ordner long strings, if you fin each string has different lenght and can be hung anywhere at the house. Plus, artificial vine has one amazing spec, the color green changes in different lights. Though we know this fact, but we generally dont pay much attention to this.  

fake vines on wall

It reduces your work to clean frequently

Artificial leaves wont fade or decay unless these are exposed to strong sunlight. At the same time, once decorated it doesn’t need to clean or wash. There are examples that , people wash it once in a year. So, it depends how fast it decays and how dusty it gets overtime. 

Artificial Ivy keeps your balcony party ready

With vibrant and fresh green, it transforms any open space to something you would want for a party or get together. For photo corners, instead of using fake background-image, you add artificial green as backdrop which makes your selfie or any photo better than before. 

Ensures Great Privacy for Both Indoor and Outdoor 

Is it all about aesthetics? no, it limits the view from outside which allows you to enjoy great privacy. Obviously, there is no alternative to curtains in your windows for indoors, but for balconies, it could be a great addition. While leaning on your chair or having a chat with your partner, a shade of greenary by limiting view of outsiders can create an awesome space. 

Creates great ambience to read/meditate

People always go somewhere serene to meditate or read their favourite book. It is difficult for someone to find a peaceful area while living in a busy city. You get a place to find your ultimate peace for sometime within your own apartment balcony when you apply fake ivy leaves around your balcony. 

Artificial Ivy with Lights can do Magic any corner at your home

artificial ivy with lights

With lights regardless of LED or incandescent lights, green vines do match with any ambience. Artifcial vines surely can change the mood to spend time irresepective of the time of the day. 

Does Wonders with the Ceiling of Basin or Corners of Office/Restaurants/Homes

fake vines with lights

Simply, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first encountered this combination with the celing and a simple corner of a restaurant. It was nothing  but an addition of fake ivy leaves hanging from the top of the ceiling. I am certain that it would be great combination with other types of lights. Hanging vertically long leaves do look better but adding other combination would’nt look bad at all.  In our view, these leaves would look great with LED lights. 

Creates a Secure Atmosphere for Kids to Play

There is a scitific proof that, whe you look at green, natural green, it improves your vision. Therefore, it is tough for you to find greenary when you live in a clumsy and high rish apartment, for them, a piece of greenary around your balcony can become a great escape for you and for kids. For example, you can create a fake nest tree house for your kids to play while playing indoors. There are some amazing reference websites, where you can get artificial trees,

Enhances the beauty with natural plants

The idea is, when you have different plants, natural plants, which basically the supercedes any fake plants for sure, but a combination of both can be a great idea to inhance the beauty of your greenary. 

Without Hesitation Apply it on Your Wooden or Iron Fences

Artyfiicial ivy with boxwood size can help you to have a great fence. It wouldn’t impact the quality or wouldn’t bring any harm  to your wood or iron. These fake ivy fences generally come with zip ties which you can use to hang it on the fence. It give life to your exterior fence and increases beauty at least by 200%. 


During pandemic, people have stayed in their home and some are returning to their office after a long time. if the spaces can be designed safe and healthy with the touch of greenary, then it would bring a peaceful environment within the confined environment. In addition to that, less effort to maintain artificial vines or ivy could become a major factor to have them not in home but also around your working space.


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